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Barney Whitaker Collection

Reference Code: us-gaags-2013-01 Repository Location: Augusta Genealogical Society, Adamson Library, 1109 Broad St Title: Barney Whitaker Collection Date: Bulk Date 1945-1974 Extent: 2 cu ft. Author: Mr. Barney Bee Whitaker, Senior & Barney Bee Whitaker, Junior Scope & Contents: Librarian Comments. This collection consist of photographs, letters, certificates, maps, postcards, newspaper articles, and papers detailing education, club membership, military service, church affiliations, and First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia. Administrative/Biographical History: Barney Bee Whitaker, Jr. was born on February 19, 1928 to Mary Harris Whitaker and Barney Bee Whitaker Sr. He attended school in Augusta Georgia graduating from the Academy of Richmond County. Whitaker, Jr. was also an alumnus of: Augusta College, The University of Georgia, Georgia Bankers School, Bankers Marketing and Management Association, and the American Banker Association Commercial Lending School. He served in the United States Army during the Korean War as a Lieutenant. After, he found employment with the Georgia Railroad Bank and Trust Company, starting as an assistant cashier and rose to the title of Vice President. He was a member of numerous clubs and organizations and highly regarded as leader in politics and community affairs. He was an active member of First Baptist Church, serving on the Board of Deacons. He had two siblings: Mary Whitaker and Bob Whitaker. He had one wife, Jerusha Ray Whitaker; and one son, Barney Bee Whitaker, III. He died January 19, 1983. Access: No restrictions Folders 1-23 Series Date 1918-1983

2013-01-1: Undated Photos

Names listed left to right

2013-01-1a: Bob Norman, Unknown, Barney Whitaker, Carl Sanders 2013-01-1b: Unknown, Billy Granham, Jack Robinson, Barney Whitaker 2013-01-1c: Herman 2013-01-1d: Mrs. Herbert L. Parks, Barney Whitaker 2013-01-1e: Jerusha Whitaker, Unknown, Unknown 2013-01-1f: Unknown, Unknown, Jerusha Whitaker 2013-01-1g: Unknown, Unknown, Jerusha Whitaker, Barney Whitaker 2013-01-1h: Charles Presley, Jane Presley, Jerusha Whitaker, Barney Whitaker 2013-01-1i: Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust Company Augusta Georgia Building 2013-01-1j: Barney Whitaker Glee Club 2013-01-1k: Small envelope containing pictures of a celebration 2013-01-1l: Small envelope containing pictures of a celebration 2013-01-1m Barney Whitaker 2013-01-1n: New headquarters for Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust Company, Augusta Ga 2013-01-1o: Sherman Drawdy 2013-01-1p: Unfinished Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust building 2013-01-1q: Top row- Unknown; Second row- Barney Whitaker, Unknown 2013-01-1r: Standing- Unknown, Barney Whitaker; Sitting- All Unknown 2013-01-1s: Barney B Whitaker Jr, Dr. Roberson, Bill Johnson 2013-01-1t: Taladge Campaign headquarters, Clarevdon Hotel, 8th Street Augusta Ga 2013-01-1u: Unknown, Unknown 2013-01-1v: Barney Whitaker Jr located far back in center, acting as youth mayor of Augusta 2013-01-1w: photocopy of Barney Whitakers family 2013-01-1x: B.B.W Sr., Mary Whitaker, Bob Whitaker, Mrs. Whitaker, B.B.W Jr. 2013-01-1y: Mammy, Mrs. Whitaker, B.B.W. Sr., B.B.W.Jr. 2013-01-1z: B.B.W. Jr. Names listed from left to right

2013-01-2: Dated Photos

2013-01-2a: Band photo, Barney Whitaker center, 1947 2013-01-2b: Concert Band photo, 1948 2013-01-2c: D.D Baunard, Nopie Baunard, Alex Davis, Jerusha Whitaker, Barney B. Whitaker, Mrs. Geo Sanchen Jr, Chas Presley, Mrs. Davis, George Sanchen, Jane Presley, 1963 2013-01-2d: Ah Day Photographer 1964 2013-01-2e: Sherman Drawdy, 1964 213-01-2f: J.N Fuqua, Barney B Whitaker, 1967 2013-01-2g: Robert A. Kerr, Levinga Laney, Barney Whitaker, Warossignal, George Sancken, J.W. (Bill) Wehtch, 1967 2013-01-2h: Dr. Billy Graham, Barney Whitaker, Jerusha Whitaker, Mrs. Cliff Bairows, 1967

2013-01-2i: Barney Whitaker, Sherman Drawdy, Dick & Mrs. Pulver, 1968 2013-01-2j: Richard B. Russell (Dick), 1968 2013-01-2k: Lee Trevino, Jerusha Whitaker, Barney Whitaker, 1969 2013-01-2l: Camellia Show, Jerusha Whitaker, Barney Whitaker III, 1971 2013-01-2m: Mamie, Barney Whitaker, Mrs. E. V. Hillson, 1971 2013-01-2n: Unknown, 1974 2013-01-2o: Dr. Herghton Ford, Billy Graham, 1974 2013-01-2p: Senator Frans Hester, Franh Troutman, Governor George Busbee, Barney Whitaker III, 1976

2013-01-3: Bank Letters 2013-01-3a: Letter from Charles B Presley, Chairman of the Board, to Barney B Whitaker Jr. VP, congratulating him on twenty years of service, December 15, 1973 2013-01-3b: Letter from Sherman Drawdy, President, letter to customers welcoming them to the new bank building on 699 Broad Street, July 25, 1967 2013-01-3c: Letter from Charles B Presley, Chairman of the Board, to Barney B Whitaker Jr., congratulating him on being named Co-Chairman for the years Joint Tech-Georgia Department Fund in Augusta, May 30, 1974 2013-01-3d: Letter from Joseph M Pettit, President of Georgia Institute of Technology, to Barney B Whitaker, letter of appreciation for work on Joint Fund, June 12, 1974 2013-01-3e: Letter from W. J. Ellis, Vice President of the Citizens and Southern National Bank, to Barney B Whitaker, congratulating him on being appointed Co-Chairman for the Joint TechGeorgia Development Fund, May 30, 1974 2013-01-3f: 2013-01-3g:

2013-01-4: Personal Letters Included in the folder is a flower that has been saved by the creator. Because I have found another flower saved attached to a letter I have included it in the folder as I assume it was once attached to a letter and the two have somehow become separated. 2013-01-04a: Letter from Dick, Fathers Day message, No Date 2013-01-04b: Letter from Dick and Shorty, Fathers Day message,?/ ?/ 1975 2013-01-04c: Letter from John C. F. Tillson III, to Barney Whitaker, Congratulations on being named Co-Chairman for the Joint Tech-Georgia Development Fund, May 30 ? 2013-01-04d: Letter from John Radeck, to Barney Whitaker, Missing your absence (sick), included cartoon, 9am Tuesday 7/6 2013-01-04e: Western Union telegram to Barney B. Whitaker Jr. from Richmond County Clerk, postponing his selective service, September 18, 1950 2013-01-04f: Western Union telegraph to Mr. & Mrs. Barney Bee Whitaker & Family, from B B Jr., message: just hoping, March 26, 1946

2013-01-04g: Letter from David H. Gambrell, to Barney B Whitaker, wishing him a happy birthday and commending him for his service to the state of Georgia and to the democratic party, February 19, 1972 2013-01-04h: Letter from Charles B Presley, to Barney, wishing him a happy birthday, February 19, 1973 2013-01-04i: Letter from W. S. Morris III, to Barney B. Whitaker, April 13, 1973 2013-01-04j: Letter from David S Hanson, to Barney B Whitaker Jr., April 16, 1973 2013-01-04k: Letter from James B Williams, to Barney B Whitaker Jr., April 23, 1973 2013-01-04l: Letter from Sherman Drawdy, to barney B Whitaker Jr., June 8, 1973 2013-01-04m: Letter from Sherman family, about death of Sherman Drawdy, to Barney B Whitaker, September 21, 1973 2013-01-04n: Letter from R. J Robinson, to Barney Whitaker, thanking him for choosing to serve as a deacon for First Baptist Church, November 28, 1973 2013-01-04o: Thank you letter from Mason, to Barney Whitaker, May 23, 1974 2013-01-04p: Thank you letter from WT Ashmore Jr., to barney Whitaker, May 23, 1974 2013-01-04q: Thank you letter from W S Morris III, to Barney Whitaker, May 27, 1974 2013-01-04r: Copy of a letter from Barney Whitaker, thanking Dr. LeWayne Lambert, December 19, 1974 2013-01-04r: Letter to Chief of Police James G Beck, from Barney B Whitaker, thanking the police for escorting him to the emergency room, December 19, 1974 2013-01-04s: Letter from J. B Fuqua, to Barney Whitaker, concerning his health and offering him aid at the Duke University Clinic, May 2, 1975 2013-01-04t: Letter from Levings W Laney, to Barney B Whitaker, concerning his health and offering aid, May 22, 1975 2013-01-04u: Letter from Charles B Presley, to Barney Whitaker Jr., concerning his health, June 29, 1976 2013-01-04v: Letter from Grame M Keith, to Barney Whitaker, concerning his health, June 30, 1976 2013-01-04w: Letter from Mrs. Drawdy, to Barney Whitaker, concerning his health, July 6, 1976 2013-01-04x: Note of floral offering for the funeral of Barney B Whitaker Jr. Flower included, January 21, 1983 2013-01-04y: Letter from Wayne D Beveridy M. D. of MCG, requested by Barney Whitaker, medical summary, May 1, 1981

2013-01-5: Military Letters & Telegraphs 2013-01-5a: Order to report for induction for Barney Bee Whitaker Jr., December 11, 1948 2013-01-5b: Letter from William Tate Dean of Men at the University Georgia, writing on behalf of Barney Bee Whitaker, to have his induction postponed, December 14, 1948 attached is a duplicate letter copy of a letter William Tate sent November 15, 1948 with same request.

2013-01-5c: Letter from Barney Bee Whitaker Jr. petitioning for postponement of his induction into the military service, December 15, 1948 2013-01-5d: Postponement of induction, December 21, 1948 2013-01-5e: Telegram to Mrs. Ma Whitaker from Barney, message: good-bye on my way will send address later love Barney, May 9, 1918 2013-01-5f: Western Union Telegram to Mrs. Ma Whitaker, message: leave her tomorrow arrive Gordon Sunday maybe phone on arrival Barney, May 15, 1919 also attached new paper article with heading 82d staggered out of miserable Argonne year ago 2013-01-5g: Telegram, mother day card, May ?, 1945 2013-01-5h: Telegram, Christmas card, from Barney Whitaker Jr., November 11, 1952, included a newspaper article about Barney B Whitaker Jr. receiving commission

2013-01-6: Miscellaneous Letters 2013-01-06a: Letter from Herman E Talmadge, United States Senate Committee on finance, to Barney Whitaker Jr., concerning his mothers government pension, February 6, 1973 2013-01-06b: Letter from Richard E Allen, to Barney B Whitaker, thanking him for his contributions to his campaign, January 29, 1973 2013-01-06c: Letter from R. J. Robinson, First Baptist Church Minister, to Barney B Whitaker, thanking him for his resolution honoring Sherman Drawdy, December 14, 1973 2013-01-06d: Letter from Josef C Patchen, Chairman of Committee of 100, to Mr. Barney Whitaker, appreciation letter for serving on the 1973 committee of 100, December 19, 1973 2013-01-06e: Letter from John Radeck, President of WJBF, to Barney Whitaker, January 10, 1974 2013-01-06f: Letter from Mrs. Drawdy, to Barney Whitaker, thanking him for presenting Sherman Drawdys resolution, included news article about resolution, February 6, 1974 2013-01-06g: Copy of a letter Mrs. Drawdy sent to First Baptist Church about her husbands resolution, February 6, 1974 2013-01-06h: Letter from John, to Barney, congratulating Barney on being recognized by the Augusta College Alumni Association for being named the Chairman of the Awards and Citation Committee, March 1, ?, included newspaper clipping 2013-01-06i: Letter connected to 2013-01-06h by tape, from W. J. Ellis, Vice President of the Citizens and Southern National Bank, congratulating Barney on being named Chairman of the Awards and Citation Committee of the Augusta College Alumni Association, March 4, 1974 2013-01-06j: Augusta College newsletter , March 8, 1974 2013-01-06k: Augusta College newsletter, March 15, 1974 2013-01-06l: Letter from Louis C Harris, Vice President of Southern Newspaper Corporation, to barney B Whitaker response to a letter following the death of Bob Brown, April 10, 1974 2013-01-06m: Letter from Dick to Barney, June 11, 1974 2013-01-06n: Letter from Herman E Talmadge, to Barney Whitaker, December 4, 1974 2013-01-06o: Letter from Robert C Norman, to Barney Whitaker, June 12, 1975

2013-01-06p: Letter from Stephanie Wills, Secretary to Billy Graham, to Barney Whitaker, September 22, 1975

2013-01-7: Certificates of Membership 2013-01-7a: Grand Council od the Order of DeMolay, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1946 2013-01-7b: Greater Augusta Advertising Club, Barney Whitaker, 1963 2013-01-7c: Quarter Century Club Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust Company, Barney Whitaker, 1979 2013-01-7d: National Register of Prominent Americans, Barney Bee Whitaker, Unknown Date 2013-01-7e: The Sons of the American Legion, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1938 2013-01-7f: The Sons of the American Legion, Barney B Whitaker, 1939 2013-01-7g: The Sons of the American Legion, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1940 2013-01-7h: The Sons of the American Legion, Barney Bee Whitaker, 1941 2013-01-7i: The Junior Cracker Club, Unknown Date

2013-01-8: Military Certificates 2013-01-8a: Department of the Army, Certificate of Training, Corporal Barney B Whitaker Jr, 1951 2013-01-8b: the Engineer Officer Candidate School United States Army, Barney B Whitaker Jr, 1951 2013-01-8c: Honorable Discharge, Army of the United States, Barney B. Whitaker Jr, 1952 2013-01-8d: Certificate appointing Barney Bee Whitaker Jr Second Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, 1952 2013-01-8e: Cross of Military Service, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Certificate of Award, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1954 2013-01-8f: Certificate appointing Barney Bee Whitaker Jr a Reserve Officer grade First Lieutenant in the Army of the United States

2013-01-9: Education Certificates 2013-01-9a: Certificate of credit, All American Music Camp, Junior College of Augusta, Barney Whitaker, Unknown Date 2013-01-9b: American Institute of Banking section American Bankers Association, Standard Certificate, Barney Whitaker, 1959 2013-01-9c: American Institute of Banking section American Bankers Association, Pre-Standard Certificate, Barney Whitaker, 1959 2013-01-9d: Georgia Bankers AssociationCompleted requirements of banking school, Barney Whitaker, 1963 2013-01-9e: American Institute of Banking section American Bankers Association, Graduate Certificate, Barney Whitaker, 1966 2013-01-9f: National Commercial Lending School, Diploma, Barney B Whitaker Jr, 1970

2013-01-9g: The Academy of Richmond County, Diploma, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1945 2013-01-9h: Junior College of Augusta, Diploma, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr, 1947 2013-01-9i: Reserve Officer Training Corps, Academy of Richmond County, Barney B. Whitaker, 1946 2013-01-9j: Reserve Officer Training Corps, Academy of Richmond County, Barney B. Whitaker, 1946

2013-01-10: Certificates of Appreciation 2013-01-10a: Augusta- Forest Hills Lion Club, Barney Whitaker, 1962 2013-01-10b: State of Oklahoma OKIE Award, Barney B. Whitaker Jr, 1970

2013-01-11: Education 2013-01-11a: Elementary alphabet book, Unknown date 2013-01-11b: Academy of Richard County Commencement Program 2013-01-11c: University of Georgia graduation book 2013-01-11e: Augusta College program,

2013-01-12: Sigma Nu 2013-01-12a: Questions and answers paper concerning Sigma Nu, No Date 2013-01-12b: Poster of a donkey 2013-01-12c: Photo of the Sigma Nu fraternity house, No Date 2013-01-12d: Sigma Nu Pledge Manual, two small stickers included & , April 12, 1948 2013-01-12e: Sigma Nu Song Pamphlet for harmony singing, publication date 1946 2013-01-12f: Sigma Nu fall rush week name tag, September ? 1948 2013-01-12g: Sigma Nu song book, April ? 1948 2013-01-12h: Sigma Nu certificate October 25, 1948 2013-01-12i: Photo of Sigma Nu Band (x2) 1948-49 2013-01-12j: Sigma Nu photo (Barney top row 11th from left), 1949 2013-01-12k: Letter from Herman E Talmadge, Governor, to Barney Whitaker Jr., entering Barneys name on the governors staff list, April 9, 1949 2013-01-12l: Letter to Herman Talmadge, from Barney Bee Whitaker Jr., thanking him for the nomination, April 14, 1949 2013-01-12m: Letter to Alex McLeannan from Barney Bee Whitaker Jr., April 14, 1949

2013-01-13: Military Miscellaneous 2013-01-13a: Reprint of artwork titled, Lee and His Generals, from the painting in Battle Abby Richmond 2013-01-13b: The Engineer Officer Candidate School U.S. Army Fort Belvoir Va graduation program. Inside is news clipping of Barney B Whitaker Jr.

2013-01-13c: Lockheed Southern Star Newspaper, Vol 20 No 14, July 2, 1970 2013-01-13d: Brown leather wallet containing old Korean money, $270. One hundred dollar bill. Seventeen ten dollar bills. Three different ten dollar bills present. 2013-01-13e: Book titled, Our Flag 2013-01-13f: Graduation invitation 2013-01-13g: Envelope with a book inside titled, Youve Had It, The Story of Basic Training by Ted Ritter and Bob Gadbois. Also inside the envelope is an army patch of a red square with yellow bird and a stick/temporary tattoo of the same image.

2013-01-14: Military Maps 2013-01-14a: Map of Germany 2013-01-14b: Sketch map- papers are folded in map containing information on atomic weapons tactics

2013-01-15: Military Photos & Postcards 2013-01-15a: Lt Barney B Whitaker, 1952 2013-01-15b: Lt Barney B Whitaker, 1952 2013-01-15c: Barney B Whitaker, 1953 2013-01-15d: Barney B Whitaker, Unknown Date 2013-01-15e: Post card Barney Whitaker by blue arrow, others unknown, Unknown Date 2013-01-15f: Post card Barney Whitaker by blue arrow, others unknown, Unknown Date 2013-01-15g: Small photo of U.S Sub Chaser, The Neptune, Unknown Date

2013-01-16: Jekyll Island & Jekyll Island Club 2013-01-16a: Post card of James Home, Jekyll Island 2013-01-12b: Post card of the beach at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12c: Post card of the beach at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12d: Post card of the Hotel Jekyll Island at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12e: Post card of the Hotel Jekyll Island at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12f: Post card of main dining room at Jekyll Island Hotel at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12g: Post card of swimming pool Jekyll Island 2013-01-12h: Post card of interior of the capital Jekyll Island 2013-01-12i: Post card of swimming pool & Hotel Jekyll Island 2013-01-12j: Post card of the Chapel Jekyll Island 2013-01-12k: Post card of Villa Marianna Jekyll Island 2013-01-12l: Post card of Rockefeller Home Jekyll Island 2013-01-12m: Post card of the Crane House at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12n: Post card of court view of the Crane House at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12o: Photo of Beach house, 1950

2013-01-12p: Yellow and gold envelope containing pictures of the senior building at Jekyll Island, negative included in envelop 2013-01-12q: Post card of ruins of old barracks 2013-01-12r: Post card of King & Prince Hotel 2013-01-12s: Post card of old duBignon Cemetery at Jekyll Island 2013-01-12t: Post card of Sans Suci Apartment 2013-01-12u: Post card of Faith Chapel Jekyll Island 2013-01-12v: Post card of main dining room Jekyll Island 2013-01-12w: Post card of aerial view of Jekyll Island Hotel 2013-01-12x: Book about Jekyll Island history, 1938 2013-01-12y: Book about the Jekyll Island Club to the New York Trust Company as Trustee, September 1, 1933 2013-01-12z: Facts concerning Jekyll Island 2013-01-12aa: History of Jekyll Island 2013-01-12bb: Jekyll Island Forestry Committee program

2013-01-17: Lions Club 2013-01-17a: Proof photo of Barney Whitaker, No Date 2013-01-17b: Photo, Barney Whitaker 3rd from left, Undated 2013-01-17c: Photo, Barney last person, 1957 2013-01-17d: Photo, Barney center, No Date 2013-01-17e: Photo, Barney 4th from left, 1957 2013-01-17f: Photo, Barney & Unknown, No Date 2013-01-17g: Photo, Barney center, 1957 2013-01-17h: Photo, Barney & unknown, 1957 2013-01-17i: Photo, Barney 5th from left, No Date 2013-01-17j: Photo, Barney at podium, 1957 2013-01-17k: Photo, 1957 2013-01-17l: Speech prepared by Barney Bee Whitaker Jr.

2013-01-18: First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia 2013-01-18a: Statement of Condition pamphlet 9-20-1966 2013-01-18b: Invitation to formal dedication ceremony of the Georgia Railroad Bank Building 11/3/1967 2013-01-18c: Teller-Scope Newspaper May 1976 2013-01-18d: Teller-Scope Newspaper February 1980 2013-01-18e: Teller-Scope Newspaper May 1981 2013-01-18f: Membership development report 12/1/70 2013-01-18g: History of First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia 1833-1983

2013-01-18h: First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia 1964 Annual Report to the Stock Holders 2013-01-18i: First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia 1964 Annual Report 2013-01-18j: First Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia 1969 Annual Report 2013-01-18k: Bank Terminology Book 1954 2013-01-18l: Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust Company Tellers Manual 2013-01-18m: United States Investor Magazine 4/13/1970 2013-01-18n: Employee progress report evaluation instructions 2013-01-18o: Georgia Railroad bank & Trust advertisement from The Wall Street Journal

2013-01-19A First Baptist Church programs and Bulletins ranging from May 11, 1941- November 2, 1980

2013-01-19B: Building a new church 2013-01-19Ba: First Baptist Church 1982 Budget 2013-01-19Bb: Together We Tithe & Build pamphlet 2013-01-19Bc: Together We Build Our New Church pamphlet 2013-01-19Bd: Yesterday, Today Forever pamphlet 2013-01-19Be: Blueprints of Progress 2013-01-19Bf: Together We Tithe & Build pamphlet 2013-01-19Bg: Dedication Service October 19, 1975 2013-01-19Bh: Together We Tithe & Build pamphlet

2013-01-19C: First Baptist Church Newsletters, The Interpreter

2013-01-19D: First Baptist Church Sesquicentennial Papers 2013-01-19Da: Invitation to hear Dr. Billy Graham speak during the 150 Anniversary Celebration 2013-01-19Db: Sesquicentennial Program 2013-01-19Dc: First Baptist Church Sesquicentennial Bulletin 3/19/1967, 3/26/1967, 4/2/1967, 4/9/1967 2013-01-19Dd: Dedication service program 10/19/1975 2013-01-19De: Copy of news release 2013-01-19Df: Copy of a letter to Joe Cumming, Southeastern Manager ,Newsweek 2013-01-19Dg: Copy of letter to Gary McCalla, Travel Editor Southern Living 2013-01-19Dh: Copy of letter to Mrs. Ester Mewihsen, Editor, Augusta News 2013-01-19Di: Copy of letter to Sam Woodring, Editor, North Augusta Star 2013-01-19Dj: Copy of thank you letter from Dr. R.J. Robinson, Minister of First Baptist Church

2013-01-19Dk: Copy of letter to R.J. Robinson, Minister, First Baptist Church 2013-01-19Dl: Letter to Barney B Whitaker from Roger Williams, Bureau Chief, Time Magazine 2013-01-19Dm: Interim Report of the Long Rang Planning Committee 2013-01-19Dn: Copy of Graham Press Conference

2013-01-19E: Newspaper Articles Folder of photocopies of newspaper articles relating to First Baptist Church

2013-01-19F: First Baptist Church Miscellaneous 2013-01-19Fa: Letter to congregation from R.J. Robinson announcing resignation 8/19/1979 2013-01-19Fb: Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Barney Bee Whitaker Jr 2013-01-19Fc: A brief history of First Baptist Church 1817-1945 book 2013-01-19Fd: First Baptist Church Book 2013-01-19Fe: Post Card of First Baptist Church 2013-01-19Ff: Hymn of Praise Book

2013-01-20: Newspaper Articles Folder of photocopies of newspaper articles collected by Barney Whitaker

2013-01-21: Barney B. Whitaker III 2013-01-21a: photocopies of newspaper articles about Barney B Whitaker III 2013-01-21b: Letter to Mom, Dad, and Granny 2013-01-21c: Letter to Grandmother 2013-01-21d: Letter to Daddy

2013-01-22: Post Cards (PC) 2013-01-22a: PC from Mr. & Mrs. Geo Wilkinks to Barney Whitaker: Homestake Gold Mine 2013-01-22b: PC showing North side of Broad Street looking Southwest 2013-01-22c: PC showing Bon Air Hotel, Summerville 2013-01-22d: PC showing Bon Air Hotel, Summerville 2013-01-22e: PC showing old Medical College of GA building 2013-01-22f: PC showing the Augusta Museum, Old Richmond Academy Building 2013-01-22g: PC showing Municipal Building Augusta GA 2013-01-22h: PC showing Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, site of Fort Augusta 2013-01-22i: PC showing First Presbyterian Church 2013-01-22j: PC showing old Confederate Power Works, Sibley Mill 2013-01-22k: PC showing Historic Mackay House 2013-01-22l: PC showing the Park Apartments

2013-01-23: Death 2013-01-23a: In a Lions Club envelope you will find 4 newspaper articles related to Barney Bee Whitaker Jrs death, Augusta Chronicle, January 20, 1983. Death= 1/19/1983 2013-01-23b: Augusta Lions Club program, volume VII no31, in memoriam to Barney B Whitaker Jr. 2/1/1983 2013-01-23c: Letter to Jerusha Whitaker from Thomas W Blanchard, Chairman of the Board of Deacons, writing about a resolution adopted in her husbands memory. Dated December 12th 1983 2013-01-23d: Copy of resolution mane by the Board of Deacons, First Baptist Church in memory of Barney B. Whitaker Jr. Dated December 12th 1983 2013-01-23e: Photo copy of newspaper article reflecting on Barney Whitakers character and passing.