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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Questions Answer
Q1 Travel to school / work by b
a Private Vehicle
b School/Company Bus
c Public Transport
d Bicycle
e Walking
Q2 On vacations I travel by e
a Airplane
b Cruise liner
c Car / Motorcycle
d Bus
e Train
Q3 I use A/C for ------ Hours a
a 1-3
b 3-5
c 5-7
d 7-9
e more than 9 hrs
Q4 I have / use a garden d
a Public
b Window
c Terrace
d None
Q5 I use ------ in my house c
a Bulbs
b Oil Lamps
c Tube lights
d CPL Lights
e LED Lights
Q6 What do you do with your waste paper? b
a Throw it away
b Give it to the raddiwala
c Make bags, etc
d Reuse it
e Recycle it

Q7 How many trees have you planted till now? b

a None
b 5 - 10 saplings
c 10 - 25 saplings
d 25 - 50 saplings
e More than 50
Q8 Bags I use when I go to the market d
a Plastic
b Cane baskets
c Paper
d Cloth
Q9 Do you use solar equipment? a
a No
b Not heard of it
c Yes

Q 10 How many printouts do you take in a day? c

a More than 50
b 20 - 50
c 1-5
d None

Q 11 Do you switch off electrical appliances when not in use? c

a No
b Ask somebody to do it
c Yes
Q12 I heat bathing water using ---------- e
a Firewood
b Geyser
d Solar heater
e Cold shower

Q 13 Do you ensure PUC certificate is updated c

a No
b Sometimes
c Yes
Q14 Type of furniture you use b
a Antique
b Wooden, New
c Plastic
d Glass / Metal
e Second hand
Q15 For repelling mosquitoes, I use ------ d
a Aerosol sprays
b Coils / burn garbage
c Liquidators
d Nets
e Cowdung
Q16 When I do not use computers, I ----------- c
a Leave them on
b Switch off screen
c Put them on hibernate mode
d Switch off
e I don't use computers
Q17 I play Holi with -------- d
a Artificial colors
b Water jets
c Oil paints
d Natural colors
e I don't play Holi

Q 18 Have you stopped somebody from using plastic bags? b

a Never thought of it
b No
c Yes
Q19 Have you told anyone to plant trees? c
a Never thought of it
b No
c Yes
Q20 For Picnics I go to ------------ d
a Water parks
b Amusement parks
c Eco Resorts
d Heritage Sites
e National park / Wildlife sanctuaries

Your Carbon Footprint is 120


Select the appropriate answer from the drop down list in ORANGE CELL
for all questions (20 nos.) and you will come to know about your
approximate carbon footprint

Your Rating

Positive value indicates, you are helping to reduce Carbon dioxide

emissions into atmosphere their by conserving natural resources
and protecting environment

Zero value indicates, you are not releasing Carbon dioxide into
environment and not creating pollution

Negative value indicates, you are releasing Carbon dioxide into

environment their by creating pollution and contributing to global

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