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The constellations ; Traditional astrology uses a smaller number of stars and allows a larger orb, especially for the four Royal Stars, Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut, plus Sirius and Spica. Caput Algol is also allowed a larger orb, because it is such a powerful influence for evil. In my own work, I have found that an orb of 1 to 2 degrees is usually quite noticeable (though I'd allow up to 6 degrees for Algol and various sizeable orbs for the other major stars).. Fixed stars are also said to "cast no rays" meaning that aspects other than conjunction should not be considered. If a star is angular, especially if rising or setting, its influence is the greatest. This involves the use of parans (angular relationships between planets and fixed stars in a chart). Bernadette Brady is the best modern writer on this. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars makes a very useful and readable addition to any astrologer's library. Conjunctions of fixed stars with planets (including lunar nodes) in the natal chart are also very significant, especially if rising, setting or culminating, and when stimulated by transits.

alpha beta xi delta epsilon phi gamma eta iota kapha? lamda mu nu omicron pi theta rho sigma tau upsilon ? omega xi psi zeta Important Fixed Stars; The Elizabethan astrologer, William Lilly, identified about fifty fixed stars (these are marked in the table with an asterisk *). judge if a planet conjuncts a star in longitude & latitude (+/- 27maxi) Stars within the zodiac belt are in +/- 9 only them can conjunct planet, ineligible, irrelevant stars to exclude from the solfire list got a for SS add 120 vedic Tropical Declin. Lahiri western # in star program & solfire name Western Keywords/ vedic keyword position From =trop.+6 EfCharac Star name/ fect &# In 2000 equator 10- 30 ter-like 1 Kerb/ tau Pegasus, in virgo pada In tyajakala, in the middle of the square of the 4 Bhadra stars= on the bed.or cot..Danger of being jilted by a lover 1Ari 03 +25 713 pis Neut. Mars/ Mer 2 Difda/ beta ceti,Deneb Kaitos Laziness, self destruction, nervousness, illness, inhibitions, loss (in water pada close to tyajakala, rahu, material future is dead 2Ari 35 -20 845 pis Bad Sat as well as lagna and moon) so it is an hopeless point 3 Algenib, gamma pegasi Ut. Ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, bad judgment, GRANTS GROWTH & PROSPERITY WITH PATIENCE, slow 9Ari 09 +12 1519 pis Bad Mars/ Mer Pegasus wing bha intellect, DETERMINATION & PERSEVERANCE, tolerant, SECLUSION & PSYCHIC ENERGY/ INSIGHT, In pisces & scorpio pada just after amrita & mrityu bhaga/ spoiled so heat/ anger from frustrations is expected, the result will be the development of a strong angry character but very determined (scorpio pada + Ushna), it is also the Pegasus wing= gives care and protection only to close relatives or people under. 4 Alderamin, alpha cephus. At the The most northern close to pole-star; Gravity (in Pisces, Revati & jupiter pada, so venus is in mrityu bhaga ), sternness, 12Ari 47 +68 1857 pis Good Sat/ Jup. limit of the milky way judgement, severe trials, poetry, drama, 5 Alpheratz, alpha Andromeda Ut. Alpherat, Sirrah, Sirah; Grace, popularity, independence, honours/ strong motivation & will, popular, good relationships, 14Ari 18 -25 2028 pis Good Ven. the head of andromeda Bha love freedom of movement, quick action. Andromeda is an alluring Greek goddess Zeta piscium rev Revati = wealthy, abundant. "000 aries for reference point in astronomical calculations in vedic time, path to polestar 19Ari 54 -013 2704 Revati naksatra is a group of about 50 stars around zeta piscium according to Surya siddhanta 6 Baten Kaitos, beta ceti Isolation, depression, accidents, forced emigration, shipwrecks, center of the whale/sea monster, close to mrityu bhaga 21Ari 48 -1034 2858 pis Bad Sat followed by amrita ghati and naksatra gandhata (in pisces vargottama) 7 Acamar theta eridani Success in public office, ecclesiastical success (total end of pisces, in pisces vargottama) 23Ari 16 -53 ?? 2926 pis Good Jup. Sat 8 Alrisha,okda, piscium = the knot; Star wich bind the 2 pisces= Unifying influence with groups 29Ari 23 -9 533 ari Good Mars/ Mer 9 Mirach, beta Andromeda fortune through marriage, love beauty & hamony, This star is strong in the charts of artists or any person who brings 0Tau 24 +25 ?? 634 ari Good Ven. hips of andromeda harmony and rhythm, talented, intuition, brilliant mind creative, generous disposition. Makes friends easily, inspires. 10 mesarthim Asv Surya sid. Includes it in Asvini. Horn of the ram, Supposed to be the reference point for 0aries with next star 3Tau 11 +7 921 ari 11 Sharatan, beta arietis Asv Horn of the ram, Violence, defeat, accidents, injury, danger, honours, bold, outspoken, headstrong, straightforward, 3Tau 49 +828 959 ari Neut. Mars/ Sat truthful, energises, swift, charming, (sun in deep exaltation+ amrita bhaga but Saturn is in mrityu degree) 12 Hamal/ elnath, arietis Asv May be added to asvini, but Surya Sid does not include it (it actually falls in bharani). Other Horn of the ram = death blow, 7Tau 40 #2 1350 ari Bad Mars/ Sat Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the Healer, independence, if linked to Mercury = independent thinker, to Mars it could +957 imply anything from brutish strength to the great athlete. In bharani sun pada, close to mrityu death point + rahu & mercury dead degree = intense 13 Schedir, alpha Cassiopea, in Symbol of the Queen: gentleness, decency, diplomatic but also intrigue and power games. Astrology, mysticism, writing , 7Tau 48 +46 1358 ari Good Sat/ Ven. the milky way BUT in same degree as above; In bharani sun pada, close to mrityu death point + rahu & mercury dead degree = intense 14 Almach, andromeda Success in Venusian occupations, artistic ability, popular, honors, enjoys. (Andromeda s a Venusian greek beauty) 14Tau 15 +27 2025 ari Good Ven. In aries/ libra pada & agni amsa 15 Menkar, alpha ceti, Disease, throat trouble, injury from beasts, unjustified enmities, loss of legacy/ patrimony/ fortune, disgrace, dishonour. 14Tau 19 #2 orb 2029 ari Bad Sat/ Ven. jaw of the whale Extreme situations, easily influenced by collective consciousness around that can devour us or boost us. -12 Bharani 1, 35 Aries Bha Extreme/intense situations of opposite nature(suffering then happy), severe, unpredictable, represents subtle desires 16Tau 56 +1118 2306 ari Bharani 2, 39Aries Bha ruled by Yama, It has the power to take things away 18Tau 24 +1228 2434 ari Bharani 3, 41Aries Bha 18Tau 48 +1014 2458 ari 16 Rana, delta eridani love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning, (in agni puskar) 20Tau 52 -28 2702 ari Good Sat 17 Zaurak, gamma eridani Melancholy, fear of death and suicidal tendencies, in krittika, anger puskara. 23Tau 52 -33 002 tau Bad Sat Capulus 33Hvi perseus Male, sexual and/or aggressive, brute strength used for good or for evil., male sexual energy or libido. 24Tau 20 +40 030 tau bad 18 Caput Algol *= the ghoul, Jelly fish, medusas Head = Strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, possibly poisoning 26Tau 10 3 orb 220 tau Very Sat/ Jup. Beta perseus paralysis. Female passion and intensity which can be used effectively or destructively. (in visha ghatika , moon exalted) 22 Bad 19 Pleiades , Krit Accidents, blindness, eyesight problems, violence, homosexuality, feminine power, mystical abilities but also ruthless 29Tau 58 # 3 608 tau Bad The 7 weeping Sisters judgment. Sharp, sarcastic, fanatic, does not tolerate imperfections +355

19 Alcyone * Central Pleiades krit Mirfak, eta Taurus , far north 20 Hyades * 2 stars; gamma tau. Roh & delta 1 taurus Theta 2 taurus Ain, epsilon taurus bulls eye 21 Aldebaran *= the follower, Bull's North Eye (ain) Alpha tauri Tabit Pi3 orion (still in rohini) Pi1 and pi2 may be included 22 Cursa, Kursa, phalim 23 Rigel * beta orionis Orion's Foot, far but bright Roh Roh Roh Roh Ambition, honour, position and glory. Trouble with opposite sex , bereavement, emotions, eyesight problems, mystical abilities but also ruthless judgment in the milky way. Challenge-oriented. Honourable fighter, the one who will accept the challenge Scandal, violence, disgrace, imprisonment, strong libido, greedy, overindulgence & excess can cause downfall. Exploitative. Can indicate tremendous success. High energy level with military ability. ROHINI (romantic), FERTILITY, GROWTH, PRODUCE, carrier= trade/ transport. Here one starts understanding and enjoying the material world. These people are very attractive, alluring, and beautiful. They love luxury, art, music, a growth-oriented nakshatra, ruling crops and fertility = can achieve the top of their desires. 0Gem 21 2Gem 13 5Gem 45 6Gem 52 7Gem 59 8Gem 27 9Gem 47 631 tau Neut. Moo/ Jup. Sat/ Mer + 30 823 tau -543 1155 tau Bad -358 -550 -234 # 3 -558 1302 tau 1409 tau 1437 tau good 1557 tau Bad ? Mars 1812 tau

A Royal Star . The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East (bulls left eye). Eloquence, high honours & position with integrity only, failure if integrity is compromised, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation, straightforward, seduction, fertility, Mri Main star on the edge of the shield with Pi2 & Pi4 of Orion to protect Him with left hand, still in rohini 4th Gemini pada and in visha ghatika= spoiled by indulgence, possessiveness. it is the death point of ketuno detachment or liberation in view beta eridanus, near Rigel Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion To bring knowledge to others .Technical & artistic ability, inventiveness, humour, honours, happiness, Lasting riches. Ambitious and hard working. Military, mechanical & Teaching ability. Can stay on top if effort is maintained. It is in the beginning of Mrigasira , in leo pada. 24 Bellatrix * gamma orionis Mri Success through mental tests. (Female warrior) talkative, accidents, honors ending in disaster. Bad eyesight. Quick decision Orion's Left Shoulder making, opinionated. Belligerent, daring, adventurous. If conjunct the midheaven, a swindler or forger. military honors, (In mriga leo pada but death point for mars & Jupiter/ if they are here) 25 Capella, alpha origae On the limit of the milky way. Love speed & freedom, without aggression. Strength and determination, quick to take action. heart of Brahma/ progress Inquisitive, open & sharp mind, powerful friends, love learning & research. Martial or ecclesiastical honors , often followed the she goat, very bright by squander and waste, leading to dissolution. Unusual, eccentric personality. 26 Phact, Phaet, alpha columba To quest for knowledge. Talent in art or science, adventure,headstrong,luck. (in beginning Gemini, genius potency) Mintaka, delta orion Orions belt (ignore it) 27 El Nath, taurus right horn Agni in the milky way very close to the galactic equator ; tauri & aurigae ? = Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong, purifies all material dust, genius potency. 28 Alnilam * epsilon orionis orion belt, Brief fame, quick temper, scandal, Bestows honors when conjunct the midheaven. genius potency. 27a, meissa, heka, lambda orionis Mri Close to phi1 & phi2 (mrigasira)The highest Star in the head/neck of Orion = curiosity to analyze, hunter and victim main, includes Phi1 & phi2 orionis alternatively Surya sidd; Mrigasira is composed of only 3 stars very close to each other; lambda, phi 1 and phi 2 orionis which are less than 30 away (hunters head), mars is lord, soma is deity, it is the star of SEARCHING for ENJOYMENTS/ arts/ emotions, hunter and victim alternatively 29 Al Hecka ; zeta taurus in the milky way. Bulls horn = Honours, wealth, power, greed, aggression 30 Polaris * The Pole Star To show the way, lead. Alpha ursae minoris; Spiritual powers and respect, possible illness and affliction. Legacies can Dhruvaloka encounter problems and misfortune. Good instincts and the ability to find one's way. 31 Betelgeuse * Alpha orionis, Ard Orions right Shoulder Calamities, danger, violence, one of the most fortunate stars prominent in those who have hit the top. At the limit of the milky way Success, riches, honors, fame. Luck in life. Success only with Efforts & tears, persist (it is actually at the end of (in Ardra if we use Sur.Sid. Aya) Punarvasu in scorpio pada, ushna gati, anger and Saturn mrityu bhaga ) so expect lots of frustrations MENKALINAN, beta auriga In the right shoulder of the Charioteer. (end of mriga, in scorpio pada , in ushna ghati/ anger) expect lots of frustrations, anger after indulgence before the storm of ardra. 32 Propus, eta geminorium in the milky way close to the galactic equator, Over confidence, pride, shamelessness violence (no wonder that it is before Feet of Castor, the 1st twin ushna ghati/ anger, and just before rahu, Jupiter, sun, moon and mercury mrityu degrees, and visha ghati)= fully frustrated Mirzam, beta canis major Too far south, To carry a message (rises before 35 Sirius). In ardra, aqu. Pada & amrita ghati, short burst of scientific inspirations 33 Alhena Almeisan in the milky way = the shining one; To have a mission, a goal. consciously or not, Acute sensitivity, creative imagination, gamma geminorium artistic skills, writing, injuries to feet 34 Alzirr, xi Gemini Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees, in ,feet/toe of pollux, vayu puskar, pisces pada = concern for the suffering of others, compassion, help, sensitive. 35 Sirius *= scorching, Dog The brightest royal star; Ambition, pride, emotional, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through Star, lubdhaka, alpha canis major impetuosity, royal but violent, excel in expectations, fame, but success may burn you out physically/ mentally, fame after death (rahu most exalted degree & ketu debil. + lagna , moon and sun in mrityu, so no wonder why it is ruled by one rudra/destroy, it is also the first pada of aries in punarvasu which is an air pushkar pada= return of energy and vitality, renewed inspirations, easily pleased and irritated, rebel against anything unfair and untrue) 36 Canopus* carinae find new ways, methods, headquarters of Yama, Voyages, piety, scandal, violence, (similar to punarvasu 1st pada as Agastya (sattvic); above) 37 Castor/ apollo mortal twin pun Castor (naughty/cruel/boxer/courageous). (the mortal twin is in mrityu bhaga/ tyajakala & in Gemini vargottama; strong alpha geminorium Pun the mental/ intellectual platform)(the Sudden fame oris loss, distinction, keen mind & & in intellect , creative energy/ writing 37 Castor/ apollo mortal twin pun results Castoron (naughty/cruel/boxer/courageous). mortal twin in mrityu bhaga/ tyajakala Gemini vargottama; strong flows, violence, mischief, eyes orplatform) face.. Well-mannered, strong Castor is success or creativity which flows alpha geminorium Pun results on the mental/ intellectual Sudden fame or loss,principles. distinction, keen mind & intellect , creative energy/ writing

12Gem 02 -1523

15Gem 17 -2751 2127 tau Good Sat 16Gem 50 -3107 2300 tau Good Jup./ Mars 21Gem 00 -1648 21Gem 51 +2251 2710 tau Bad Mars/ Mer

2801 tau Good Mars/ Mer

22Gem 16 -57 2826 tau Good Ven/ Mer 22Gem 24 -2250 2834tau 22Gem 26 +523 2836 tau Good Mars 23Gem 27 -2430 2342Gem -1322 2937 tau Good Jup./ Sat 2952 tau

24Gem 47 -211 28Gem 34 +66 28Gem 45 -1601

057 gem Good Mars 444 gem Bad Sat/ Ven. 455 gem Bad Mars/ Mer Mar/Mer Sat

29Gem 40 +213 550 gem 3Can 26 7can 19 9Can 06 11Can 13 14Can 05 -053 936 gem Bad

-4115 1319 gem # 2orb -644 -1006 #2orb -3936 1516 gem Good Mer/Ve/Ju 1726 gem Bad Mer/Ve/Ju

2015 gem Good Jup./ Mars

14Can 51 20Can 14 20Can 14

-7549 #2orb +1005 #2orb +1005

2101 gem Bad 2624 gem Bad 2624 gem Bad

Sat/ Jup. Sat/ Mars/ Ven. Sat/ Mars/ Ven.

38 Pollux / * Caput / head of Hercules, boxer,* immortal beta geminorium.


39 Procyon * canis minor 40 Talitha, iota ursa major 41 The Aselli, The Asses, Eta & theta cancer 42 Praesaepe *m44 cancer 43 North Asellus * 44 South Asellus * Asellus Australis, delta cancer Delta hydra, asleshas nose 45 Giansar, giausar, juza lamda draco, snake/dragon tail sigma hydra, asleshas tongue Eta hydra, asleshas tongue epsilon hydra, asleshas brain Aslesha comprises 5 stars forming the head of the water snake/ hydra 46 Acubens, delta cancri; crabs south claw ? Zeta hydra, asleshas neck Pus Pus Pus Asl

Asl Asl Asl

pollux (wise, generous, skilled traveler) , renewals=regain status, wisdom , Contemplative speculation, overcome by torments to discover/ cear himself, audacity, astrology, ruin, disgrace, death, calamity, the "Heartless Judge", ruthless, fighting skills. Retrieve lost status through changes & renewals, need little, gain wisdom. (pollux is in the last pada of punarvasu belonging to cancer and in cancer navamsa/ vargottama, which is a genius/ creative degree , rahu and ketu are powerless and D12 lineage/ brahma is vital here, it is also a water puskar, Jupiter feels most exaltated here; own star + exalted vargottama, that is why there is amrita ghati) Short lived opportunities. Sudden success then disaster ,Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation, still in punarvasu in the last pada and degree (in cancer vargottama ) Feet of the bear; Quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, great anger if provoked (but in the best pusya star) Nebulous Cluster in 1st decanate of Leo??? Death by fever, fire, hanging, beheading, or violent catastrophe, ruin, disgrace, wounds, hurts to face, eye trouble, blindness, imprisonment, great changes in society In libra pada, Same as pusya below. A nebulous cluster in the middle of pusya= Inner drive, reclusive, blindness, murder, tragedy, fires (ignore it) Asellus Borealis, gamma cancer In scorpio pada, Patience, beneficence and courage, heroic and defiant leader On ecliptic. Military preferment, blindness, eye trouble, shipwreck, mass murder, horrors, self-willed, uncooperative, most auspicious star, intuitive wisdom & spiritual maturity (jup exalted & Brihaspati rules) The first star of aslesha is in the very beginning of the first sag. Pada, This pada has the ability to put in the most hard work. It has a lot to do with dealing with enmity, diseases and other 6th house affairs. Penetrating and analytical mind, travel and many friends, craft, ingenuity, and valour, but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning (it is very north to kratu BUT on the same longitude as aslesha= similar characteristics so it can be neglected) Aslesha 2, 3 & 4 are in same pada as aslesha 1 as above, ASHLESHA =embrace, unquenchable thirst for gratification, can impart high spirituality or depravation, pain is inevitable & suffering optional, transformations in life are radical, most mysterious star; destruction of the victim. Do not mind drugs, doctors, antibiotics, etc...Like games, tricks, cheating and crooked strategies. Spiritual enlightenment and magical powers. Hypnotic eyes. Cannot tolerate any criticism or humiliation. Astrology, writing, perseverance, domestic problems, poison, liars, work for humanity, caring especially for old or sick people This last aslesha star falls exactly on Moon and lagna mrityu bhaga point, on the start of mars mrityu and in ushna ghati (anger), It is a highly ambitious pada which is usually liable to use all of Ashlesha's negative traits like trickery and deceit to get what it wants. An inability to let go of possessions is another unique aspect of this pada. Being a Ganda Mula pada, this pada is considered bad for finances. Kratu = determined to serve, born from Brahmas hand Loving but forceful nature, Astrology, arrogance, psychic, destruction , Kratu = ritualistic sacrifices. in the same pada as aslesha 5 (cancer) Aslesha is midway between kratu and pulaha so the saptarishis are all in aslesha now for 100 years! (celestial) due to ayana These 2 stars are not part of magha according to Surya siddhanta because they are actually still in cancer aslesha 3rd pada
Prudent, restrained, mistrustful, self-controlled (but angry when roused), love of command, power to achieve, good with animals. From Pulaha were born the butterflies, lions, tigers, lambs, wolves and Kimpurusas/ ape like, a member of the court of Indra, In Pulaha-rama is the Gandaki River , Pulaha did penance at a place on the shores of Alakanand.

23Can 13

#2orb +639

2923 gem Bad

Mars/ Moon/ Ur

25Can 47 2Leo 48 ? 5 leo 24 7Leo 20 7Leo 31 8Leo 43 10Leo 18 10Leo 20 11Leo 13 12Leo 18 12Leo 19 13Leo 35 14leo 35

-1601 157 can +293 858 can +- 9 to 19 can ? +134 1134 can +117 1330 can +311 1341 can # 2 orb 1503 can +004 -1223 1628 can +5714 -1436 -1415 -1106 -504 -1058


Mars/ Mer

Neut. Sat/ Mars Bad Mars/ Moon Bad Mars/ Mo Good Sun/ Mars Bad Sun/ Mars

1630 can Neut. Sat/ Mars 1723 can 1828 can 1829 can 1945 can Good Sat/ Mer 2045 can


47 Dubhe ursa major, Kratu ; leo's nose, kappa leo leo's tongue, lamda leo 48 Merak, Pulaha, Still in cancer, aquarius pada In lagna death point, after tyajakala. 49 Ras Elased Aust, Algenubi mag Epsilon leo. Magha 1, leo's jaw; gandata= bad for mother Mu leo, Magha 2,leo's brain/ eye mag Eta leo, Magha 3,leo's chest mag

15Leo 12 1518 Leo 1752 Leo 19Leo 26 20Leo 42

+61 +1025 +753 +45 +942

2122 can Good Mars 2128 can 2402 can 2536 can Good Sat/Me/Ma 2652 can Neut. Sat/ Mars

Magha = maha naksatra, pious last birth, Pitris reside/ rule here= ancestral pride on father side. tough birth & conjugal life, harsh, powerful, hot, formidable and fierce. Bold, bombastic, brutish, destructive, artistic appreciation. Power of expression, spiritual gifts, leadership Mars is fully debilitated here in last pisces pada(water sign & pada),it is also a naksatra gandhata; moon there= bad for mother ( the 2 first stars of magha falls in cancer using sthula zodiac but in leo for suksma zodiac ) Magha 2,Sun exalted pada; willpower, idea leadership. Mighty, dreadful, fame, big ego In 2nd Taurus pada of magha, on a mrityu bhaga point + moon mrityu + Jupiter mrityu; very ambitious, the emphasis is on image, duty and materialistic organization. Planets placed here bring about favours from superiors. 50 Alphard * alpha hydrae The Heart/ of the Serpent, Problems with law, prison, tragedy, love affairs, Lack of control, violence, unethical. Connection with poisons or drowning. 51 Adhafera, zeta leonis mag Same as eta leo + Crime, lying and stealing, suicide, epsilon, mu, zeta, gamma, eta, & alpha belong to magha 52 Al Jabhah * algeiba, al gieba, mag In 3rd pada of magha, Gemini pada, in visha ghati, in mercury and sun mrityu degree. a quest for knowledge (knowledge of gamma 1 leonis the ancients in the present times!). Planets placed here make one succeed through group activity. Wealth, sound judgement, cleverness, prone to violence, self-seeking, danger, loss, mutiny 53 Regulus * Lion's Heart Mag most Royal Star, Success if revenge is avoided. = sudden downfall, accidents Noble, ambition, alert, great power, status, alpha leonis; same long. As above leadership, , violence, love astrology, independent, The mighty one, formidable, ancestral traditions & pride of lineage, PHECDA/ Pulastya Gamma ursa major; One of the Prajapatis. And one of the asta prakriti (8 elements, intellect?) Pulastya was born from the Same pada as gamma leonis Karna-ear-of Brahma. Grandfather of Ravana, Raksasas, Vanaras (monkeys), Kinnaras, Gandharvas and Yaksas were born from the Pulastya, Pulastya got a son named Kubera. 54 Praecipua, 46 leo minor Generous, noble, peaceful, fearless nature, with the ability to undertake prominent and responsible positions (omicron) Same pada as gamma leonis

21Leo 42 27Leo 14 27Leo 08 27Leo 34 29Leo 36 29Leo 47 0Vir 28 0Vir 52

+1220 +436 +- +1151 +848

2852 can 0324 leo 318 leo 344 leo 546 leo Bad Sat/ Ven.

Bad Sat/ Mer Neut. Sat/ Mer Good Mars/ Jup./ Uranus

#3 orb 557 leo +026 +4708 638 leo +245 702 leo

Good Jup./ Mars

Megrez, Atri Muni delta ursa major; 55 Thuban, ialpha draco;

Same pada as gamma leonis, One of the Saptarsis, Creator of the pracetas, one of the asta prakriti (8 elements), Soma / the moon became his son, Sita & Rama visited Atri & Anasuya. He helped Pariksit s sacrifice It falls in the 1st leo pada of P.phal.(sva-vargottama) to protect or make a treasure.. Prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money; burning to death in own house Alioth, Angira Muni born of the semen of Brahm into fire, Angiras is the first of the Agni devas, married Sraddha, father of Brihaspati, restored Epsilon ursa major the dead child of chitraketu to life .he is still performing austerity at Alaknanda . in the 1st leo pada of P.phal.(svavargottama).. no wonder why so much fire energy. 56 Zosma, delta leonis 11 P.pha Situated exactly at the end of visha ghatika in virgo pada= hard working and a good trader;, P.Phal= crave for pleasure & mating, violent if amusement or relaxation is disturbed, like music, dance, comforts, social life,strong desire to be noticed= tendency for pretention, vanity, pomp/eccentricity, those on pravritti marga/materialism the star will lead them to debauchery/indulgence/ + Keen intellect, depression, fear, unhappy, feels restricted & abused, loss in childhood Coxa; Theta leo minor P.pha In libra navamsa + a fire puskara, planets except the sun can give good results; The emphasis here is on travel, harmony, relaxation, refinement, counselling, creation and appreciation of beauty (indulgence) 57 Mizar, Vasistha Situated at the end of libra pada in the beginning of amita ghati, Vasistha cursed ravana, instructed Janaka & Bhisma: zeta ursae majoris Visvamitra who wanted his kmadhenu killed his one hundred sons, Connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass + arundhati (alcor, 80 ursa major) destruction. U.Pha Actually still in Purva Phalguni 4th scorpio pada in Ushna ghati (anger. heat) . The emphasis here is on intensified emotions, home and family life, self reflection and personal valour. Passions are very strong here and all things in life are approached with a martian spirit. Planets here usually give rise to a lot of unnecessary strife and complexity. friendship with people with bad reputation, eagerness to help, Aryamana governs marriage contracts and protects family inheritance , Chief of the Pitris/prajapatis, he grants power for accumulation or prosperity PROSPERITY THROUGH MARRIAGE/ ENDURANCE-STABILITY/ DETERMINATION/HOSPITABILITY, 58 Denebola *, deneb, aleet, beta Ut. This star is in the 1st Sagittarius pada just past Mars mrityu in fire puskara= tremendous opportunities for growth & expansion, leonis, lions tail Pha very stubborn. It is like a Sun/Jupiter conjunction and gives a strongly ethical nature along with an advisory capacity Sees differently, unconventional opinion, stubborn to assist mankind, thereby opening themselves to persecution or becoming the persecutor. controlling, lack of imagination, honours, undesirable associates, mental illness, happiness turns to despair, disease, catastrophes, stability, hospitability, prosperity through union, love and care for humanity 59 gamma Coma Berenices * a northern constellation Eye problems, (no wonder it is in tyajakala, Capricorn pada of Ut. Phal. and in lagna mrityu and candra mrityu (right or left eye)+ at the beginning of Ushna ghati/ anger, heat) but hardworking organiser 60 Labrum, crator Honours, riches, ambition, psychic, chronic illness, dishonest income+ in Jupiter mrityu & aqua. Pada = 61 Alkaid, elkaid, Benetnash, Associated with death and mourning, war, natural catastrophes, Marici is authority in fruitive work, he was the original eta ursa major; Marici ancestor of all living beings. Had six children who were born as sons of Hiranyakasipu then as Sri Krsna's elder brothers, he advised Dhruva. Star in aqua. Pada = social karma yogi, 62 Markeb, kappa vela, in the in pupis const. (south) in the milky way very close to the galactic equator;Voyages, educational work, broad knowledge, piety milky way close to the galactic (in amrita ghati) equator 63 Zaniah, eta virginis Order, congeniality, lovable nature, refinement, honour, very good star. In hasta 1st Aries pada= expert at underhanded activities + Mathematical, Military and Surgical skills Diadem, coma berenice (see 59) To sacrifice oneself. In Hasta 2nd Taurus pada + earth puskar the most exalted point of mercury, but in Saturn mrityu = super practical/ handy/ perfectionist 64 Vindemiatrix,epsilon virginis Falsity, disgrace, stealing, dishonesty, star of widowhood, depression, folly, witch-hunts, mysticism & the occult, spinal problems, in Hasta 3rd pada of Gemini (but in mercury mrityu) = over-clever , tricky & expert ! (but good for transactions) Gienah Ghurab; gamma corvus Has1 Favorite star of Mercury, open hand symbol or fist= grab anything, very handy, clever, intelligent, heals or crafty; Minkar; epsilon corvus Has2 magician, mystic, thief, cheater Deity; Savitr,= wipes away bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits, These first 3 stars are in the same Gemini pada= = over-clever , tricky & expert ! (but good for transactions/ communications) + very sensitive and extraordinary perception & intellect Alchiba; Alchita; alpha corvus Has3 Al Minliar al Ghurab; Al Chiba, same as above 65 Algorab; delta corvus Has4 Scavenging, destructive, repulsive, malevolent, lying, cheating, suicide, greed, injuries, crooked but charming. Skilled with hands, crafty, clever to get whatever we want, good healers, teachers. In this cancer pada The focus is on family life and communal co-existence. This pada promises material security but at the same time promotes this star is in full amrita ghati 66 Merga, marrha, el mara, falx Too far; almost invisible, Guardians, ministers of state, custodians, treasurers, force behind the scenes, hidden masters, italica, 38 bootes, economists, architects, designers, "The Sickle", situated in cancer pada & rahu mrityu= over sensitive, suspicion towards anything foreign, very calculating and analytic materially Kraz in Becvar; beta corvus Has5 This hasta star falls actually in the beginning of Chitra 1st pada of leo. 67 Seginus *, ceginus, haris gamma bootes; Business, astrology, law, loss through friends, deceitful, shameless. In Chitra 1st pada of leo= personal glamour, strong ability to keep secrets. leo's tail, 93 leo;

1Vir 04 7Vir 27 8Vir 56 11Vir 21

+5139 714 leo

+662 1337 leo Good Sat/ Mars +5418 1506 leo +1420 1731 leo Good Sat/ Ven.

13Vir 25 15Vir 42


1935 leo Sat/ Ven.

+562 2152 leo Bad

18Vir 57


2507 leo

21Vir 38

#2 orb +1215

2748 leo Neut. Sat/ Ven.

23Vir 52 26Vir 40 26Vir 56 28Vir 54 4Lib 31 8Lib 56 9Lib 56 10Lib 42 11Lib 39 12Lib 15 13Lib 24 15Lib 27 17Lib 22 17Lib 39

+2823 002 vir -1734 250 vir +5422 306 vir -6343 504 vir +204 1041 vir

Good Moo/ Ven Good Mer/ Ven. Bad Mo/Me/Sa Good Sat/ Jup. Good Mer/ Ven.

+2258 1516 vir +1612 1606 vir -1430 -1940 -2144 -1212 1652 vir 1749 vir 1825 vir 1934 vir Bad Sat/ Mer


Mars/ Sat

+5752 2137 vir -1802 2332vir +4932 2349 vir

Good Mer/ Sat

Good Me-Sa-Ve

68 Mufrid, muphride, eta bootis 69 Foramen eta carina, a variable dim star in the milky way very close to the galactic equator. 70 Spica * chitra star Chi alpha virginis 71 Arcturus * Sarasvatis abode alpha bootis


Close to Sarasvati (430), Prosperity from work, good planning, strong desires, a tendency to excess, a fondness for rural 19Lib 20 pursuits, occultism. In the beginning of the pada of virgo, in vargottama navamsa, on Venus deep debilitation point (too much purity & ingeniosity here) + very ordered & disciplined. A kind of perfectionist. Prosperity, leadership, ear & eye trouble, indecision, shipwreck. Situated far south on the galactic equator (middle of the 22Lib 09 milky way) it is also in at the end of virgo vargottama before mrityu bhaga.(I guess talents and merits based on excessive discipline & order). brilliant creative genius.Wealth, lasting fame, honour, glamour, fertility, the "Good One", brilliant in sciences, art, writing, 23Lib 50 music, creativity, sociable but unscrupulous. Great benefactor to any planet conjuncted. Visvakarma is master of maya/ gross matter = genius , artistic, opportunist to create things, karma yogi . planets here will excel , glamour & dazzle in social circles showing their talents take a different approach, Inspiration, fame, honours if determined, benefits/ fortune through travel, lasting success through artwork 24Lib 14
or literature, very sensitive, emotional, fiery passions, intolerant to criticism, restless, independent (lonely star far from ecliptic), need some solitude .Notice; Svati is actually in the 3rd libra pada of Chitra, (1st pada of libra) almost conjuncting Chitra star. It is also far from the ecliptic like sravana, Sarasvati is the daughter (then wife!) of Brahma born from His face, Her name is Vak (speech) as well as savitri or gayatri, Svayambhuva manu is born from her.

+2804 2530 vir -5855 2819 vir #3 orb -203nn 000 lib

Good Mer/ Sat Good Sat/ Jup.

Very Ven./ Mars Good


022 lib

Very Jup./ Mars Good

72 Princeps * delta bootes

Ability to research keen, studious and profound mind, business, government, law, science, arts, lies.(fit sarasvati star) Falls in 3Sco 09 svati 2nd pada of Capricorn in tyajakala in the sun deep debilitation point. 73 Khambalia, lambda virgo Deep research of any kind, investigation, espionage, esoteric subjects. (fit sarasvati)In aquarius pada of svati 6Sco 57 74 Acrux, alpha 1, south crux, on One of The 4 bright stars on the galactic equator forming the south cross= building on physical ideas. Interest in astrology 11Sco 52 galactic equator , milky way center and spirituality, metaphysics, sacrifice. In Pisces navamsa, vayu puskar, Saturn most exalted point & mercury mrityu; ingenuity, sociable, success with hard work. 75 Alphecca *alphacca, gemma ; Fruitfulness; wedding & mating, Honour, dignity, literate, brilliant, poetic, scandals, betrayal in love, sorrow through 12Sco 16 alpha corona borealis children, same degree & pada as Acrux above. But in the northern crown 76 Menkent, tetha centauri Wisdom, astronomy, divination, medicine, botany and music, same degree & pada as Acrux above 12Sco 18 77 South Scale * on ecliptic Vis 15Sco 04 Star in Visakha 1st pada of Aries, vayu puskar & in Ketu mrityu degree; . Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, Zuben algenubi; alpha librae poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, desire Positive social reform, much ambition for position/pleasure, yajna oblations/ herculean tasks/ insatiable desires. gain later over time 79 North Scale * beta librae vis In Taurus 2nd pada = Endurance and durability, success in Venusian pursuits. Material ambitions are strong here ; it is also 19Sco 21 Zuben Alschemali, elshemali the Sun Pushkara amsa, it is also on the lagna death point. Negative selfish social reform; Honours, wealth, distinction, brilliant mind, success in sports, politics, war, religion, writing, tragedy, violence, melancholy, Iota 1 libra vis In 3rd Gemini pada of visakha & exactly at the end of mrityu bhaga and amrita ghati; There is a definite conflict between two 20Sco 59 opposing forces here (visakha & Gemini are in duality)- one force demands the native to be light-hearted, open-minded and jovial, while the other promotes selfishness, deception and anxiety. Only well placed Mercury and Saturn can be counted on 80 Alpha Serpentis * Unukalhai Success followed by fall, losses in some area, suicide, insanity, accidents, success in war, politics, writing, problems in love, 22Sco 04 forgery, shipwreck, earthquake Perversions, lack of self control and danger of poisons. Same duality as above 81 Agena Adar, centauri, a very twins near the galactic equator with the next one, in the last cancer pada of Visakha , the beginning of scorpio in a water puskara in 23Sco 48 bright star a genius/ creative degree= very emotional/ volatile/ transforming; so it can be very frustrating & revengeful or giving insight and strong willpower/ conviction to overcome evils. frustrations to learn & help. Good health, high morals, disillusion in love, success with the masses 82 Bungula, toliman, rigel Considered the closest star (very bright also). In anuradha 2nd pada of virgo also with water puskar = continuous learning, 29Sco 28 kentaurus = centauri. Brighter. discipline, discrimination, group work and organization. This pada dwells into the mysteries of the Universe. Numbers, calculation and classification are its domain. Being a Pushkara navamsha pada it promises fulfilment of objectives, Learning, spiritual growth. Occult and philosophical learning, self analysis, honours, stubborn, cruel Gamma libra vis in the last cancer pada of Visakha , the beginning of scorpio in a water puskara + moon is deeply debilitated here = very 25Sco 07 emotional/ volatile/ transforming; so it can be very frustrating & revengeful or giving insight and strong willpower/ conviction to overcome evils. 83 Kornephoros Fixity of purpose, strength of character, ardent nature and dangerous passions. Same position as star 82 1Sag 05 Dshubha (northern) 3 stars for anu these 3 stars are in the same degree and same libra pada in amrita + moon also is in an auspicious degree= arts, music. There 2sag 32 anu before the milky way is always a certain degree of self-undoing and wastefulness. Planets here give a highly sociable nature. Anuradha= symbol; Pi scorpio Anu staff =POWER OF PENANCE (wisdom + learning) ACCUMULATE KNOWLEDGE, difficulties in first half of life/interest 2sag 56 Acrab; Beta 1 scorpio anu in anything secret/OCCULT/etc...NEED some LONELINESS, wander abroad 3sag 10 84 Yed Prior * ophiuchus Success in astrology & 9th house matters, shrewd, Same pada position as star 82 2Sag 18 85 Marfik, ophiuchus Passionate, blindly good-hearted, easily seduced, healer with herbs, in Venus pada of anuradha= very sociable 5Sag 36 Sigma scorpius, in the milky way Jye Still in anuradha (using sthula zodiac), in scorpio vargottama & ushna gati (anger, heat) + gandata for lagna. abundant energy 7Sag 47 available here to pursue all kinds of esoteric and exoteric goals. Only struggle here lies in channelling the energy constructively. Planets here function with excessive passion and emotion

+4857 919 lib +029 1307 lib -5252 1802 lib +4419 1826 lib -2204 1828 lib #2 orb 2114 lib +019 #2orb +829 -151 2531 lib 2709 lib

Good Mer/ Sat Good Mer/ Mars weird Jup. Good Ven./ Mer Good V en./Mer Bad Sat/ Mars good Jup./ Mer/

+2530 2814 lib -4408 2958 lib


Sat/ Mars

Good Ven./ Jup.

-4235 538 sco

Good Ven./ Jup.


117 sco Neut Mer

+4241 715 sco +- 842 sco -528 +100 +1714 +2333 -402

916 sco 930 sco 828 sco Good Sat/ Ven. 1146 sco Neut. Sat/ Ven. 1357 sco

86 Antares *Heart of Scorpio. Jye Glaucoura, Alpha scorpio Main/ brilliant star for jyestha

Tau scorpio, 87 Rastaban * alwaid/ asvia, beta draconis, dragon mouth Epsilon scorpius, scorpios tail Mu 1 scorpius, scorpios tail Zeta 2 scorpius, scorpios tail 88 Sabik, eta ophiuchi Eta scorpius, scorpios tail 89 Atria alpha triangulum astralis Theta ophiuchus 90 Ras Alhague alpha ophiuchi in last pisces pada of jyestha

Jye Mul 1 Mul 2 Mul 3 Mul 4

92 Lesath, upsilon scorpi Mul 8 scorpios sting-end/ dart. AYANA bad if lagna here 91 Shaula, lamda scorpi, (sting) Mul 9 Theta scorpius, scorpios tail Mul 5 Aculeus, M6 Scorpius, in the milky way 93 acumen; in the milky way scorpius, scorpios tail scorpius, scorpios tail 94 Etamin, gamma draco in dragon with star 87 95 Spiculum M202118 sag. On the ecliptic 96 Alnasl, nash, nushaba 97 Polis, mu saggitari Eta sagittari (in mula cancer pada) (called also beta telescopy) 98 Kaus media (mula cancer pada) delta sagitari Kaus Australis epsilon sag 99 Kaus Borealis lambda saggit. 100 Facies, M22 Sagittarius, in the milky way close to the celestial equator Phi Sagittarius (arrow shaft) 101 Nunki/ Sadira, sigma Sagitt., brightest U.Ash. Ascella, zeta Sagittarius Tau Sagittarius 102 Vega * alpha lyrae Abhijit= conquering eye of universe 103 rukbat, alpha saggit Zeti Lyra, eye of universe Mul 7 Mul 6

in the milky way A Royal Star . This star is in Sagittarius navamsa, the 1st pada of Jyestha & in mandi + Saturn mrityu (definitely impatient) ; very concerned about financial affairs, protective/generous towards kith and kin, risk taker , more enthusiastic about getting spiritual knowledge . Jyestha= Spirit of adventure, courageous, conflicting, utmost obstinacy, obsessed by success & honours eye injuries, sudden loss, suspicious, unpredictable fatal events, turbulent life, violent, impulsive, several marriages, praiseworthy, dignity/ honors is most important, must be always active or feel depressed, Mental brilliance In the same pada and degree as above in dragon with star 94. In the same pada as Jyestha 2&3, Very north, close to polestar= Impulsive, honourable, good for astrology, government, writing, sports, finance, the arts, accidents, wounds, blindness, criminality Still In the 2nd pada of jyestha (sthula zodiac) in ushna ghati/anger & moon and lagna mrityu, Still In the 3rd pada of jyestha (sthula zodiac) in ketu mrityu, just before mrityu bhaga Still In the 3rd pada of jyestha (sthula zodiac) passed mrityu bhaga , coming close to amrita bhaga in the milky way. Wastefulness and lost energy, perverted moral, success in evil deeds Still In the 4th pada of jyestha (sthula zodiac) in abhukta mula/ no enjoyment (worst naksatra gandata/ junction) Close to the milky way. Just, truthful, righteous and benevolent, interest in architecture and freemasonry (same as above) path to pitris/yama(no wonder, so bad place) desire to heal society, drugs. Trouble with women, mystical healer; drugs, poisoning, hallucination, medicines, infections. Sure enough this is a very emotional pada and the native is inclined to get carried away/drown themselves. There is a danger of too much indulgence in fantasy, sexual intrigue and intoxication. Very destructive if a negative planet is here. Danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, connected with acid poisons, accidents, catastrophes, operations This is the beginning of the zodiac and ayanamsa (it enter Sagittarius 1st pada; searches and probes, on material or spiritual planes depending upon your evolution) it is in a creative/ genius degree & in ushna gati; anger/ heat. abhukta star= no enjoyment, )=END OF MATERIALISM. pain in inevitable, suffering is optional.=WIN THEN DOWNFALL, HIDDEN PAST LIFE TALENTS A small group of stars, sting of the Scorpion, linked to attack, either verbal or physical, confronting or hidden, slow or fast. This nebula promises a more positive outcome than its twin acumen; Enduring attacks but success. Disgrace, legal problems, imprisonment. Depression, moroseness brings the person down, Enduring attacks which weakens (on tyajakala) Liking solitude, good concentration, dishonour, downfall and loss of prestige, esoteric and philosophical studies, (still in tyajakala) Junction of the galactic equator & celestial equator. Eye trouble, blindness, depression, hopelessly doomed, morbid religious outlook, no concern for human life gamma 2 sagggitari, (still in moola 3rd pada of gemini in sthula zodiac)in the milky way. Eye trouble, blindness (or bad eyesight) Martial desires, high ambitions, domination, keen perception, success (just past amrita bhaga in cancer pada of mula) past ketu mrityu, (still in in cancer pada of mula in the sthula zodiac), brings about PURIFICATION and regeneration/ INVIGORATING & DESTROY CONFUSIONS In moon mrityu = emotional troubles (still in mula in sthula zodiac), UNDETTERED BY SETBACKS = feels invincible, WANT POPULARITY, presumption/arrogance, defeat anyone in argument In moon mrityu = emotional troubles (still in mula in sthula zodiac), Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice (in P. Ash. Leo pada) Aim for an undeafeatable goal. Blindness, violent death, leadership, war, coldness, detached, perfectionist, earthquakes , This nebula is the eye of the archer. a difficult star, being either the perpetrator of violence or the victim. = ruthlessness and/or aggression. (in leo pada of P.Ash/ strongly ethical) Still In P.Ash 2nd pada of virgo & in moon & lagna mrityu degree (actually U.Ash. starts here in the suksma zodiac) Same pada as above but past tyajakala (in Sagittarius left shoulder holding the bow ) = unchallengeable victory, IDEAL GOAL, SUCCESS ONLY WITH GOOD ALLIES/ FRIENDS NOT WITH OWN EFFORTS, CONSTANT INVOLVEMENT IN SOME KNOWLEDGE (in Sagittarius left shoulder holding the bow ) in libra pada of P.Ash.& exactly on fire puskar-amsa (in Sagittarius left armpit ), in libra pada of P.Ash.& exactly on the beginning of mrityu bhaga but moon amrita. in libra pada of P.Ash. (1 star back !) just & exactly at the end of mrityu bhaga + moon in amrita ; Blessed, determined, dynamic Luck in politics, artistic & occult talent, fleeting fame, double dealing, generosity, practicality, riches and fame. Idealistic, hopeful and refined. Pretentious, include zeta and delta lyra according to Surya Siddhanta. The left knee of the Archer; Steady, strong, consistant (in amrita bhaga of scorpio navamsa) in Scorpio pada of P.Ash. (1 star back !)just after Amrita in Ushna ghati (hot/ anger).

9Sag 46

#3orb -434

1556 sco Good Mars/Jup./ Mer

11Sag 27 11Sag 58 15sag 13 16sag 09 17sag 13 17Sag 58 20sag 44 20Sag 53 21Sag 23 22Sag 26 24Sag 00 24sag 35 25sag 35 25sag 43 28sag 45 26sag 28 27sag 31 27Sag 58 1Cap 04 1Cap 16 3Cap 13 3Cap 36 4Cap 35 5Cap 04 6Cap 19 8Cap 16 10Cap 11 12Cap 32 13Cap 38 14Cap 58 15Cap 17 16Cap 37 18Cap 06

-607 1637 sco +7516 1808 sco Bad -1145 -1525 -1938 +711 -2011 -4609 -159 +3550 -1400 -1347 -1938 #2 orb -850 #2 orb -1122 -1538 -1642 +7455 -053 -659 +312 -1322 -628 -1103 -208 -044 -357 -327

2123 sco 2219 sco 2323 sco 2408 sco Bad Sat/ Ven. 2654 sco 2703 sco Good Mer/ Jup. 2733 sco 2836 sco Good Sat/Ven. 010 sag 045 sag 145 sag 203 sag 405 sag 238 sag 351 sag 408 sag 714 sag 726 sag 923 sag 946 sag 1045 sag ? Bad

Sat/ Mars/ Jup.

Mer/ Mars

Neut. Mars/ Moon Bad Mars/ Moo Bad Mars/ Moo

P.Ash P.Ash P.ash P.ash p.ash

Good Jup./ Mars

1114 sag 1229 sag Good Mer/ Mars 1426 sag Bad Sun/ Mars 1621 sag 1832 sag

u.ash u.ash u.ash u.ash Abh 1

-710 1958 Sag -505 2108 Sag +6144 2127 sag Good Ven./ Mer -1823 2247 sag +6020 2416 sag

Abh 2

104 Sheliak/ shiliac, Beta lyra 105 Dheneb, zeta aquila Delta 2 Lyra, eye of universe 106 Peacock, pavonis 107 Terebellum, saggi 108 Tarazed, gamma equilae Sra 1 Abh 3

109 Sham, saggit. (milky way) 110 Albireo, cygni (milky way) 111 Altair *= The Eagle , Sra 2 alpha aquilae (north), in the milky way Alshain, beta aquilae 112 Algedi * Giedi Prima 1 capricorn (twin star) Dabhi, beta Capricornus 113 Bos rho Capricorn 115 Albali psilon aqua 114 armus eta capricorn 116 Rotanev, venator Delphi, main, brightest one Sualocin, alpha delphinius Delta delphinius Gamma 2 delphinius 116a Castra capricorn 118 Nashira, gamma capricornus 117 deneb Algedi/ shedi the end-tail of capricorn 119 Kitalpha/ kitel phard 121 Sadalsuud * aquari 122 Gienah psi. signus 120 sadalmelek/ elmelik, alpha aquarius 123 Fomalhaut * alpha pisces austrini 124 Deneb Adige *galina/ arided alpha Cygnus north Gamma aquarius, Sadalachbia 125 Skat / Sheat, delta aquari 126 lambda aquari "shin bone, tibia of aquarius" 127 Achernar, alpha eridani so south, bright 128 Markab * P Shat! Shat Shat! Sra 3

Dha Dha Dha Dha

Close to Abhijit; Artistic talent, sexual adventures, disgrace, extravagant, independent thought, trouble with authority, death by violence in the milky way very close to the galactic equator, in ut.Ash. 1st fire puskar pada of Sagittarius (vargottama) & in Saturn mrityu; Success in Martial Arts/ war, ability to command, liberality, benevolence. Nothing is impossible here. Still in saggitarius last degree, in ut, Ash 1st vargottama pada of Saggitarius In the 2nd Capricorn pada (vargottama) of Ut.Ash. just past the genius degree, in Ushna ghati (anger), in tyajakala & in sun mrityu ; Vanity and love of display (over-active), together with a long life and sometimes fame Just quit cap. Pada, to enter Jupiter full debilitation, it is Sagittarius buttocks; Strength and power, rise in life, riches, cunning, disgrace In the milky way. Still In pisces pada of Ut.Ash. (Abhijit) & in earth puskar ; It is the first step / footprint of Vamana ,Vamana took all land (earth puskar) in Pisces navamsa (dissolution/ surrender) learn,humanitarian,sagacity, Spoil, plunder, passions, fame, imagination, clairvoyant, strong will. Combative, opinionated, jealousy, danger of death in battle (insignificant, too far and too close to sravana in longitude) Contemplative, cultured, artistic, congenial appearance and disposition (OK, share the same karakas with sravana ) Bold to keep their words, sagacity, Bali, Sudden but ephemeral fortune, impulsive, stubborn, brave, accidents, astrology, writing, position of high command, danger from reptiles, risk taker. Trouble with authorities, represents communication of knowledge to transcend the material world; careful about material advises. All Sravana is far north off the zodiac but in the milky way. Altair is in the neck of the Eagle. Name derived from "Eagle" or "the Wounding." Last star of sravana, The horn of Capricorn in Sravana Aries 1st pada & in ushna ghati (anger, heat) as well as venus and ketu mriyu, Beneficent, sacrificing, peculiar/ strange life events, love affairs, great good fortune, Suspicion and mistrust. The horn base of Capricorn; losses early & success later (same degree as above) Left eye of Capricorn; Keen intellect, good for business, military, analysis, in Sravana Aries 1st pada & in tyajakala. Arrow tip coming from aquilae; Danger, persecution up to death; (it is in Gemini pada/ dina roga if day birth= sick if lagna is there especially for children, it is especially in lagna and rahu mrityu degree! & moon mrityu at 2000), but also said to give good fortune, (especially for earring, listening, communicating) Shoulder/ neck base of Capricorn, Nagging, unstable, contemptible, spiteful, (in the beginning of 4th cancer pada of sravana) In Dha. 1st leo pada= in the spotlight of fame (+ child dina mrityu if lagna here especially from 24 to 25; day-birth for male or night-birth for female) Teasing but naive. All of Dhanishta is far north, out off the zodiac, out of the milky way in a dark empty region = the richest one = most famous/most heard, most musical, often bestows wealth, abundance and fulfillment on all levels, ADAPT TO ANY SITUATION, DON'T LIKE TO BE COMMANDED (mars lord), interest in METAPHISICS. Good at SPORTS (mars) (between tyajakala & mars deep exaltation), Destructiveness, uncontrollable temper, malevolence the end-tail of capricorn (on mars deep exaltation) Writing, government, religion, overcomes evil delta capric. Justice & help trough leadership, Sorrow and joy. Life and death, always on the edge. Life of changes, trustworthy, just, fair, knowledge of human nature. alpha equileus (north aqua), Gives friendship and sagacity but frivolity and love of pleasure On the biceps of aquarius; Astrology, occult, government, business, psychic, visionary, original. Sadalsud, is good for intuitive ability, visions for future and good public relations. in the milky way. Soar to great heights, potential of sudden downfall. (on mrityu bhaga) = the lucky one of the king, found nearly on the celestial equator,in Shatabish/ Pracetas in cap. Navamsa & tyajakala and ushna ghati (anger/heat); twin star, this is the brightest alpha aquari, star of the pracetas (satabhish)= meditation, seclusion, courage, secrets, healing. A Royal Star. (amplify any planet for better or worst) meditation, noble ideals. birth defects, treacherous, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates, talents in arts/ music, great learning, idealistic, immortal name. Much hard work and labor.(same position as above) in the milky way very close to the galactic equator (in Saturn & ketu mrityu degree as well as in ushna ghati/ anger). Strong will, strong temper. clever, Intelligent, creative, original, naive, astrology, writing, the public, dog bites , Money can be made through the arts and sciences. Psychic, idealistic, likeable person. (end of tyajakala) Sadachbia = ("lucky star of hidden things"); in aquarius vargottama but in Jupiter mrityu , 100 doctors In amrita ghati & vargottama navamsa= Good fortune, personal charm, lasting happiness, pychic interests, sensitivity, occult interests, many friends Only this 1 star for Satabhisak (according to Surya-Siddhanta); on ecliptic in Pisces pada & vayu puskar stubborn opinion, workaholic. sahasra cakra/ EGO/ AHANKARA, INTENSELY OPINIONATED AND STUBBORN, heals and gives immortality , WORKAHOLICS, research, asceticism, meditation, lonely In P. Bhadra, 1st pada of Aries; impetuous, rapid endings. Royal honors, Sudden success in public office, access to another realm, philosophical, patient. inclined to religion In cancer pada & water puskar; Violence, honours and riches, "Star of Sorrow", literary, legal problems, accidents,

18Cap 53 19Cap 48 21Cap 39 23Cap 49 25Cap 51 0Aqu 56 1Aqu 04 1Aqu 15 1Aqu 47

+56 +36

2503 sag Good Ven./ Mer 2558 sag Good Mars/ Jup.

+5919 2749 sag -36 2959 sag Good Ven/ Mer -5 +3114 + 38 +48 +29 201 cap 706 cap 714 cap 725 cap 755 cap blue = stars in ABHIJIT 857 cap 956 cap Good Ven./ Sat Good Mars/ Jup. Bad Mars/ Ven Good Ven./ Mer Neut. Mars/ Jup.

2Aqu 47 3Aqu 46 4Aqu 02 5Aqu 09 11Aqu 43 12Aqu 44 16Aqu 22 17Aqu 23 18Aqu 06 19Aqu 21 20Aqu 12 21Aqu 56 23Aqu 32 23Aqu 06 23Aqu 23 27Aqu 45 3Pis 45 3Pis 52 5Pis 19 6Pis 44 8Pis 52 12pis 16 15Pis 19 23Pis 29

+29 +659 +435 +111 +804

Neut. Ven./ Mars

1014 cap 1119 cap Good Sat/ Ven. 1753 cap Neut. Mars/ Mer

-259 1854 cap +3154 2232 cap +3301 2333 cap +3156 2416 cap +3242 2531 cap -458 -233 -236 2622 cap Bad 2706 cap good 2942 cap Sat/ Jup. Sat/ Jup.

+2007 2926 cap Neut. Mer/ Ven. +837 2933 cap Good Sat/ Mer +4925 355 aqu +1142 955 aqu Neut. Ven./ Mer

-2108 1002 aqu Good Ven./ Mer/ Nep +5954 1129 aqu Good Ven./ Mer +813 -811 2orb -023 1254 aqu 1502 aqu Good Sat/ Jup. 1826 aqu

-5922 2129 aqu Good Sat +1924 2939 aqu Bad Mars/

128 Markab * alpha pegasi P. Bhadra= all auspicious ??? 129 Scheat * beta pegasus

P bha p bha

In cancer pada & water puskar; Violence, honours and riches, "Star of Sorrow", literary, legal problems, accidents, headstrong, ACCIDENTS/ PAIN/ CUTS, PAYING PAST KARMA, HOT TEMPER, IMPETUOUS MIND/ IMMENSELY ACTIVE, READY TO DO ANYTHING, MOST REVENGEFULL, honors and success with great sorrow, Material Ambitions are often not realized In leo 1st pada of Ut.Bhadra ; a different thinker, Imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, pneumonia, literary and poetic ability, extreme misfortune. rapidly gaining and losing friends, unpredictable nature, inclined to fantasize.

23Pis 29


2939 aqu Bad

Mars/ Mer/ Ven

29Pis 22


532 pis


Mars/ Mer

DEGREES AND FIXED STARS OF THE ZODIAC 0-1 degrees of all signs in predictions means the beginning something. 29 degrees of all signs in predictions means the ending of something.. 0-1 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cap, are extremely critical degrees.In predictive astrology, they represent a jump start. 0-1 of Libra oftentimes signifies the beginning of a relationship in prasna 0-1 degrees of Taurus is always permanent, in prediction, for good or bad. 0-1 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, and Aqu is long lasting. Fixed signs signify permanence, stability and things that last. What has begun will last 0-1 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pis are beginnings subject to change. Mutable signs always signify adaptability, restlessness and change. In prediction, nothing may come of what has started. 29 degrees of Pis is a permanent ending in predictive astrology, as is 29 degrees of Taurus. Beyond these degrees, there is no hope of continuation. 13 and 26 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cap give special importance to the planet(s) or house cusps occupying the degree. The affairs ruled by the planets, the affairs ruled by the houses ruled by the planets or by the houses these degrees are on point to something of the above mentioned occuring in the life of the chart owner. 9 and 21 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aqu are critical degrees but with a tendency to misfortune. 21 degrees of Scorpio is a definite loss natally and in prediction, but the loss is not necessarily negative. 4 and 17 are the critical degrees of the Mutuable Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pis. 15 degrees of Leo is one of the worst degrees in the zodiac. Either natally or in prediction. It is prominent in the charts of serial killers, felons serving life sentences, hard luck, etc. 25 degrees of Leo is also violent. In predictive astrology, problems will result from this placement according to the affairs it rules and/or house it is in. This is a very strong degree of alchoholism. Many who are chronic alcoholics have prominent planets on the 25th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aqu. Especially strong if Neptune is involved. 15 Degrees of Taurus, Scorpio and Aqu are also unfortunate, but not to the extent as 15 degrees of Leo. 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 25 degrees of Taurus are all degrees of violence. 9 and 17 degrees of Gemini; 9 degrees of Virgo and Pis are degrees of homocide. 6 Degrees of Cancer possible physical disability and to a lesser extent, 6 degrees, Libra, Cap and Aries. Especially if the planet occupies the first house. 6 Degrees of Leo/Aqu is bad for eyesight. 12 Degrees of Leo, degree of beauty. 9 degrees of Pis is one of the worst degrees in the Zodiac. 9 Degrees of Sag, is a warrior degree, and also a degree of homocide. 22 degrees of all signs is bad, either natally or in prediction. FIXED STARS; Some fixed stars are more often taken into account than others are as they are near the ecliptic, such as the four Royal stars. Most are used primarily in Horary, Electional and Mundane (political) astrology. To be significant in a birthchart, or any other chart, they have to have a tight orb of 1 degree in their aspects, and only the conjunction, opposition and parallel aspects are used. Naturally, the conjunction is the strongest and most reliable contact as it has been said that the fixed stars "cast no rays". The opposition only has influence by virtue of its polarity. The stars have more importance when very close to any of the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC) or when very close to the sun or moon. The meaning mostly depends on which planet the star is aspected to. If it is aspected to a benefic such as Venus or Jupiter, the better qualities of the star will be apparent, while the reverse applies if it is aspected to one of the malefics such as Mars or Saturn. The Seven Sisters or Pleiades This cluster of stars was called "The Guardians of the Sky". All are part of the make-up of the constellation of Taurus and that of the bull. The cluster consists of 7 small stars (Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Asterope and Alcyone) with Alcyone being the central star and known as the star of the weeping sisters. It is said that anyone influenced by the 29th degree of Taurus (0 Gemini now) will at some point in their life, suffer "a fate to weep about". It also bestows strong will, sincerity and honesty. Recommended reading on this subject: Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology - Vivian Robson (1923) Book of Fixed Stars - Bernadette Brady (1998) Recommended websites on this subject: Fixed Stars - Anne Wright If you can't find it on this site I doubt you will find it on any other site on the web! 290 fixed stars are listed separately giving details about each one and interpretation. 88 constellations are likewise listed. All of the stars are listed in various ways such as by sign, alphabetical, arranged by longitude, declination, and in categories. Fixed Stars - Diana K Rosenburg The well-known astrologer, Robert Hand, describes Diana as the leading authority on fixed stars. A very informative website with a lot of interesting information regarding the stars, constellations and mythology.\\