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Monday: Chest and Back, Abs Push up Wide front pull up or if u have bands u can do a pulldown as well Military

push up- hands beneath shoulders and keep arms and elbows tight against sides Reverse grip chin up Do one after another with no rest and when u complete these four take a min or 2 min break Wide fly push up- hands wider then what u did for standard pushup Closed grip overhand pullup Decline push up- elevate feet on bed, chair Heavy pants- shorten band by twisting in small loop step on center then u pull up to waist. Make sure u have one foot forward and bend at waist and keep back flat and keep elbows to side Again rest 1 to 2 mins Diamond pushup- hands together index and thumbs touch and under chest Lawnmower- get in a side lunge like and stagger band with wide stance and pull to ribcage like if u was doing a one arm db row Dive bomber push up- move from a downward dog position with wide hands and feet to an upward dog position( simulates going back and forth underneath a fence) Back fly- set at edge of seat and twist the band and step on it and raise bands in a crisscross motion. Take your 1 to 2 min break and when u do the second cycle start with back first like 2,1,4,3 6,5,8,7 10,9,12,11. Tuesday if possible plyometrics Wednesday: Shoulders, arms, and abs Shoulder press Bicep curl- closer curl with elbows glued to side both hands at same time Tricep kickback- bend body over and have back parrell to floor then then keep upper arms at 90 degrees. Repeat seguence again but on the bicep curl do a wider curl. Basically first one keep close and second keep elbows glued to side but have a wider curl. Both hands also

Take a 30 sec to a min break or whatever u feel u need. Deep swimmers press- basically use back foot to step on band and then u start the movement with palms facing u and down around chest and as u push upwards u turn your palms out and at top of movement they should be facing away from body and u lower back down with them back towards body and repeat. If need a idea look up Arnold press. Concentration curl- stand on band with back foot and curl band up one arm at a time Chair dip or since u have a dipping machine then do your dips on there Repeat sequence again and the rest for 30 sec or however long u need. Upright rows- step on band with front foot and bring hands together on way up or if can keep them close together throughout. Static arm curl- step on band with back foot. Hold one arm static at a 90 degree angle and with other do 4 reps and alternate sides and repeat. Flip-grip kickback- do these sameway as standard kickback but u switch grips so u do like one knuckles down and one palms down and do the other side same and repeat so those 2 ways will equal one set. Repeat again and take your break. Two angle shoulder fly- stand straight up and do a later raise and then u bend over till rib cage is touching up leg and do a lateral raise also in that postion and do 16 reps. So the one standing is one and the bent over one is 2 and repeat till u do 16 reps. Step on band with front foot. Crouching cohen curl- easiest way to explain this is bend over and shorten the band a lot and step on front foot and bend over and put your elbows inside and lower then knees or right on inside knee and curl from there dont move from the bent postion. Tricep extension- step on band with back foot and extend arms above head and bend at the elbow and lower the bands behind your head towards shoulders. Repeat and take break. Bonus round In and out straight shoulder fly- basically you do a front raise first and without stoping when come down do a lateral raise also do this for 16 reps so front raises be 1 and side be 2 Congdon curl- step on band with back foot and u can do this 2 ways I let u choose u can curl the band with palms down through the whole movement or if u want u can start with palms up and curl and when u in start position then palms be down and do a set and repeat.

Side tri raise- I couldnt do these at all but maybe u can but u lay on right side, place right hand on left shoulder and left hand between armpit and chest. Push up, raising upper body off the ground. Lower body almost to floor, then repeat do as many as u can and then switch sides. Repeat and u done. Thursday: Yoga Friday: can do either legs and back or just do legs only. Balance lunge- put foot or tiptoes on chair then lunge outward with other leg and then lunge so basically if u have left foot on chair have right leg out in front and u lunge or bend down and keep knee over ankle and do 25 reps and switch legs. Calf raise squat Reverse grip chin up Super skater- place all weight on one leg and slide other leg behind body in skater motion, with toe touch for balance, 25 reps Wall squat for 90 seconds, do two positon parallel for 15 seconds and then dip lower then parallel for 15 seconds and repeat or take your band and do a squat with it for many as u can or maybe about 25 reps. Wide front pull up Step back lunge- with the band or no band depends on how legs feel if u use band step on it with front foot and then step back into a lunge with knee or ankle if legs feel like jello put hands on your hips and keep body upright and step back do 15 reps per leg. Alternating side lunge- stand with feet together. Alternate lunges from left to right 25 reps Close grip overhand pull up Single- leg wall squat depends on if what u did for the first if u did the band squat then do the 2 leg here if u decide to do the wall squat then here u get against wall and thighs parallel to floor squat with one leg. Alternate legs ever 10 seconds and keep other leg straight. 60-90 seconds Deadlift squat- standing on one leg with other leg bent behind u, squat down and reach for the floor. 20 reps each leg. Switch grip pull up- alternate grip ever 2 reps from shoulder width pull up to shoulder with chin up Break here 60-120 seconds. Three way lunge with two kick option- lunge in 3 different directions side 45 degree angle and to front and kick if possible if legs tired just lunge. 30 reps and repeat to other side

Sneaky lunge- lunge across floor while on toes. While in lunge bring rib cage to upper thigh so that upper body is lined up with back leg. Extend arms upward creating a straight line with body and straight leg, then reach back. Once begin heels never touch the floor. 20 reps Reverse grip chin up Chair salutations- stand tall with knees and feet together. With your weight on heels and arms at side, inhale arms straight up to ceiling. Exhale and begin to bend at the waist with straight legs and swan drive to floor. When fingertips make contact with floor bend knees into deep squat postion then raise arms up over head as high as possible. Hold for 30 seconds. 2 reps Toe-roll iso lunge-exaggerate lunge position to prevent added pressure on the knee. Push off ball of foot, rolling onto toe of straight back leg. Knee stays above or behind ankle never extending over. 20 reps each side Wide front pull up Grouch walk- in a low squat position walk forward 4 steps and backwards 4 steps. 60 sec Calf raises- do 15 slow reps and then 10 fast reps in each three directions toes out/heels together, feet parallel, toes in/heels out. Closed grip overhand pullup 80/20 sibers speed squat- squat at high speed. Be sure to keep 80% of body weight on heel of one foot and 20% on tip toe of other foot. 30 reps per leg Switch grip pull up Saturday: Taiboe

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