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A Jiroft Stone Artifact

Clifford C. Richey August 2013 Addition: 10-18-2013

It might be helpful to read: http://www.scribd.com/doc/125076415/Universal-Prehistoric-Depicted-Sign-Language when reading this paper as it explains the use of Form, Imagery, Gesture signs, Stance, allusion and position as used in composing glyphs.

Illustration 1: Original Artifact This item from Jiroft, an area in the present country of Iran, is estimated to be about 5,000 years old.

Illustration 2: Total Form: A Hill The (green) Total Form is that of a hill which based on the Breast of the female-earth.

Illustration 3: A Basket The next (both green) outlines was composed in Form of a basket or a stone container with a handle. It is thought that this container represents the Body of the earth-female much as clay vessels served that purpose in other cultures. The lower part of the Basket may be a Horizontal Rectangle meaning a horizontal-place. position, below.

Illustration 4: The Upper-world The (blue) Half Circle sign is the sign for the upper-half or the upper-world. The Handle itself is the curved sign for the arc or bow of the sky. The horizontal-place mentioned earlier is therefore below the upper-world and the events described take place in the under-world.

Illustration 5: Form of a Bull

The (brown) Form of the Bull was the sign for a strong-leader. The Horns were the sign for a leader while the Bull was the sign for strength. The Stance of the Bull is one of Sitting and as such represents the meaning of waiting or awaiting some event.

Illustration 6: The Flow

The multi lined sign (green-blue) for flowing stems from the (pink) Mouth, the sign for a source of water and passes between the (yellow) Horns that at this level of translation indicates, arising by their Form and unseen by being Double Lined. Further, the Horns are positioned on the Left and Right which in gesture signing indicates the east and west.

Illustration 7: The Flow From The Water Source The flow then continues on until turning upwards in the Form of a (dark blue) Bird's Head indicating flight. Within the U shaped Form of the turning sign is the Form of an Eye, the eye of the Sun or Venus. The (light blue) Curved signs represent clouds or mist. The flow from the water source turning upward takes up the Eye of the Sun, Venus, in flight as clouds or rising mist toward the sky-arc (the form of Handle). The Head or Face of the Bull, his appearance was depicted as in the Form of a Dog's Head (the one that forewarns, a prophet) with a his Large Eye (the great, relative size,Venus). The Eye is considered to relate to Venus due to the context of the arisings in the east and west. It is also possible that the Dog's Head was viewed as a Wolf's Head. The meaning of the Wolf was one of a scout or spy. Either of these Associations might fit the context of this message as the Wolf-star was another metaphor for Venus. We will stay with the Dog association primarily because the Hand and the Dog associations seem to appear together often in the ancient cosmology. The Hand, the steward, the Dog, the prophet.

Illustration 8: His Face, His Appearance Here we see the Face of the Dog, his appearance, the prophet has a Large Hand (relative size) attached to his Face, the great Steward of the Sun, a sun-priest in the area that alludes to the Bull's Ear. This allusion indicates the hole on the side (positional). Next to this (the Bull's Hump) is a Head or Face of a (blue) Serpent (a stream of water) whose Body was been compounded from the Serpent's Head and the Form of a Large Leg (tan) and Foot (tan) meaning a long, journey. The Serpent has an Eye (orange) that reflects Venus as within the stream. The multitude of Dots indicate much moisture. We note that the Nostrils of the Dog are in the Triangular form of a female-spirit, which itself was composed of the Dots of moisture. The meaning may be one of female-water-spirits. The Dog's Nostrils were an allusion to the orifices of the Nose or holes. The multitude of Dots or particles of water were also often depicted in the Triangular Form of female-moisture-spirits. The Horn of the Bull also are in contact with the Mouth of the Serpent (the water-source) and it is from here also that the (yellow) arising sign also stems. Venus, the steward of the Sun, arises from the water source on the hillside. The Ears of the Dog were in the Form of the sign for Breasts of the earth-female, the hills of the earth and it is from the sides of these hills that there were unseen arisings in the east and west.

Illustration 10: Original

Illustration 9: Color Coded

There appears to be an emphasis on lines within the Dog's Head that do not appear in the same area on

the right side of the composition. The Form of the Eye seems to have been used for an Open Mouth in the Face of a Frog, We are nearly at the limits of the resolution of the photograph here so there is a good chance of mis-perception. This is always a danger when trying to interpret what the ancient composer intended but even more so when the Form and Imagery is unclear. The Frog was the sign for, the one who leaps upward. The Curve under the face that was engraved deeper and wider might be interpreted as not only the Throat of the Frog but also as an Arm and Hand. This would have meant, a warrior and a steward of the Sun. Above the hand there is a Rectangular place sign. The Mouth of the Frog, a water source has an Eye located within it. Tis would have indicated that the Eye of the Sun, Venus, was within (positional) the water source. The one who leaps upward, the warrior and steward of the Sun, The eye of the Sun, Venus within the water source.

Illustration 11: Fish, Serpent And Bird Forms

Although the Form and Imagery of the Bulls are similar the are not symmetrical. The Bull on the Left has Forms of Fish within its Body while the Bull on the Right has the Form of a Large Standing Bird. The (green) Tail of the Bull on the Left was composed in the Form of a Fish, the one that swims or the swimmer. This is a reference to the spirit or spirits (there may be Two or Three (many) Fish depicted here) of the deceased leader swimming through the waters of the underworld. The Front, folded, Legs of the Bulls Form the shape of Two little Birds (flight) with large Feet (the fledglings) in the Stance of Sitting (awaiting). The Birds are Facing or Headed to the Left (east) and Right (west). The ones, the fledglings, awaiting flight in the east and west, Behind the fledgling on the right is a (dark blue) Larger Standing Bird. A more mature Bird rising up and about to fly.

Between (the center) the Two Bulls are (dark and light green) Two Serpents connected to the Mouths (the water sources) of the Bulls. Their Bodies contain the multi-lined sign for flowing. In the center where the two Serpents coil there is a (yellow) Circle meaning the location, the one. This coupled with the Association made with the Serpent (a stream of water) provides the message: At the center, (positional) the location, the one, surrounded, within (positional) the flowing streams, that connect the water sources in the east and the west.

Illustration 12: Jiroft Stone Vessel

The stone vessel pictured above also appears to be from the Jiroft area. What is noticeable about this artifact is that all the Eyes depicted in the composition were emphasized by shell inlays. This tells us that the Eyes were very significant (as Venus) to the composition and not just the normal Eyes one views in pictures of animals. The (green) Fish is the one who swims. The Stance is Heading upwards and the Fish's Body contains the Eye (Venus), positional, within. The (yellow) Shepherd's Crook sign that indicated being taken upwards. There is a depressed Circle (within the dark hole) within the Double Lines meaning, unseen.

Illustration 13: Color Coded

The swimming spirit of the Bull (the strong leader) is taken up the (pink) Mouth (the association for a water source). Next we see the all important Eye, the eye of the Sun, Venus. It has a curved (blue) Line, arc of the sky, positionally, above it and a Curved Line, positionally, below it. Covered above, held as in a bowl below. The Mouth, the water-source, was often a spring on a hillside where the subterranean stream brought up the spirits of the deceased from the underworld to the earth's surface where it waited in a pool for its ascension to the sky. Addition 10, 2013: What's in the Bag (the container)?

Illustration 14: Assyrian ca. 4,300 BCE

Illustration 15: Olmec ca. 1,500 BCE

The above two illustrations show container Forms in the (green circles) hands of figures from two later cultures. As we know from the earlier part of this paper the basket or bag shaped object was used as a cosmological metaphor for the world and related to an ancient cosmology that appears to have been spread by or accompanied the use of an equally ancient depicted sign language system. We can tell that the system was the same as all three cultures used the same basic gesture signs with the same compositional organization. In both illustrations an Arm (the warrior) and Hand (a steward of the Sun) holds a container that was composed of a Horizontal Rectangle (a horizontal-place) and a Handle with is the upper Half of a Circle that indicates the upper side or upper world. In both cases the Hands make the gesture sign for, held. Although these two compositions look very different their message content follows a common cosmological theme. The Winged Assyrian (the one who will fly) Figure's Stance and is Standing or has arisen. Its Legs/Feet are pointing toward the Right which indicates, arriving. The Olmec figure

has the Stance of Sitting which indicates, waiting.

Illustration 16: Assyrian Legs/Feet, Arriving A (tan) Leg and Foot equate to a long-walk or long journey. What appears to be the muscles of the Leg are further signs. The upper (blue-green) Water-drop shape is the sign for a part or particle of water. This particle rests upon a (light blue) Curved sign that means, held as in a bowl. This sign forms the surface of the Triangular earth-female sign. Thus the (relatively large sign) great water-particle, held as in a bowl, on the surface of the earth. The heel of the Foot rests upon another (red Triangle that tells us that the journey is, positionally, on the side of the earth-female.

Illustration 17: The Breast, The Hillside The Total Form of the Olmec composition is a bit vague, It seems to be the Large Head of a Rabbit (the Moon) or perhaps a Mouse arising from a horizontal-place sign. The Great Mouse has been found in other compositions to be a metaphor for Venus. This seems to have related to the difference in size between Venus and the Sun. In any event, the Form of the ( tan) Breast (a metaphor made with hills as the Breasts of the earth-female) compounded with the hillside or (green) mountainside sign. The metaphor is made complete with the (pink) Mouth (the sign for, a water-source) shaped space between

the Jaw of the Mouse and it Face. This tells us that the Sitting Figure is waiting at the water-source on the mountainside a spring site. In both the Assyrian and the Olmec compositions we have figures involved with water on the earth's surface.

Illustration 18: The Serpent, The Arising Stream

Illustration 19: The Breast, The Hill

In Illustration 14 we can see that the Eye (of the Sun Venus) is connected to the Nose (the dual orifices or holes) of the Serpent. The Rounded Nose of the Serpent is in the Form of the sign for a male-spirit (based on the Form of the human glans penis). The Nose of the Serpent is connected to its Crest which is in the Form for the sign for, arising. The Mouth of the Serpent indicates, a water-source. The above can be re-worded as, Venus, the male-spirit, from the water-source, the holes, he arises. Illustration 19 shows another Winged Figure and in this case his Helmet is in the (tan) Form of a Breast of the Earth-female (a hill). There are Three Severed Fingers in the Form used in the arising sign while the number Three indicates the many. Also the overall Form of the Three Fingers is the sign for, an unseen-pathway, positionally, on-the-side. The Nipple of the Breast (a source of moisture) is in the Form of a Sitting Bird (awaiting-flight). The Bird's Head was composed of a Water Drop (a part or particle of water). The Rectangular Body of the Bird is a horizontal place sign and the Wings are Severed Fingers pointing the direction, on-the-side. The hill, the unseen pathway of the many, arising, on the side. At the source of moisture, awaiting flight, the place of, the water particle, here on the sides, (of the earth). The Hand (a steward of the Sun or Sun-priest) of the Figure is holding (held in) a Large (relative size) Water Drop (a great, particle of water) that, positionally, within it are a multitude of Triangular

female-spirits signs. These same female-spirit signs can be seen around the Mouth (a water-source) of the Figure. To answer the question, what's in the bag, the container? The answer is the whole world (the upper-world, the middle world, and the underworld...

Illustration 20: Original for Comparative Purposes

Illustration 21: Peruvian Earth-female, Her Breasts (the moist hills)

Illustration 22: Moche Breast Form Helmet

Here are some similar signs from ancient Peruvian cultures. The ceramic figure of a female (the

Earth-female as a vessel or container) shows Breasts with multiple dots in white (color for spirits) that are Triangular female-spirit sign. The meaning of which is, the Hills of the earth, within them, the moisture, the multitude of female-spirits. The Vertical Lines on the Body indicate, a flowing. These Lines can also be seen on on the Body of the Assyrian Figure. The Moche warrior is seen in the Stance for arising. There are Triangular female-spirit and water signs in the position that indicates gender. The warrior ears a Helmet in the Form of a Breast and the signs state, taken upwards and downwards on the hillside.

Illustration 23: Moche Figure With Bag We can also find Moche Figures holding Bags but the Form of the containers is different. However the Bags do represent containers that relate to the underworld and the bringing of water up to the surface. And the Mouth as the sign for a water-source. One can also see the (blue green) Triangular female-spirit signs around the Figure. While various cultures may have depicted their compositions in different styles we can see that they used basically the same signs in their compositions. Even their cosmological themes are similar.

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