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1- O texto abaixo est em dinamarqus. Agora que voc est afiadssimo, responda sem stress!

CASINO AALBORG Velkommenntil Danmmarks mest venlige Kasino Ved Stranden, 14-16 Tlf.98101550. Glede dig til spende og morsomme timer i selkab med festlige mennesker i em international atmosfere. Aben alle ugens dage fra kl. 20.00 04.00. Entr DKK 50,00,-. Der er legitimationspligt i henhold til dansk lov. Ingen adgang for unge under 18 ar. Leia novamente o texto e tente encontrar respostas para estas perguntas: a. Qual o horrio de atendimento do cassino? b. Quanto custa o ingresso? c. Qual o telefone do cassino? d. Quem pode freqentar o cassino? e. Qual o endereo do cassino?

2- Veja abaixo um fragmento de texto, no qual algumas palavras foram omitidas, complete-o. Mesmo _________________________ no entendemos um texto em sua totalidade, _________________________capazes de _________________________ dele informaes teis nossa _________________________ geral. Podemos _________________________ 100% do nosso objetivo! Veja que voc... 3- (UFABC - 2007) Em The fact that a person should consume eight glasses of water per day, a relao de sentido expressa por should de: a)proibio b) probabilidade c) suposio d) capacidade e) aconselhamento

4- (PUC-RIO 2005) The only option in which the underlined expression transmits an idea of obligation/necessity is:

a) "An email distribution list on Star Trek may have close to one hundred members" b) " and the communication which takes place there could be either one-wayor merely informational" c) "Users must be invited to join the community by someone already there." d) "Similar to Friendster, Orkut goes a step further by permitting 'communities of users'" e) "InCircle was intended for use by former university students ."

5- Consider the sentence: Pamela should drive more carefully. Which sentence below is an equivalent to the sentence above? a) Pamela must drive more carefully. b) Pamela has to drive more carefully. c) Pamela might drive more carefully. d) Pamela ought to drive more carefully. e) Pamela is supposed to drive more carefully. 6- Choose the alternative that shows a wrong use of the Modal Verb: a) Joseph shall arrive from Dallas tonight. b) May I use your laptop, please? c) Blake must study really hard if he wants to pass the test. d) Bob will be able to travel abroad as soon as his passport is ready. e) Jennifer cant read any language other than English.

7- Aponte a alternativa ERRADA quanto ao uso dos Modal Verbs: a) Should usado para expressar recomendao ou conselho. b) Mustnt usado para expressar a no-obrigao de se fazer algo. c) Can usado para expressar habilidade ou capacidade. d) May usado para expressar possibilidade ou permisso.

e) Must usado para expressar ordem, necessidade ou obrigao.

8- Choose the alternative where the Modal Verb is used INCORRECTLY. a) The students must prepare their term papers as soon as possible. b) We shall see the results if we work hard on it. c) Serena should quit smoking because her health is being affected. d) You mustnt break the anti-smoking law. e) Philip will can lift 100 kilos by next year.

9- You___________ all that money, now we have nothing left. a) should spend b) mustnt spend c) can not spend d) shouldnt have spent e) oughtnt have spend