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Vocabulary Checker
for Beginner
Clive Oxenden
Christina Latham-Koenig
This Vocabulary Checker:
M includes key vocabulary from
New English File Beginner.
M provides learners with an opportunity
to self-test le-by-le.
M allows students to translate vocabulary,
creating a record of work.
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 1 20/11/08 14:42:08
Vocabulary File 1 3
r Numbers A & B (Numbers 020)
r Countries and nationalities
r Things A: Things in the classroom
r More words to learn
Vocabulary File 2 5
r Things B: Small things
r People and family
r Adjectives
r Numbers C (Numbers 21100)
r More words to learn
Vocabulary File 3 7
r Common verbs 1
r Food and drink
r Jobs and places of work
r The time and ordinal numbers A (What time is it?)
r More words to learn
r More words in File 3
Vocabulary File 4 9
r A typical day
r Common verbs 2
r More words to learn
Vocabulary File 5 11
r Common verbs 3A
r The time and ordinal numbers B (Ordinal numbers)
r More words to learn
r More words in File 5
Vocabulary File 6 13
r Hotels
r Places
r Common verbs 3B
r More words to learn
Vocabulary File 7 15
r More words to learn
r More words in File 7
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 2 20/11/08 14:42:08
Numbers A & B
(Numbers 0-20)
zero /zieieo/
one /w\n/
two /lu:/
three /0ii:/
four /l5:/
five /laiv/
six /sils/
seven /sevn/
eight /eil/
nine /nain/
ten /len/
eleven /ilevn/
twelve /lwelv/
thirteen /0a:li:n/
fourteen /l5:li:n/
fifteen /lilli:n/
sixteen /silsli:n
seventeen /sevnli:n/
eighteen /eili:n/
nineteen /nainli:n/
twenty /lwenli/
Countries and
Brazil /Liezil/
Brazilian /Liezilien/
China /l]aine/
Chinese /l]aini:z/
England /igqlend/
English /igqli]/
Hungary /l\gqeii/
Hungarian /l\gqeeiien/
Italy /ileli/
Italian /illien/
Japan /den/
Japanese /deni:z/
Mexico /melsileo/
Mexican /melsilen/
Poland /eolend/
Polish /eoli]/
Russia /i\]e/
Russian /i\]n/
Spain /sein/
Spanish /sni]/
Turkey /la:li/
Turkish /la:li]/
the US (or the United States) /e ju: es/
American /emeiilen/
the UK /e ju: lei/
British /Liili]/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 3 20/11/08 14:42:08
Things A: Things in
the classroom
board /L5:d/
book /Lol/
chair /l]ee/
coat /leol/
dictionary /dil]enii/
door /d5:/
laptop /lln/
piece of paper /i:s ev eie/
table /leiLl/
window /windeo/
More words to learn
hello /leleo/
hi /lai/
Whats your surname? /wnls j5: sa:neim/
How do you spell it? /lao dje sel il/
Sorry? /snii/
OK. /eolei/
thank you /0gl ju:/
please /li:z/
excuse me /ilslju:z mi:/
yes /jes/
no /neo/
Sorry! /snii/
Nice to meet you. /nais le mi:l ju/
Am I late? /m ai leil/
Where are you from? /weei e ju linm/
Im from Russia. /aim liem/
Where in Russia? /weei in/
Im from Moscow. /aim liem/
Where is it? /weei iz il/
Is it a good film? /iz il e qod lilm/
Yes, its fantastic. /jes ils lnlslil/
hurry up /l\ii \/
breakfast /Liellesl/
Were on holiday too. /wiei nn lnledei lu:/
goodbye / bye /qodLai/
Have a nice day! /lv e nais dei/
good morning /qod m5:nig/
good afternoon /qod o:llenu:n/
good evening /qod i:vnig/
I have a reservation. /ai lv e iezevei]n/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 4 20/11/08 14:42:08
Things B:
Small things
bag /Lq/
credit card /liedil lo:d/
glasses /qlo:siz/
identity card (ID card) /aidenleli lo:d/
key /li:/
mobile (phone) /meoLail/
pen /en/
photo /leoleo/
umbrella /\mLiele/
watch /wnl]/
People and family
boy /L5i/
boyfriend /L5iliend/
brother /Li\e/
child /l]aild/
children /l]ildien/
daughter /d5:le/
father /la:e/
friends /liendz/
girl /qa:l/
girlfriend /qa:lliend/
husband /l\zLend/
man /mn/
men /men/
mother /m\e/
person /a:sn/
people /i:l/
sister /sisle/
son /s\n/
wife /wail/
woman /women/
women /wimin/
bad /Ld/
beautiful /Lju:lill/
big /Liq/
black /Lll/
blue /Llu:/
brown /Liaon/
cheap /l]i:/
expensive /ilsensiv/
fantastic /lnlslil/
fast /la:sl/
good /qod/
good-looking /qodlolig/
green /qii:n/
long /lng/
new /nju:/
old /eold/
orange /niind/
red /ied/
short (for things) /]5:l/
short (for people) /]5:l/
slow /sleo/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 5 20/11/08 14:42:09
small /sm5:l/
tall /l5:l/
terrible /leieLl/
white /wail/
yellow /jeleo/
Numbers C
(Numbers 21100)
twenty-one /lwenli w\n/
twenty-two /lwenli lu:/
thirty /0a:li/
thirty-three /0a:li 0ii:/
forty /l5:li/
forty-four /l5:li l5:/
fifty /lilli/
fifty-five /lilli laiv/
sixty /silsli/
sixty-six /silsli sils/
seventy /sevnli/
seventy-seven /sevnli sevn/
eighty /eili/
eighty-eight /eili eil/
ninety /nainli/
ninety-nine /nainli nain/
a hundred /e l\ndied/
More words to learn
What is it? /wnl iz il/
What are they? /wnl o: ei/
Whats in your bag? /wnls in je Lq/
I have two credit cards. /ai lv/
Thats my bag. /ls/
here /lie/
there /ee/
over there /eove ee/
Whos this? /lu:z is/
I cant remember. /ai lo:nl iimemLe/
thanks /0gls/
German /da:men/
French /lienl]/
Wow! /wao/
Look at that car! /lol el/
also /5:lseo/
important /im5:lnl/
popular /njele/
easy /i:zi/
safe /seil/
with /wi/
Whats your favourite car? /wnls je leiviel/
How are you? /lao e ju:/
Fine, thanks. /lain 0nls/
And you? /nd ju:/
Im OK, thanks. /aim eolei 0nls/
This is Helen. /is iz/
See you soon. /si: je su:n/
Were in a hurry. /wiei in e l\ii/
Whats your phone number? /wnls je leon n\mLe/
Whats your (email) address? /wnls jei (i:meiel) edies/
How old are you? /lao nld e ju:/
Im 18. /aim/
Are you married? /o: je/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 6 20/11/08 14:42:09
Common verbs 1
drink coffee /diigl lnli/
eat fast food /i:l la:sl lu:d/
have children /lv l]ildien/
like dogs /lail dnqz/
listen to the radio /lisn le e ieidieo/
live in a flat /liv in e lll/
read magazines /ii:d mqezi:nz/
speak English /si:l igqli]/
study Spanish /sl\di sni]/
want a new car /wnnl e nju: lo:/
watch TV /wnl] li:vi:/
work in a bank /wa:l in e Lgl/
Food and drink
beer /Lie/
bread /Lied/
breakfast /Liellesl/
butter /L\le/
cereal /sieiiel/
cheese /l]i:z/
chocolate /l]nllel/
coffee /lnli/
dinner /dine/
eggs /eqz/
fish /li]/
fruit /liu:l/
lunch /l\nl]/
meat /mi:l/
milk /mill/
orange juice /niind du:s/
pasta /sle/
potatoes /eleileoz/
rice /iais/
salad /sled/
sandwich /snwid/
sugar /]oqe/
tea /li:/
vegetables /vedleLlz/
water /w5:le/
wine /wain/
Jobs and places
of work
administrator /edminislieile/
doctor /dnlle/
factory worker /lllii wa:le/
lawyer /l5:je/
nurse /na:s/
policeman / policewoman /eli:smen / eli:swomen/
shop assistant /]n esislenl/
student /slju:dnl/
teacher /li:l]e/
waiter / waitress /weile / weilies/
in the street /in e slii:l/
in a hospital /in e lnsill/
in a shop /in e ]n/
in a restaurant /in e ieslinnl/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 7 20/11/08 14:42:09
in an office /in en nlis/
in a school /in e slu:l/
in a factory /in e lllii/
at home /l leom/
The time and ordinal
numbers A (What
time is it?)
Its one oclock. /ils w\n e llnl/
Its five past one. /ils laiv o:sl w\n/
Its ten past one. /ils len o:sl w\n/
Its quarter past one. /ils l5:le o:sl w\n/
Its twenty past one. /ils lwenli o:sl w\n/
Its twenty-five past one. /ils lwenlilaiv o:sl w\n/
Its half past one. /ils lo:l o:sl w\n/
Its twenty-five to two. /ils lwenlilaiv le lu:/
Its twenty to two. /ils lwenli le lu:/
Its quarter to two. /ils l5:le le lu:/
Its ten to two. /ils len le lu:/
Its five to two. /ils laiv le lu:/
More words to learn
I dont know. /ai deonl neo/
Do you want a coffee? /dje wnnl/
Dont worry. /deonl w\ii/
wait /weil/
Are you OK? /o: ju eolei/
Whats the problem? /wnls e inLlem/
Really? /iieli/
I prefer our traditional breakfast. /ai iila:/
at the weekend /l e wi:lend/
at home / work /l leom / wa:l/
It depends. /il diendz/
a lot of /e lnl ev/
For breakfast I have /le Liellesl ai lv/
together /leqee/
What do you do? /wnl dje du:/
Im a doctor. /aim e/
Where do you work? /wee dje wa:l/
I work in a hospital. /ai wa:l/
I like it very much. /ai lail il veii m\l]/
He speaks English very well. /li si:ls ... veii wel/
only /eonli/
speak on the phone /si:l nn e leon/
all over the world /5:l eove e wa:ld/
What time is it? /wnl laim iz il/
Have a nice day. /lv e nais dei/
You too. /ju: lu:/
Thanks. /0nls/
Youre welcome. /j5: wellem/
What day is it today / tomorrow? /wnl dei iz il ledei / lem\ieo/
Why? /wai/
Because its my wifes birthday. /Lilez ils mai ... La:0dei/
See you on Monday. /si: ju nn/
More words in File 3
cold /leold/
documents /dnljumenls/
managers /mnidez/
meetings /mi:ligz/
multinational companies /m\llin]nel l\meniz/
sausage /snsid/
soup /su:/
strong /sling/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 8 20/11/08 14:42:10
A typical day
get up /qel \/
have breakfast /lv Liellesl/
have a shower /lv e ]aoe/
go to work (by bus, car, etc.) /qeo le wa:l/
go to university /qeo le ju:niva:seli/
have a coffee /lv e lnli/
have a sandwich /lv e snwid/
have lunch /lv l\nl]/
finish work /lini] wa:l/
go home /qeo leom/
go shopping /qeo ]nig/
go to the gym /qeo le e dim/
make dinner /meil dine/
have dinner /lv dine/
do housework /du: laoswa:l/
watch TV /wnl] li:vi:/
go to bed /qeo le Led/
Common verbs 2
do exercise /du: elsesaiz/
do sport /du: s5:l/
go to the cinema /qeo le e sineme/
go to the theatre /qeo le e 0iele/
go to the beach /qeo le e Li:l]/
play tennis /lei lenis/
play the piano /lei e ineo/
play computer games /lei lemju:le qeimz/
ski /sli:/
swim /swim/
walk /w5:l/
change money /l]eind m\ni/
come /l\m/
drive /diaiv/
hear /lie/
park /o:l/
pay by credit card /ei Lai liedil lo:d/
see /si:/
smoke /smeol/
take photos /leil leoleoz/
use the Internet /ju:z i: inlenel/
More words to learn
What time do you get up? /wnl laim dje/
At eight oclock. /el/
He gets up at about 9.30. /li qels \ el eLaol/
wear jeans /wee di:nz/
clean /lli:n/
in the morning / afternoon /
/in e m5:nig / o:llenu:n /
before / after lunch /Lil5: / o:lle l\nl]/
then /en/
go out /qeo aol/
a club /ll\L/
lock the doors /lnl e d5:z/
When Im in bed /wen aim in Led/
the north /e n5:0/
Its hot. /ils lnl/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 9 20/11/08 14:42:10
Its cold. /ils lnld/
the summer /e s\me/
the winter /e winle/
open /eoen/
closed /lleozd/
light /lail/
dark /do:l/
outside /aolsaid/
inside /insaid/
the same /e seim/
different /dilienl/
snow /sneo/
relax /iills/
Im (really) sorry. /aim (ii:eli) snii/
Thats OK. /ls eolei/
Whos that? /lu:z l/
Its me. /ils mi:/
Sir /sa:/
Madam /mdem/
Can I help you? /len ai lel ju/
Can I have an espresso, please? /len ai lv ... li:z/
Single or double? /sigql 5: d\Ll/
How much is that? /lao m\l] iz l/
Can I pay with Mastercard? /len ai ei wi/
Sure. /]oe/
A ticket to Oxford, please? /e lilil lu ... li:z/
Single or return? /sigql 5: iila:n/
Here you are. /lie ju o:/
a memory card /e memeii lo:d/
a phone card /e leon lo:d/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 10 20/11/08 14:42:10
Common verbs 3A
arrive at the airport /eiaiv el i: ee5:l/
break your leg /Lieil je leq/
buy a ticket /Lai e lilil/
come back from holiday /l\m Ll liem lnledei/
find a job /laind e dnL/
learn a language /la:n e lgqwid/
meet a friend /mi:l e liend/
rent a car /ienl e lo:/
say hello /sei leleo/
stay at a hotel /slei el e leolel/
The time and ordinal
numbers B (Ordinal
the first /e la:sl/
the second /e selnd/
the third /e 0a:d/
the fourth /e l5:0/
the fifth /e lil0/
the sixth /e sils0/
the seventh /e sevn0/
the eighth /i: eil0/
the ninth /e nain0/
the tenth /e len0/
the eleventh /i: ilevn0/
the twelfth /e lwell0/
the thirteenth /e 0a:li:n0/
the fourteenth /e l5:li:n0/
the fifteenth /e lilli:n0/
the sixteenth /e silsli:n0/
the seventeenth /e sevnli:n0/
the eighteenth /i: eili:n0/
the nineteenth /e nainli:n0/
the twentieth /e lwenliell/
the twenty-first /e lwenli la:sl/
the twenty-second /e lwenli selnd/
the twenty-third /e lwenli 0a:d/
the twenty-fourth /e lwenli l5:0/
the twenty-fifth /e lwenli lil0/
the twenty-sixth /e lwenli sils0/
the twenty-seventh /e lwenli sevn0/
the twenty-eighth /e lwenli eil0/
the twenty-ninth /e lwenli nain0/
the thirtieth /e 0a:lie0/
the thirty-first /e 0a:li la:sl/
More words to learn
yesterday /jesledei/
yesterday afternoon /jesledei o:llenu:n/
last night /lo:sl nail/
last Saturday /lo:sl sledei/
I was worried. /ai wez wniid
Did you have a good day? /did ju lv e qod dei/
It was OK. /il wez eolei/
as usual /z ju:uel/
nothing special /n\ig se]l/
traffic /lilil/
stressed /sliesl/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 11 20/11/08 14:42:11
a surprise /e seiaiz/
a present /e ieznl/
a trip to Paris /e lii le/
a football match /e ml]/
Brilliant! /Liilienl/
Of course. /ev l5:s/
make friends /meil liendz/
break your heart /Lieil je lo:l/
use your hands /ju:z je lndz/
the best in the world /e Lesl in e wa:ld/
speak Italian quite well /lwail wel/
I feel European. /ai li:l/
a year / three days / a week ago /eqeo/
Whats the date? /wnls e deil/
Its the fifth of May. /ils e ... ev .../
Whens your birthday? /wenz je La:0dei/
More words in File 5
nothing special /n\0ig se]l/
pick up /il \/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 12 20/11/08 14:42:11
bar /Lo:/
bath /Lo:0/
bathroom /Lo:0iu:m/
bed /Led/
car park /lo: o:l/
cupboard /l\Led/
floor /ll5:/
garden /qo:dn/
gift shop /qill ]n/
gym /dim/
lamp /lm/
lift /lill/
pillow /ileo/
reception /iise]en/
remote control /iimeol lenlieol/
restaurant /ieslinnl/
shower /]aoe/
spa /so:/
swimming pool /swimig u:l/
toilets /l5ilels/
towel /laoel/
airport /ee5:l/
bank /Lgl/
beach /Li:l]/
chemists /lemisls/
church /l]a:l]/
cinema /sineme/
city /sili/
hospital /lnsill/
museum /mjuziem/
park /o:l/
petrol station /eliel slei]n/
post office /eosl nlis/
river /iive/
road /ieod/
sea /si:/
shop /]n/
station /slei]n/
supermarket /su:emo:lil/
town /laon/
village /vilid/
Common verbs 3B
call a friend /l5:l e liend/
get a letter /qel e lele/
give a present /qiv e ieznl/
leave the cinema /li:v e sineme/
lose your keys /lu:z je li:z/
send an email /send en i:meil/
take an umbrella /leil en \mLiele/
tell somebody a story /lel s\mLedi e sl5:ii/
turn off the light /la:n nl e lail/
turn on the light /la:n nn e lail/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 13 20/11/08 14:42:11
More words to learn
Welcome to the island. /wellem le/
on the first floor /nn e la:sl ll5:/
upstairs /\sleez/
downstairs /daonsleez/
Enjoy your stay. /end5i j5: slei/
in the cupboard /in/
on the bed /nn/
under the chair /\nde/
Theres a beautiful view. /eez e Lju:lill vju:/
a boat /e Leol/
have an accident /lv en lsidenl/
build /Lild/
wear /wee/
kilometres (km) /lilnmile/
How was your weekend? /lao wez je/
A complete disaster! /e lemli:l dizo:sle/
typically English /liilli igqli]/
a bed and breakfast /e Led en Liellesl/
Can I (sit here)? /len ai sil lee/
full (opposite = empty) /lol/
next to (me) /nelsl le/
platform /lll5:m/
seat /si:l/
Time to go. /laim le qeo/
Thats interesting. /ls inlieslig/
a text (message) /e lelsl/
a show /e ]eo/
angry /gqii/
What do you think of ? /wnl dje 0igl ev/
I really like it. /ai ii:eli lail il/
Its fantastic / great. /ils lnlslil / qieil/
Its OK. /ils eolei/
I dont like it. /ai deonl lail il/
Its terrible / awful. /ils leieLl / 5:ll/
Whats the last film you saw? /wnls e lo:sl lilm je s5:/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 14 20/11/08 14:42:11
More words to learn
camping /lmig/
cycling /saillig/
flying /llaiig/
travelling /livelig/
paint a picture /einl e ill]e/
have a picnic /lv e ilnil/
it depends (on the day) /il diendz/
for example /le iqzo:ml/
go for a walk /qeo lei e w5:l/
in the middle of /in e midl ev/
a free afternoon /e lii: o:llenu:n/
How far is that? /lao lo:i iz l/
until April /enlil/
tomorrow night /lemnieo nail/
next month /nelsl m\n0/
next year /nelsl jie/
Thats a long time. /ls e lng laim/
Its going to be sunny / hot / cold. /ils qeoig le Li s\ni /
lnl / lnld/
Its going to rain / snow. /ils qeoig le iein /
Excuse me. Wheres the bank? /ilslju:z mi. weez e/
Can you help me? /ln je lel mi/
Is there a petrol station near here? /iz eei e ... nee lee/
Yes, theres one on the corner. /jes, eez w\n nn e
Its between the bank and the
post office.
/ils Lelwi:n e ... nd
e .../
Its opposite the chemists. /ils nesil e/
Its next to the bookshop. /ils nelsl le e/
Go straight on. /qeo slieil nn/
Turn right / left. /la:n iail / lell/
Its on the right / left. /ils nn e iail / lell/
More words in File 7
do a crossword /du: e linswa:d/
go to an exhibition /qeo le en elsiLi]n/
go window-shopping /qeo windeo ]nig/
have a long bubble bath /lv e lng L\Ll Lo:0/
make a big pot of coffee /meil e Liq nl \v
paint /einl/
work in the garden /wa:l in e qo:dn/
NEF Beginner Vocab Checker 4594707.indd 15 20/11/08 14:42:12


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reprogruphIcs rIghts orgunIzutIon. LnquIrIes concernIng reproductIon
outsIde the scope oI the ubove shouId be sent to the LIT RIghts Depurtment,
OxIord UnIversIty Press, ut the uddress ubove
You must not cIrcuIute thIs book In uny other bIndIng or cover
und you must Impose thIs sume condItIon on uny ucquIrer
Any websItes reIerred to In thIs pubIIcutIon ure In the pubIIc domuIn und
theIr uddresses ure provIded by OxIord UnIversIty Press Ior InIormutIon onIy.
OxIord UnIversIty Press dIscIuIms uny responsIbIIIty Ior the content
IssD: ,S o 1 ,o ,
PrInted In ChInu
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