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Styg Ukrainian пЩ Return

• ... . — A


BOUND BROOK, N.J. — A livened a sermon, recalling Bohdan Dackiwsky (Free Ko- Special).—On Saturday, May to the UN. PHILADELPHIA, Pa. —
throng of more than 5,00( the tragic events of 1932-33 zaks), Wolodymyr Hladych 5, 1973 the UCCA Executive After a lengthy discussion, Archbishop-Major Josyf Car­
persons, led by Archbishoj .hat are tantamount to a gen­ (First Division), and George Committee held its regular a special committee was dinal Slipyj, 81-year-old head
Mstyslav, Metropolitan of th*. ocide, deliberately perpetrated Ferencevych (Plast), to the plenary meeting at the U- elected to coordinate the pro­ of the Ukrainian Catholic
Ukrainian Orthodox Churcl jy the Kremlin in Ukraine. tunes of trumpeter O. Holo- krainian Institute of America gram, which includes: J. Le- Church, will step down on
of the USA, commemorates The horror of the artificial wacky. The throng then con­ here, with. 24 members in at­ sawyer, I. Bazarko. Dr. W. American soil today in Phil­
the victims of the man-mad» "amine wsa also the theme cluded the ceremonies with tendance. In the absence of Dushnyck, Mrs. U. Diachuk, adelphia for the second time
famine in Ukraine 40 yean of an address by Gregory the Ukrainian national an­ UCCA President Dr. Lev E L. Futala, Mrs. C. Kulchyckyj since his release from Com­
ago in solemn ceremonies a' Kosthik, president of the U- them. Dobriansky, the meeting was and B. Fedorak. It was also munist incarceration ten
8&. Andrew's Church-Memo krainian Writers Association The Metropolitan and the conducted by Joseph Lcsaw- decided to write to those years ago.
rial here Sunday, May 6, я "Slovo." Appearing with brief clergy then blessed a sym­ yer, Executive Vice-President youth organizations which Thousands of Ukrainians
spawning complex that is the statements were also: Vera bolic mound in the vicinity with Secretary Ignatius M. have not as yet announced are expected to be on hand
seat of the Church's Consis­ Drach, Ukrainian Orthodox of the Church, dedicated to Billinsky taking the minutes. their participation in the at Philadelphia's airport late
tory and dedicated to the Sisterhood; Victor Filimon- the victims of the famine. manifestation, and to hold a this afternoon to greet th'
millions of Ukrainians whe Executive Director Ivan
chuk, ODUM; Ivan Vitluk, The hierarchs also offered Bazarko reported on the press conference on Thurs­ Cardinal who will be embark­
died in the Moscow perpet- SUMA; Luba Mostova, Plast; Requiem services at the day, May 24, in Washington, ing on an extensive tour o'.
trated famine. forthcoming viait to the
and Lida Sawon. UOL. gravesides of the late Met­ United States of Archbishop to inform the American press Ukrainian communities ir
The throng filled the area The mournful presentation ropolitan John and the late Major Josyf Cardinal 'Slipyj, on the purpose and signifi­ this ccountry in what is his
surrounding the Church-Me­ of colors was conducted by Archbishop Volodymyr. and UCCA plans to welcom cance of the ma.*iifcsttation 3econd visitation here in le&
morial for a Pontifical Divine him. Mr. Bazarko read r than five years.
Liturgy celebrated by Metro­ USCF Circular»
politan Mstyslav, Archbishop -Italyehyna" Division Vete press statement on welcom­
ing the outstanding Ukrain­
Cardinal Josyf, who r:
sides in Rome, attended thr
Mark and Bishop Constan- Bally at Soyazlvka In connection with the pub­
ian churchman. He also said lication of a circular, "A New 40th International Eucharis
tine, assisted by numerous KERHONKSON, N.Y. — in this country, whose presi- that a special letter was sect tic Congress in Melbourne
clergy of the Ukrainian Or­ Intrigue to Stop the Activity
Some 400 persons, mostly dent. Dr. Roman Drazniow- to th > Cardinal inviting him of the U<trainian Studies Australia, in February ol
thodox Church, with repre-' veterans of the Division to take part in the MournfhJ this year and, after visita­
sentativea of Ukrainian vet­ sky.opened the evening's ju­ Chair Fund," sent to all con­
"Halychyna" and their fami­ bilee banquet. Serving as Manifestation on May 26, ir. tributors to the Fund by its tions in that country, he ar
erans and youth organiza­ lies, took part in a rally here Washington, D.C. The Execu rived in Canada on Apri
tions, in their respective uni­ master of ceremonies was organizing chairman, in which
Saturday, May 5, staged in Yaroslaw Balaban. tive Committee is making ef­ ill-intentioned acts were im­ 13th. He has already visiter
forms and with their banners, conjunction with the 30th an­ forts to have a special audi major centers of Ukrainiar
forming the honorary guard. Among scores of represen­ puted to a number of Ukrain­
niversary of this Ukrainian ence with the Cardinal. ian community leaders, twe life in Canada and is arriv
Members of Plast, SUMA, military unit formed during tatives of national organiza­ ing in Philadelphia after t
tions was UCCA Executive members of the UCCA Ex­
ODUM, the Ukrainian Ortho­ World War П. Manifestation in D.C. ecutive Board, Ivan Bazarkc week-long stay in Toronto.
dox League, as well as vet­ Vice-President Joseph Lesaw-
Gen. Pavlo Shan dm k and yer, and representing the Mr. Bazarko also reported and Ignatius M. Billinsky, The plane carrying the
erans' of the Ukrainian In­ Prof. Volodymyr Kubijovych, submitted their resignations. Cardinal is expected to lane'
surgent Army, Division "Ha- UNA was its Vice-President on the extensive preparations Archbishop-Major Josyf Cardinal Slipyj
two of the architects of the Prof. John Teluk, himself a for the Mournful Manifesta­ The text of the said circular in Philadelphia today &'
lychyna." members of church Division, took part in the was read at the meeting. The 4:46 pjn. A press confer TUESDAY. MAY 15: 8:30 9:00 a-m. Liturgy at St.
and civic organizations turned former member of the Divi­ tion on the Occasion of the
rally and addressed the gath­ 40th anniversary of the man- circular also contained some ence is scheduled immediately ajn. Liturgy at St. John's in Jospahat's Church in Parma
out en masse for this day of sion. Newark, followed by meeting (5720 State Road). From 1.00
ering attended also by pro­ made famine in Ukraine, insulting aspersions against following his arrival at the
mourning. minent Ukrainian community Appearing in the entertain­ three outstanding scholars of Overseas Terminal. He wiT with children and faithful. to 3:00 p.m., official welcome
which will take place on
Following the Divine Lit- leaders and representatives of ment part of the program Saturday. May 26, at the the Ukrainian community. then travel to the Immacu 4:00 p.m. — departure for of the Cardinal at Cleveland's
r, the hierarchs and cler- national organizations. was the "Veselka" Folk Danc­ Shevchenko Memorial in After a long discussion, in late Conception Cathedral foi Cleveland. Arrival in Cleve­ Public Square, followed by a
offered a Requiem service Gen. Shandruk and Prof. ing Ensemble of New Haven, Washington. which almost every executive a 7:00 p.m. Moleben, followec land scheduled for 5:15 p.m. press conference. Banquet at
memory of the famine's Kubijovych, in their remarks, Conn., under the direction of member took part, a resolu­ by a meeting with youth. and a Moleben at St. An­ the Convention Center. 1220
;tims. The manifestation to being drew's Church in Parma at East 6th Street near Public
recalled the initial steps in Roman Strotzkyj, a bandurist sponsored by the, UCCA ex­ tion was unanimously adopt­ On Sunday. May 13, Car­
Metropolitan Mstyslav de- forming the Division, which capella of the-4 Brotherhood's ecutive Committee and th*" ed, condemning the methods dinal Josyf will take part ir ,7:30 p.m. Square beginning at 7 рлп.
subsequently was renamed, Newark Post, under the dt- of the organising chairman the annual- Mother"s Day Pil­ WEDNESDAY, MAY 16: ff'otitiimed on |i. S)
UCCA Branch in Washington.
the First Division of the' U- recttofTof W". iPurkewych and with the cooperation of all pf the Ukrainian Studies grimage at Fox Chase. Pa.,
Dr. Jordan Wins 1 krainian National Army un­ O. Holowacky, a dramatic central and national organi­ Chair Fund and expressing where he will officiate at a Alberta University Expands
montage adapted by Bohdan
Full Term As der the command of Gen.
Shandruk. The guest speakers Boychuk from Oleksa Stefa-
zations. The program has full confidence in the integ­
rity of the two executive of­
Pontifical Divine Liturgy at
10:30 a.m. Program of Ukrainian Studies
been arranged, including invi­
J. C. Mayor also spoke of the unit's role nowych's work, with recita­ tations to outstanding speak­ ficers of the UCCA. At 5:00 p.m. he will be in EDMONTON. Alta. — For Department will also be in­
in preserving the continuity tions by Ihor Chuma and ers, prayers by the Ukrain­ Upon unanimous request of Melrose Park for a corner­ several years now, the De­ troducing a new program
of the Ukrainian military in Nestor Holynsky. ian hierarchs, participation of the Executive Board, Messrs. stone blessing ceremony of the partment of Slavic Languages leading to a Master of Arts
the nation's struggle for free­ The banquet was followed representatives of American Bazarko and Billinsky with­ Ukrainian Catholic Church at the University of Alberta in Ukrainian.
dom. by a ball, with music pro­ and ethnic organizations, as drew their resignations. At there. A festive banquet in has been gradually expand­ Both new programs will in­
The Division's veterans are vided by Oleh Strotzkyj and well as the artistic program the same time, the Executive the Cardinal's honor will be ing its program of studies corporate the most important
organized in a Brotherhood his band. featuring the Ukrainian Cho­ Committee decided to forward held in Philadelphia's Shera­ with the addition of new aspects of Ukrainian philol­
rus "Prometheus" of Phila­ the matter to the UCCA ton Hotel Sunday at 7 рлп. courses, among them numer­ ogy and are designed to pro­
delphia, a dramatization of Board of Appeals. The Cardinal's itinerary in ous course in Ukrainian lan­ vide excellent training for fu­
Congressman Daniels Protests the poem "Death," and so Subsequently, Ivan Wow- the Philadelphia Archeparchy guage and literature. ture teachers of Ukrainian,
forth. chuk read a statement on be­ has been announced as fol­ As part of this process of for students wishing to spe­
Jailing of Chornovil , After the program a pro­ half of the Organization for lows: expansion, in September 1972 cialize in Ukrainian in or­
J E R S E Y CITY, N.J. — combating Ukrainian nation­ test march is planned to the the Defense of Four Free­ MONDAY, MAY 14: 9:00 the Department introdu?ed t der to pursue an academic
Dominick V. Daniels, Con­ al feelings has been resumed Soviet Embassy. The UCCA doms for Ukraine on the a.m. Liturgy at Christ the markedly large number of career, and for all individuals
gressman from the 14th dis­ . . . I must protest with all is also preparing posters, (Continued on p. 2) King Church in Nicetown. At new courses in Ukrainian, interested in certain features
trict of New Jersey has criti­ the vigor at my command at 1:00 p.m, private luncheon and starting in September of Ukrainian language and
cized the Soviet Union regard­ this retreat to th» worst kind with the clergy of the Arche­ 1973. an Honors Bachelor of literature.
ing Ukrainian nationalists. of Stalinist tactics reminis­ Boll, Schleeinger Sign Plea parchy, followed by depar­
ture for Newark, N.J., where
Arts program with concen­
tration in Ukrainian language
In the 1973-74 academic
year, the Department of Sla­
In a speech last Wednesday cent of the darkest days of
Mayor Paul T. Jordan on the House floor, Daniels the Cold War." for Political Prisoners
rights in Greece; Jiri Pelikan,
the Cardinal will celebrate a
Moleben at 7:00 pjn. at St.
and literature will be offered
for the first time. In addi­
vic Languages at the Univer­
sity of Alberta will be offer­
spoke out against the jail­ WOODHAVEN, N.Y. (RK)
The Hudson County law­ — Heinricch Boll, the 1972 former member of the Cen­ John's Ukrainian Catholic tion, during the coming aca­ ing a three- and four-year
ing of Ukrainian Vyachaslev maker played a leading role
JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Dr. Chornavil, a television news­ Nobel Prize winner in litera­ tral Committee of the Czech Church. demic year of 1973-74, the (Continued on p. 2)
Paul T. Jordan, the 32-year in the Congressional effort to ture, signed a petition being Communist Party, director of
man, for "anti-Soviet agita­ deny trade concessions to the
old physician who was electee tion and propaganda." circulated by the New York Prague television during the
Mayor of Jersey City in a Soviet Union so long as that based Committee for the De­ Dubcek period; Anton Liehm,
special election in 1971 tc Chornovil was recently sen­ government maintained a DR. YARYMOVYCH CITED BY U.S. AIR FORCE
tenced to 12 years in prison fense of Soviet Political Pri­ former editor of the journal
fill tbA unexpired term of costly exit visa for Soviet soners, calling upon members of the Czech Union of Writ­
Thomas J. Whelan, won a for writing a book about po­ Jews seeking to emigrate to PARIS, France.—On Thurs­
litical trials in Ukraine and of the Communist Party of ers during the Dubcek period;
full three-year term in a reg Israel. Ivan Svitak. former profes­ day. March 15, Dr. Michael I
iiscussing Soviet efforts to the Soviet Union to protest Yarymovych, who served as
ular election Tuesday .May 8 mrb Ukrainian nationalist He pledged to fight with imprisonment of dissidents in sor of philosophy at Charles
Dr. Jordan defeated hit University in Prague during Director of the Advisory
groups. equal force for Ukrainians Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Group for Aeospacce Re­
challenger Thomas (Buddy' and other ethnic groups in Czecho-Slovakia and for free­ Dubcek government; Julius
Gangemi Jr. by an almost Ukrainians are the second Jacobson, editor of New Poli­ search and Development for
largest ethnic group in the the Soviet Union. ing Jewish activists who de­ three уеагв, received the
3 to 2 margin. With 172 о sire to leave the USSR tics journal; David McRey-
Soviet Union, said the Jersey UNA President Joseph Le- nolds, president of the War United States Air Force Ex­
173 districts reporting las sawyer wired the Congress­
Journal in reporting the news, Resistors League in the Uni­ ceptional Civilian Service
Wednesday, the tally stodc and for 50 years Soviet lead- man in Washington, stating Clark, Baez
At 47,007 for Dr. Jordan ant' ted States; Alexander Yese- Award.
згв have attempted to put that "all Ukrainians in Hud­ nin Volpin. former member of This award was presented
31,404 for Gangemi. The in­ lown nationalistic efforts in son County and throughout Ramsey Clark, former Uni­
cumbent Mayor claimed vie ted States Attorney General the Initiative Group for Hu­ to him at the United States
Ukraine, which has long the world vigorously applaud man Rights in the USSR. Embassy by the Hon. Grant
tory fifty minutes after the been influenced by western your stirring defense of hu­ and activist, and Joan Baez,
pails closed (J6:00 p.m.). prominent folk singer and The petition drive was L. Hansen, Assistant Secre­
thought man rights and fully support tary for Research and Devel­
Supporting' the candidacy your efforts to deny trade civil rights activist, also started by the Committee
Daniels said that the un­ signed the petition. opment, in the name of the
of Mayor Jordan was the U- usually stiff sentence given concessions to the USSR un­ last vear and will be con­
krainian American Democra­ Thus far the petition has tinued until June 1973. At Secretary of the U.S. Air
to Chornovil indicated to him til it complies with the Un> Force.
tic Club/ of Jersey City "that the Russian campaign versal Declaration of Human been signed by such well that time, the Committee
headed qy Michael Warchol. Rights." known figures as: Rev. Philip plans to publish the text of The citation for this award
of terror as a means of reads:
In nearby Hoboken, N.J.. Berrigan, U.S. anti-war acti­ the petition and the names
Steve J» Capiello, a 49-year- vist; Prof. Noam Chomsky of all signatures in the
old police sergeant on a Invite Cardinal To Take Part of МГГ, anti-war activist and American press- as a paid "Dr. Michael I. Yarymov­
ych has served with excep­
leave of absence, defeated by linguist; Prof. Erich Fromm, advertisement. Dr. and Mrs. Michael I. Yarymovych (center), after the pre­
84 votes the incumbent May­ In D.C. Manifestation world famous pyschiatrist; The text of the petition tional distinction as the Di­ sentation of citation to the Ukrainian scientist, are shown
or LouiB DePaacale. NEW YORK, N.Y. — The activities scheduled in vari­ Nat Hentoff, journalist for reads in part: "The persecu­ rector of the Advisory Group above with, left to right, Prof. Neil Armstrong, former as­
In Passaic, incumbent May­ Executive Committee of the ous centers of Ukrainian life the Village Voice; Paul tion of men and women for for Aerospace Research and tronaut and first man to land on the moon; Assistant Secre­
or Gerald Goldman and Wal­ Ukrainian Congress Commit­ in conjunction with the Car­ O'Dwyer. former New York their political views, be it in Development from 5 July tary of U.S. Air Force Grant Hansen, and Dr. Alexander H.
ter ' Tencsa will meet in a tee of America, has extended dinal's arrival. City councilman and activist the USSR, Czecho-Slovakia. .1970 through 15 February Flax, President of the Institute for Defense Anayaee,
runoff mayoral election June an invitation to Archbishop- The Manifestation in Wash­ for Irish rights; Gunnar Myr-» Brazil, Greece. Sppin jr Viet­ 1973. In this critically im­
12th after they finished with Major Josyf Cardinal Slipyj ington is staged in conjunc­ dal Swedish sociologist; Ro­ nam, is a brutal and de-hu­ portant international post, cantly enhanced the scientific This is the second time that
the two highest vote totals to take part in the Mournful tion with the observances of bert Jay Lifton, professor of manizing phenomenon that Dr. Yarymovych has consist­ capabilities of our NATO al this medal is awarded to Dr.
of the four candidates vying Manifestation in Washington, the 40th anniversary of the psychiatry at Yale Univer­ must be vigorously opposed ently displayed the highest lies and the United States Yarymovych. He received the
for the office. D.C, Saturday, May 26. at the man-made famine, perpet­ sity, author and activist; Ar­ through solidarity in protest order of professional and Air Force. In recognition of previous award in February
In Camden. N. J., 44-year- rated in Ukraine by the Com­ thur Schleeinger Jr., historian . . . It is for this reason that technical competence in man­ his distinctive achievements 1970.
Shevchenko Memorial site.
old Angelo Enrichetti, the The UCCA Executive Com­ munist regime, which cost and former advisor to Presi­ we, the undersigned, call upon aging the widely diverse acti­ and outstanding service he is The presentation was made
City's Democratic chairman, Ukrainians between 7 and dent Kennedy; Harvey Cox, you, members of the Com­ vities of a major NATO or­ hereby awarded the United on the occasion of the
mittee has issued a statement AGARD national delegates
who had the backing of the welcoming the primate of the 10 million lives. Expected to professor at Harvard Univer­ munist Party of the Soviet ganization. His singular con­ States Air Force's highest de­
attend the event are several sity; Margaret .Papandreou Union, who are not blind to tribution to .the quality, com­ coration for public service, board meeting, at which time
GOP machine, was elected Ukrainian Catholic Church in a new Director of AGARD
Mayor, amassing a 5-1 mar­ this country and urged all outstanding American politi­ wife of the former Greek the crimes being perpetuated petence, and excellence of the Exceptional Civilian Serv­
cal leaders. minister and activist for civil (Continued on p. 2) AGARD efforts has signifl- ice Award." \ (Continued on p. S)
gin over bis nearest rival. Ukrainians to partake In all


"YOUR SUPPORT IS OUR MANDATE" UCCA Meets . . . Newsman's ColumnT on Famine

.._, -ПІ'" 3 — « f •UJIIIIKI'M
(Below is the official statement of Harvard University President Derek C. Bok in an­ (Continued from p. 1) filed in l .$. Congress
— — -^^e*- nouncing the establishment of three chairs of Ukrainian studies at Harvard on Monday, state of the Ukrainian stu­ WASHINGTON, D.C. — "I< nism could not surviy* unless
FOUNDED 1898 April 30, 1973). dies at Harvard, analyzing was forty years ago that Sta that was done. t
• Jlaralnlan newspaper published daily except Sundays, Mondays critically the writings and ac­ lin sent his hirelings into U The peasants resisted. They
' ft holidays (Saturday ft Monday Issue combined) by the Ukruin- We are meeting today to at Harvard will have been K?enan of Harvard Univer­ tivities of some leading mem­
V ian National Assn. Inc. at 81-83 Grand SU, Jersey City, NJ. 07303 celebrate the Program of U- assured. sity, I am pleased to see kraine to perpetuate one о fought the commissars who
bers of the Ukrainian Stu­ the greatest massacres in his came to take over their land.
among them Professor Alex­
Subscription Rates for the UKRAINIAN WEEKLY $6.00 per year krainian Studies and, specifi­ ander - Ohloblyn, formely of
dies program at Harvard. tory. Over seven million U The Ukrainians, a t'W'gh and
$2.50 per year cally, the creation of three
People Involved
\ О ~N-A. Members
Kiev University, and Profes­ After a long discus3ion, krainian peasants and hun rugged people, fought relent­
professorships in the litera­ dreds of thousands of otht
The most important part of sor Josef Gierowski, of the the Executive Board, guided lessly and bravely. -
*" IHB UKRAINIAN WEEKLY Editor: ZENON SNYLYK ture, language and history of by the decision of the UCCA non-Russians died in a man.
Ukraine. The achievement any program, however, are Jagiellonian University at In 1932 Stalin sent in
'.! P.O. Box 846, Jersey City, N.J. 07308 Board of Directors of Febru­ made famine." troops in what has been
that we are commemorating the people involved. Under Cracow.
EDITORIALS is unprecedented and unique. the guidance of Professor I would also like to extend ary 10, 1973, unanimously de­ This is the lead of an arti called a "year of horror."
Universities are accustomed Priteak, future teachers and a special greeting to all those cided to hold a special con­ cle penned by Copley New The bulletin of.^the- Anti-
For Mom — A Bay oi Tribute to receiving the generosity of research workers have been present today. .We агг happy ference on the Ukrainian
chairs at Harvard.
international corresponden
Dimitru Danielopol on th
Bolshevik bloc of nations re­
calls the story: J
The custom of honoring ш е "greatest woman in our 3ingle donors and large foun­ working towards their doc­ to see you at this session and
toral degrees. It is particu­ we hope that during your Taking part in the confer­ 40th anniversary of the arti "Russia sent in troops to
lives" dates back to pre-Christian days, when in Asia dations, but we have never ence should be representa­ ficial famine in Ukraine. take away the harvest, the
larly fitting, therefore, that stay at Harvard, you will be
; Minor special ceremonies were staged in honor of Rhea, been offered a fund to which today we • will conduct the able to visit the Ukrainian tives of the UCCA. the Shev­ The article was cited b; bread . . . hundreds of thous­
over 8,000 people have con­
t h e Great Mother of the Gods. tributed. We are particularly defense of the first disserta­ exhibit at Widener Library chenko Scientific Society, U-" Congressman Edward J. Der ands of Russian troops plun­
In Rome, 250 years before Christ, the worship of touched that much of the in­ tion produced under the au­ and take part in the after­ krainian Academy of Arts winski of Illinois in the Hous. dered Ukrainian villages, con­
spices of the Ukrainian pro­ noon tour of the University and Sciences, the Association of Represntatives Thursday fiscating grain and killing
Rhea became the festival of Hilaria which was cele­ itiative and work involved of Ukrainian American Uni­ May 3. Congressman Derwin people."
gram. which includes a visit to the
brated on the Ides of March — the 15th day of t h a t was contributed by students It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian Institute. Do feel versity Professors, the U- зкі introduced the article ii They burned the crops ra­
of Ukrainian descent. I also
month. Offerings were made in temples and the whole know how much the news­ members of the panel at this that you are our special and krainian Historical Associa the Congressional Record ther than leave anjjr food for
event signified the dignity of motherhood. Of course, papers of the Ukrainian com­ defense reflect the interna­ welcome guests and we hope tion, student and youth or prefacing it with his owi ihe farmers.
tional nature of scholarship. you will enjoy your stay with ganizations, and the Ukrain­ statement that "at a Urn. Dantean scenes -followed.
t h e advent of Christianity strengthened t h e idea ol munity have helped. Finally, when there is growing inter Mothers died with their starv-
special mention and thanks Besides Professor Edward us. ian Studies Program at Har
honoring mother. vard. Such a conference wil' est in trade relations with th< ng children in theitarms, but
must go to those who worked Soviet Union." it is necessary
фт And in t h i s country, Miss Anna J a r v i s of Philadel­ as organizers and fund-rais­ be held Sunday, June 3, at 3till the Ukrainians refused
phia is credited with s t a r t i n g the tradition there in ers within the Ukrainian Stu­
University of Alberta . . . the Ukrainian Institute oi that "Americans underatanc to join the communal, "kolk­
(Continued from p. 1) America here. the domestic situation withir hozes." In all, seven rjaillion,
memory of her own mother in the'early 1900's. In 1914, dies Fund, particularly the that country and its histon perished. Several million oth­
B.A. program in Ukrainian, following courses are giver
U.S. Congress, by a joint resolution, called for the ob- local branches of this organ­ as well as a four-year Hon­ in the Department of His­ Reports since the advent of the Com ers — the so-called./Kulaks'
ization. It is through the ef­ munist dictatorship."
- eervance of the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. forts of branches such as ors B.A. program in Ukrain­ tory: the origins of modern (weIl-to--do farmers.) wfere de­
President Wilson signed the resolution into law, con­ those in Detroit, Cleveland, ian, and students will be able Ukraine, wit,h special empha­ Mrs. Ulana Diachuk, UCCA The rest of Mr. Danielo- ported to Siberia and labor
to choose from among the sis on the nineteenth century; Treasurer, reported on the pol's article runs as follows' camps in other paris of the
firming t h e observance "as an expression of love anc Buffalo, Philadelphia, Chica­ In 1933 Stalin, who hat country. They died like flies.
go, Syracuse, Utica, Boston following undergraduate and modern Ukrainian his­ meeting of the Finance Com
- reverence for mothers." - courses: beginners Ukrain­ tory. mittee and a series of recom­ become the undisputed mas An estimated 10 million U-
and others that this project
The profound respect for mother, shared universally has become a reality. ian; first year university U- Finally, the Department of mendations of the said Com ter of the USSR after the ex­ krainiane died at the time at
by all peoples, has a special place in the spiritual herit­ krainian (I & II), for those Slavic Languages is currently mittee. She also stated that pulsion of Leon Trot3ky й" the hands of Stalrfn '25 mil­
with some previous knowl­ Offering two Ph.D. programs: the annual fund-raising cam­ 1929, adopted a policy of lion peasants were forcibly
age of t h e Ukrainian people. Rooted deeply in the reli­ Proud to be Selected rapid industrialization and
edge of Ukrainian; practical one in Slavic languages and paign for the Ukrainian Na­ moved and 25 million private­
giosity of our people, t h e reverence for m o t h e r and the study of the Ukrainian lan­ literatures; and the other in tional Fund will take place collectivization of peasant ly owned rural holdings that
As we all know, this fund holdings.
* idea of motherhood can be said t o be an integral part arose in response to the sup­ guage for 2nd year honors Slavic linguistics. Within each in September and October existed in 1929 became 100,-
of the psychological makeup of t h e Ukrainian people pression of Ukrainian schol­ students; practical study of of these two programs it instead of May and June, as "We are 50 or 100 years be­ 000 large collectives.
Л rid justly so. F o r chances a r e t h a t t h e verv arship and culture in the the Ukrainian language for would also be possible to spe­ was originally planned. hind the advanced countries,' It was Stalin a r greatest
3rd year honors students: cialize in Ukrainian. UCCA Policy Board chair­ Stalin told a conference of in­ crime and his greatest mis­
firax syllables we uttered were "Mama»" the very firs! USSR. We are proud to have second year university U- man I. Wowchuk reported or. dustrial managers in 1931. take. Soviet agriculture never
been selected as the Univer­ During the present academ
steps we took were under t h e watchful eye and with sity krainian (I & П ) ; intermedi­ ic year, Ukrainian course? the two sessions of the Boarc' "We must make good this lag recovered. Today's per capita
to carry on the sccholar- in 10 years."
the guiding hand of our mothers. F o r years she stood jy traditions of Ukraine ii: ate Ukrainian language and were conducted by the fol this year and presented r production is below that of
aside a s we had our days — t h e first day in school, the this country. We are touched literature (I &. II); advanced lowing members of the aca­ series of recommendations for He went to work with 1913!
Ukrainian grammar (I & П ) ; demic staff of the Depart­ implementation. speed and ruthlessness. The Ukrainians abroad have
first communion, the first report card, t h e first gradua­ by the broad support tha: practical study of the Ukrain­ ment of Slavic languages: Dr. Matthew Stachiw, heac* accent was on building heavy never forgotten nor have
tion, t h e first award. The plaudits wer ours as she hum members of the Ukrainiar ian language for 4th year Dr. O. Zujewl:yj, Associate of the Publications and In­ industry at the expense of they harbored апуІЯІовіоп on
immunity have given to thir honors students; Ukrainian Professor; Aest. Prof. T. R. consumer goods. He" proceed­
. bly stood in the background. B u t tomorrow is t h e dav undertaking. We take this formation Committee, report Kremlin intentions, the Bul­
literature to 1880; Ukrainian Carlton; Asst. Prof. B. Med- ed on the preparation of ed simultaneously with collec­ letin says:
„ when we step aside i n a much deserving tribute. Let it 3upport as a mandate to dc. literature from 1880 to th? widsky; Visiting Asst. Prof tivization of individually
works to be published by the "On this 40th anniversary
be a day of love, of humility, of gratefulness and joy our best to foster learning 1920's; cultural history of the ,0. Pawliw; and Mrs. A. Dur­ owned farms. This policy had of the greatest genocide in
and scholarship relating tc UCCA, namely, a book by
Ukrainian language; Ukrain­ rani, sessional lecturer. the late Prof. C. A. Manning, twin purposes: to release the history of mankind, U-
Welcome the Cardinal the language, literature anc ian phonetics; Ukrainian mor­ workers from -the factories
history of Ukraine. • a history of the Ukrainian кгавде warns the .free, world
phology and syntax; contraa- emigration in America, the and to undermine the indivi­ against the Russian t y r a n t s
F o r t h e second time in less t h a n five years, Arch- Although the establishment tive analysis of Ukrainian, Attuned to Desires dualism and independence of
. bishop-Major Josyf Cardinal Slipyj is setting his foot of three professorships die" Acta of Ukrainian Statehood, who are preparing a' similar
and English; Soviet Ukrain­ which are being prepared by the owner-farmer. Commu­ genocide for it."
. on t h e American soil, embarking on an extensive a n a not take place until January ian literature; and Ukrainian .In the context of a grow­ Prof. Alexander Ohloblyn and
ing concern on the part of
. highly taxing itinerary in t h i s country after a month- of 1973, the Committee has emigre literature.
Ukrainian Canadians for the Dr. Vasyl Omelchenko, and a
m long visitation in Canada.
been fostering the growth of
For the new M.A.. program preservation and development collection of articles dealing Manor Sisters In The News
Ukrainian studies at this
The Ukrainian Cardinal, held in high esteem by University since 1968. Since in Ukrainian, the Department of their language and culture with the 50 years existence JENKINTOWN, Pa. — fowing day she appeared on
will be offering the following Within the framework of the of the, USSR. Three Sisters from Manor WPVI-TV's "Connie 'Roussin
Ukrainians the world over, is expected to draw thous- its modest beginnings the graduate courses in the com-, /enteral government's official Dr. Bohdan Hnatiuk, chair­
- ands of well-wishers wherever he goes. This was the program has grown steadily -
Junior Cillege, were spot­ Show." On both"1 programs
There are now several faculty ing academic year: medieval policy of multiculturalism, man of the Committee for lighted in the news during Sister Gemma discussed the
• case in 1968 when he made his historic journey to this members associated with ths Ukrainian literature; Taras the Department of Slavic the Study of the Present Easter week in a series of history and techniques of the
continent and this will again be t h e case this time. program, as well as some Shevchenko; Lesia Ukrainka; Languages at.the University State and Human Rights in newspaper articles and televi­ art of "pysanky." Ift "addition,
Ivan Franko; Mychajlp Kot- of Alberta is continuously en­ Ukraine, spoke on concrete sion interviews. a feature article quoting Sis­
Cardinal Josyf, now 81 years old, has been in the twenty doctoral candidates. зіиЬупзку; topics in Ukrain­ deavoring to expand its offer­ plans of the Committee and Sister M. Julia, Dean of ter Gemma on the techniques
- news since his memorable arrival in Rome in 1963 after Although the primary empha­ ian literature; and a confer­ ings in Ukrainian. gave a number of recommen­ Students at Manor, was the and history of "pysaflky" ap­
sis up to now has been con­
spending 18 years in Soviet jails and concentration cerned with instruction and ence course designed to meet On the other hand, it is dations. subject of an article in the peared in more than a dozen
camps. He has not rested since t h a t time. I t was a t the training of future teach­ the needs of individual honors hoped that these efforts will Montgomery County, Pa- newspapers in the six coun­
or graduate students by offer­ be matched by the continued Brezhnev's Visit newspaper, The Breeze. The ties surrounding Philadelphia.
the Second Ecumenical Council t h a t Cardinal Josyf ing and research personnel, ing a detailed study of some interest and support of the article related how Sister Ju­ The story also appeared in
advanced the historic claim of t h e Ukrainian Catholic six volumes of the Harvard
Series in Ukrainian Studies great author or a literary community, and that those In connection with the lia taught the art of "pysan­ "Grit,"a national publication
Church to a patriarchate, a right as much as a neces­ have been published, as well problem or period not dealt interested in promoting the forthcoming visit to the Uni­ ky" to a librarian at the with a circulation', greater
sity in the light of t h e total annihilation of t h e Church as such periodicals as "Recen- with in the other honors or Ukrainian linguistic and cul­ ted States of Leonid Brezh­ Huntingdon Valley Librar than the New York Sunday
graduate courses. tural heritage will take ad­ nev, secretary general of the who in turn, now teaches the Times.
in Ukraine and dangerous undercurrents of alienation zija," a semi-annual review of
Soviet Ukrainian scholarly The following courses will vantage of an opportunity to CPSU, Dr. W. Dushnyck pro­ art to others.
in the diaspora. publications, and the "Min­ also deal extensively with U- serve the preservation of this posed that the UCCA pur­ Sister M. Cecilia wh
The Cardinal's determination has been the inspira­ utes" of the Seminar in U- krainian material: Old Ea3t rich heritage by enrolling in chase a page in one of the teaches history at Manor wa' Sign Plea . . .
tion of the Ukrainian Catholic community in the free krainian Studies. Also, the Slavic literature; historical the courses which are being American newspapers in New featured in the Philadelphir (Continued from fv 1)
grammar of East Slavic; offered. York or Washington, and
world. To be sure, there were tensions, cleavages, rash growth-of the Ukrainian col­ readings in Old Slavic texts:
Suburban press for her par by your Party's leadership to
lection at the library has Any inquiries as to further present documentation on the ticipation as a member of r join us in demanding that the
and imprudent moves t h a t threatened to disrupt U- been rapid and diversified, East Slavic; introduction to information concerning the destruction of Ukrainian cul­ three-member panel inter 3oviet government release all
krainian community life. An aura of lingering uneasi­ and aimed at providing a firm the Slavic languages (I & П); courses and degree programs ture and human rights, and viewing high school senior political prisoners, presently
ness may still be observed here and there. But the fact basis for future scholarly introduction to Slavic linguis­ in Ukrainian language and the Russification of Ukraine. and picking three winners i> being held in the'USSR and
tics; and comparative Slavic literature to be offered by the
of the m a t t e r is t h a t the overpowering presence of work. linguistics.
Such a statement would be the 11th annual scholarshi rjzecho-Slovakia, It % for this
Department in the 1973-74 signed by American and contest sponsored by th •eason that we, who' have in
Cardinal Josyf. his lovalty to the Church and his un­ I understand that plans arc Students who would not academic year should be ad­ Ukrainian professors. Since Glenside, Pa., News. 'he past protested Injustices
shaken faith in t h e justice of the Ukrainian Church's underway to develop physical wish to limit their Ukrainian dressed to: Dr. G. Schaar- such a political ad in the Sister M. Gemma who an n our own countries, n6w ask
cause diRsinate fears and instill confidence in the ulti­ facilities, graduate fellow­ studies to the subjects offered sshmidt, Chairman, Depart­ pr:s3 is quite expensive, the nually teaches a public serv you to join us in speaklngout
ships and continuing library by the Department of Slavic ment of Slavic- Languages, UCCA Executive Committee ice соигзз in "pysanky" a n defense of thcoe of your
mate attainment of t h e obiective. Five vears apo Car­ support. With the completion
Languages could also take University of Alberta, Ed­ will appeal to all Ukrainian Manor was the guest o- :ountrymen who have not Ig­
dinal Josvf preached and pleaded unity. Let us welcome of this effort, a permanent optional courses in other de­ monton, Alberta, Canada, central and national organi­
place for Ukrainian Studies WCAU-TV's "Betty Hughe nored the ills confronting
him now in unity. partments. For example,, the TSG 2H1. zations for financial support. Show" April 17th and the fo) /our societies." ,{»,,
Underneath the appeal, the
aames of Yuriy Shukhevych,
Independence of Ukraine through a preventive war.
(Such a step would probably
a policy in the United Na­
tions and among the non-Rus­
here that a pro-Chinese radio
station directed by a "politi­
massive petitions to the gov Valentyn Moroz, Iryna §tasiv-
rtalynets, Ivan Dzyu&a, Vy-
?rnment by Jews, Lithuan ;
Through The Eyes of A Pole involve America; otherwise,
the balance of power, tipping
sian nations inside the USSR cal emigre," the Polish Stalin­ ans, and Tartars (the latte
icheslav Chornovil, Ivpn Svit-
ychny appear along with the
through radio broadcasting ist, Kazimierz Mijal, is broad­
By STEFAN KORBONSKI heavily in Russia's favor, from Peking in the languages casting to Poland from Ti­ demanding that they be re lames of eight 'Lithuanian
would be fatal for the secur­ of the 15 republics of the So­ rana, Albania. Thus far it turned from Asia to the O i students who were arrested
(The following article appeared in the Winter 1972 issue of the Ukrainian Quarterly)
ity of the United States and viet Union. Such broadcasts, has limited itself to attacks mea, from which they ha md tried in October: 1972.
(4) Western Europe.) appealing to the patriotic and on such "agents of the Krem­ been forcibly deported e: ?rom among the Jewish dis­
One also should not count the House of Representatives would have no influence A long drawn-out "Cold nationalistic feelings of the lin" as Gomulka, earlier, and masse), the interviews вш i n t e r s are: Leib Knokh, Ed-
on internal disintegration or by the Hon. Clement J. Za- whatsoever on the "ideologi­ War" between the USSR and captive peoples, would con­ now Edward Gierek. A small lard Kuznetsov, loeifi Men-
reptitiously given to Wester ielevich, Sylva Zahnanson.
a military putsch inside the blocki. Congressman from cal struggle" with the capi­ Red China may gradually in­ tribute to the growing aspir­ but momentous step would be
itiate a process of "self-liber­ ations for freedom and would a demand that Soviet troops newsmen and television re \mong the Russians are:
Soviet Union. As far as Com Wisconsin of Polish origin, talist states. This suggests
calling for the establishment political equation: the more ation'" of Ukraine and other further opposition to the So­ and agents be withdrawn porters, the demonstration vHadimir Bukovsky, Pyotr
muniem as an ideology is con­
cerned, it is true that it is г Of diplomatic relations be­ diminished the risk of a Third countries forcibly incorpor­ viet regime. from Poland and other coun­ in front of courthouses din­ fakir. Vladimir Borisov, Vic­
progressive decline. There re­ tween the United States and World War because of a ser­ ated into the Soviet Union. In the face of growing un­ tries of Eastern Europe and ing political trials, and a doz tor Fainberg, Vladimir Ger-
mains, however, the force of the Ukrainian Soviet Repub­ ies of treaties, the greater (The same may hold true for rest, the Soviet Union would that these countries be grant­ en or so of inflamed protest muni, J. Yukhnovetz and Jan
Russian imperialism, which lic and the Byelorussian So­ the subversive activities of Poland and other countries be faced with two alterna­ ed full freedom and independ era in Red Square during th vrylsky. From the Czecho­
to its credit has more sue viet Republic and for estab­ the Communists. Whatever of Eastern Europe that had tives. It may increase repres­ ence.) slovak political prisdndrs are:
been independent prior to sive measures; but this re­ invasion of Czecho-Slovakia. Dr. Milan Hubl. Jaroslav Sa-
cesses than setbacks. In the lishment of U.S. embassies in the Communist dictatorships The gradual restoration of
Kiev and Minsk. But the re­ will not be able to attain by World War II and which are turn towards Stalinism is rights and freedom would be This evolving system un ;ata, Jiri Muller, Jan Tesar
Communist system the decid
ing power rests with th* solution could not get off the force of arms will be pursued now jointly represented in the doubtful. Today there is a favored by the inevitable doubtedly would encompas ind Jaromir Litera'.
army and not the party. The ground. Anything that may by other, proven means: infil­ ACEN.) new Ukrainian elite, which "evolution" of the Soviet sys­ the problem of individual na To finance t h e ' e d s t s of
Soviet army із indeed satis­ be construed as working for tration, the spreading of It would suffice if China inoludes writers, poets, scien­ tem, subject to change like tions in the Soviet Union. It naking this petition as wide-
fied with the imperialist pol the dismemberment of the moral decay among the West­ would switch its present cau­ tists and other intellectuals, any other political system. tempo may be slower, fo y known as possible, the
icy of the party, which itsel' Soviet Union is still "taboo'' ern nations, the destruction tious policy, which carefully who are simply too numerous Certain changes have already Committee for the Defense
among the Russian intelligen >f Soviet Political Prisoners,
is heavily staffed 'with gen for American policy. of family and religion, traffic refrains from attacking the to be "liquidated." The echoes occurred — the relaxation of
in drugs, and a general sub­ integrity of the USSR, to a of their dissenting voices and terror, rehabilitation of inno­ tsia even the enemies of Com vhich is composed of Ukrain-
erals. In this nuclear age the- Nonetheless the division of
Germany and of Europe in version of all those values on more aggressive one aimmg opposition have been filtering cent victims, the massive am­ munism tend to support і an students in the New York
Soviet army is the mainstaj
of the regime. two parts, and the irreconcil­ which democratic systems at the eventual dismember­ into the free world more and nesty for prisoners of labor "one and indivisible". Russi. Vfetropolitan area with
Also, it is unlikely that the able Sino-Soviet conflict, will base their existence. ment of the Soviet Union into more often and clearly. camps. And with these — these people equate Russi: iranches in Chicago and Bos­
United States and the West keep the world under tension, On the other hand, the in­ a number of independent The second alternative changes opposition has flow­ with the Soviet Union. Ви ton, has initiated' a fund
in general will be able U and as TrotskyySaid, 'There tensifying Sino-Soviet conflict states. Such a solution is cer­ open to the USSR would be ered. We know of the samiz- drive. Contributions can be
even here we can detect som< 3ent to: Committee for De­
liberate Ukraine by "peacefu' will be no peace and no war." does provide some possibili­ tainly in China's interest; it a slow gradual process — dat and smuggling of manu­
would completely neutralize granting rights and auton­ scripts to the West, the col­ change. fense of Soviet Political Pri-
means." Aiming timidly ir Immediately after signing ties for the recovery of inde­
this direction was the- resolu Ihe SALT Treaty, Brezhnev pendence, if the USSR does the Russian threat. omy to the Ukrainian people. lective protests against poli­ loners, P.O. Box 1294, Wood-
tion (H.J. 944) introduced it cold the world that the treaty not try to solve this conflict China can implement such (It Is interesting to note tical persecution, the bold . (To be Continued) aaven, N.Y. 11421.

No. 88

UNWLA Branch 72 Set For Conference On Ukrainian Education Cardinal Slipyj... See How Svoboda Is Printed
Charity Dance a t Soyuzivka To be Held in New York (Concluded from p. 1)
NEW YORK, N.Y. — On Visitation of Ss. Peter and
KERH0NK90N, N.Y. - 4a becomes a bustling com-
inch 72 of the Ukruiniai May 20, the Coordinating Paul and St. Mary's Church-
nunity as more and more ез, departure for Pittsburgh,
National Women's League о juests arrive. A walk in the Educational Council of the
іегіса, known for its char UCCA and the Harvard Stu­ Pa. Arrival in Pittsburgh at
-voods, m the fresh country 12:58 p.m. Banquet at the
ible activity and Involve air, puts everyone in a party dy Group on Ukrainian Edu­
»nt in софчітііу life, wil nood. For those who do not Green Tree Holiday Inn at
cation are sponsoring the 8:00 p;m. .
)ld its oajtnual dinner 'eel like walking and wish tc Ukrainian Education Work­
ice Saturday, May 19, a .Vork up an appetite, the ten­ FRIDAY, MAY 18: 9:00
iyuzivka. nis courts are' ready and shop at the Ukrainian Insti­ і алп. Liturgy at St. John the
The highlight of the danc inviting. tute, 2 E. 79th St.. in New ; Baptist Church. At 7:30 p.m.
ill be the '^rawing of th( A champagne cocktail hour York City. -It is scheduled to . a Moleben at Soldiers and
inning raffles for many va зп the terrace of the Veselka begin at 1:00 p.m. ! Sailors Memorial Hall in the
іаЬІе prize». Proceeds fron Pavilion is scheduled for 6:30 On Saturday, May 19, | Oakland section of Pittsburgh.
lis drawing will, go to wor p.m., while the younger set three Ukrainian scholars will SATURDAY, MAY 19: 9
іу Ukrainian charities anc has a "Coke Hour" in the present papers on various as­ алп. Liturgy at the Holy
ie Branch's scholarshii Main House. Dinner will fol­ pects of Ukrainian education, Trinity Church in Carnegie,
md. low within an hour. focusing especially on the Pa. Afternoon departure for
A number of guests an There will be an enjoyable norma, standards and guide­ Halyna Duda (left), doctoral candidate in educational ad­ Chicago.
cpected to'arrive Friday eve evening of dancing, with mu« lines of the educational proc­ ministration at Harvard University's Graduate School of TUESDAY AND WEDNES­
ling to the UNA resort anc1 зіс supplied by Johnny Gay esses. The scheduled speakers Education, and Sister Marion of St. Mary's Villa Academy DAY, MAY 22-23: Arrival A group of five Plast girls from New York, for years avi.i
lain through Sunday after And his orchestra. are: Profe. Ivan Holovinsky, in Sloatsburg, N.Y..both members of the Harvard Study Tuesday at 12:23 p.m. Lit­ readers of "Veselka," as well as Svoboda and The I'krainian
loon. The organizing com- "We invite everybody to be Vsevolod Isaiw, Theodosij Sa- Group on Ukrainian Education, during a recent workshop urgy at 6:30 p.m. at St. Con- Weekly, wanted to see how it's all put together. So thsy too!;
littee, headed'by Mrs. Mary our guests at the dinner- motulka and Myroslaw Sem- discueekm. stantine'e Church. Wednes­ advantage of the Easter recess and made their way асго-н
iwyer arid»with Mrs. Anne dance," says Mrs. Joanne chyshyn. A discussion will day, youth greets Cardinal the Hudson to Jersey City, N J., — a harrowing experience
sko as co-chairman, has Boyko, Branch 72 president follow the presentations. cussion leaders knowledge­ come to contribute their ex­ at 8:45 a.m., followed by Lit­ in itself what with the PATH tube strike — railing.on the
lged for a get-together And Soyuzivka manager The purpose of the confer­ able in the topic. perience and knowledge to urgy at 9:00 a.m. and first editorial offices Tuesday, April 23. The young girls, all mem­
Friday night for a songfest Walter Kwas adds an invita­ ence is to bring together con­ The Ukrainian Education the discussion and planning communion for school child­ ber» of the Olena Pchilka "kurin'," s -t out on their mission
of traditional.Ukrainian mel­ tion for the entire weekend cerned Ukrainian educators Workshop is open to all in­ of such possibilities as a cur­ ren. At 4:00 p.m. visit of mis­ in line with the unit's program "to learn something new each
odies. .V / For reservations call 914- to discuss a number of criti­ terested in dealing construc­ riculum resource center, a sionary parish in St. Paul month." Thay were led by Orysia (iermak, their "zviazkova."
——Saturday, ihorning Soyuziv- 626-5641. cal issues in Ukrainian edu­ tively with some of the prob­ "Ukrainian school research and Minnesota University. At The group was hosted by Vice-Preskient and Recording Sec­
cation, then engage in con­ lems evident in Ukrainion ed­ project, accreditation, and a 5:30 p.m. blessing of the Car­ retary Walter Sochan at the UNA offices and then taken on
structive, practical planning ucation in the U.S. Ukrainian teachers summer dinal Slipyj Museum and Gal­ a tour of the Svoboda premises by Editor-in-Chief Anthony
Theodosij Kaskiw, Pioneeer, to help resolve some of these It is organized in discussion institute at an American uni­ lery at St. Constautines. A} Dragnn. Aftsr a short rest and refreshments, the girls were
problems. seminars to enable all who versity. 7:00 p.m. testimonial banquet. also taken on a brief tour of the new UNA headquarters
Educator, Dies in N e w a r k To provide the springboard Tuesday паз been proclaimed being erected two block» from Soyu/'s present domicile. Pho­
for discussion and planning, by the Minnesota Governor to above shows the girls in the Svoboda composing room,
NEWARK, NJ.—Theodosij nity activist, Mr. Kaskiw was as "Cardinal Slipyj Freedom left to right: Volodymyra Hnatkiwsky, Olya Stasiuk, Andrea
Kaskiw, one" of the pioneers for, many years director o.'
the workshop will begin with Receives Ph.D. in Physics Day." Chomyn, Oksana Lodzuk, Ir.-ne Yaremowych and Mrs. O.
a Ukrainian Canadian educa­
of Ukrainian organized life the "Boyan" chorus in New­ tor's talk about the advances SYRACUSE, N.Y. —Theo­ THURSDAY, FRIDAY (iermak.
in this country, especially in ark, a charter member of the being made in the develop­ dore Kostiuk, son of Mr. and SATURDAY, MAY 21-26
areas along the eastern sea­ Trident Savings and Loan As­ ment of Ukrainian education Mrs. Gregory Kostiuk of New
board, died here Wednesday, sociation here, and a former in Canada. He will focus on York, was awarded a doctor­
Tentative plans call for ar
rival in Detroit at noontime
April 25. He was 95 years old. president of the Ukrainian the state of curriculum de­ ate in physics by Syracuse followed by a press confer Below is the list of upcom-1 table UNA Home in nearby
Born in 1878 in the vil­ Community Center. He was velopment and teaching University last February and once. Late afternoon meetin» ing UNA events in the im-, Aliquippa, Pa. The tourney is
lage Mozolivka near Piday- also one of the founders of methodolgy. accepted an assignment with with laity at a school audi mediate future and in the open to all UNA'ers. and cash
tsi, western Ukraine, Mr. the -Providence Assoc iaiion-of- the National Aeronautics torium. McDougall Street months ahead. UNA'ers in the [ prizes are well over $1,000.
Kaskiw came to the United Ukrainian Catholics, in sub­ and Space Administration Hamtramck. At 7:00 p.m respective areas are asked J • A banquet and a bail
sequent years its vice-presi­ Open Discussion
States in 1903 and lived in (NASA). banquet at the Sentinel Hall. to mark down these dates and , Saturday. June 18, at the Jer­
Ansonia, Conn.» for six years dent and head of the auditing The 29-year-old Ukrainian 221 E. Jefferson. Friday, visi sey City Ukrainian Commu­
For the second session,
before taking up permanent board. He served as manager
participants will be asked to scientist, who was born in tation of S t John the Baptis jlaces on their calendars and r nity Center will mark Svobo-
residence in Newark, N.J. A of the "America" daily in the Church in west Detroit. Lit ?lan to participate in the da's 80th anniversary. Win­
past join one of five discussion Germany, graduated from
teacher by profession, he was seminars which will meet si­ Brooklyn Technical High urgy at 7:00 p.m. at the Im scheduled events. ner of the Miss Svoboda con­
for many years president of He is survived by twd multaneously to discuss: Aids School before enrolling at the maculate Conception Churcl- • The Philadelphia District ; test will enter the finals for
the Ukrainian Sextons (Dia- daughters, Emily and Lubov, in the Teaching of Ukrainian City College cf New York. in Hamtramck. Saturday Committee, headed by Su- j the Miss Soyuzivka title on
kovchyteli) Society In Amer­ son. Dr. Eugene, and many Subjects; the Teaching of U- He graduated in 1966 with morning.Liturgy for childrer preme Advisor Stepan Haw : ' September • 19. The event is
ica and was himself a "dia- near and distant relatives; krainian Subjects in Ukrain­ a Bachelor's degree in phys- and youth at the earn' •ysz, will stage a UNA Day j sponsored by four UNA Dis­
kovchyter* at. St. John's U- Funeral services were held ian Parochial Schools; Re­ ijs as one of the highest rank­ Church. Departure later ii Sunday, June 1Q. on the; tricts of northern New Jersey.
krainian Catholic parish in Saturday, April 28, from St, search as a Critical Element ing students in his class. For ore Kostiuk the day. grounds of the Ukrainian Cit- • Big UNA Day in Penn­
Newark for over four dec­ John's Church here to the in the Planning of Ukrainian his outstanding work in ex­ SATURDAY, SUNDAY. [SOU Club, 847 N. Franklin | sylvania will be held Sunday.
ades. Evergreen Cemetery where Education; Attempts to Im­ perimental physics, Dr. Kos­ arship. He atao lectured a! MONDAY, JUNE 9-11: Ten 3treet, in Philadelphia. The j August'19. in Lakewood Park
Ah indefatigable commu­ the body was interred. plement Change in a Ukrain­ tiuk was awarded the Simon the University. tative plans anticipate arriva' Day's program and other de- j Barnesville. Pa.
ian School; and Schools of Sonkin Medal. Active in the Ukrainiar of the Cardinal on- Saturda\ tails will be announced in, • For the third consecutive
Other American Ethnics community life sine? his high UNA publications.
He chose Syracuse Univer­ school years, Dr. Ko3tiuk if and meeting with youth. Lit • UNA's Buffalo District I уеяг. New Jers"v UNA'ers
iHittburgh Is Site of (Armenian, Chinese, Greek, sity for his graduate work urgy on Sunday and a ban
Lithuanian). Each group will and pursued his studies to­ a* member of Plast and wa: quet in the evening at the Committee is planning obser­ will stafre a UNA Day in
I'OL's Fellowship II be led by one or more dis­ wards the Ph.D. on a schol-. the organizations camp com- \mericana Hotel. Monday — vances of Svoboda в 80th an- і
South Bound Brook, N.J., on
l e n d e r at the "Bobrivka" meetings with clergy an" niversary later this year. This Sundav. September 9.
By STEPHEN SrVULICH sJte and elsewhere. He wat laity. • UNA's Philadelphia Dis­
' anniversary coincides with
EAST0№vj5jk'—The Younginbecome'inactive, and to those Jffa arts editor of the Plas the anniversaries of the local trict will mark its own 35th
Adults Сотлдіазіоп of the who are questioning life in icrarnal "Orion" and heade National Home, St. John the I anniversary and Svoboda's
Ukrainian Orthodox League the 70's in relation to the No Place Like SOYUZIVKA '.he 25th kurin "Chornomor
tsi."' Chicago Lions Baptist Society and Branch j 80th with a banouet Sunday.
304. The date, place and the O-fober 14. A UNA Day is
has selected W$ campus of teachings of the Eastern Or­
Robert MorriV College in thodox religion. While at Syracuse Unive'r Win Tourney format of these observances' planned by the District for
Pittsburgh, Рву as the site Fellowship I, held at Kent
lor the secona annual relig­ State University in August of
SOYUZIVKA jity. Dr. Kostiuk was involve< CHICAGO, 111. — Contrarj will be announced in UNA
n,.various activities of tti< to superstition, Friday, Apri' publications.
Sundav, June 10th.
• The traditional UNA Day
ious retreat for' young adults last year was a spiritual en­ BEAUTIFUL ESTATE Ukrainian student hromad; 13, turned out to be "one o.' e The eighth annual UNA j at Sovuzivka. IvThlighJed by
of the Ukrainian Orthodox lightenment and an experi­ here. .he luckiest-days in the his bowling tournament will b^ the Мічя Soyuzivka ^contest
of the UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASS'N He is married to Lesya ne ллгу of the Ukrainian Amer- held in Fair Oaks. Pa.. Ma'- will be held at the UNA* re­
Church. Fellowship П will ence in Christian fellowship
take place August 24-26 this via lectures, discussions, rap in the rolling Catskills near Kerhonkson, N.Y Dobriansky. daughter of Mi can Sports Club Lions oi 25-28, The awards banrtuft sort the weekend of Septem­
year. sessions, spiritual song fests, ITS THE BEST PLACE FOR md Mrs. Peter Dobrlansk. Chicago. will take place at the hospi- ber 15-16.
In an effort tQ interest the and true brotherly love. The >f Johnson City, N.Y. Mrs It was Friday night, c
young adults —"by discussing program for Fellowship П — A SUNNY, ENJOYABLE Costiuk із a graduate of Le. the Chicago Avenue Armorj а і т т т і т і п г т т т т т т ц т т т ' ' т т т т т т т т т т и т т х т т т т
the Eastern Orthodox faith 1973 is designed in that same
and its relevanqe today — the fashion.
Make your reservations now — for a week,
College and tenche! леге, that th? Lions socce-
on the secondan '.earn won the seven-a-skk INSURANCE FEEDS AND CLOTHES Y*"UR
?:hool level.
commission attempts to ar­ The Young Adults Com­
range a schedule of religious mission requests that clergy,
or two, or three.
Exquisite natural surroundings, renovated
:idoor soccer tournament, a:
mnual event that fills the
rooms, home-made recipes, 5 tennis courts, Dr. Yarymovych. . . winter pause.
topics with current signifi­ UOL members, and parish­ exxxxxxxxxxm
cance. ioners submit names and ad­ volleyball courts, Olympic-size swimming (Continued from p. 1) The Lions team thrasher
It is hoped."Uiat' these fel­ dresses of young adults so CXXZXXXXZXXXXXXXXXXXXXX И
pool, entertainment, sports, special weekend vas chosen. According to th< the Greek "Hercules" sever
lowship prograAe, addressing they will receive information concert programs. 4GARD charter, the Directo by a score of 3-0. while get
the religious доцсетв of the on Fellowship II and other s changed every three year* ting a little bit of help from ANNOUNCEMENT
contemporary young adults programs. For further infor­ CHILDREN'S CAMP -Tie new Director will be Ola 'Youths" who upset tht According to S33 of the Cosiiunion and By-Law^ of
will serve as «H-outreach pro­ mation write to: Miss Ceil (for youngsters age 7 to 11) 31ichner from Norway ar?d h "Olympics" by a 1-0 s'-ore the Ukrainian National Association, Inc.
gram to those who are seek Peleneky, 905 Ambassador GIRLS—June 23 through July 14, 1973 /ill take over from Dr. Yary Phis assured the Ukrainiar
ing further knowledge about Towne House, 2101 Chestnut novych on July 5, 1973. '.oam of first place. But tc
their faith, to those who havt St, Philadelphia Pa,, 19103. BOYS—July 15 through August 4, 1973 The mission of AGARD і -nake sure, the Lions de­
TENNIS CAMP о bring together the leadin feated the "Olympics" on the of the
(Boys and Girls age 12-18) personalities of the NAT lubeequent Friday,
lationa in the fields of aero by a score of 2-1 and tool:
April 20 Supreme Assembly
June 23 - June 30, 1973
ipace science and technolog; .he Major Division trophy. of the
UKRAINIAN NATIONAL А38Ч1 UKRAINIAN CULTURAL \nd this mission has b:e Two o" the Lions players Ukrainian National
COURSES ully achieved during hi Яоу and Schaefer, took indi­
81-83 Gra«J-Street
Jersey City, N J. 07303 erm of office, during whic vidual trophies for the best Association» Inc.
August 5 - 29,1973 vGARD has sponsored 11 intensive and defensive play- will he held
I would Ике»ф-insure with UNA. meetings atended by an esti 2Г, respectively.
Please send me your information. . Name _ -nated 12,000 scientists an The Lions are one of five
M a y 21-35, 1073
Address ___— ingineers and produced 23 Ukrainian sports clubs which at Sovnzivka.
lublications on aerospac -naintain branches of the KERHONKSON, N.Y.
Age: UNA Member (Branch): mbjects comprising approx UNA.
•nately 37,000 pages. in which all Supreme Officers are obliged
My family "consists of Command of Ukrainian Language:
Dr. Yarymovych has bee- to take part.
Poor Q Satisfactory Q Good p with the Air Force and NAS'' The annual session \vill begin Monday, A\ay 21, 1973
My health Ж.. : Deposit: $
unce 1963. Before his asaigr at 10 A..W.
.vl~ ment to head AGARD. he wa WUR FRIEND OR
(FuH fee for the Courses Is 5160.00. A deposit of Deputy Assistant Secretar RELATIVE TO THE Jersey City, May 7. 1973
$75.00 must be sent In along with the application.) ?or Research and Develor 7KRAINIAN NATIONAL JOSEPH LESAWYER,
-nent. iSSOCIATIONf IF NOT, Supreme President
Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12446 The 39-year-old Ukrainia
Tel.: (914) 626-5641 scientist 00 SO AS SOON AS Ukrainian National Association

is married and th
father of two.


118th UNA National Bowling Tournament May 25-26,1973 Ambridge Avenue, Fair Oaks, Pa. 15003
;*±«=#r»r*r» ~ . . -л . . ... . . , . . . . • І і

;»-«- »-<-^rV~T«=»-»-»-*=»->:::>=*-*-o::e=*=*-*~*::>-*:::<>~*~*=•=•=»=•—>:t:>:»:»:»s>;ts>s>s*s>s>:>s»s>stst;>:»:«"»:*-*-*-»-*-*-<-*"*-*-»-*-*-*-'=>-*-«=*-*~>-»:»s>s»s>:»:«:«:>r>:»:«:«:»;t:»:


Sunday, Angus* 19, 1973 L a k e w o o d P a r k , Barnesville, Pa*
~ ^ ; » ci=«=*:>:»=>=«=«=C«^t=*-»=*=*=»=*=*=«=*='=*='=>=*=*='=>=»'>^=*=>^::'~>::':>=,-t=*::'=c;
: r


Lectures on Theater. Poets У 30-11 1 Ч Ж Ш Ш І И НКРИШОГО БОЮ В ВРАГІШІ раїни Західньої півкулі, що фінансові першенства в са-
Held ity Rutgers €lub КВІТЕНЬ 1943-1973 іих ЗСА ножуть спричинити зменшення фондів, призна В СОРОКОВИН ДЕНЬ ВІДХОДУ У ВІЧНІСТЬ
нашЬЇ Доротюї і Незабл"гнь<н
l1jll L __ в КАЛЛИДІ ПРЕСВЯТОЇ ТРОИІГД ених на допомогу країнам Південної та Центральної Але
в КЕРГОНК( ОНІ. Н. И. на „СЧЖХМВЩ" інки. Секретар сказав, що уряд президента Ніксона зму МАТУСЯ і БАБУСІ
пуде відправлена іеннй акуратно додержуватися бюджету.
дня 20 травня 1973 р о к у бл. П.
ЩШ о год. 11:15 рамку Замість квітів на могили недавно померлих


та будуть відслужені
які перші своїми грудьми заставили дорогу- рейдуючій складаймо 100.00 доля рів
4.000-ін орді Ковпака, коли перейшовши Дніпро бііля
ШЯ:: fl|
f^''---'; -J'.' 1р£ і / Лоіва і подавшись на західні землі України.
Тому прощу бувших Членів 109-со батальйону та
Учасників бою, ;п: рівнаїк Родини полеглих Друзів взя-
на Український Вільний Університет
в Мюнхені.
в четвер, 17-го травня 1973 року
о год. 8:45 ранку
ти чи •.і енну участь.
в церкві св. Духа в Брунлшгі, Н. И.
II СОТНІ — БЕРДИЧІВ »Ваг дав. Т»ог .ті ш к. 161 North 5th Street
Хай 6у,\е Ного Ім'я б.іагогловеіиіе".
і в церкві св. Йосафата,
Th? Ukrainian Student Club at Rutgers University in New­
ПОДЯКА в Ґпен Ков, Н. й.
* fІеа5лаганііа смерть >оарва.-ш гід нас ІІП.ІІІІМ:ДН в cittl віку,
ark, N.J., an active group of some 90 members, sponsored іжри -ягитьаси віепсіїріеііих задумах Просимо про молитви за спокій душі Покійної
two lectures recently as part of the Club's activity. Dr. мого Найдорожчого І Невдіїшлува-ного .НУЖА
„ТУК" і БАТЬКА шишгх дітей ОЛЬГА ПОДУСОВГЬКА — донька
Eugene Fndrenko, who teaches Ukrainian language courses ІВАН — зять
— влаштовує ——
at the University and is the Club's academic advisor, spoke
to the students on Ukrainian poets of the sixties and the в рамах лляну праць науково-дослідної комісії Світової
бл. л. МАРТА і НАТАЛКА — внучки
Kevent'.es. A few weeks later, Joseph Hirniak, veteran Ukrain-
ian stage actor and director, delivered a lecture on the U-
Координаційної Внховно-Освітньоі Ради СКВУ ДМИТРА ПІЛЕЦЬКОГО
в дні 9-го ЛІОТОГО 1973 р. на 48-му році жаття.
krainton theater. Account» of both lectures, as well as <»th т
activities pursued by the Ukrainian Club, were reported by
НАУКОВУ КОНФЕРЕНЦІЮ У днях нашого беимеиагаго горя, многі ltauii 'Пгрнят<мі Замість в'дгка на могилу у невідомому "місці,
Ibor Szkolar in the Rutgers Observer. Photo above, which аикасшлн дуже багато доброго серна 1 иіляхот»к»стн до іиии мойого Дорогого І Незабутнього Сгряетк*,
also appeared in the campus newspaper, shows Mr. Hirniak
ПРИСВЯЧЕЕІУ ВИХОВНИМ BIUJCKO Mwti підібрати в^щовідікі слова, щоб налеясію «н-
сотийка УОС
іслоантн маіи>' подяку СВсіаі, хго спішна нам иал^мтріч « по­
fceetterh flanked by. Prof. Fedorenko (left) and Prof. Myro- ПИТАННЯМ тіхою, розрадою та всянч>ю поміччю. Ваім' — всім, що ггах
slava Znayenko (right), with some of the Club's members. з Т А К О Ю ПРОГРАМОЮ:
дуже •співчували ним, «таралкгя облегягати наш біль та сл. я. Івана Цяпки-Скоропада
ііотіїніїгн в хвнлняіах роспіачіі, п с і а д а о ю оцим з глибшім складаю <в Ного Пам'ять 100.00 доляр?»
серця наигу найтердечаїшгу подяк}-. ва Фонд Катедр Укро^ігознавства в ІЧірцардІ.
СУБОТА, 19-го ТРАВИЯ 1978
-Дуже дякусхоо іВкі'оковціеііодобному Мктропо.'ікчомз'' Вратанок MIOCATLW ЦЯТИСА
Soccer Pioneering 10:00 год. рано — Доповіді:
Д-р ївши Головінсьхий — „Виховний Ідеал украіичав
Радникові о. ТІ. Джулиісзукому за поптійзй молісган в Бо-
гоглужбах за внлдоровлелсая, за аддзіднин в шпиталі, а з діружнвюю ОМЕЛІбЮ
By ROMAN LYSNIAK у діаспорі". також за пратідігпо батьосхязьХе па>іаітерес>*ііаніш стпіюм
Д-р Всеволод Тсаів — „Вплив суспільних обставин на здоров'я в ііііпс їшого ІМ>-.іаі і Батька іг>н КОУСНІЙ, навіть
The young man who to^d equal numbers. Then he pro­ формушмшя виховного Ідеалу". прісній» дній, uyj'ip'.'ti. Дякую eobt Оліям Дулошигм: о. іш-
ше about this swore that it ceeded to outline the princi­ 11:30 год. рано — Дискусія 1 підсумки. рохОві ЗІ. Бзтгримському за відвідини п ппшта.ті, з а тіохо-
2:30 год. по пол. — Допов&ді: рсаиіі відправи і : » oxpwwj' пам'ять в чиллевних Богост^-ж-
was true. Any discrepancies, pal rules of the game. Д-ф Теодооїй Самотулка — „Основні засада напрям­ Замість квітів на свіжу могилу
вах її ліір:і:і.и-,ш\ в далекій Авгтралії, глибоко о5дуагаіі«»
embellishments and exagger­ "It's quite simple, you see,' них української виховної снотемн". лгропіальяе слово в церкві 1 відпровадженая Т.тіісних Ос­
ations should be credited, he said in conclusion. "After Проф. Мирослав Сснчншин — „Проект зм&ш орнґі- танків на цвинтар; о. І. Кротець, одному л перших, що від­ бл. п. Дмитра Лшецького
therefore, entirely to my all, the main point is to score ігального тексту української виховної снютеаш". відав Мої:..'іного в ШШГШ-ІІ на в7сптку отраишої недуги 1 за з.южнли пожертви
4:15 год. по оол. — Дискусія й підсумки*. участь в похорошошх відправах; 1 врешті нашому дорого­
storyteller. bv kicking the ball. Ar.y ques­ і. Н А ІІЛГАСТОВІІІП віадАавнцчіга ФОНД
му вуйкові і иоірлі ігмозі Honiftnoro з Лісових Чортів Мнт-
The, story runs that a tions?" НЕДІЛЯ, 20-го ТРАВНЯ 1973 рополнчозг}- Крилошааїтіаві о. І. ІІроіамювичевІ за участь По 50 дол.: Мнрфі Інжихфліґ Комиаиі, мец. Орвст J
friend of my storyteller, a "What do you do if you Семінар підготований гарвардською групою студіюван­ в иохорсішшх відправах та зворушливо слово під час тркз- Вогданна Попелі;
former soccer player on on; happen to miss the ball?" ня проблем українського шкільництва у діаспорі. По 25 дол.: д-ір Роман * Стефанія Бараиоап'ьк!, мгр.
НІ!. Юрій і Віра Грабці, Миром І Тереня Дахвйвські.
of the Ukrainian teams in the asked one husky Texan soc­ 1:30 гоД. по пол. — Доповдь: •Моя глибока подяка м&цевій Пластгоз№ <.'.таігиц1 та
Михайло Вааркшнн (Канада) !— „Стостуваівія сучас­ Павло Дорожіїнськкй, д-р Яроглав і Юлія Коко-
eastern United States, after cer novice. міс-л» лній Пластовій Молоді за таке зворунілігвс відпро- рудз, Михайло і Ірена Mitra.il, мец. ЬхляМула, t-нй
них педагогічних здобутків в українському шкіль­ ваджемася свого друга J б. Станичного на далеку- В.чагу Візділ 0;ijay, д-р Володюіир Соколовгький, д-р
receiving his mast:r*s degrei "If you miss. the ball you ництві". ЕВатру. Огтялгній ІІВІТ ОЛ. гем. І. Лигейка 1 iuiacn-ове «На
in physical education frorr kick a player of the opposine 2)30 год. по пол. — Пршй комісій: Петро 1 Галина Харуки:
добранім" так дуже боляче засИОдчилн наигу велику втра,- Ио 20 дол.: інж. Анатолій І д-р Ірена Васиичуки, днр.
the Columbia University, se­ team. Get the notion, boys?" а) Украйюанавство в парафіяльних школах ЗСА;
б) Сучасні педагогічні здобутки в методиці навчання Ярослав Войнаріагьхий, Володимир Г Соня Габя,
cured position of an athletic "We sure do," came in a Дуже дякусмо Пластовій Молоді, яка в ріанкх місцях д-р Володимир і Марія Голіяни, Зеня Комв,ряі»ська,
країнознавства; побуту- згадувала свого Виховшв^а, просячи в горячих мо­
director in a зтаїї college ir chorus from the anxious re­ в) Проблеми вивчання українського шкільництва; інж. Ігор 1 Дзвігя Комарянрькі, ді»р. Тарас 1 Анна
литвах вкздороалеашн, чи це у Вічному MJnri Рим на ЛіськевиЧІ, д-р. Пріпч>рій і Иаталія Лослниські, д-р
th* remotest part of Т.хаз. cruits. г) Досвід з одної спроби зміни системи навчання в ук­ СХхужбІ Божій, яіднразлений Верховним Архи«зімс4оовгом в
раїнознавчій школі: Чс-л.іп і Галина Пав.товські, д^р Богдан 1 Ореота
After settling in the new "Well, then," said the new rtpHayiraacvri п и я М к і пластунів, чи « а Службі Божий Ткачуки, Любомир і Ліля Цешшські, проф. Юрій 1
position, he determined that athletic director, "we'll be ґ) Етнічне шкільництво інших переселенців у ЗСА. перед виїздом на Свято Весаїн минулого року, коли тільки Орнсл Яримовичі;
4:30 год. по пол. — Підсумки. ' показалнгзі перші познаки захварімня.
the sports program at the ready to proceed with our По 16 дол.: Денис і Ліна Варааювські, Ромая * Стефа­
0[Ч)блиао дикуою за увагу Начальному Н.тастунові нія Цетельські;
college was limited and stale first scrimmage as soon as Конференція відбудеться д-рові Ю. Oтаpocoль:•ь^coir^• за пост/йму пам'яігь 1 відВди-
the balls arrive." По 10 дол.: д-р Брест Бурачинський. д-р Роман І д-р
He decided to inject a little в УКРАЇНСЬКОМУ ШОТНТУП АМЕРИКИ нн Покійного ще хнорнлі та за .тистовне прощамня доро­ •Емілія Войнарівські, мі^і. Остап і Міфостава Гуки,
spice and novelty into the "To the devil with the при 2 Схід 79 пул- в Ніо Порку, II. П. гого ііііля па Вічну 'Ватру, якого то листа Вдчитано, під 1;нлнн До-тпц tocK. Евген і Марія ДолгЧ, іпіж. С-ег*-
balls," shouted the question­ члг похорону. г » І Ліінз Долгі, д^р Роман і Лігія Залунькі, інж.
college's sports. Besides, h Організатори запрошують до участи якнайширші кола ІЦщні дякусаю пл. сен. О. Кузьмович — голові Голов-
developed a terrible case o' ing Texan enthusiast, "let's внх сганнків. Роман і Галина Заяць, п. Когут, д-р Іван і Михай-
ної ILiarroaoT І'адн за щрит-лані співчуття та осоГхтиву лина ЛИ:"еЛки, Василь .Іитвнн, Окі-auta Лобачев.ька,
nostalgia for his favorite start the scrimmage now!" ' • • • • • • • • • . • • • . ^ • • • • ' • У . ' . ' . ' . и ' Л ' Л ^ У . У Л У . І У . ' Л У . У Л У -im.ii.у про Покійного на остаївньому К})а<:вому ІІлактово- мґ.р. .АщріЛ і І(п-иа Мельники, днр. Роман і Ольга
sport and he craved for an op му З'їзді. Також ВІТ.,ЛОВЛІО<ІМ"І) велику подяку за прислані Мнірскн, д-р Володимир 1 Надія Нагірні, 1(>ема Пе-
portimity to take part in the 'вИллоаи і-ііівчутгя ІСріи.'зін Пластовій Старшині, Раді Ота- жаігська, д-р Петро 1 Арена Поповичі, Томі і їрена
му і Племені Лк-оанх Чоргів, членові .Сенату УНРуху. М. Схепіс, д-р Микола Тим як, д-"р Па'вло 1 Оіезіа Ту-
lusty, heart-and-feet-wannirr. •Бігун, 'Нюйоркському Велзеву.таті Бгцж>т, іПластовй Ога-
universal Rame of soccer.
So he announced recruit­
ment among student for the
ЖАЛОБНА МАНІФЕСТАЦІЯ пнчпііс Стіцмшгні в Деіиіер, Коло., Пластовій Стштці в
Дггройт, лінш.. Г1\ і>- :к- -і Перших Стеж та ммогим місце­
вим оргаИаацІам. Дяклсмо за "числвіпсі телеграми та лис­
ру.тн, о. Евгеи 1 Ярослава Цегельські, д^р Володи­
мир 1 Ввгтгахія Ясті)е>і)Г»і'ьк1;
По 5 дол.: Надія Ваяпінцька, Інж. Олег І {ванна Ка­
раван, Анатолій і Люба Коломийці, Ям 1 Данута
new gam?, ordered, equipment
and balls from a New Yor'
City sporting goods store аш
У ВАШИНГТОНІ ти іі.д Свояків, Друз>в і Знайомих, а особливо Друзям з
Канади, в яких то ливтах кожзшй так дуже співчував нам.
Свідомість, що так багато осіб гдналося в смутку з нами,
наче облегшуаала пег>еиогити наш біль.
Разом: 86О.00 до*.
Членам -.i..-цевоі-о .Кодла Лісових Чортів Парашкв „BBPKJT'
even went so far as to set ir — відбудеться — По 50 дол.: д-р М ярії пі Пенсак, Борис 1 Вероніка Ярн-
внелоалюсмо ошеч нашу вдачнії-ть і щиру подяку за ос- мовнчі;
the date for the first practice ташпо ириелзту своог>' ФамілііпггОЯІ, а це иеоешія домо­ По S0 ДОЛ.: Борис 1 Ольг з ('оїіолі;
The day arriveu, but th в суботу 26-го травня 1973 року вини, анготовлешія червтю-чо[кюго прапору, який покри­
вав домовину та о.-г.игиій зворушливий Салют на цвші- По 25 дол.: 'Батьківі-ькігй Комітет нри птколі ов. о. Ми-
soccer equipment and th' КО.ТНІІ. Пластова Станиця в Детройті, {вал І Роксо-
balls did not come in yet. Yl: біля пам'ятника Т, Шевченкові •г.'.рі.
Лін особливо вдячні за прощальні промови виголоше­ ляна Полюховнч, днр. Степан І Марія Окрабачі, інж.
decided to* utilise the tim> by ні в похоронному заведенні: д-роаі X. Лні-ейкові від Плас­ Ігор і Оксана Янкіа;
instructing his charges ~-*wb ЯК ДЕНЬ ВСЕНАЦГОНАЛЬНОЇ СКОРБОТИ тової СгашсцЦ днр. Р. Мицикоаі від друзів ЛА'ових Чор- По 20 дол.: соїп. Михайло і Марія Пепрунякн, Пласто­
вий Курінь „Побратими";
had never seen a soccer gam. тіп і Кредитової Каси Самопоічіч, інж. С. Готяшеві чісц
ДЛЯ ВІДЗНАЧЕННЯ СОгЧЖатГГТЯ ВЕЛИКОГО ГОЛОДУ И;іра<|>і:іл!.-(оі Ради св. Во-тодимні» і Ольги, д-рові А. Гв- По 15 дол.: проф. Василь Івапіух, д-р Іван 1 Мигай
— in th? rudiments of hi' лина Лисейкн, д-р Ярослав І Ярослава Паївчукя;
В УКРАЇНІ В РОКАХ 1932-1933 €ап>кому від ОДНУ. Видавничої Спілки і Брацтва св. -Лн-
favorite sport. He pathere дрея 1 Р. Мя.ршніокоиі в д ВІ-го ВіхдЬ^у 3 Окр^-ікної Ради По 10 дол.: Денн.- і Ліна Бараповські, Любомир 1 Мі­
the students about him aru СЛК мНровігдіїпія". Особ.тива вдячність на.іежиться проф. ра Ганкеви<іі, Яросіав і Марія Ганкавячі, Іти Лю­
• На маніфестації виступлять: Ієрархи Українських Церков, представ­ бомир і Віра ДжулннськЦ Ва-нль і Ірена Копачї,
divided them, tentatively, ol д-рові .П. СтерчоВі, хресному баггькові нашої доні Адрія-
ник Американського Уряду, члени Конгресу ЗСА, представники по­ «и, за прибуття з ФілядельфЛ і жмут споминів поданих 1нж. Юрій і Ірена Кузігки, Яро?.іав І Софія Куль-
course, into tv.-o squads .o' чицькі, Ігор К.\тіги:'ьілгй, проф. Василь І мґр.
неволених народів, визначні українські громадські і політичні діячі. під чаг -прнл-ін. у
Дарія Маркуеі, Миром і Марія НаварнЯськІ, Бог­
• У мистецькій частині виступ Чоловічого Хору „Прометей" з Філя- Ми с глибоко вдячні почесним стійкам з прапорами дан І Галя Наконечні, 97-ий Пластовий Відділ Про-
L ABYSS A. Kill' PA G ETS н д Пластової СтазипгД, І>-рп;а ІОігачок Волошки І Юна­
дельфії та інсценізація поеми „Смерть" у виконанні членів Об'єднан­ віїд.ннн, днр. Омелян Плепгкеннч, д-р Павло і Me»
TOP AWARD ків Акули 1 друзам Лісовим Чортам, стійкам від 2-го ВСд- лннін Ссниці, Любомир і Віля ('тадіїшзі, ІНЖ. Т. Фо-
ня Мистців Української Сцени. д ілу ОДВУ й від OSB.V А. рошгч, проф. К>і)ій І Оркч'Я Яргоіоничі;
NEWARK, N.J. — Laryssr • Після маніфестації відбудеться демонстрація під советською амбаса- Ми зворутпені до глибини серця 1 дуже вдячні зж По в дол.: Аігтонінз Луковська;
дою. многі квіти і вінки ні'д Родини, наших Прияте.-ив, місце­
Kn:pa, a young aspiring U вих Органі.іацін та Покійного 1 наших Спішгратіівників. По 5 дол.: Всеватод і Ля риса Віонн, Нестор і Іваина
krainian pianist and a stu • Докладна програма маніфестації буде проголошена цими днями в Велика адяка за вшануваипш пам'яті Покійного щедрими Городиські, Марія Громнк, М. і М. І'удкійвд, Стефа­
пожертвами на Служби Божі, -Пластовий Видавничий нія Котлі, Юрій і Марія Пекяк, Роман І Слава Про-
dent of Daria Hordyneka українській пресі. ців, Ігор і Олена Ма-пЯЛпінн, Святослав 1 Марте
Karanowycz. v/on first priz. Фонд, каплицю на Пластовій Oce.fi Берісут, Будівельний
• Д о численної участи у вшануванні пам'яті мільйонів українців, що Фонд Церкви св. Володимира і Ольги, Церкву в Потребі» Стадники, Володюінр 1 Марія ЮревнчІ, Інж. Ярос­
in a contest staged by the їх виморив голодом московський окупант, запрошує журнал Юнак і Готуї-і-ь та лині. Хай Всевшпній Господь лав і Евстахія Струтинські, нечлпсий підпис.
American Foundation for the винагородить Всім сторицею. Разом: 566.00 дол.
УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ КОНГРЕСОВИЙ КОМІТЕТ АМЕРИКИ Особливу поміч і опіку nfcr, ча(Гі цілого часу лікування S. НА БУДІВЕЛЬНІЙ! ФОНІ ЦЕРКВИ
Performing Arts. . СЯ8. ВОЛОДИМИРА І ОЛЬГИ
MiS3 Krupa. who . is wel виявив наш дог рий суЧі'д д-р М. Панчіпиин, супротваджаю-
чи Мого Мужа до діїкарНі, чи часто відвідуючи до>іа. а По 50 дол.: Сестрицтво Покрова Пресвятої Богороди­
known to the Ukrainian pub тако;к окремим повідомлгшіям про смерть в тижневику ці, Театральна Молодеча студія;
lie, won in her age grouj TITTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTTXIlTIIiriTlTITTTIIIIIIITTTTTIITTIIXIIIirXTT хххххм Наша Мета. Рівиож даймо за товариську прислуту С По SO дол.: Михайло 1 Стефаиія Габн, Ігор Гумеякж,
Супгкові під 4»f л'лсувааїня. ІЦнре Спасибіг! д-р Ярослав і Anna Михайловичі, д-р Марта і|ІЛО-
which included piano student* и пциіська;
н Щирошжо дякусмо дорогій Родині, що приїхали так
from various schools, includ ОКРУГА ВІДДІЛІВ УНСОЮЗУ СТЕИТУ Я Ю Д Ж Е Р З І и По 25 дол.: Братство св. Апдрея, д-р Петро 1 Орися
и чисельно на похорони з віддалених місцевостей, як Ва- Гладкі, Мирослав Паанок, Михайло і Юлія Ромая-
ing those* of the Ukrainiar н
Music Institute. ,щля вшанування 80-ріггя ^Свободи" N
шюгґтон, Гартфсірд, Детройт, Кліаіенд. Торонто і Філа­
дельфія, щоб лелтралцатн Покійного 8 бути разом з нами. Ч>"«;
ч О о "•липо дяку«дю О. Дяків, приятелеві давніх років, що По 20 дол.: Павло і Мілн ВИІШІИЦЬКІ, д-р Ярослав 1
— влаштовує м як делегат Пластової Станиці Плаїтпрнл гу Детройт, при­ Богданна Комарніїські, д-р Ігор 1 Софія Микятюки,
CESUS CONFERENCE и д-р Маріян 1 Ольга Паїгчішіими, днр. Володимир І
м був на похорон. Марія Попадюки, Рене і Прісці.тля Фоисека, Іван І

TORONTO, Ont. — The

Згідно з нашим пов'рюї. душі помершнх перебувають
па землі черг» сорок днів. Тігм Друзязі і Приятелям По­
кійного, які під проводом ііроф. В. ДІаркуся не забули
Марія Иолтан, Теодор І Ольга Яцків;
По 15 дол.: проф. Василь і Дарія Маркуй Вотодиняр
1 Марія Помірки;
World Conference of Ukrain який відбудеться про 'Відправи в сороковий день і підготовили святочні по­ По 10 дол.: Леся Бідна. Іван Дані:є пил, Орест і Марія
ian Students (CESUS K which * минки, що пригадали поодинокі моменти співпраці з По­ іГрнневич, інж. Степан 1 Надія І'оляїиі, Розалія 1
has its headquarters in To
16-го червня 1973 p.. о год. 6-ій їм»«і. в >" II Домі N
кійним В рі мінх ортітіаан.ах і так вірно і-гаралнгя при­
гадати і відтворити обішз живої 1 жиггсрад7гяюі людини, Maphi Мнсиїк, Михайло і Віра >Іігрф1, П. Романюк,
ronto, Ont., will hold its tri при 90 Fleet Street, JERSEY CITY, N.J. н
сердечно дякуймо. Богдан і Ірена Радловські. Андрій 1 С^-півця Попа­
и дюки, Між. Микота і Вероніка Чемеринські, Емілія
ennial congress here Augu3' Зголошеїгня на Бенкет-Забаву приймають секретарі місцевих Відділів. Особливо дякуймо хористам хору „Прометей". що са­ Яігккв;
2-1-26, 1973. according to ar н мочинно прибути 1 своїм співом звеличали пресумні по­ По 5 дол.: Енгснія Бяла, Юрій Босчко, М. Карон, інж.
Подробиці програми в дальших оголошеннях. КОМІТЕТ + хоронів п'ігптриліи. Роман 1 Аіпта Кобилецькі, Аліатстій і Люба Коло­
announcement of its execu М В нашій росаубленос-rt п приводу так великого горя*
tive committee. н мийці, -Михайло 1 Тамара Леанцькі, Юлія Нелехо*
цінними порадами поміг і дальше помагає ваш приятель вич.
мецелтас О. Полель, за що сердечно дякусмо. Разом: 655.00 дол.
(Магркусев! за посмертну згадку про НокіАного в часописі
Superintendent Свобода та Церковному Віснику, а товаришеві спільних По 20 дол.: д-ф Орест І Рооїана ЯхторовичІ;
По 5 дол.: Володимир Дичій, Павлина Пав.тюк, Мв^
wanted переживань д-рові І. Лисейкоаі за допись в часописі Нова


Дуже і дуже дякусмо моВи товаришка»! N. БІ.твМгькїй,
М. Вішіницькія, Т. Дахнівськія, Д. Дикій, М. Лисеяко, Д*
рія Плепгкевич, Іваїпга Нонадинець, мгр. Яросіаа і
Ольга Заплітни Ольга ТИХИЙ ;
По З дол.: Франя Стаавгрет.
Рийок: 53.00 дал,
New Office Building Маркусь, Б. Попель, В. ОурівцІ, В. Ттхпцук, В. Чемерин-
ській, що віх початку тяжкого захворівши Мого Мужа бу­ 5. НА ЖУРНАЛ „ЮНАК"
Jersey City
повідомляє ли 6L-m мене і моїх дИтей. Я завжди могла і можу чис.ттт* По 50 дол.: 6-ий Курінь УПЮ-ок ім. Марка Вояка.
Разом: 50.00 дол.
па їжио пдагіч.'Коли сталось те неминуче, всі вони окаоа-
apply: IIїм) ПЕРЕНЕСЕННЯ СВОЄЇ ЛІКАРСЬКОЇ КАНЦЕЛЯРІЇ ли палі тій» багато серця 1 помочі. Щире Спасибіг. 6. НА ЯИУРНАЛ „ГОТ^ІЇСЬ"
л 70 Я. Munn Avenue, Eaet Orange, ХЛ. МОЖ.1ИВО, що не зі .ч.юї волі, ми дещо нереочнлн, бо По 20 дол.: Рій УПН-ок Лратчики"
UKRAINIAN NATIONAL. тільки один Бог зиас про ці неї добрі діла. Одначе ми д у ­ Разом: 20.00 дол.
URBAN RENEWAL CORP, же дякуймо Всім-всім, хто чим иебудь допомагав нам, Дя­ 7. НА БУДОВУ КАПЛИЦІ Н\ПЛАСТОВІП ІЬЮІШ
кусмо всім, що взяли так чцсельло участь в похоронних jramAHim КАМІНЬ" В КЛГВЛЕЯДІ
81 Grand Street
Jersey City, NЛ.
до ЖЛ Л ortfafleld ЛvoiiBc. W e s t Orange, !¥• •!• обрядах і Заупокійнім Богослуже/mrl у 40-ий день смертн. По 15 дол.: Роман І Міра Грабці.
Хай Всевннпіш Господь винагородить Всім сторнцею. Разом: 15.00 дол.
TeLi (201) 435-6740 Тел. 736-4696 Години прийнять з$ попереднім зголошенням. Усім ЯСсртводавіигм сердечігу подяку і щире
OPDCTTA — дружина
or (212) 227-5337 AJSPimiA. МАРКО 1 ТВТЯЯА — д*тИ спасибіг с.тадас