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MNS-Celebrating the Success 2012-2013 The escalation in criminal activity, particularly murders, the effects of an increasing involvement in the

trade of illegal narcotics, the attendant challenges of illegal firearms, together with the resulting social issues and the worrying involvement of the youth in crime, are distressing realities that we as a people have had to endure for far too long. While numerous approaches to the problem have unfolded, from the various anti-crime plans, to intensified suppression activities, capacity building thrusts and organizational restructuring and re-engineering. The approaches implemented till then, had failed in making the average citizen comfortable to conduct their normal day-to-day activities without fear or apprehension. When the Peoples Partnership Government assumed power almost three years ago, in May 2010, it was with the full knowledge that the road that lay ahead in terms of restoring national security, was not going to be an easy one. What the Government also acknowledged was that crime fighting would be most effective if all the key stakeholders worked together. For many of our initiatives therefore, we are partnering with our ministerial colleagues, as well as stakeholders in the private sector, in the region and at the international level. It is our belief that if we join our hands, we could extend our reach further and maximize the returns on our resources. Through deliberate and sustained effort, we have made some pathway and we remain confident that even greater benefits will become evident over time. Detailed hereunder are the Ministrys major achievements for 2012-2013: (i) Laventille Community Renewal Initiative. This initiative was launched in September of 2012 whereby the TTPS identified vulnerable areas such as East Port of Spain, with evident high levels of crime. Hearts & Minds. The TTPS through the involvement of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) continues to serve the citizens of East Port of Spain through a number of community based activities in an effort to reduce crime and strengthen the relationship with the public. The Hoop of Life Initiative is a regional basketball league is intended to have participants from ten (10) regions across Trinidad and Tobago. The Hoop of Life Community Basketball League was launched on June 30, 2012. The actual completion began in September 2012 and was successfully completed in March 2013. Police Caravan. The aim of the Police Caravan is to showcase the TTPS, highlighting all of its Sections and Branches to members of the public so that citizens can be further educated on the activities, roles and functions of the various arms of the Police Service.





Special Reserve Police (SRP) Recruitment. At present, the TTPS is engaged in an exercise to enrol some five thousand (5000) SRP officers to further augment the human resource capacity of the Police Service. Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs). In an effort to advance our investigative capabilities to improve the solvency rate of homicides and other forms of serious crimes, the TTPS has commenced the recruitment and training of Crime Scene Investigators to supplement the Homicide Investigations Bureau of the TTPS. CCTV Expansion. Cabinet has agreed to expand CCTV coverage throughout the twin island state to enhance law enforcement capabilities to detect, deter and respond to crime and other incidents that would otherwise go undetected. GPS and Vehicles. A fleet of two hundred (200) new vehicles were acquired and some were outfitted with GPS devices to improve the present fleet of the TTPS. Construction of Police Stations. Work has commenced for the construction of eight police stations throughout Trinidad and Tobago to improve the working conditions of police officers and to enhance the delivery of service in those communities. Further construction is to commence at additional police stations in 2013.