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Internship Report II MBA (Industrial Training Report)

Purpose To study organisation activities in all functional areas and relate this to the theoretical knowledge acquired.
Title Page Declaration Certificate (Guide/College) Certificate (Organisation) Acknowledgement Contents List of tables / charts

Preliminary Pages

Promoters Profile / Company Profile

Industry profile and product profile

Organisation Structure Hierarchy Functional areas (Divisions)

People Policies Systems and procedures Problems, if any.

SWOT Analysis (including Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives) Suggestions, Findings and Recommendations (each in a separate page) Report: Size: 50-60 pages (indicative) Hardbound Font Size: 12 / 14 Line spacing: 1.5; Paragraph: Full Justified, no left indents Paragraph Spacing: 6 pts; Character spacing: Expanded, 0.25pt Paper: 80gsm -90gsm, A4, Executive Bond Font: Times New Roman, Arial Footnotes: End of each chapter References at the end of each Chapter Bibliography: End of the report

Internship Report Format (Industrial Training Report)

An internship report is an organisation study, a case study or a survey of an organisation. The students are expected to make a factual observation about functioning of an organisation. The study is organisation specific done by a student. The students are expected to study the whole organisation or a wing of the organisation ( if the organisation is of a giant size). It is compulsory for the students to take up assignments or tasks given by the organisation during their study.

a. Student shall attend to any task or assignment given by the organisation; b. There must be a local/organisation guide. c. The student shall produce a certificate of internship and append it to the report.

The Process:
a. Lean about the working environment b. Sketch the organisation hierarchy; c. Study the notes, functions and activities of employees. d. Assess organisation performance; e. Prepare Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals for the organisation; f. Examine the changes in the environment and how best the organisation can achieve its objectives;

g. Attend to assignments or task given by the organisation.

Some Dos and Donts Dos

a. Observe the organisation dynamics; b. Make notes everyday; c. Collect published documents; d. Make an objective assessment of everyone and everything;

e. Make efforts to learn about organisation environment; Donts

a. Do not criticize anybody; b. Do not argue about and right and wrong things / doings; c. Neither be too appreciative nor too critical of the organisation; d. Do not participate in the organisation politics at any cost;

Submission of the Report:

After completion of internship (collection of sufficient information) in an organisation a student has to present it to their respective guides on the first day of joining the college for 3rd semester. The presentations will be held in the college for every student to check the suitability of the information gathered and to make appropriate

suggestions by the faculty members. Once the presentation process is over a student can go for final binding of the report with permission of their respective guides.

Presentation and Viva-Voce:

The internship report needs to be evaluated by a team consisting of faculty members from the institute and the university department. The break-up of marks is as follows: a. Industrial Training Report Evaluation b. Report Presentation c. Viva-voce