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Lglise Baptiste de la Vieille Capitale

3385, Laurin Qubec, QC, G1P 1T6

June-August 2013

Field address :
1026, route Fossambault St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC, G3A 1W8

2 Corinthians 4:5

Nevertheless, we are so thankful for the huge help that this group was We could have never done so much work in one week! Even more, the atmosphere of love and the sweet fellowship between the group and our church people was remarkable We can sum it up by saying that the good Dear praying friends, hand of the Lord was obvious all Its after a very busy summer that we through this blessed week. Heres a write this letter. We also have a lot of picture of us men praying before putchallenges before us that wed like to ting the second floor deck (not easy): share with you so that you can pray with us about them. First some news. At the end of June we had the visit of a group from a supporting church in New Hampshire. They helped us rebuild the patio that was rotten, they painted, they evangelized the area, and they did many other things. At the very same time, the excavator came to install the septic tank. The result: we rejoiced of Gods perfect timing in coordinating all of this, but after our backyard looked like this:

trumpet (temporarily). Even more, we are starting a choir in September! Wow! What an improvement and an answer to prayers! Thank you Lord! We now look onward and press towards the mark as the Lord opened a unique door of opportunity to allow me to present the need of Qubec and the French speaking communities in Canada at the national preachers conference of Canada in Winkler, MB. Its a great privilege to present a great need. Pray that the Lord will guide, touch the hearts and mostly that He will send forth labourers in these neglected corners of the harvest field.

The Roys newsletter

Finally, in mid-October, we will hold a conference on family and prayer. The theme will be that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Pet. 3:7). We will exThe remaining of the summer went pand on the connection between our well with all kind of occupations, but marital and family life with our prayer also a time of rest that our family thor- life. Please pray with us that the Lord oughly enjoyed. will use these meetings to do great things for his glory. Also, we are very happy to see the progress of the church musically. In All our family is doing well and the fact, the Lord has sent us gifted and church too. We are all ready to rise up, godly people to play instruments in a by the grace of God, to the challenges conservative way to accompany the before us. Thanks for your care for us! piano: violin, cello, acoustic guitar and Your servants, the Roy family

Dun coup dil Coin des enfants Kids Corner Invest our hearts in the youth: A wonderful thing that ministry allows us to do is to invest our heart in others to influence them to live for Christ. This summer God allowed us to do it in three significant ways with young people. First, He sent us a young lady, Renae Thiessen, to learn French here for three weeks. Her visit was a blessing for us as well as for her. Then, there was the youth camp in the beginning of July. Again this year it was a joy to see God at work in this ministry. Finally, at the beginning of August, we held a youth retreat with young men that are feeling Gods call upon their lives. It was a privilege to have this time of teaching and mentoring to prepare these young labourers for the work God has called them to. Thank you for praying with us for these five servants of the Lord and all the other ones we were able to impact this summer.

Renae Thiessen

Youth Camp 2013

Youth retreat

Summary of Prayer Requests

Salvation: Joanne St-onge, Jean and Martin Matte, Nicolas, Johanne Lalibert, Alex DeVarennes and his family, Paul Dion and his family, Francis, Agathe Frenette and the Rodriguez family. Growth : The numerous young people that the Lord allowed us to invest our hearts in this summer. The growth of those involved in the choir and the edification of the church. Our walk with God. Miscellaneous: Selling of her elderly home (thank you for persevering). Our sending churchs (EBVC) building situation (theyre expelled and are urgently looking for a meeting place). The conferences.

The group that came to graciously help the work here! Opportunities to invest ourselves in the youth this summer! Opportunity to present the need of Qubec and the other French speaking communities at the national conference. Good progress with the music ministry of the church!