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Public Fiscal Administration

Public Development Assistance Fund Janet Lim Napoles

Submitted To: Dr. CECILIA F. JOSE Professorial Lecturer

Submitted By: Karro Kevin B. Cruz M.A.P.A Student

Date of Submission July 20, 2013

Public Development Assistance Fund

According to the latest issue of Public Development Assistance Fund or also known as Pork Barrel the lawmakers were warned against falling for scam to fund bogus projects. As we all know the Pork barrel funds have long been recognized as a massive source of graft and corruption. Kickbacks (the so-called S.O.P) are seen as the cost of doing politics as usual. It is the pork barrel system that enables the patronage politics that pervades all levels of government, from the barangays to Malacaang. The Aquino administration has proven itself to be no less adept than its predecessor at making use of PDAF and other lump sum funds as a tool for imposing its will on Congress, reducing its role to a mere rubber stamp on many issues. In connection to the said PDAF issue, the latest disclosure of Benhur Luy principal whistle-blower in the alleged P10-billion scam by Janet Lim Napoles and other government officials. According to him, he allegedly oversaw the implementation of several government-funded projects on behalf of JLN Group of Companies like the alleged Fertilizer Scam, Malampaya Fund Scam, and Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) anomalies. And because of being a witness he is detained by Lim and Napoles were charged before the Department of Justice (DOJ) with Violation of Article 267 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines or Serious Illegal Detention. In connection to the issue abovementioned I concluded that the wrong usage of Public Development Assistance Fund or also known as Pork Barrel is the start of every problem our country experiences. Yes I admitted that the congressmen exercise their discretion in choosing which a project to spend on in their district but the money does not physically go to the Congressman; he simply tells the line agency where to put it. I think the assumption is that because congressmen are residents of the district and spend most of their time there, they are in the best position to know where the government needs to spend in order to meet the needs of the citizens in the district. Pork barrel's not the problem, but rather the law on its use is just not being followed. Worse is people who are entrusted on ensuring that the law, on its use, is being followed, also become part of the problem. Definitely, this is the number one source of corruption in the Philippines. So the price tag to file the anti pork bill is PhP10B of taxpayers money. I wonder how much more money is needed to ratify that bill.