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SGA/DFA PY-06-11-192

GRANTEE: Inspirations of Hamilton County, Inc.

Sequence No: 192
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 259
Westfield, IN 46074

AMOUNT: $60,000
DURATION: 18 months

POPULATION SERVED: Women and children over the age of 15 who have experienced
domestic violence and/or sexual abuse and it has impacted their ability to locate and retain

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (Services they will provide.)

Founded in 2004, Inspirations of Hamilton County was formed to help women and children who
have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse become emotionally, financially, physically,
and spiritually empowered. In two years, it has served over 250 families. While starting out as a
boutique for families to get necessities, it has narrowed its focus to the education and
employment needs of its clients. It helps its clients regain their self-confidence and teaches them
the necessary skills to succeed in the professional world. The program includes employment and
education services such as educational counseling and advocacy, help in overcoming educational
and financial barriers, and career counseling, training, and placement. Its general services
include intensive case management, a food pantry, a daily essentials boutique, clothing, school
supplies, as well as life skills training and financial counseling and assistance.

Using grant funding, Inspirations will employ a multi-faceted approach that extends past the
employment search. It will use its partnership with WorkOne to help provide the necessary
services for victims of this type of violence to safely and effectively retain employment.
Employment counseling will encourage clients to pursue high-demand occupations. It will Pre-
and post-job placement mentoring will occur that will include job search methods, resume
writing and interviewing skills, job retention support, and customized employability skills
training. Long term case management will also occur and will include assessment, educational
assistance, an emergency food bank, housing and transportation assistance and referrals to
domestic violence and sexual abuse counseling among other things. .

GOALS: (How many people served, placed in jobs or education, retained, etc.)
Over an eighteen month period, Inspirations expects to serve 50 victims, 10 of whom will be
referred to the service by WorkOne. All fifty will register with WorkOne. Ten clients will enter
GED or other forms of educational training programs, 35 will be employed at an average wage
of $8.00 per hour. Fifty percent (50%) will be employed for three months and 45% will be
employed for six months.

GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: Hamilton County, Indiana

CONTACT: Linda Crissman P: (317) 908-8513

F: (317) 867-8367
SGA/DFA PY-06-11-192