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Constantine ReikiThe Power Within

Constantine ReikiThe Power Within Channeled and copyrighted by Linda Colibert July 2011 SpiritLight Reiki Linda Colibert Reiki Master Teacher Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association www.spiritlightreiki.com linda@spiritlightreiki.com lcolibert@cfl.rr.com RaevenSpelle (ebay storemagickal items, reiki attunements, and more) http://stores.ebay.com/raevenspelle

Constantine ReikiThe Power Within Whether you realize it or not, there is a struggle within and a struggle between the dark and light energies. The Constantine Reiki The Power Within, connects you to the inner light, the power within you to defeat the darkness, to overcome the nightmares, to reach beyond the limitations, and demons of your own creation and more. This attunement has a strong energy that does not allow darkness to dominate or rule your thoughts. The darkness always flees the lightthey cannot exist in the same place and dimension at the same time. Constantine Reiki is the power within you that shines the light on your soul, your heart, and your environment.

Constantine ReikiThe Power Within There cannot be light without dark. They are the same energy but at different vibrations. For example: if you dark a straight line and place light at one end and dark at the other, you will see they exist on the same plain, but vibrate at different speeds and depth. When these two energies of dark and light come together, there is chaos and then light chases away the dark. When you are a lightworker, and you meet up with a person who is of dark energy, someone who is totally opposite of your light, the dark sees the light and there is a confrontation. It is like a clashing of the two energies. Generally you will know when you have met up with someone who is totally darkness and void of love, and the first thing that happens is a soul recognition. Your eyes meet and lock and it is not in a love at first sight kind of experience. This experiences feels unique, and you know, you just know that person is the opposite of light and love. It is a soul recognition. And then, the next thing that always happens is, either the person of dark energies will directly confront you, or that person will try to fool you or make you doubt your perceptions, and then there will be a subtle confrontation. But your soul if you are of the light will definitely recognize those who are dark and without love or any compassion or feeling of love. I have met up with a total dark soul on two occasions. And in both instances, I recognized the darknessit was like an instant knowing withinand your eyes do lock and hold. And in that instant you will feel that persons hate which they direct toward you, though it is just a simple hatred of life, love, and light itself, not personally you that they hate. You feel it and you know it. One person I met like this, was recent, and I did not know that person, had never met that person before. There was a soul recognition of our energies being oppositeI am light, that person was totally darkand that person began to confront me as he moved away from me toward the door. He threatened me in a way that indicated he was vicious. And I felt his hate directed toward me.

This is a very unsettling experience when it happens. And there is no mistaking it for what it is. You just KNOW. The thing I want to explain here is, that when you are of the light, you will be protected. What happened is that immediately I was surrounded by a protection sphere, and Spirit guides, animals, and angels were right there beside me. Those who are totally dark can feel or sense the presence of angels and spirit guides including spirit animal guides. The feel it. And I found myself saying to this person Just Go! Just Go! and it was spirit speaking through me, I am sure. Because he continued to stare at me a few minutes and then he silently left. Now, I want to clear something up here, because I have had some people tell me that I must look within to see why I drew that experience, that person into my lifeand I have had some people say to me that I must have been vibrating on the same level as that dark person. I do not believe this for one minute! Yes, the law of attaction states that like attracts light and it is a true law. However, opposites do also attract and encounter each other simply because they vibrate at opposite energy vibrations. When a dark soul encounters a light soul, it can be purely by chance, but there will be a recognition on a soul level. When this happens the dark soul sees the light and it reflects back on them and they see themselves for what they are and they hate you for it. The other way this encounter happens is that the dark soul, sees the light of a light soul, and they stay in the shadows, following, watching, and waiting for a chance to put out the light they hate so much. This explains very often what happens in cases of someone being stalked and perhaps even killed by a dark soul. When this happens, the light soul has not been paying attention and does not see or know what is happening (like a being caught in a spiders web) until it is too late. It is important that lightworkers always protect yourselves and always stay alert and aware of what is going on around you. It is also important that you teach others how to use common sense and practical steps to stay safe. I mention this because there are times when someone who is of the light may be caught off guard because their perceptions are altered. Dark souls like to put out the lightthey seek out innocent people who do not know and that are trusting. They also seek out those of the light who may be having an altered reality experience with drugs or alcohol. When someone has had a bit too much to drink your perceptions are altered, or if someone has been using drugs, again their perception is altered, and they may be prone to trusting and being fooled by those with dark energies.

Below is the Constantine Reiki symbol

Constantine ReikiThe Power Within Symbol This symbol is the equal armed cross in the center of a heart, surrounded by a protection circle of white. In the center of the heart, white light shines brightly. The heart represents love, the circle protection, the equal armed cross of spirit and the four directions and elements, and the spiritual light of truth. You can draw the symbol in the palms of your hands and visualize the light in the center and place your palms together to run the energies. This will surround you with protection and brighten your light and enhance your perceptions. Protection Visualize this symbol over yourself in your heart chakra, and then visualize white light streaming out of your heart chakra. See the light forming a large white sphere all around you. Darkness cannot enter this sacred space of protection. If you feel in danger either psychically or physically, and you feel the need to remove that dark person from your presence immediately, you can do what is called throwing your energy.

Use the symbol and run the energies. Visualize the light in the center of your heart shinning brightly. Visualize the energies running down your arms into your hands. Clap your hands together and then see a sphere of pure white light glowing in your palm (one hand or both in necessary). Draw your arm back with your hand cupped as you hold the sphere, and throw the white ball of light at the dark soul person. They will take a step back, away from you. Continue to do this and they will leave. This works well in they are confronting you with angry words, or threatening gestures. You can say as you throw the sphere of light Go NOW! They will leave. If you are under psychic attack and you know who is sending those negative energies, you can break this attack by visualizing the sphere of light and throwing it at the person (physically draw back your arm and throw it at the person) you know is sending you negative energies intentionally. This will break that psychic attack immediately and they may feel confused temporarily.

May you always be safe and protected and may your light shine brightly to light the way! To Receive This Distance Attunement: To receive your attunement, you will need about 20 to 30 minutes of quiet time to receive the energies of the attunement. You may receive the attunement distantly, as chi ball, or in person. When you are ready for your attunement, get comfortable, relax, and take three deep breaths, exhaling slowly to relieve any stress of the day. Then when you are ready, say, I accept this attunement for (name of attunement, and level if appropriate) from (name of teacher) now. Then just relax and allow the energies to flow in to you, and enjoy it. You will receive the attunement in the same way, no matter how it is sent to you. The difference in the methods of sending attunements varies, but the actual receiving of any attunement is always the same. To Send This Distance Attunement: This attunement can be passed in person, distantly, or as chi ball method. The attunement is passed with intention in the manner that works best for you. Each person is a bit different in how they like to pass attunements some use crystals, some use meditation, or soft music, chanting, or many

other personal ways to increase power and ease of sending or passing attunements. It is my belief that each teacher knows what is the most comfortable, enjoyable, and powerful way that works best for them to pass on attunements, and whenever passing attunements you should always follow your guidance. Here is the basic method: Get comfortable and relax. Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly to release any stress or tensions of the day. When you are ready, say, I ask that (name of person being attuned) be attuned to (name of attunement, and level if appropriate) on (date and time). If the attunement is sent as chi ball, you must create the energy sphere by creating energy between the palms of your hands, (move them closer together and out againback and forth with your palms facing each other to build the energy), and use visualization to see the sphere or chi ball. Then place the attunement energies inside the chi ball or energy sphere with visualization as you say, I ask that (name of person being attuned) be attuned to (name of attunement and level if appropriate). I ask that the energies of this attunement be placed within this chi ball and that the energies be kept pure until (name of person being attuned) accepts this attunement. I ask that this (name of attunement) chi ball go now to (name of person being attuned) and continue to float around (him or her) until he or she calls it in and accepts this attunement. I thank you. And so it is. Again, I stress this is a basic way to send this attunement as chi ball and you as teacher should always pass attunements in the way that is best for you with pure intention. You may want to seal the chi ball sphere with angelic protection to keep the energies within the sphere pure until the student calls in the attunement. You can do this by simply asking the Angels, or specific Angel like Archangel Michael to seal the energies with angelic light to protect them and keep them pure until they are received by the student. But again, you should do this in your own way. Always use the method and means of protection that work best for you. Reiki is a form of energy healing that always helps and never harms. If you are ill, please see your physician. Reiki works hand in hand with the medical profession. Results may vary. Do not change, add, or remove anything in this manual. Please ask the founder for permission before translating this manual. Constantine Reiki the Power Within Is not affiliated with nor should it be confused with any other reiki or energy system that may exist now or in the future.

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