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Medicinal Plants and Extracts

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Issue 24 September 2007

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This r epor t has been pr epar ed without for mal editing, as a ser vice to expor ter s and industr ies in developing countr ies by the Mar ket News Ser vice (MNS), Division of Pr oduct and Mar ket Development, Inter national Tr ade Centr e UNCTAD/WTO. No par t of this r epor t may be r epr oduced, stor ed in a r etr ieval system or tr ansmitted in any for m or by any means, without pr ior per mission in wr iting fr om the Inter national Tr ade Centr e. The mention of specific companies or of cer tain commer cial pr oducts and br and names does not imp ly that they ar e endor sed or r ecommended by ITC in pr efer ence to ot her s of a similar natur e that ar e not mentioned. The designati ons employed and the pr esentation of mat er ial on the map do not imp ly the expr ession of any opinion whatsoever

Prepared by Mr. Josef Brinckmann, ITC Consultant brink@sonic.net

International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO 54-56 rue de Montbrillant, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland. Tel : (4122) 730 01 11 - Fax: (4122) 733 44 39 E-mail: itcreg@intracen.org; URL: http://www.intracen.org Postal address: International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


MNS Medicinal Plant and Extracts r epor t is a for matted ver sion of a news and infor mation bulletin pr epar ed by the International Trade Centre to pr omote inter national tr ade in medicinal plants and botanical extr acts. The r evised ver sion of t he r epor t includes substantially mor e infor mation on t he str uctur e and function of the mar ket. These additional featur es have been inc luded aft er extensive consultati on with existing subscr iber s and tr ade exper ts. For subscription details please contact MNS in Geneva at the address given below . Coverage: Issue No. 23 includes six r egional r eviews and a special featur es section. 1. Nor th Amer ica 2. Wester n Eur ope 3. Easter n Eur ope 4. China 5. India 6. Afr ica The r egional r eviews c over the six main pr oducing r egions of the wor ld. Infor mation on Latin Amer ica, Car ibbean and Pacific countr ies wi ll be cov er ed fr om time to ti me i n t he special feat ur es section of t he bulleti n (see below) Scope: Each r egional section inc ludes news on Demand and supply tr ends inc luding industr y news Indicative prices of r aw mater ials Indicative prices of her bal extr acts Tr ade specifications commonly used in each r egion. Tr ade fair s and confer ences Prices: Pr ices and quotations ar e in US dollar s per kilo unless other wise stated. They should be consider ed indicative only and r eflect the pr ice of a pr oduct of a specific phytochemical char acter istic fr om a specified origin. The level of mar ker compounds (for chemical standar dization of extr acts) r eferr ed to in quot es ar e those commonly f ound i n the i ndustr y. They do not imply any sor t of tr ading standar d. Great care should be taken when comparing prices of medicinal plants and extracts from differing origins as form structure and biochemical activity may differ considerably between very similar products. Specifications: The selected specification sheets giv en ar e actual i ndustr y specifications commonly used by expor ter s and impor ter s. We do not guar antee t heir cont ent or accur acy nor wish to imply that they hav e any legal stat us in tr ade. Subscriptions: To subscr ibe to the MNS Medicinal P lants and Extr acts r epor t or lear n mor e about the many ot her MNS ser vices pr ovided by ITC please contact: Mar ket News Ser vice (MNS) Inter national Tr ade Centr e UNCTAD/WTO Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzer land Tel: +4122 730 01 11 Fax: +4122 730 05 72 E-mail for gener al enquir ies mns@intr acen.or g E-mail for subscr iptions: mns-subs@intr acen.or g Website: www.p-maps.or g/mns

SPECIAL FEATURES Global Herb Trade Association Directory: Each edition i nc ludes a r egular ly updated dir ector y with contact infor mation f or her b tr ade associations, counci ls and expor t pr omotion or ganizations that r epr esent the gr ower s, wild collect or s, pr ocessor s, and tr ader s of medicinal her bs and extr acts. Trade Specifications: Each edition cont ains tr ade specifications for medicinal her bs or extr acts fr om each of six cover ed r egions. In this issue you wi ll find specifications for medicinal her bs and extr acts that ar e used in or al health c ar e and hygi ene pr oducts: Myrrh tincture (Africa), Green Tea extract (China), Clove bud oil (India), Calendula tincture (Eastern Europe), Rhatany tincture (W estern Europe; raw material from Peru), and Compound Benzoin Tincture (North America; Benzoin resin raw material from Indonesia, Laos or Vietnam). Back Issues: Each edition also inc ludes an alphabetical r efer ence list of tr ade specifications that ar e availab le in back issues of the MNS since 2001. Rates of Exchange: 28 May 2007 CURRENCY British Pound Canadian Dollar Chinese Yuan Renminbi Egyptian Pound EURO Indian Rupee Hong K ong Dollar Japanese Yen Malaysian Ringgit Mexican Peso Mor occan Dir ham Per uvian Nuevo S ol Russian Rub le Swiss Fr anc CODE GBP CAD CNY EGP EUR INR HKD JPY MYR MXN MAD PEN RUB CHF UNITS 1 / USD 0.5042 1.0802 7.6570 5.6950 0.7433 40.2750 7.8201 121.6900 3.3910 10.7880 8.3268 3.1950 25.8520 1.2287

Some Useful Terminology

AEZ: CBD: cfu/g: C&F: CFR: CIF: CITES: C/S: COMTRADE: COSEWIC: Ex tract: EXW: Farm Gate Price: FAS: FAS Value: FCA: FOB: FOR & FOT: FTA: GACP: GAP: GMP: ha: HPLC: HS Code: I/S: ISSC-MAP: MAP: NLT: NHP: NAICS: NESOI: NMT: NTFP: OTC: TBC: TCM: THM: THMP: TLC: USD: VAT: Agr i Ex port Zones Convention on Biodiversity Colony-forming units per gram Cost & Freight; means the price includes cost and fr eight charges Seller has the same r esponsibilities as w hen shipping FOB, but shipping costs ar e pr epaid by the seller Cost Insurance Freight; means the price includes cost, fr eight and insur ance Convention on Inter national Tr ade in Endangered Species of Wild Flor a & Fauna Cut and sifted Commodity Tr ade Statistics Database Committee on the Status of Endanger ed Wildlife in Canada Concentr ated preparations of liquid, dry or semi-solid consistency obtained fr om botanical raw materials, pr epared by maceration, per colation or other methods using solvents (e.g. w ater , ethanol) or by super critical fluid (CO2) technology Ex w orks - Buyer arranges for pick up of goods at the seller 's location. Seller is r esponsible for packing, labeling, and pr eparing goods for shipment on a specified date or time frame Refer s to the dollar value of agricultur al products that you r eceive from dir ect farm sales or the value of primary products used for pr ocessing Fr ee alongside ship - Buyer arranges for ocean transport. Seller is responsible for packing, labeling, pr eparing goods for shipment and delivering the goods to the dock. Value of exports at the seaport, air port, or bor der por t of exportation, based on the tr ansaction price including inland fr eight, insurance, and other charges incurred in placing the mer chandise alongside the carrier at the port of export Fr ee carrier: seller is r esponsible for costs until the buyer 's named fr eight carrier takes charge Fr ee On Boar d - means that the price only includes the cost of the item. Seller arranges for tr ansport of the goods, pr eparing goods for shipment, and loading the goods onto the vessel Fr ee On Rail or Fr ee On Tr uck; both refer to goods being carried by rail and should only be used w hen the goods ar e carried by rail. The risk of loss or damage is tr ansferred when the goods ar e loaded onto the r ail. Fr ee Trade Agreement Good Agricultur al and Collection Pr actice Good Agricultur al Pr actice Good Manufacturing Practice Hectar e High Performance Liquid Chr omatography Har monized System Code In-stor e meaning the herb (e.g. flax seed) is in the gr ain elevator Inter national Standar d for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Medicinal and Ar omatic Plants Not less than Natural Health Product (Canada) Nor th American Industry Classification System Not Elsewher e Specified Or Included Not mor e than Non Timber For est Pr oducts Over the Counter medicines: Medicines sold without a prescr iption Tea bag cut Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Herbal Medicine Traditional Herbal Medicinal Pr oducts Thin Layer Chr omatography United States Dollar Value Added Tax


TRADITION TO TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE: MEDICINAL PLANT MARKET TRENDS & OPPORTUNITIES, CONSERVATION, CULTIVATION, SUSTAINABLE WILD COLLECTION AND QUALITY The Tr adition to Technology Conf er ence took p lace 10-13 May in Saskatchewan, Canada, pr esented by the Nat ur al Healt h Pr oducts Resear ch Society of Canada and t he Canadian Her b, Spice and Nat ur al Healt h Pr oducts Coalition (C HSNC). The C onfer enc e feat ur ed sessions on mar ket tr ends including a Botanical Mar ket Overview pr esented by Edwar d Fletcher of Str ategic Sour cing Inc. (Nor th Car olina, USA) and a plenar y lectur e Developing Pr oducts within t he Nat ur al, Nutr itional Pr oducts Mar ketplace: Success, Failur es and Missed Oppor tunities was deliver ed by Len Monheit, Pr esident and Editor of NPIcenter . Simo Moisio, M.SC., eMBA, Executive Dir ector of the Ar ctic Flav our s Association (Suomussalmi, Finland) pr esented Cur r ent Situation and Fut ur e Pr ospects for NTFP Mar kets: The Nor dic Per spective, wher ein he pr ovided data on the most impor tant wi ld collected plants i n Nor dic countr ies. In Finland about 15 mi llion ki los of bilber r y fr uit (Vaccinium myrtillus) ar e wild har vested annually, most of which c onsumed for per sonal use and bet ween 3 to 5 mi lli on ki los ar e pr ocessed commer cially. In the Nor dic countr ies, about 35 mi llion kilos of ber r ies ar e wild collected fr om for ests annually wit h Sweden and Finland incr easing their expor ts of bilberr y fr uit. Other wild fr uits collect ed in the r egion i nc lude lingonber r y ( Vaccinium vitis-idaea) and sea buckt hor n ( Hippophae rhamnoides ), among ot her s. Ther e wer e also sessions foc used on conser vation, cultivation and/or sustainable wi ld collection including a tr aining session on Good Pr oduction Pr actices pr esented by Connie Kehler , Executive Dir ector of the C HSNC, wher ein she discussed how the Good Agr icult ur e and Collecti on Pr actices (GACPs) that ar e being developed by the Canadian her b industr y along with the Nat ur al Health Pr oducts Dir ector ate (NHPD) will fit toget her with t he Good Manufact ur ing Pr actices (GMPs) that finished pr oduct manufact ur er s must alr eady comply with under the new Natur al Health Pr oduct (NHP) r egulations. The CHS NC is holding tr aining and infor mation wor kshops for her b gr ower s and collector s acr oss Canada and is also offer ing a HACCP-based GACP pr ogr am for herb pr oducer s. The Inter national Standar d for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Ar omatic Plants (ISSC-MAP) was pr esented by Dr . Danna J. Leaman, Medicinal P lant Specialist Gr oup (MPSG) Species Sur vival Commission of Wor ld Conser vation Uni on (IUCN) and Pr imary NTFP species in Saskatchewan and some sustai nable management r ecommendations was pr esented by Michael McLaughlan, r egister ed pr ofessional for ester and for est ecologist with For est Ser vice of Saskatchewan Envir onment. The MAP species examined in McLaughlens pr esentati on inc luded fir eweed ( Epilobium angustifolium ), Labr ador tea ( Ledum groenlandicum ), lingonber r y (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), low-bush blueber r y ( Vaccinium angustifolium), ostr ich fer n fiddlehead (M atteuccia struthiopteris), r eindeer lichen ( Cladina spp.), and sweet gale ( M yrica gale), among other s. Cer tification Options for Non-Timber For est Pr oducts in Canada, was pr esented by Medical Her balist Amanda Howe of the Centr e for Non-Timber Resour ces, Royal Roads Univer sity (Br itish Columbia, Canada). Howe, also a Member of the UK Nati onal I nstitute of Medical Her balists (MNIMH), discussed how the medicinal plant industr y is made up of many small-scale pr oducer s, many of whom make only a mar ginal living in r ur al, often r emot e ar eas. Implement ation of cer tification and the subsequent potential gr owth of the tr ade could be of benefit to these people and to r ur al communities in need of economic diver sification. Howe identified existi ng cer tification options and discussed their r elative suitabi lity to the tr ade. She is also aut hor of the 119-page r epor t Development of Good Wi ldcr afting Pr actices and Wildcr after Cer tification for Medicinal Plants: http:/ /www.royalroads.ca/NR/r donlyres/ 277C1D29-7 7B5-470C-9B75-C63D477F F4B0/0/Wildcraft ingfinalr eport.pdf Dr . Lal Singh of the Himalayan Resear ch Gr oup (HRG) pr esented Pr opagation Techniques and Agr oTechnology of Himalayan Medicinal Plants. T he HRG has pr ovided far mer s with a c omp lete biobusiness model for the cultivation, har vesting, quality testing and mar keting of chir ata ( Swerita chirayita) and picr or hiza ( Picrorhiza kurrooa). Steven Willi ams, Univ er sity of Alber ta, pr esented Cultivating Succ ess: Gr owing Rhodiola rosea on the Pr air ies, and Hazr ah Moothoo of West Kootenay Her b Gr ower s Cooper ative pr esented Hawt hor n Agr ofor estr y Demonstr ation Far m Tr ial, which discussed the r esear ch to deter mine whether Eur opean species of hawthor n ( Crataegus laevigata, C. monogyna) can be established in Canada as economically viable and envir onmentally

sustainab le cash cr ops in or der to eventually r educe impor ts of hawthor n fr om East er n Eur opean countr ies. For mor e infor mation on the r esults of the Tr aditional to Technology confer ence contact the confer ence c hair s Alister Muir : muir a@agr.gc.ca or Connie Kehler : shsa@Sasktel.net or visit the confer ence website at: http://www.saskher bspice.or g/tr adition_to_tec hnology.
SOURCE: Josef Brinckmann: brink@sonic.net

SUPPLY AND DEMAND AMERICAN GINSENG (Pan ax quin quefolius) CROP DAMAGE FROM FUNGUS AND AIR POLLUTION Ontar io Ministr y of Agr icultur e r epor ts that ginseng gar dens 3 year s and older have begun to show top wi lt. After a few days of heat and humidity the plants ar e showing signs of foliar Phytophthora spp. Phytophthora is showing well dev eloped spor angia with zoospor es alr eady for med. Ther e ar e also many oospor es which indicates that the fungus, as well as the p lant, is under consider able str ess. With pr edicted r ains these oospor es may dir ectly pr oduce many spor angia. This situati on is explosiv e in ginseng gar dens. Untr eated gar dens wi ll exper ience widespr ead infection after a r ainfall. The Ministr y war ns ginseng gr ower s to not under estimate this disease and to apply Maestr o 80DF fungicide (captan) immediately (r ecommended r ate of 4.2 kg per hectar e). Maestr o is r egister ed for use (in Canada) in ginseng gar dens up to 4 times under an emer gency use per mit unti l 30 June 2007 (NOTE: Gr ower s expor ting ginseng r oots to the USA ar e advised, however , that ther e is no acceptab le r esidue li mit for captan on ginseng). The pr ognosis when this occur s so ear ly in ginseng is not pr omising. New t op gr owth will not occ ur and the r oots, even though not yet diseased, will be smaller now than they wer e last fall. The ministr y also r eports that some ginseng appear s to be affected by air pollution. Ther e have been a number of smog aler t days this season and some v er y hot weat her . Leaves damaged by air pollution bec ome vulner able to infection fr om Botrytis spp. The fungicides Elevate (fenhexamid) and Br avo (chlor othalonil) ar e r egister ed for Botrytis contr ol in ginseng.
SOURCE: Gover nment of Ontario Ministry of Agr iculture, Food and Rur al Affairs. Ginseng and Specialty Crop Repor t. Guelph, ON: Government of Ontario. 31 May 2007 and 06 June 2007.

BLACK COHOSH ( Actaea racemosa) WILD POPULATION MONITORING PROJECT The U.S. Depar tment of Agr icultur e (USDA) For est Ser vice, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser vice (USFWS) and Garden Club of Amer ica, in collabor ation with the Plant Conser vation Allianc e (PCA) Medicinal Plants Wor king Gr oup (MPWG) ar e leading two black cohosh monitor ing pr ojects in V ir ginia. V olunt eer s ar e needed for field pr ojects in Reddish Knob, V ir ginia (24-26 June) and Mt. Roger s Recr eation Ar ea, Mar ion, Vir ginia (26-28 August). Near ly 100% of the black cohosh r oot commer cial supply is wild c ollected fr om for ests of Easter n United Stat es. In the shor t-ter m, the ai m of t he monitor ing pr oject is to collect infor mation that pr ovides impor tant census and ecological data. In the long-ter m, it wi ll assist t he For est Ser vice, Natur al Pr oducts Industr y and other land management agencies t o better deter mine the sustainab le yi elds for wild black c ohosh r oot. Pr oject infor mation for the Reddish Knob pr oject site is avai lab le at: http://www. nps.gov/plants/medicinal/pr ojects/2007V ir ginia-ReddishKnob.pdf. Pr oject infor mation for Mt. Roger s: http://www.nps.gov/p lants/medicinal/pr ojects/2007V ir ginia-MountRoger s.pdf. These pr ojects ar e conducted with monetar y suppor t fr om a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation gr ant. For mor e infor mation contact Tr ish Flaster , MPWG-Conser vation Committee C hair at tflaster spr int@ear thlink.net.
SOURCE: Plant Conservation Alliance Medicinal Plant Working Gr oup: http://www .nps.gov/plants/medicinal.

ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA ( Echin acea angustifolia) BREEDING PROGRAM SEMINAR On 12 June 2007, the Wester n Canadian Functi onal Food & Nat ur al Healt h Pr oduct Networ k (WCFN) will pr esent a webcast semi nar titled Boosting Quality and Yield in Botanical Crops: Selecting phytochemically rich Echinacea angustifolia genotypes for a breeding program . Pr esenter s include Dr . Shannon Cowan (Faculty of Land & Food Systems, Univer sity of Br itish Columbia (UBC)), Ms. Paula Br own, MSc (Resear ch Pr ogr am Head, NHP Resear ch Gr oup, BCIT), and Mr . Alain Boucher , MSc (Centr e for Plant Resear ch, UBC). The seminar aims to deliver integr ated evidence fr om tr aditional

br eeding, chemistr y and phar macology; how to manage cr ops with a narr ow genetic base under diver se envir onment al gr owing conditions; how to incr ease pr ofit mar gins; cost effectiveness for smaller companies. The tar get audience inc ludes ec hinac ea far mer s, Natur al Healt h Pr oduct (NHP) industr y stakeholder s (manufactur er s, pr oducer s, r etailer s), NHP r esear cher s (clinicians, phar macologists, c hemists, botanists), academia, tr ade associations, gover nment and r egulator y agencies.
SOURCE: Wester n Canadian Functional http://www.bcfn2.com/html/new s.html Food & Natural Health Pr oduct Netw ork (WCFN):

2007/2008 INDUSTRY DIRECTORY FOR HERBS IN W ESTERN CANADA The West er n Canadian Functional Food & Nat ur al Healt h Pr oduct Networ k (WCFN) has pub lished its Western Canadian Natural Sources Directory 2007/08, a 58-page pamphlet that is also avai lab le to download fr ee on-li ne, an i ndustr y dir ector y for her bs, nutr aceuticals, functional foods, and natur al health pr oducts. The dir ector y includes business descr iptions and cont act detai ls for medicinal plant far ms including these, among other s: Botanical Specialites: A ngelica ( Angelica archangelica), ar nica ( Arnica montana), catnip ( Nepeta cataria), dong quai ( Angelica sinensis ), echinacea ( Echinacea spp.), lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia), valer ian ( Valeriana officinalis ) Boundar y Botanicals: Lycium ( Lycium barbarum ), sea buckthor n ( Hippophae rhamnoides ), schisandr a ( Schisandra chinensis ) Chai-Na-Ta Cor p: American ginseng ( Panax quinquefolius ) Duck Lake Flats: Sea buckt hor n ( Hippophae rhamnoides ) Falc on Ridge Far ms: Echinacea ( Echinacea angustifolia) Flying T wo Her b Far m: Echinacea ( Echinacea simulata) Four Winds Far m: Comfr ey ( Symphytum officinale), echinacea (Echinacea spp.) GLC Gr ower s: Bur dock (Arctium lappa), calendula ( Calendula officinalis ), catnip ( Nepeta cataria), chamomi le ( M atricaria recutita), stevia ( Stevia rebaudiana) Lonewolf Nativ e Plant & Her b Far m: About 100 differ ent her bs Nor th Amer ican Reishi /Nammex: C or dyceps ( Cordyceps sinensis), maitake ( Grifola frondosa), r eishi ( Ganoderma lucidum), shiitake ( Lentinula edodes) Panax Q Far m Ltd: Sea buckthor n ( Hippophae rhamnoides) Paynelea Or ganic Far ms: Calendula ( Calendula officinalis), chamomile ( M atricaria recutita), fever few ( Tanacetum parthenium ), gar lic (Allium sativum ), hawthor n ( Crataegus spp.), hyssop ( Hyssopus officinalis), lemon balm ( M elissa officinalis), lobelia ( Lobelia inflata), skullc ap ( Scutellaria lateriflora), yarr ow ( Achillea millefolium ) Sunshi ne Bay Botanicals: Ar nica (Arnica montana), astr agalus ( Astragalus membranaceus ), calendula ( Calendula officinalis ), catnip ( Nepeta cataria), chamomi le ( M atricaria recutita), comfr ey ( Symphytum officinale), dong quai (Angelica sinensis ), echinacea ( E. pallida; E. purpurea), fever few ( Tanacetum parthenium ), lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia), lemon balm ( M elissa officinalis), licor ice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra), skullcap ( Scutellaria lateriflora), stevia ( Stevia rebaudiana), valer ian ( Valeriana officinalis ), yarr ow (Achillea millefolium ) Tuscan Far m Gardens: Echinac ea ( Echinacea spp.), lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia) West Kootenay Her b Gr ower s Cooper ative: Cascar a sagr ada ( Frangula purshiana), devils club ( Oplopanax horridus ), hawthor n ( Crataegus spp .), huckleber r y ( Vaccinium spp.), r osehips ( Rosa canina) Whites Ginseng & Medicinal Her bs: Amer ican ginseng ( Panax quinquefolius)
SOURCE: Wester n Canadian Functional Food & Natur al Health Pr oduct Netw ork (WCFN). Western Canadian Natural Sour ces Directory 2007/08. Available at: http://www.bcfn2.com/Natural_Sour ce_2007.pdf

UNITED PLANT SAVERS OFFER MEDICINAL PLANT CULTIVATION INTERNSHIP The United Plant Sav er s (UpS), a non-pr ofit education cor por ation dedicated to pr eser ving native medicinal plants, is accepting applicati ons for a 6 week i nter n pr ogr am, Sept 1 Oct 14 2007, at the 378 acr e UpS Botanical Sanct uar y in the Appalachian foothi lls of Souther n Ohio. Inter ns wor k 30 hour s/week doing a var iety of medicinal p lant conser vation and cultivation pr ojects. Inter ns lear n

gener al plant pr opagation tec hniques wor king with at-r isk and endanger ed species, gener al far m upkeep and maint enance, landscape car e, gr eenhouse wor k, medicinal plant identification, sustainab le wi ld har vesting pr inciples and pr actices, medicine making. Contact Betzy: 802-476-6467 or Lynda: 707-824-0731; plantsaver smai l@ear thli nk.net or lynda@unit edplantsaver s.or g.
SOURCE: United Plant Savers: http://www.unitedplantsaver s.org

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Source Amer ican ginseng powder ( Panax quinquefolius ) Bayberr y r oot bar k (M orella cerifera)* Black pepper fr uit ( Piper nigrum ) Car damom seed ( Elettaria cardamomum ) Cascar a sagr ada bar k ( Frangula purshiana)* Cor iander fr uit ( Coriandrum sativum) Echinac ea angustifolia r oot ( E. angustifolia) ** Echinac ea pur pur ea her b ( E. purpurea)** Echinac ea pur pur ea r oot ( E. purpurea)** Goldenseal r oot ( Hydrastis canadensis) * Pepper mint leaf ( M entha piperita)** Slipper y elm bar k ( Ulmus rubra)* cotton c ut, wild collected * powder , wild * powder , wild * and or ganic ** Witch hazel leaf ( Hamamelis virginiana) * * Wild collect ed **Cer tified or ganic USA USA Br azil Guatemala USA CANADA USA USA USA USA USA USA:

Price 12 16.8 3.5-4.3 3-6.5 6.2-11 0.93-1.06 49.9-50.4 5.9-7.9 12.6 110-141 6.2-8.2 17.8-20.9 20.1 22.7-26.5 9.9-10.1

Destination New Yor k SPOT SPOT Guatemala USA SPOT New Yor k SPOT Pacific NW Pacific NW SPOT FOB Pacific NW FOB West Coast SPOT USA SPOT


Quality Standards: Standards for most of the above listed medicinal her bs ar e published in the United States Phar macopeia and National For mular y (USP-NF) and/or in the Eur opean Phar macopoeia (PhEur ). Notes on status of w ild-collected herbs: (1) Wild Amer ican ginseng is a pr otected species under Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Additionally, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser vice (USFWS) has cer tain expor t r estr ictions in p lace and in Canada, it is listed as an endanger ed species by the Committee on t he Stat us of Endanger ed Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC); (2) Wild goldenseal is listed as a thr eatened species by the COSEWIC. EXTRACTS AND ESSENTIAL OILS (Indicative prices: US $ / kg) Product Standardization Echinac ea her b ( Echinacea purpurea) Phenolic compounds Maca hypocotyle ( Lepidium meyenii) Glucosinolat es Mexican wild yam r oot ( Dioscorea composita) Total saponins Saw palmetto fr uit ( Serenoa repens ) Total fatty acids Saw palmetto fr uit ( Serenoa repens ) Total fatty acids Tomato fr uit ( Lycopersicon esculentum ) Lycopene

% 4 0.6 6.0 35 45 5

Price 39 16-19 28 45-48 45 195

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS COMPOUND BENZOIN TINCTURE Product of the USA (Benzoin resin raw material from Indonesia, Laos or Vietnam)
Pr oduct: Phar macopoeial name: Botanical name(s): Compound Benzoin Tinct ur e Benzoes c omposita tinct ur a Benzoin is t he balsamic r esin obtained fr om Styrax benzoin Dr yander or Styrax paralleloneurus Per kins (Sumatr a Benzoin), or fr om Styrax tonkinensis (Pirr e) Cr aib ex Har twich, or other species of t he Section Anthostyrax of the genus Styrax (Siam Benzoin), Fam. Styr aceae. Alcoholic liquid extr act pr epar ed fr om a mixtur e of moder ately coar sely powder ed Benzoi n USP, moder ately coar sely powder ed Aloe USP (dr ied latex of the leav es of Aloe barbadensis Miller or of Aloe ferox Miller and hybr ids of this species with Aloe africana Miller and Aloe spicata) , Stor ax USP (balsam obtained fr om the tr unk of Liquidambar orientalis Miller or of Liquidambar styraciflua Linn), Tolu Balsam USP (balsam obtai ned fr om M yroxylon balsamum (Linn) Har ms), and alcohol. Alcohol 1 : 4 (w/v) Stor e in tight, light-r esistant contai ner s, and avoid exposur e to dir ect sunlight and excessive heat. P lastic cont ainer s ar e not r ecommended. (1) Label it to indicate t hat it is f lammable; (2) Label it to indicate the name of the plant par t used for pr epar ation; the name of the solvent or solvent mixtur e used for extr action; the content of alcohol as a per centage (v/v) of C2 H5OH; and the content of t he constit uents of i nter est and the r atio of star ting mater ial to final pr oduct. Liquid Br ownish yellow Char acter istic, ar omatic balsamic odor Char acter istic Between 0.870 and 0.885 (USP <841>) Between 525 mg and 675 mg ( USP method) Between 74.0% and 80.0% of C2 H5 OH, the diluti on to appr oximately 2% alcohol being made with methanol inst ead of water (USP <611> Method II) Accor ding to the United States Food and Dr ug Administr ation (FDA): A gener ally r ecognized as safe and effective (GRASE) or al mucosal pr otectant that for ms a coating ov er a wound ; pr otects against fur ther irritation; f or tempor ar y use to pr otect wounds caused by minor irritations or injur y; and for pr otecting r ecurr ing canker sor es.


Extr action solv ent: Dr ug-to-extr act r atio: Stor age: Labeli ng:

Physical Analysis Appear ance: Color : Odor: Taste: Tests Specific gr avity: Limit of nonv olati le r esidue: Alcohol content:



MEETINGS AND TRADE SHOWS (North-, Central- and South America)

July 7-9, 2007 IV Feria Agropecuaria y IX Festival Internacional de la Maca Junn [4th Fair & 9th International Festival of Maca in Junn] V enue: Colegio Est atal 6 de Agost o, Pr ovincia de Junn, Per Or ganizer : Comisin Or ganizador a Multisector ial Sponsor s: Ministr ies of Agr icultur e of Junn Pr ovince and of Pasco Pr ovince, under the auspices of the Asociaci n de Pr oductor es de Maca Ecolgica (Or ganic Maca Pr oducer s Association), the Univer sidad Nacional del Centr o del Per (National Univer sity of Centr al Per ), and by Agr oindustr ias Koken del Per S.R.L.: http://www.macadelper u.com/ Contacts: Pr esident of Festival: Lic. Alber to Castillo Huer ta Public Relations: Luis Oswaldo Casti llo Huer ta, Pr esidente, Asociacin de Pr oductor es de Maca Ecolgica Jr . San Mar tin N 588, Junn, Per TEL: +51-(0)64-34-4313 / FAX: +51-(0)-34-4060 E-MAIL: fimaca2006@hot mai l.com or fimaca2006@yahoo.es WEB: http://www.mi nag.gob.pe/calendar io_fer ias.shtml?x=70377 Exhibitor profile: Maca gr ower s and r aw mater ial supplier s, manufactur er s and mar keter s of maca pr oducts, tr aditional healer s, and wholesale distr ibutor s of botanical r aw mater ials and finished pr oducts. Exhibitor s also display pr oducts made fr om other Per uvian botanicals. July 9-13, 2007 TRAINING COURSE: QUALITY CONTROL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS AND THEIR PRODUCTS IN THE CARIBBEAN REGION V enue: Por t of Spain, Tr inidad and Tobago Or ganizer s: Car ibbean Her bal Busi ness Association (CHBA), Tr inidad and Tobago and Int er national Centr e for Science and High Technology (ICS) United Nations Industr ial Development Or ganization (UNIDO), E-MAIL: elisa.r oa@ics.tr ieste.it WEB: http://www.ics.tr ieste.it/ActivityDetails.aspx?pcode=2.3&activity_id=493 Main topics: Good Collecti on Pr actices of MAPs and their Identification; Good Cultivation Pr actices and Post Har vest Technology for MAPs; Or ganoleptic, Macr oscopic and Micr oscopic Examination for Authentication of MAPs; Extr action Methods and their Standardization for MAPs; Deter mination of Pesticide Residues in MAPs; Deter mination of Heavy Metals in MAPs and their Pr oducts; Good Manufactur ing Pr actices for Pr oduction of Her bal Dr ugs. Objectives: To assist SMEs, cr ude dr ug tr ader s, r egulator y per sonnel, fac ulty member s fr om institutes of tr aditional medicines and phar maceutical sciences t o acquir e knowledge, ski ll and infor mation for impr oving their medicinal plant pr oduct compliance to quality par ameter s and to gener ate awar eness about r egulator y aspects of her bal medicine. July 14, 2007 PLANTING THE FUTURE: A CONFERENCE ON THE CULTIVATION, PRESERVATION & USES OF NATIVE MEDICINAL PLANTS V enue: Her b Phar m Far m, 20260 Williams Highway, Williams Or egon 97544 USA Or ganizer : United Plant Saver s (UpS) Sponsor s: Her b Phar m, Pacific Botanicals, Hor izon Seeds Contact: United Plant Saver s, PO Box 400, East Barr e, V er mont 05649 USA WEB: http://www. her b-phar m.com/planti ngthefutur e.pdf July 31 August 3, 2007 51st INTERNATIONAL HOP GROW ERS CONVENTION V enue: Yakima, Washi ngton Host: Hop Gr ower s of Amer ica (HGA), PO Box 928, Yakima, Washi ngton 98909 USA TEL: 509.248.7043 / FAX: 509.248.7044 / E-MAIL: tammy@usahops.or g WEB: http://www. hmelj-giz.si/ihgc/doc/4-2007%20Congr ess%20Pr eliminar y%20Schedule.pdf


August 12-16, 2007 3rd INTERNATIONAL SEABUCKTHORN ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE (ISA2007): PROMOTING SEABUCKTHORN INDUSTRY W ORLDW IDE OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES V enue: Loews Le Concor de Hotel, Quebec City, Pr ovince of Quebec, Canada Or ganizer s: Laval Univ er sity Institute of Nutr aceuticals and Functional Foods and the Q uebec Seabuckthor n Gr ower s Association Sponsor : Inter national Seabuckthor n Association E-MAIL: infor mation@inaf.ulaval.ca WEB: http://www.icr ts.or g/2006/ISA2007Call_for _Abstr acts.pdf Conference Themes: Cultivation and har vesting pr actices, br eeding, pr ocessing technologi es, chemistr y (nutr itional, medicinal and cosmetic), pr oduct development and mar keting (uses of seabuckthor n and its pr oducts). Ther e will also be tour s to seabuckthor n or char ds within 30minutes dr ive of the confer ence sit e. October 6, 2007 HAWAII PACIFIC ISLANDS KAVA FESTIVAL V enue: UH Manoa main c ampus, on t he "Mall," Honolulu, Hawai `i Contact: Awa Dev elopment Counci l, PO Box 26344, Honolulu Hawaii 96825 FAX: (808) 395-3772 / TEL: (808) 256-5605 / E-MAIL: secy.adc@gmail.com WEB: http://awadevelopment.or g/kavafestival October 7, 2007 6th ANNUAL CATSKILL MOUNTAIN GINSENG / MEDICINAL HERB FESTIVAL V enue: Histor ic Catskill Point in Gr eene County, New Yor k USA Sponsor s: Hear t of Catskill Association and Cor nell Cooper ative Extension of Gr eene C ounty. Contact: Bob Beyfuss at (518) 622-9820, E-MAIL: r lb14@cor nell. edu October 12-16, 2006 IX Festival internacional de la Maca Meseta del Bombn 2007 V enue: Yanacanc ha, Pasco, Per Or ganizer : Comisin Or ganizador a Multisector ial, Gobier no Regional y DRA Pasco, Minister io de Agr icultur a. Repblica del Per WEB: http://www.mi nag.gob.pe/calendar io_fer ias.shtml?x=70418 November 6-8, 2007 SUPPLY SIDE W EST INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW AND CONFERENCE V enue: V enetian Hotel and Sands Exposition C ent er , Las V egas, USA Or ganizer : V ir go Publishing, Phoenix, Ar izona USA Attendee: Mar sha-Gail Hender son at 1-800-454-5760 Exhibitor : Todd Willis at 480-990-1101, ext. 1171 WEB: http://www.supplysideshow.com/west November 7-9, 2007 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS SEMINAR AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE HERBAL INDUSTRY V enue: Jamaican Her bal Business Association (JHBA) Or ganizer : Car ibbean Her bal Busi ness Association (CHBA), #3 Her ber t Str eet, St. Clair , Por t of Spain, Tr inidad, West Indies WEB: http://www.car ibbeanher bs.or g January 2008 8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HERBAL MEDICINE IN THE CARIBBEAN: Building Alliances for a better Caribbean Herbal Industry Or ganizer s: Car ibbean Her bal Business Associati on (CHBA) and Car ibbean Association of Resear cher s and Her bal Pr actitioner s (CARAPA) V enue: Tr inidad and Tobago Contact: Ms. Kar en Lee Lum: c hba@iicacar c.or g WEB: http://www.car ibbeanher bs.or g


GOVERNMENT STUDY RECOMMENDS INCREASED MEDICINAL PLANT CULTIVATION IN GERMANY Ber lin: On 24 May 2007 at a BMELV (Ger man Feder al Ministr y of Food, Agr icultur e and C onsumer Pr oduction) symposium on the topic Renewable Resources: Which M arkets Have a Future?, an addr ess was given by Par liamentar y Secr etar y Dr . Peter Pazior ek on t he r esults of a study t hat was commission by the BMELV. The BMELV had commissioned FNR (Ger man Agency for Renewab le Resour ces) to c onduct a t hr ee-phase mar ket analysis of t he G er man r enewable r esour ces sector . In the second phase of t he pr oject sever al pr omising mar kets wer e analyz ed inc luding medicinal her bal pr oducts. The thir d phase of the st udy pr ovides r ecommendations and pr oposed long-ter m pr omotion str ategies for the selected mar ket segments. Dr . Pazior ek stated that the medicinal her bal sect or is an especially i nter esting mar ket in Ger many. Demand for medicinal p lants by Ger mans has i ncr eased significant ly because incr easingly t he buyi ng public is demanding p lantbased medicines, cosmetics, and healt h foods. The aut hor s of the study pr edict that the mar ket for these pr oducts will i ncr ease at about 10% annually. For a var iety of r easons, the Ger man her b mar ket up to now has been supplied pr edominant ly with impor ted botanical r aw mat er ials. Raw mater ial (quality standar ds) r equir ements ar e incr easing however and customer s ar e demanding pr oducts with documentation. T he shift to this higher value mar ket segment offer s Ger man far mer s a good oppor tunity to win back mar ket shar e. A common effor t is necessar y in or der to move this sector ahead. Options in t his ar ea r ange fr om the suppor t of fewer stages in the value c hain up to a compr ehensive pr ogr am for incr eased competitiveness, which compr ises all stages of value adding and a compr ehensive spectr um of medicinal p lants for Ger man far mer s. In June, Dr. Pazior ek will convene a meeting of exper ts in or der to discuss the over all lar ger pr oject in detail.
SOURCE: Rede des Par lamentarischen Staatsekretrs Dr. Peter Paziorek: Symposium "Nachw achsende Rohstoffe: Welche Mrkte haben Zukunft?" des BMELV . Ber lin, Deutschland: Bundesministerium fr Ernhr ung, Landwir tschaft und Verbraucher schutz (BMELV). 24 May 2007.

PEPPERMINT CULTIVATION INCREASING IN GERMANY The c ultivation of pepper mint leaf ( M entha piperita) i n Ger many has a ver y long tr adition. Incr eased industr ialization in Ger many as well as incr eased cultivation abr oad howev er led to a decline in its agr icultur al impor tance over the past centur y. Today the primar y cultivation r egions for local demand ar e situated in Sout her n- and Easter n Eur opean countr ies. Since the mid-1980s however the ar ea of land in Ger many under pepper mint cultivation has agai n been incr easing with the benefit of moder n har vest- and post- har vest pr ocessing methods. At the moment, t her e ar e about 400 hectar es of pepper mint acr eage in Ger many with the lar gest ar eas in t he States of Thur ingia, Palatinat e and Bavar ia.
SOURCE: Wirtschaftsvereinigung Kruter - und Fr chtetee e.V. (WKF). Kruteranbau in Deutschland. Hamburg, Ger many: WKF. May 2007: http://www.wkf.de/

UNFAVORABLE W EATHER IN 2006 BLAMED FOR SLIGHT DECLINE IN HERBAL TEA CONSUMPTION In May 2007, the Ger man Her bal- and Fr uit Tea Tr ade Association (WKF) published a mar ket r epor t citing hot weat her as the r eason for a slight decline in her bal- and fr uit tea consumption in Ger many dur ing 2006. A total of 37,306 tons of her bal- and fr uit teas wer e sold in Ger many i n 2006, a 3.8% dr op compar ed to pr evious year (2005: 38,780 MT). See Table 1. The entir e hot bev er age mar ket suffer ed due to the hot summer and mild autumn and winter and sales fell slight ly below expectations. Whi le near ly all var ieties of teas showed decli nes i n consumption, only pepper mint leaf ( M entha piperita) showed a good incr ease of 4.3% over 2005 and fennel fr uit ( Foeniculum vulgare) tea r emained stab le with a slight incr ease of 0.2%. Dr . Monika Beutgen, Dir ector of the WKF said that after a ver y successful pr eceding year fluctuations ar e nor mal. Fr om 2002 to end of 2006 t otal sales volume actually incr eased by 3,320 MT or about 10%. The WKF sees a potential for sustainab le fut ur e gr owth due to the r apidly incr easing pr oblem of Ger mans becomi ng over weight because her bal- and fr uit teas ar e pr actically calor ie-fr ee and pr ovide an ideal alt er native to sweet ened bever ages. The tr end in 2006 conti nued to fav or single-her b teas such as pepper mint leaf, chamomi le flower (M atricaria recutita) and r ooibos her b (Aspalathus linearis ) accounting for


about 60% (2005: 59%) of the ov er 12.4 billion cups of her bal tea consumed in Ger many (Note: calc ulated on the basis of 3g of her bs per cup of tea). The other 40% was flav or ed and unflavor ed her bal tea mixtur es (2005: 41%). Single- her b teas c ompar ed against her bal mixtur es showed less fluctuation with a dec li ne of 3.1%. Next t o pepper mint leaf tea, which at 6,114 MT (2005: 5,862) is the undisputed number one her bal tea in G er many, the slight 0.2% incr ease in c onsumption of fennel fr uit tea made it the numb er 3 her bal tea in 2006 and ther efor e displaced hibiscus & r ose hip teas which suffer ed a 4.4% decline. Ger manys number 2 herbal tea r emains chamomile flower with 4,464 MT, down 6% fr om 2005. Although the South Afr ican r ooibos her b tea, as a single-her b tea, decli ned by 5.1% to 2,677 MT, it has in t he meantime become a c omponent of many her bal tea mixtur es. After a big incr ease in 2005 of 7.5%, her bal tea mixt ur es declined by 4.8% in 2006 down to 15,009 MT (2005: 15,766 MT). While unflav or ed her bal tea mixtur es r emained stable (-0.9%), flavor ed her bal t ea dr opped by 6.1% to 11,115 MT. As in the past, flavor ed her bal teas commanded a 74% shar e of the her bal tea mixt ur es mar ket (2005: 75%). TABLE 1: GERMANY 2006 HERBAL- and FRUIT TEA CONSUMPTION Type of Herb Tea 2006 in Tons 2006 vs. 2005 Herb- and Fruit Teas TOTAL Single-herb & fruit teas: Pepper mint leaf Chamomile f lower Rose hip and/or Hibiscus flower Fennel fr uit Rooibos her b Other single her b teas Multi-herb & fruit tea mixtures: flavor ed unf lavor ed 37,306 22,297 6,114 4,464 3,274 3,938 2,677 1,830 15,009 11,115 3,894 -3 .8 % - 3.1 % + 4.3 % - 6.2 % - 4.4 % + 0.2 % - 5.1 % - 17.5 % - 4.8 % - 6.1 % - 0.9 %

For 2007, the WKF expects a mar ket r ecover y. Not only due to the intr oduction of new exotic and lifesty le-or iented var ieties of her bal teas but also due to t he gr eat potential for calor ie-fr ee bever ages for the incr easingly over weight Ger man population. Also because dr inking her bal teas is mor e economical than dr inking coffee or miner al water .
SOURCE: Wir tschaftsver einigung Kr uter - und Frchtetee e.V. (WKF). Marktreport: Wrme sorgt fr leichten Absatzrckgang in 2006. Hamburg, Germany: WKF. May 2007: http://www .wkf.de/

EDQM PUBLISHES DRAFT HERBAL QUALITY CONTROL MONOGRAPHS FOR PUBLIC COMMENT The Eur opean Dir ector ate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcar e (EDQM) has published sever al mor e dr aft medicinal her b quality contr ol monogr aphs, including for some Chinese medicinal her bs (e.g. astr agalus r oot and eucommia bar k) for public comment pr ior to finalization for entr y into the official Eur opean Phar macopoeia (PhEur ). The deadline for comments is 30 S eptember 2007: Astr agalus r oot ( Astragalus membranaceus (FISCH. ex LINK) BUNGE) Eucommia bar k ( Eucommia ulmodes OLIV .) Melissa leaf ( M elissa officinalis L.) Melissa leaf dr y extr act quantified Olive leaf ( Olea europaea L.) dr y extr act Pepper mint leaf ( M entha piperita L.) dr y extr act
SOURCE: Eur opean Pharmacopoeial Commission. Draft Monogr aphs and General Tex ts for Comment. Pharmeuropa 19.3. July 2007.

HMPC RELEASES FOUR EUROPEAN COMMUNITY HERBAL MONOGRPAPHS FOR PUBLIC COMMENT The Committee on Her bal Medicinal Pr oducts (HMPC) is r esponsible for establishi ng Community her bal monogr aphs, which have r elevance for the r egistr ation and author ization of her bal medicinal pr oducts. The monogr aphs ar e based on the avai lab le scientific data (well-established use) or on histor ic use in the Eur opean C ommunity (tr aditional use). The HMPC r eleased four mor e dr aft medicinal her b monogr aphs on 08 May 2007 with a c omment dead line of 15 A ugust 2007:


Bir ch leaf ( Betula pendula Roth; Betula pubescen s Ehr h.): http://www. emea.eur opa.eu/pdfs/human/hmpc/betulae_folium/26001906en.pdf Melissa leaf ( M elissa officinalis L.): http://www. emea.eur opa.eu/pdfs/human/hmpc/melissae_foli um/534107en.pdf Pepper mint essential oi l ( M entha x piperita L.):
http://www.emea.eur opa.eu/pdfs/human/hmpc/menthae_piperitae_aetheroleum/34946606en.pdf

Thyme her b ( Thymus vulgaris L.; Thymus zygis L.): http://www. emea.eur opa.eu/pdfs/human/hmpc/thymi _her ba/23411306en.pdf

SOURCE: European Medicines Agency (EMEA). Publication and consultation of Community monographs. 8 May 2007: http://www.emea.eur opa.eu/htms/human/hmpc/hmpcmonographsdraft.htm

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Source Car away fr uit ( Carum carvi) Holland Echinac ea pur pur ea r oot ( E. purpurea) Eur ope Rosemar y leaf ( Rosmarinus officinalis ) Spain Saffr on stigma ( Crocus sativus ) Spain

Price 1.2 6.71 1.87 2645

Destination ex stor e SPOT UK SPOT New Yor k SPOT New Yor k

Quality Standards: Standards for most of the above listed medicinal her bs ar e published in the Eur opean Phar macopoeia (PhEur ). BOTANICAL EXTRACTS & OILS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Standardization % Price Bilberr y fr uit Anthocyanins 25 500-700 Devils c law secondar y tuber Har pagoside 1.5 55-70 Echinac ea pur pur ea r oot Phenols / Dodecat etr anoic acid isobutylamides 4.0/0.025 35-50 Ginkgo leaf Flav onglycosides/Lactones 24/6 200-300 Milk thistle fr uit Silymar in 80 95-140 Nett le r oot Scopoleti n/-sitost er ol 30ppm/0.8 65-75 Saw palmetto fr uit Total Fatty Acids 85-95 60-90 Tr ibulus ter r estris Pr otodioscin 10 95 V aler ian r oot dr y extr act V aler enic acids 0.25-0.35 55-75

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS RHATANY TINCTURE Product of the Switzerland (raw material from Peru)
Pr oduct: Botanical name: Phar macopoeial name: Plant par t used: Extr action solv ent: Dr ug-to-extr act r atio: Stor age: Labeli ng: Rhatany Tinct ur e 1:5 Krameria triandra Ruiz and Pavon (Fam. Kr amer iaceae) Ratanhiae tinctur ae PhEur Dr ied, under gr ound or gans Ethanol (70 per cent V /V) 1 : 5 (w/v) Stor e in tight, light-r esistant contai ner s, and avoid exposur e to dir ect sunlight and excessive heat. P lastic cont ainer s ar e not r ecommended. Label it t o indicate t he r atio of star ting mater ial to extr action liquid or of star ting mater ial to final tinct ur e; and the ethanol content i n per cent V/V in the final ti nctur e. Liquid Reddish-br own Near ly odor less Char acter istic, astringent and slight ly bitter

Physical Analysis Appear ance: Color : Odor: Taste:


Chemical Analysis Identification: Tannins: Ethanol content: Methanol and 2-pr opanol: Applications:

As deter mined by Ratanhiae ti nctur ae TLC ID Test (PhEur 2.2.27) Minimum 1.0% m/m, expr essed as pyr ogallol Between 63% V /V and 67% V /V (PhEur 2.9.10) Maximum 0.05% V /V of methanol and maximum 0.05% V /V of 2pr opanol As a component of or al car e pr oducts (mouth spr ay, mouth wash, toothpaste). Accor ding to the Ger man Commission E: 5-10 dr ops of tinctur e in 1 glass of water , 2-3 times daily for topical tr eatment of mild inf lammation of the or al and phar yngeal mucosa.


June 19-20, 2007 SW ISS INVEST FORUM 2007 AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST FINANCING AND MARKETING SEMINAR: MEDICINAL PLANTS, BIOPROSPECTING V enue: Kongr esshaus Zr ich, Gotthar dstr asse 5, Postfach 2523, 8022 Zur ich, Switzer land TEL: + Or ganizer : Swiss Or ganisation for Facilitating Invest ments (SOFI), Stauffacher str asse 8026 Zur ich 4, Switzer land, TEL: + Contact: Ivan Jabbour , Regional Manager , Nor th Afr ica and Middle East, SOFI TEL: + E-MAIL: ivan.jabbour @sofi.ch WEB: http://www.swissinvestfor um.ch


June 24-28, 2007 MEETING OF THE SCIENTIFIC COMMISSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL HOP GROW ERS CONVENTION V enue: Hotel Rad, Lindauer Str asse 2, D-88069 Tett nang / Bodensee, Ger many Contact: Dr . E. Seigner, Secr etar y of the Scientific Commission TEL: +49 / (81.61) 71.3601 FAX: +49 (81.61) 71.5227 E-mail: Elisabet h.Seigner @LfL.bayer n.de WEB: http://www. hmelj-giz.si/ihgc/activ/jun07.htm In addition to the scientific pr ogr amme, ther e wi ll be a visit of t he Hop Museum and postconfer ence tour s of the Hop Labor ator ies in Fr eising, the Hop Resear ch Center at Huell, Hop pr ocessing fir m Haller tauer Hopfenv er edelungsgesellschaft (Hopsteiner ) in Au, and the hop pr ocessing fir m and trial br ewer y St. Johann. September 2-6, 2007 55th ANNUAL MEETING AND INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE SOCIETY FOR MEDICINAL PLANT RESEARCH V enue: Gr az, Austria Or ganizer : Scientific and Or ganizing Committees of t he Society for Medicinal Plant Resear ch Contact: Semaco GmbH, Fir mianstr ae 3, 5020 Salzbur g, Austr ia TEL: + 43 662 826 878 / FAX: + 43 662 826 8784 E-MAIL: congr ess@semaco.co.at WEB: http://www.ga2007.or g The Meeting wi ll i nclude wor kshops of the per manent committees on her bal medicinal pr oducts: Biological and Phar macological Activity of Natur al Pr oducts (H. Winter hoff) Br eeding and Cultivation of Medicinal P lants (C. Fr anz) Manufactur ing and Quality Contr ol of Her bal Remedies (B. Meier) Regulator y Affair s on Her bal Medicinal Pr oducts (A. J. V lietinck)


September 9-12, 2007 38th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ESSENTIAL OILS V enue: Kar l-Fr anzens-Univer sity Gr az, Austr ia Or ganizer s: Univer sity of V eter inar y Medicine V ienna, Institute for Applied Botany and Phar macognosy, Joanneum Resear ch Gr az, Institute of Sust ainab le T echniques and Systems, and Kar l-Fr anzens-Univer sity Gr az, Institute of Phar maceutical Sciences Contact: The Or ganizing Secr etar iat: SEMACO GmbH, Fir mianstr . 3, 5020 Salzbur g, Austr ia TEL: +43 / 662 / 82 68 78 / FAX: +43 / 662 / 82 68 78 4 E-MAIL: congr ess@semaco.co.at WEB: http://www.iseo2007.or g Main topics will inc lud e r egulator y affair s for essential oils, among other s, and a wor kshop on r ecent developments i n analytical and extr action technology. Also a full-day excur sion "Extr action/Pr oduction Technology" visit of the super cr itical fluid extr action and powder technology company Nat ex Pr ozesstechnologi e GesmbH in Ter nitz (http://www.natex.at) and the r esear ch center of Joanneum R esear ch for solid-liquid extr action and distillation in Har tber g (http://www.joanneum.at). September 13-16, 2007 SANA: 19th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF NATURAL PRODUCTS V enue: Bologna Fair gr ound, Bologna, Italy Or ganizer : SANA S.r .l., via San V itor e, 14 20123 Milan, Italy Contact: BolognaFi er e spa, Piazza Costituzione, 6, I - 40128 Bologna TEL: +39/051/282.111 / FAX: +39/051/63.74.031 E-MAIL: sana@bolognafier e.it WEB: http://www.sana.it Exhibitor Profile: Her bs, officinal plants and essences, her bal and phytother apeutic pr oducts, or ganic pr oducts, diet pr oducts, natur al pr oducts, and mor e. October 9-10, 2007 AESGP CONFERENCE ON HERBAL (MEDICINAL) PRODUCTS AND FOOD SUPPLEMENTS V enue: Br ussels, Belgi um Contact: Contact: AESGP , 7, avenue de Ter vur en, B-1040 Br ussels / Belgium Tel +32 (0)2/ 735 51 30 / Fax +32 (0)2/ 735 52 22 E-mail: s.azzoug@aesgp.be WEB: http://www.aesgp.be/Br ussels2007/Pr ogr ammeBr ussels2007.pdf October 30-November 1, 2007 NATURAL INGREDIENTS EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE V enue: ExCel London, One West er n Gateway, Royal V ictor ia Dock, London, E16 1XL, UK Or ganizer : CMP Infor mation, a division of United Business Media Contact: CMP Infor mation, PO Box 200, 3600 AE Maar ssen, The Net her lands TEL: + 31 346 559 444 / FAX: + 31 346 573 811 WEB: http://www. ni-events.com Confir med exhibitor s of medicinal plants or extr acts include Exxentia, Indo Wor ld Tr ading Cor por ation, Phytoline Cor por ation Ltd., Phytotr ade Afr ica, Sinochem Qingdao C o. Ltd., V idya Herbs PV T Ltd., among other s. October 31, 2007 nd th 2 W ORLD ONION CONGRESS held concurrently w ith 5 INTERNATIONAL ISHS SYMPOSIUM ON EDIBLE ALLIACEAE (ISEA) V enue: Congr ess Cent er De Pijler , Lelystad, The Nether lands Or ganizer s: Wor ld Onion Congr ess, Wor ld Alli um Association, ISHS Contact: Wor ld Allium Association, P.O. Box 822, 3700 AV ZEIST, The Nether lands TEL: 0031 30 6933 489 / FAX: 0031 30 6917 394 E-MAIL: info@wor ldalli umassociation.com WEB: http://www. eur opoint-bv.com/events/?wor ldalliumassociation/104


February 18-21, 2008 18. BERNBURGER WINTERSEMINAR und 5. FACHTAGUNG ARZNEI- UND GEWUERZPFLANZEN: QUALITAET, W IRTSCHAFTLICHKEIT UND NACHHALTIGKEIT [18th Annual Bernburg W inter Seminar and 5th Seminar for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Quality, Profitability and Sustainability] V enue: Landesanstalt fr Landwir tschaft, For sten und Gar tenbau Sachsen-Anhalt bzw. Mensa der Fachhochsc hule A nhalt, Ber nbur g-Str enzfeld, Sachsen-Anhalt Or ganizer s: Deutscher Fachausschuss fr Ar znei-, Gewr z- und Ar omapflanzen, Minister ium fr Landwir tschaft und Umwelt Sac hsen-Anhalt, Landesanstalt fr Landwir tschaft, For sten und Gar tenbau Sachsen-Anhalt, SALUPLANTA e.V . Contact: Fr au Sybille Richt er , Landesanstalt fr Landwir tschaft, For sten und Gar tenbau Sac hsenAnhalt, Str enzfelder Allee 22, 04606 Ber nbur g-Str enzfeld TEL: +49 03471 334 140 / FAX: +49 03471 334 105 E-MAIL: Sybille.Richter @llg.mlu.lsa- net.de WEB: http://lsa-st23.sachsen-anhalt.de/llg/akt uelles/ft_ws_ag_08/1zir kular _08.pdf The scientific pr ogr amme will encompass all ar eas of medicinal and ar omatic p lant pr oduction wit h main themes inc luding p lant br eeding, cultivation tec hniques, mechanization and post-har vest technologies, r egulations, quality assur ance and applications. February 21-24, 2008 BIO-FACH WORLD TRADE FAIR FOR ORGANIC FOOD AND NATURAL PRODUCTS V enue: Exhibition Centr e Nur ember g, Ger many Patr on: Inter national Feder ation of Or ganic Agr icultur e Movements (IFOAM) TEL: +49 (0)9 11.8606-0 / FAX: +49 (0)9 11.86.06-82-28 E-MAIL: biofach@nuer nber gmesse.de WEB: http://www.biofach.de/ Although the BIO-FACH tr ade show is pr imar ily for buyer s & seller s of cer tified or ganic finished pr oducts, ther e will be many exhibitor s of bulk botanical r aw mat er ials and extr acts. March 7-9. 2008 EXPOVITAL 2008: SALN DE LA HERBODIETTICA, SALUD, PRODUCTOS NATURALES Y ECOLGICOS V enue: Pabelln n 2. IFEMA, Madrid, Espaa Or ganizer s: Asociacin Espaola de Fabr icantes de Pr epar ados Alimenticios (AFEPADI), Dietticos y Plantas Medicinales, Feder acin Naci onal de Dietticas y Her bolar ios (FENADIHER), Asociacin Pr ofesional de Her bolar ios y Diettica de Madr id (APRODYHEM). Contact: INTERALIA, Fer ias Pr ofesionales y Congr esos, S.A. WEB: http://www.int er alia.es/www.expovital.net/d efault.htm Exhibitor profile: Medicinal plants, nat ur al agr icultur al pr oducts, cer tified or ganic pr oducts, natur al fiber s, natur al cosmetics, and nat ur al ther apies. November 11-13, 2008 HEALTH INGREDIENTS EUROPE 2008 V enue: Par is Nor d, Villepinte - Hall 1 & 2 BP 60004, 95970 Roissy CDG C edex Or ganizer : CMP Infor mation, a division of United Business Media Contact: CMP Infor mation, PO Box 200, 3600 AE Maar ssen, The Net her lands TEL: + 31 346 559 444 / FAX: + 31 346 573 811 E-MAIL: Fi@cmpinfor mation.com WEB: http://www. hi-events.com/ Exhibitor profile: Supplier s of beneficial algae, fats and oi ls, f lav or s and ar omas, fr uit and vegetab le pr oducts, ginkgo extr act, ginseng, or ganic ingr edients, phytochemicals, p lant oestr ogens, soy ingr edients, spir ulina, among other natur al and her bal ingr edients.




As of June 2007, about 60% of Easter n Eur opean countr ies hav e r epor ted their total 2006 expor t data. However some of the lar gest expor ter s of medicinal and ar omatic p lants (MAPs) in Easter n Eur ope have not yet r epor ted, most notably Bulgar ia, Hungar y, Poland and Russian Feder ation. Of the 14 r epor ting countr ies listed in the below tab le, for the 8 selected Har moniz ed System (HS) Codes, Albani a r epor ted the lar gest expor t quantity of 8,254,970 kg and Romania r anked 2nd with an expor t total of 7,965,505 kg. P lease not e that these 8 HS Codes do not captur e all MAPs and extr acts but they do r epr esent a lar ge por tion of the ov er all tr ade. Most of Albanias MAP expor ts (96%) wer e classified under HS1211 with mai n destinations of Ger many (3,374,749 kg), USA (1,017,751 kg), Tur key (717,488 kg), Fr ance (671,733 kg), Italy (566,423), and Macedonia (488,100 kg). On the ot her hand Romania c lassified most of its MAP expor ts (86%) under HS0909 wit h mai n destinations of Sr i Lanka (3,336,386 kg), South Afr ica (1,466,170 kg), UK (378,100 kg), Ger many (368,872 kg), Bulgar ia (305,510 kg), Austr ia (227,920 kg), and Fr ance (101,160 kg). The tab le below shows the total quantities in kilogr ams (kg) for selected gener al categor ies of MAPs and extr actives ther eof. The 4-digit HS Codes used in the t able r epr esent the following cat egor ies of MAPs: HS 0904: Inc ludes fr uits of the Capsicum , Pimenta and Piper gener a HS 0909: Inc ludes anise fr uit ( Pimpinella anisum ), car away fr uit ( Carum carvi), cor iander fr uit ( Coriandrum sativum), cumin fr uit ( Cuminum cyminum ), fennel fr uit ( Foeniculum vulgare) and juniper fr uit ( Juniperus communis), among other s HS 0910: Includes ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale), saffr on stigma ( Crocus sativus ), thyme her b ( Thymus vulgaris), tur mer ic r hizome ( Curcuma longa), and wild thyme her b ( Thymus serpyllum ), among many ot her s HS 1210: Hop str obile ( Humulus lupulus) HS 1211: Inc ludes licor ice r oot ( Glycyrrhiza spp.), mint leaf ( M entha spp.), r osemar y leaf ( Rosmarinus officinalis ), sage leaf ( Salvia spp.), among hundr eds of other medicinal her bs HS 1301: Inc ludes tr ee gums and other gums and oleor esins HS 1302: Inc ludes saps and extr acts of MAPs HS 3301: Inc ludes all essential oi ls obtained fr om MAPs 2006 TOTAL MAP EXPORTS / EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES / Quantities in Kilograms (kg) COUNTRY HS0904 HS0909 HS0910 HS1210 HS1211 HS1301 HS1302 HS3301 0 16,929 216,285 40,636 7,963,944 252 12,011 4,913 Albania Belarus BiH Croatia Cyprus Estonia Finland Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Moldova Romania Serbia Slovenia 529 13,087 167,274 0 245,608 41,929 34,927 127,448 26,122 24 7,184 2,161,262 17,332 0 352,451 4,629 0 14,871 ? 14,865 1,079,303 1,049,389 55,450 6,830,597 638,334 19,085 6 16,208 45,140 2,863 130,936 100,273 198,473 218,979 4,142 0 7,055 94,942 18,222 5,504 0 569 0 218 0 20,790 2,162 0 0 0 19,287 1,530,910 235,876 615,386 1,533,385 152,853 10,438 8,744 1,946,515 242,956 810,249 174,149 958,804 1,107,124 89,788 297,982 0 550 21,754 0 78 0 9,374 2,174 256 979 241 2,736 11,587 20 3,339 0 321,278 63,185 10,876 154,375 2,779 0 46,950 14,121 50,741 216 2,402 9,649 74,958 170 25,235 2,084 243,084 1,611 120,204 113,936 12,040 133,347

SOURCE: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR ORGANIC HERB PRODUCTION Bulgar ias Str ategy Plan for Development of Or ganic Far ming in Bulgar ia 2007-2013 consists of tasks and activities for impr oving the development of the mar ket oppor tunities for or ganic far ming and also p lans for 8% of the cultivat ed agr icultur al lands t o be c er tified or ganic by 2013. The financial suppor t of or ganic far ming as a pr ior ity in the implement ation of the EU quality suppor t schemes 2007-2013 in Bulgar ia is 780 mi llion Eur os. Thr ough t he SAPARD Pr ogr am (Special Accesssion Pr ogr amme for Agr icultur e and Rur al Development) 114 pr ojects wer e appr oved with a total f unding amount of 7,081,994 Bulgar ian levs (BGN) (= $4,881,104 USD). The number of the cer tified or ganic pr oducer s in Bulgar ia has incr eased and since the star t of 2007 ther e ar e over 150 new pr oducer s. Most of the or ganic pr oducts in Bulgar ia ar e pr oduced with existing expor t oppor tunities. Curr ently Ger many is the main destinati on for Bulgar ian expor ts of medicinal her bs, spices, honey, essential oi ls, and vegetab les. Her bs and spices ar e also expor ted to t he USA and Holland and r ose essential oi l t o Fr ance and Holland. Or ganic far ming in Bulgar ia is developing mainly in t he fr amewor k of cooper ation of wit h Switzer land.
SOURCE: Bulgarian Chamber of Commer ce and Industry. Bulgaria appr oved plan for development of organic farming. INFOBUSINESS. Mar ch 2007, Number 3.

PRICES AND PRICE INDICES FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS FOR FIRST QUARTER 2007 The Republic of Bulgar ia National Statistics Institute has published aver age pr ices and price indices for 1st quar ter 2007 for agr icultur al pr oducts inc luding select ed high volume Bulgar ian MAPs. The aver age pr ice for hop str obile ( Humulus lupulus ) was 7.57 levs/kg (= USD $5.22/kg), lavender flower ( Lavandula angustifolia) 0.34 levs/kg (= USD $0.23/kg), linden f lower ( Tilia spp.) 4.86 levs/kg (= USD $3.35/kg), Sicilian sumac fr uit ( Rhus coriaria) 1.00 levs/kg (= USD $0.69 /kg), and spear mint leaf ( M entha spicata) 1.90 levs/kg (= USD $1.31/kg).
SOURCE: National Statistics Institute. Pr ices and pr ice indices for agricultur al pr oducts and live animals for fir st quarter 2007. Sofia, Bulgaria: National Statistics Institute. 23 May 2007.

UPDATE ON W ILD COLLECTED MEDICINAL PLANTS OF FINLAND The r ecent Tr adition to Technology Confer ence (10-13 May in Saskatchewan, Canada) featur ed sessions on mar ket tr ends including a plenar y lect ur e by Simo Moisio, MSC., eMBA, Executive Dir ector of the Ar ctic Flavour s Association (Suomussalmi, Finland) entitled Pr omoting Non-Timber For est Pr oducts (NTFP) in Finland. Mr . Moisio also made a pr esentati on entitled Cur r ent Situation and Futur e Pr ospects for NTFP Mar kets: The Nor dic Per spective. The Ar ctic Flavour s Association (AFA) is a tr ade association with 120 member fir ms that pr omotes Finnish NTFPs with a mai n goal t o incr ease t he c onsumption of healt hy for est berr ies, mushr ooms and her bs, both at a national and i nter national level. The AFA r epor ts that the wi ld collecting of for est fr uits in Finland is valued at 200 mi llion Eur os annually, wild mushr ooms at 100 mi llion, and wild medicinal her bs contribute about 20 million Eur os annually to the Fi nnish economy. With over 70% of its land ar ea cover ed in for est, Finland is the most for est cover ed countr y in Eur ope. Mr . Moisio pr ovided data on t he most impor tant wi ld collect ed plants i n Nor dic countr ies. For examp le in Finland about 15 mi llion kilos of bilberr y fr uit ( Vaccinium myrtillus ) ar e wild har vested annually, most of which ar e consumed by the collector s but of which bet ween 3 to 5 mi llion ki los ar e pr ocessed commer cially. Bilberr y fr uit is collect ed fr om mid-July unti l the star t of September . In the Nor dic countr ies, about 35 mi llion ki los of ber r ies ar e wild collect ed fr om for ests annually with Sweden and Finland incr easing t heir expor ts of bilberr y fr uit. Other wild food and medicinal fr uits collected in the r egion inc lude lingonber r y (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) and sea buckthor n ( Hippophae rhamnoides ), among other s. Sea buckthor n, found in the land Islands and open shor es of the nor ther n Baltic Sea, is collect ed dur ing September and October . In addition to wi ld collection of bi lberr y, lingonber r y, and sea buckthor n, near ly 30 species of medicinal and ar omatic plants (MAPs) ar e collected in Finland inc luding angelic a ( Angelica archangelica subsp. archangelica), ash weed ( Aegopodium podagraris ), chamomile (M atricaria recutita), dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale), Eur opean goldenr od ( Solidago virgaurea), fir eweed ( Epilobium angustifolium ), heather ( Calluna vulgaris ), juniper ( Juniperus communis), ladys mant le ( Alchemilla spp.), meadowsweet ( Filipendula ulmaria), mountain ash ( Sorbus aucuparia), r aspberr y ( Rubus idaeus ), r ed clover ( Trifolium pratense), stinging nett le ( Urtica dioica), wild str awber r y ( Fragaria vesca), and yarr ow (Achillea millefolium ), among other s.


For mor e infor mation on wi ld collection of for est fr uits and her bs in Finland send an e-mai l to AFA Executive Dir ector Simo Moisio at simo.moisio@ar ctic-flavour s.fi or visit the AFA website, whic h is pr ovided in English, Finnish, Fr ench, Ger man, Russian and Swedish: http://www.ar ctic-flavour s.fi.
Source: Moisio S. Current Situation and Futur e Prospects for NTFP Markets: The Nor dic Perspective. In: Traditional to Technology Conference. 10-13 May 2007.

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS & OILS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Source Price Car away fr uit ( Carum carvi) Easter n Eur ope 1.15 Cor iander fr uit ( Coriandrum sativum) Russia 0.85 Cor iander fr uit essential oi l( Coriandrum sativum ) Russia 40 Fenugr eek seed ( Trigonella foenum-graecum) Tur key 0.99 Linden f lower ( Tilia spp.) Bulgar ia 3.35 Spear mint leaf ( M entha spicata) Bulgar ia 1.31
* wild colle cted ** cer tified organic

Destination fot Rotter dam CIF SPOT Hambur g Spot New Yor k Bulgar ia Bulgar ia

No te: Monographs containing quality standards and tests for most the above-listed herbs and essential oils ar e published in either the Farmakopea Polska VI (2002), the Pharmacopoeia Hungarica VII (1986), or in the State Phar macopoeia of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics XI (1987-1990). Most also appear in the current edition of the European Pharmacopoeia (PhEur V).


Pr oduct: Botanical name: Phar macopoeial name: Plant par t used: Extr action solv ent: Dr ug-to-extr act r atio: Pr oduction: Calendula Tinct ur e 1:5 Calendula officinalis L. (Fam. Aster aceae) Calendulae tinctur ae DAC Fully opened f lower s which hav e been detac hed fr om the r eceptacle of the cultivat ed, double-f lower ed var ieties Ethanol (70 per cent V /V) 1 : 5 (w/v) Calendulae tinctur ae is made fr om 1 par t dr ied calendula f lower s and 5 par ts ethanol 70% (V /V ) according to the met hods descr ibed in the Eur opean Phar macopoeia (PhEur ) extr acts monogr aph, pr efer ably the per colation met hod. Stor e in tightly c losed container s in a dr y location at r oom temper atur e (+15C to +25C) pr otected fr om light. Plastic container s ar e not r ecommended. Label it to i ndicate t he r atio of st ar ting mater ial t o extr action liquid or of star ting mater ial to final tinct ur e; and the et hanol content i n per cent V/V in the final ti nctur e. Liquid Br ownish yellow Ar omatic Somewhat bitter and salty Completely miscible in water As deter mined by TLC Identification Test (DAC 2.2.27) Not less t han 0.1% Flavonoids, calc ulated as hyper oside (DAC assay) Between 64% V /V and 69% V /V (DAC 2.9.10) Maximum 0.05% (V /V ) of methanol and maximum 0.05% (V /V ) of 2pr opanol (DAC 2.9.11) Not less t han 4.0% (m/m) As an active component of or al car e pr oducts (dental or al irr igator s, mout h r inse, mout h spr ay, mouth wash, tooth gel, toot hpaste). 21

Stor age: Labeli ng: Physical Analysis Appear ance: Color : Odor: Taste: Miscibility: Chemical Analysis Identification: Flav onoids: Ethanol content: Methanol and 2-pr opanol: Dr y r esidue: Applications:


June 4-6, 2007 43rd ANNUAL MEETING ASSOCIATION OF THE EUROPEAN SELF-MEDICATION INDUSTRY (AESGP) V enue: Hilt on War saw Hot el, War saw, Poland Contact: AESGP , 7, avenue de Ter vur en, B-1040 Br ussels, Belgium Tel +32 (0)2/ 735 51 30 Fax +32 (0)2/ 735 52 22 E-mail: s.azzoug@aesgp.be WEB: http://www.aesgp.be/War saw2007/War sawPr ogr amme.pdf The meeting wi ll inc lude a panel discussion on mar ket developments in t he ar eas of her bal medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics with pr esentations by the following: Konstanti n KELLER, Chair , Committee on Her bal Medicinal Pr oducts, Eur opean Medicines Agency (EMEA) Basil MATHIOUDAKIS, Head of Unit Food Law, Nutr ition and Labeli ng, DG Health & Consumer Pr otection, Eur opean C ommission Leszek BORKOWSKI, Head of the Registr ation Office, Ministr y of Healt h, Poland Pascal BORDAT, Dir ector of R&D, Labor atoir es Pierr e Fabr e Der moCosmtique Hans van ZOONEN, V ice-Pr esident Eur ope Phar maceuticals, Pr octer & Gamble June 13-17. 2007 5th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF TEA AND MEDICINAL HERBS V enue: Tr g oslobodenja A lija Izetbegovic, Sar ajevo, Bosnia & Her zegovina Or ganizer s: Tea-fest Or ganizing Committee in cooper ation with t he Gover nment of Canton Sar ajevo, USAID-Linking Agr icultur al Mar kets to Pr oducer s (USAID-LAMP), City Council of Sar ajevo and Municipality of Old Town Sar ajevo. Contact: Mr s. Samir a Katica-Ar nautovi, dir ector of the festival, Lubina 5, 71000 Sar ajevo, BiH TEL: +387.33.236 136 GSM: +387.61.100 415 E-MAIL: info@tea-fest.ba WEB: http://www.t ea-fest.ba/english The aim of t he T ea-fest is t o pr ovide a for um for networ king and consultations among the companies and individuals at t he local, r egional and int er national level i n the Medicinal Her bs field. The main subjects of the Tea-fest will be How to pr omote collabor ation among compani es and individuals in Bosnia and Her zegovina and the r egion in the field of Medicinal Her bs and how to incr ease sales of their pr oducts. July or August 2007 (dates To Be Determined) BILBERRY DAYS V enue: Plav Lake, Montenegr o Suppor ter s: Ministr y of Agr icultur e, For estry and Water Supply, Republic of Montenegr o Or ganizer s: Ministr y of Tour ism, Republic of Montenegr o September 10 October 12, 2007 TRAINING COURSE FOR PERSONS RUNNING HERBAL PHARMACY SHOPS V enue: Instytut Ro lin i Pr zetwor w Zielar skich (Resear ch Institute of Medicinal Plants) Or ganizer : Instytut Roli n i Pr zetwor w Zielar skich, ul. Libelta 27 61-707 Pozna TEL: (61) 665 95 40 FAX: (61) 665 95 51 E-MAIL: kur s@ir ipz.pl WEB: http://www.ir ipz.pl


September 23-27, 2007 IFEAT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2007 V enue: The Int er Continent al Budapest Hotel, Apaczai Cser e J.U. 12-14, Budapest, H-1052 Hungar y Tel: + 36 1 3276 333 Fax: + 36 1 327 6357 Or ganizer : The Inter national Feder ation of Essential Oils and Ar oma Tr ades (IFEAT) Contact: IFEAT Secr etar iat, GAFTA House, 6 Chapel Place, Rivington Str eet, London EC2A 3S H Fax: +44 (0)20 7814 8383 E-MAIL: confer ence@ifeat.or g WEB: www.ifeat.or g WEB: http://www.ifeat.or g/Budapest2007/Pr intableBr ochur e.pdf The conf er ence wi ll inc lude lectur es on developments with essential oils with par ticular r efer ence to the industr y in Centr al and East er n Eur ope and the Balkans. Ther e wi ll also be a field tr ip to essenti al oi l distiller ies and plantati ons near Budapest. September 23-27, 2007 4th INTERNATIONAL MEDICINAL MUSHROOM CONFERENCE (IMMC4) V enue: Cankar jev dom Cultur al and Congr ess Centr e, Ljubljana, Slovenia Contact: Pr of. Dr . Fr anc Pohleven, Univer sity of Ljubljana Biot echnical Faculty TEL: +38614231161 FAX: +38614235035 E-MAIL: fr anc.pohleven@bf.uni-lj.si WEB: http://www.immc4.si/ October 5-7, 2007 ECOLIFE 2007 23rd HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND FOOD FAIR V enue: Jaskolkaspor t hall, ul. Tr augutta 3a, Tar nw, Poland Contact: POLISH SOCIETY OF HEALTHY LIFE and FOOD PROMOTION, 33-106 Tar nw 8 skr .poczt. 40 ul. Ber nar dyska 24 TEL / FAX: (48-14) 626-00-40 WEB: http://www.zdr owa-zywnosc.pl/ Exhibitor profile: Apicultur al and her bal pr oducts, tea, fr uits and veget ables, ecological fer tilizer s, natur al cosmetics, fitness and r ehabi litation equipment, tr ade lit er atur e, natur al medicaments. About 65 exhibitor s and 8,000 attendees. 2009 (dates To Be Determined) FOURTH INTERNATIONAL SEABUCKTHORN ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE (ISA 2009) V enue: Siberian Fair , Novosibir sk, Russia Sponsor : Inter national Seabuckthor n Association WEB: http://www.sanddor n.net


SUPPLY AND DEMAND MAP EXPORT TOTALS FOR CHINA, HONG KONG AND SELECTED EAST ASIAN COUNTRIES As of June 2007 most East Asian c ountr ies hav e not yet r epor ted their total 2006 expor t data. However , 2006 data is availab le for Peoples Repub lic of China (PRC) and Hong Kong Special Administr ation Region (SAR) of the PRC, but not for Macao SAR of the PRC or Republic of China (Taiwan). The table below summar izes total 2006 expor t quantities (kg) for the main categor ies of medicinal and ar omatic plants (MAPs), their extr actives and oi ls, for the PRC and Hong Kong as well as other East Asian countr ies Mongolia and Repub lic of Kor ea (Sout h Kor ea) and one Southeast Asian countr y Malaysia. Caution should be exer cised when evaluating Hong K ong expor t data as muc h of this total may be r e-expor ts. The PRC is the lar gest expor ter of MAPs, its thr ee highest v olume tr ade categor ies being HS 0910 (mainly ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale)), HS 0902 (inc lud es all for ms of tea leaf ( Camellia sinensis)), and HS 1211 (inc lud es most medicinal plants; although ov er 11% of the expor t value is attr ibuted to ginseng r oot ( Panax ginseng) alone). For HS 0910, the PRC expor ted 291,215,008 kg i n 2006, of whic h over 96% was ginger r hizome alone (280,368,162 kg). Main destinations for Chinese HS 0910 expor ts wer e Japan (73,208,328 kg), Pakistan (49,829,728 kg), USA (30,809,083 kg), Malaysia (28,354,405 kg), United Ar ab Emir ates (16,370,840 kg), Saudi Ar abia (14,146,300 kg), Bangladesh (13,874,184 kg), UK (9,969,447 kg), Sout h Kor ea (9,597,311 kg), Canada (8,312,326 kg), and the Nether lands (7,313,502 kg). For HS 0902 (tea leaf), the PRC expor ted 286,594,157 kg with main destinations of Mor occo (56,788,462 kg), Japan (27,675,854 kg), Uzbekistan (19,026,007 kg), USA (18,721,866 kg), Russian Feder ation (16,590,056 kg), Hong Kong (15,254,446 kg), Ghana (12,272,977 kg), A lger ia (10,960,941 kg), Libya (9,189,350 kg), and Senegal (7,075,067 kg). Main destinations for PRC expor ts of medicinal plants classified under HS 1211 (201,984,402 kg) wer e Hong Kong (97,244,930 kg), South Kor ea (35,769,74 kg), Japan (18,831,170 kg), V iet Nam (13,887,969 kg), Other Asia not elsewher e specified (8,382,022 kg), USA (4,850,147 kg), Malaysi a (3,002,411 kg), Ger many (2,740,923 kg), Singapor e (1,938,464 kg), Ir eland (1,915,421 kg), Fr ance (1,722,980 kg), Thailand (1,116,333 kg), and Italy (864,723 kg), among many ot her s. TOTAL 2006 EXPORTS OF SELECTED ASIAN COUNTRIES / Quantities in Kilograms (kg) HS CODE 0902: Tea leaf 0903: Mat leaf ** 0904: Piper and Capsicum genera 0905: Vanilla 0906: Cinnamon 0907: Clove 0908: Cardamom, Mace, Nutmeg 0909: Star Anise, Caraway, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, 0910: Ginger, Saffron, Thyme Turmeric 1210: Hop strobile 1211: Medicinal herbs 121220: Seaweeds, algae 1301: Gum-resins & oleoresins 1302: Extracts, Saps 3301: Essential oils 3302: Mixtures of odoriferous substances PRC 286,594,157 130,363 103,183,043 0 35,558,940 13,833 3 8,833,202 291,215,008 103,267 201,894,402 46,999,174 75,619 17,983,815 15,155,334 11,640,174 Hong Kong 1,862,976 0 581,398 11,055 318,434 2,577 25,325 110,889 1,298,890 32,550 13,586,872 8,471,556 585,649 2,208,712 586,650 4,752,454 Malaysia 1,090,912 13,677 38,483,009 15,314 190,212 100,630 356,520 788,278 4,486,364 175,000 918,632 988,804 218,309 519,846 200,028 2,495,006 Mongolia 633 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4,005 0 2,722 0 0 0 619 0 South Korea 1,540,611 0 1,636,519 0 25,270 1,095 0 1,787 171,139 0 975,444 19,907,072 22,902 3,095,524 7,599 544,854

** Since HS 0903, M at leaf (I lex paraguari en si s) is produced in South American countries, the export data for China and M alaysia appear s to be the result o f applying an incorrect HS code. It is po ssible but seem s unlikely that these countries are importing and re-exporting quantities o f mat leaf. SOURCE: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database.


TW O NEW STUDIES PUBLISHED ON THE CHINESE HERBAL DRUGS TRADE In April 2007, C hinaCCM.com, a multinational mar ket r esear ch company based in Hong Kong, published its 1,027-page 2007 Annual Report on China: Chinese Herbal Drugs Industry. The r epor t is pr iced at $2,000 (USD) / har d copy or $2,150 for a PDF copy. In Januar y 2007, the Helmut Kaiser Consultancy of Tbingen, Ger many published its new study entit led Traditional Chinese M edicine (TCM ) in China and Worldwide 2005-2006-2010-2015: M arkets Products, Companies, Developments, Technologies and Sciences . This r epor t sells for 3,900 Eur os (= $5,215 USD). Both r epor ts appear to pr ovide valuab le infor mation but based on the pr omotional mat er ials avai lable and a r eview of the Table of Contents for each r epor t, it is also appar ent that t he English tr anslations could be better . The Chi naCCM.com r epor t contains 11 c hapter s. Chapter 1 includes tr ade char acter istics of the her bal tr ade dr ug. Chapter 2 pr ovides an analysis of the Chinese her bal dr ug tr ade including sections on the Gov er nments super vision of the tr ade (State Administr ation of Tr aditional Chi nese Medicine; Good Agr icultur al and C ollection Pr actices (GACPs) and Good Manufactur ing Pr actices (GMPs)), intellectual pr oper ty pr otection of TCM, and accession to t he WTO impact on development of Chinese her bal dr ug industr y. Chapter 3 includes a mar ket supply and demand analysis of Chi nese her bal dr ug tr ade and a section with analysis of invest ment s being made in t he her bal tr ade. Chapter 4 pr ovides analysis of the main lar ge Chinese her bal dr ug pr oducing Pr ovinces including Sichuan (r anked #1), Guangdong, Jilin, Guangxi, and Chongqing, among ot her Pr ovinces. Chapter 5 is titled Impor ts & Expor ts Tr ade Situation A nalysis of C hinese Her bal Dr ug, 2006, and inc ludes impor t and expor t analysis of cr ude medicinal her bs (decoction pieces), bulk plant extr acts, finished TCM pr oducts, and finished Chinese her bal healt h pr oducts. Chapter 5 also inc ludes expor t analysis by major Pr ovince and an analysis of the main destination mar kets for Chinese her bs. Chapter 6 analyzes the Chinese domestic mar ket for cr ude herbal dr ugs and also pr ovides a main categor y analysis for 7 impor tant cr ude dr ugs; Asian ginseng ( Panax ginseng), cordyceps fungus ( Cordyceps sinensis), fo-ti r oot tuber ( Polygonum multiflorum ), gastr odia tuber ( Gastrodia elata), honeysuckle flower bud ( Lonicera spp.), isatis r oot ( Isatis indigotica), schisandr a fr uit ( Schisandra chinensis), and Tienchi ginseng r oot ( Panax notoginseng). Chapter 7 deals entir ely with Chinese her bal dr ug decoction piec es, the manufact ur ing enter pr ises that pr oduce them, policy and r egulations gover ning their manufact ur e, development of new her bal decocti on piec es using nanotec hnology, pr oblems and c hallenges faced by her bal dr ug decoction piec es mar ket. Chapter 8 pr ovides analysis of the TCM Patent Pr escr iption sub-sector . Mar ket competition and tactics analysis is the t heme of Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 pr ovides analysis of Chi nas top ten her bal dr ug companies. The r epor t finishes wit h Chapter 11 whic h pr ovides 2007 development pr ospects and tr end analysis for the Chinese her bal dr ug tr ade. The 2007 r epor t fr om Helmut Kaiser contains 9 c hapter s. Chapter 1 is a definition of TCM. Chapter 2 pr ovides a global mar ket over view for TCM. Chapter 3 includes analysis of the development of the TCM mar ket and mar ket segmentati on f or Wester n Eur ope, Ger many, and the USA. The TCM Mar ket in Asia is the subject of Chapter 4 which cov er s China, Japan, and Kor ea. Chapter 5 looks at the mar ket segments of TCM; phytother apy, acupunctur e and ac upunctur e devices, nutr ition and dietar y supplements, phar maceutical dr ugs, vitamins and miner als, diagnostics, medical-technic al equipment, and qigong devices. Chapter 6 is titled TCM in China and includes data on total sales figur es, main companies i n botanical extr action, main botanical r aw mat er ials tr ading mar kets wit h pr ice index for 500 Chinese her bs and main r aw her bs with mar ket potential data, TCM patent medicines mar ket, and TCM sales thr ough hospitals (r anked by pr oduct and manufactur er ). Chapter 7 pr ovides infor mation and financial analysis on leading TCM companies in C hina [NOTE: Most of the same companies ar e also analyzed in Chapter 10 of the afor ementioned r epor t by ChinaCCM.com]. Chapter 8 pr ovides impor t and expor t data including sections on pr opor tion of TCM botanical extr acts expor t mar ket by r egion and pr opor tion of TCM r aw mater ials and slic ed medicinal her bs expor t mar ket by r egion. Chapter 9 is titled Factor s Affecting the Development of Chinas TCM Mar ket fr om 2005 to 2015 and Chapter 10 is the conc lusion. The Intr oduction to this study states that t he TCM mar ket has been r apidly developing sinc e t he late 1990s. In 2005, t he output value of TCM amounted to RMB110.3 billion (about 11 billion), accounted for a quar ter of the over all output value in Chi na's medical industr y. The net yield and pr ofits of TCM pr oduction is much higher than the aver age for the countr y's medical industr y. The t otal TCM mar ket i n C hina wi ll r ise to 18.8 billi on in 2015. Mor e than 3,000 enter pr ises ar e engaging in TCM pr ocessing and this study pr ovides financial and business analysis of the top TCM companies.
SOURCES: (1) ChinaCCM.com. 2007 Ann ual Report on Chin a: Chin es e Herbal Drugs In dustry. April 2007: http://www.chinaccm.com (2) Helmut Kaiser Consultancy. Traditional Chin ese Medicin e (TCM ) in China an d Worldwide 2005-2006-2010-2015: M arkets Products , Compan ies , Developmen ts , Techn ologies an d Scien ces . Tbingen, Germany: Helmut Kaiser Consultancy. January 2007: http://www.hkc22.com/ChineseMedicine.html.


CHENGDU CITY 1st QUARTER 2007 MEDICINAL HERBAL PRODUCT EXPORT STATISTICS Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Pr ovince, is one of the most impor tant ec onomic cent er s in China. Sichuan Pr ovince and the C hengdu r egion ar e consider ed by some to be t he capital of Tr aditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chengdu is one of the major phar maceutical R&D center s in Chi na. The table below shows 1st quar ter Chengdu expor ts of TCM pr oducts including bulk bot anical r aw mater ials ( her bal medicines and her bal pieces), bulk botanical extr acts, finished her bal healt h car e pr oducts, and finished Tr aditional Chi nese Patent Medicine pr oducts. TCM pr oducts make up 46.17% of Chengdus total medical pr oduct expor ts. Wester n dr ugs account for 48.22% and medical equipment 5.6% of Chengdu medical pr oduct expor ts. Export statistic of medical products of Chengdu city in 1-3 months Monetary Unit: 1 Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY) = $0.1306 (USD) Accumulative Accumulative Grow th Share Category value (2007) value (2006) rate 10,684,054 CNY 9,925,503 CNY Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): 7.64% 46.17% =$1,394,876 USD =$1,295,842 USD 2930700 CNY Herbal medicines and herbal pieces 2,495,632 CNY -14.84% 10.78% =$325,821 USD =$382,622 USD 7,544,837 CNY 6,487,436 CNY 16.29% 32.60% Herbal extracts =$985,030 USD =$846,979 USD 157,500 CNY Herbal health care products 266,000 CNY 68.88% 1.14% =$34,728 USD =$20,562 USD 377,585 CNY 349,867 CNY 7.92% 1.63% Traditional Chinese patent medicines =$49,296 USD =$45,677 USD Western drugs 11,158,860 CNY 12,554,597 CNY -11.11% 48.22% Medical equipment 1,296,253 CNY 1,843,217 CNY -29.67% 5.60% Total Medical Products Exports 23,139,167 CNY 24,323,317 CNY -4.86% 100.00%
Source: Healthoo Infor mation. Chengdu's ex port statistic of medical pr oducts in 1-3 months. Beijing, China: Orient Health Ecommer ce Ltd. 8 June 2007.

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Source Price Astr agalus r oot pwd ( Astragalus membranaceus) Cassia bar k ( Cinnamomum aromaticum ) Cher okee r ose hip ( Rosa laevigata), seedless Chicor y r oot ( Cichorium intybus ) Chinese mint leaf ( M entha haplocalyx) Eleut her o r oot ( Eleutherococcus senticosus ) Gar lic bulb ( Allium sativum) Conventional, powder ed or ganic, powder ed ** Ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale), powder ** Ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale) Ginseng r oot ( Panax ginseng) Hop str obile ( Humulus lupulus) Jujube date powder ( Ziziphus jujuba) Licor ice r oot ( Glycyrrhiza uralensis ) conventional or ganic ** Lycium fr uit ( Lycium barbarum) Star anise fr uit (Illicium verum) ** Cer tified or ganic China China China China China China China: China China China China China China China China China 6 1.6-1.8 1.63 4.4 1.7 2.15 2.25 2.02 2.21 1.76 17.4 6.2 9 2.4 6.0 6.6 3.96

Destination New Yor k CIF Califor nia CIF Califor nia CIF Califor nia CIF Califor nia CIF Califor nia Spot New Yor k FOB Qingdao por t FOB Qingdao por t SPOT New Yor k CIF Califor nia CIF Califor nia New Yor k CIF Califor nia FOB Hambur g FOB San Fr ancisco Spot New Yor k

Note: Monogr aphs pr oviding quality st andar ds and tests for most the above listed Chi nese her bs ar e published i n the Phar macopoeia of the Peop les Repub lic of C hina (PPRC English Edition 2005). Many ar e also pub lished in the Japanese Phar macopoeia (JP XIV, English Edition 2001).


BOTANICAL EXTRACTS & OILS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Standardization Asian ginseng r oot (fr om bi-pr oduct) Ginsenosides (by UV ) Bilberr y fr uit Anthocyanins Bitter or ange fr uit / peel Synephr ine Bitter or ange fr uit / peel Synephr ine Eleut her o r oot Eleut her osides Epimedium her b Flav onoids (as icar iin) Ginger r hizome Essential oi l Ginkgo leaf Flav onglycosides/Lactones Gr een tea leaf EGCG Kudzu r oot 4 : 1 (w/w) Licor ice r oot liquid extr act Glycyrr hetic acid Lycium fr uit Polysacchar ides Schisandr a fr uit Schisandr ins Soybean Isoflavones Star anise fr uit Essential oi l

% 80 25 30 60 0.8 20 N/A 24/6 50 N/A 7 10 2 40 N/A

Price 58 578 37 95 10-32 48 30-39 24 * 28 17 3 45-53 25 90-98 6.5-8

*NOTE: This is about 1/10 the price of European-made ginkgo extract and there have been many reports of adulter ated pr oduct fr om China, which may partly explain the low cost.


Pr oduct: Botanical name: Phar macopoeial name: Plant par t used: Extr action solv ent: Stor age: Shelf life: Physical Analysis Appear ance: Color : Odor: Taste: Par ticle size: Chemical Analysis Moistur e: Caffeine: Polyphenols: Contaminants Analysis Heavy Metals: Ar senic: Lead Microbiological Load Total V iable A er obic Count: Yeast and mold: Escher ichia coli (in 1 g): Salmonella (in 10 g): Applications: Gr een Tea Extr act Powder Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze [Fam. Theac eae] Camelliae sinensis non fer mentat a folii extr actum siccum nor matum Dr ied leaf Water /ethanol Stor e tightly sealed i n a c lean, cool and dr y place, away fr om str ong and dir ect light. Two year s fr om date of manufact ur e, when pr oper ly stor ed. Fine powder Br ownish yellow Char acter istic Char acter istic 100% thr ough 80 mesh Not mor e than 5.0% Pr esent Not less t han 95.0% as det er mined by UV Not mor e than 20 ppm Not mor e than 2 ppm Not mor e than 2 ppm Not mor e than 1,000 cfu/g Not mor e than 100 cfu/g Absent Absent As a component of or al car e pr oducts (dental gum, dental gel, mouth spr ay, mouth wash, toothpaste).



June 11-15 2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND TRADE FAIR: THE ROLE OF NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS (NTFPs) IN POVERTY ALLEVIATION AND BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION V enue: Sofitel P laza Hotel, Hanoi, V ietnam Sponsor s: Non-Timber For est Pr oducts Sub-Sector Suppor t Pr oject, Koninkr ijk der Neder landen, IUCN, SNV , GTZ, Car e, WWF, RECOFTE, SIPPO Contact: Sar ah Webster, IUCN V iet Nam, 44/4 V an Bao, Ba Dinh Distr ict, Ha Noi, V iet Nam TEL: ++84-4-726-1575 Ext: 133 / FAX: ++84-4-726-1561 E-MAIL: sar ahweb@iucn.or g.vn WEB: http://www.cifor .cgiar.or g/Events/hanoi_ntfp.htm On the 4th day of the Confer ence ther e will be a Tr ade Fair pr oviding an oppor tunity for par ticipants to view a wide r ange of NTFPs, meet pr oducer s and buyer s and lear n mor e about the economic potential of NTFPs. Also on t he 4th and 5th days ther e will be optional field tr ips to visit NTFP pr oject sites in Nor ther n V ietnam. June 27-29, 2007 NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO ASIA V enue: Hong K ong Convention & Exhibition C entr e, Hong K ong, China Or ganizer : Penton Media Inc. Contact: Penton Media Asia Ltd., Room 1302, Wanchai Centr al Building, 89 Lockhar t Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong / Tel: +852-2975-9051 / Fax: +852-2857-6144 E-MAIL: info@pentonasia.com WEB: http://www. natur alpr oductsasia.com/eng_main.php Exhibitor profile: Although mainly a finished pr oducts tr ade show, exhibitor s will i nc lude supplier s of botanical r aw mater ials, botanical extr acts, essenc es, cer tified or ganic ingr edients, functional food ingr edients, cosmec euticals, nutr aceuticals, Tr aditional C hinese Medicines, Tr aditional Ayur vedic Medicines, Natur opathic Remedies, and Homoeopathic Medicines. July 17-20, 2007 TRADITIONAL AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE EXHIBITION 2007 (TCME 2007) co-located w ith the 3rd International Congress on Traditional Medicine & Materia Medica (ICTMMM) and the International Traditional / Complementary Medicine Conference (INTRACOM) V enue: Putr a Wor ld Tr ade Centr e, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Contact: Ms Amy Ismail at TEL: 603-6140 6666 E-MAIL amy@pr otemp.com.my WEB: http://www.ictmmm2007.or g/exhibition.htm Exhibitor Profile: Supplier s of bee pr oducts, cocoa, coffee, dietar y supplements, essences, her bal medicines, her bal pr oducts, herbal supplements, her bal teas, medicinal plants, nat ur al edible pigments, natur al f lavor ings, or ganic foods and bever ages, or ganic healt h ingr edients, plant extr acts, r aw her bs, soy pr oducts, spices, tea leaves. August 2-4, 2007 INTERHERB 2007 V enue: Xiamen Inter national Confer ence & Exhibition Center , 301 Hongqi str eet Nangang Dist. Har bin, China Or ganizer : Reed Sinophar m Exhibitions Co., Ltd. Suppor ter s: China National Phar maceutical Gr oup Cor p., Reed Sinophar m Exhibitions Co., Ltd., China National Gr oup Corp. of Tr aditional & her bal Medicine, China Society of Tr aditional C hinese Medicine, China Phar maceutical Association, Chinese Phar maceutical Cult ur e Society, Hong Kong C hinese Medicine Mer chants Associati on Limited, The Bangkok Medicine Tr aders Association, Inter national TCM Tr ading Development Associati on, Chinese Her bs Development Associati on Contact: Ms. Sue Chen, Reed, Sinophar m Exhibitions Co. Ltd, Natur al Medicine Dept, 11-12th floor , China Phar maceutical Bldg, No. 20 Zhic hun R oad, Haidian Distr ict, Beijing, China TEL: 86-10-62068899 ext. 3607 / FAX: 86-10-82350429 28


susu.chen@r eedsinophar m.com http://en.inter her b.com.cn

Exhibitor profile: Tr aditional C hinese Medicine (TCM) r aw mater ials, TCM her bal decoction piec es, concentr ated Chinese medicine gr anules, GAP plantation bases, TCM moder nization bases of science & tec hnology industr y, animal extr acts, botanical extr acts, inter mediates, natur al health car e pr oduct, apian pr oducts, sea pr oducts, TCM decoction mac hiner y, pulver izer s, phar maceutical packing mater ial & equipment, TCM extr acting equipment. HEALTHPLEX EXPO 2007 V enue: China Wor ld Tr ade Center Exhibition Hall, No.1, Jian Guomen Wai Str eet, Chaoyang Distr ict, Beijing 100044 Chi na Or ganizer : Tr ade Development Bur eau (TDB) Ministr y of Commer ce of China and the China Chamber of Commer ce of Medicines and Healt h Pr oducts Impor ter s and Expor ter s (CCCMHPIE) Contact: 8F, 12, Panjiayuan Nanli, Chaoyang, Beijing 100021 Chi na TEL: +86 - 10 - 87792001, 87792002, 87789677, 87789678, 67736869 FAX: +86 - 10 87789502, 67734737, 87792010 / E-MAIL: exhibition@cccmhpie.or g.cn WEB: http://www. healt hplex.com.cn Exhibitor profile: Tr aditional Chinese Medicines, medicated oi ls and ointments, nat ur al medicinal pr oducts, dietar y supplements, functional foods, healthy bever ages. August 16-20, 2007 2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION OF THE MODERNIZATION OF CHINESE MEDICINE & HEALTH PRODUCTS V enue: Hong K ong Convention and Exhibition C entr e, Hall 2, 1 Har bor Road, Wanchai, HK Or ganizer : Hong Kong Tr ade Development Counci l and The Moder nized Chinese Medicine Inter national Associ ation Ltd: http://www.mcmia.or g/ Contact: Exhibitions Depar tment, Hong K ong Tr ade Development Counci l, Unit 13, Expo Galler ia, FAX: (852) 2824-0026 / E-MAIL: exhibitions@tdc.or g.hk WEB: http://www.icmcm.com/ Exhibitor profile: Chinese botanical r aw mat er ials and extr acts, finished medicinal her bal pr oducts, cer tified or ganic her bal ingr edients, healt h pr oducts (her bal supplements, functional foods, nutr aceuticals, or ganic foods), r esear ch and development ser vices and tr ade associations. September 5-8, 2007 HERBAL AND HEALTH FOOD INDONESIA V enue: Jakar ta Inter national Exhibition C entr e, Kemayor an, Jakar ta, Jakar ta Raya, Indonesia Or ganizer : Krista Media Pr atama PT., Kr ista Exhibitions, Jln. Blandongan 28 DG, Jakar ta, Indonesia TEL: +(62)-(21)-6345861/6345862/6334581 / FAX: +(62)-(21)-6340140/6342113 WEB: http://www.biztr adeshows.com/tr ade-events/her bal-healthf ood-indonesia. html Exhibitor profile: Supplier s of her bs and spices, antioxidants, fats and oils, ar omas and flavor s, fr uit and vegetable pr oducts, or ganic ingr edients, seasonings, soy pr oducts, star ches, sweet ener s, vitamins and mi ner als, and mor e. October 10-12, 2007 September 21-23, 2006 NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO JAPAN V enue: Tokyo Inter national Exhibition C ent er (Tokyo Big Sight) Contact: Healt h Business Magazine Co., Ltd. , Mr. Hitoshi Oya, Planning & Mar keting Dir ector TEL: +81 3 3839 0751 / FAX: +81 3 3839 0753 E-MAIL: oya@healt h-mag.co.jp WEB: http://www. natur alpr oductsjapan.com Exhibitor profile: Although mainly a finished pr oducts tr ade show, ther e will be exhibitor s of r aw ingr edients & supply-r elated pr oducts & ser vices including botanical r aw mater ials, extr acts, TCM


ingr edients, essences, Ayur vedic r emedies, tr aditional her bal medicinal pr oducts, nutr aceuticals, functional food ingr edients, cosmeceuticals, specialized for mulae, mushr oom pr oducts, pr obiotics, pr ocessing technology, or ganic pr oducts, and mor e. November 1-4, 2007 HERBAL ASIA 2007 V enue: Matr ade Exhibition Convention Centr e, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Or ganizer : Gitex (M) Sdn Bhd Suppor ter s: Ministr y of Natur al Resour ces & Envir onment, Ministr y of Agr icultur e & Agr o-Based Industr y, Ministr y of Entr epr eneur & Cooper ative Development, Ministry of Health, Ministr y of Tour ism, Ministr y of Cultur e, Ar t & Her itage, Contact: Secr etar iat Her bal Asia, Level 2, The Ascott Kuala Lumpur , No. 9, Jalan Pinang 50450, Kuala Lumpur / TEL: 03-2140 2277 / FAX: 03-2148 2228 E-MAIL: Exhibition: hba@mygitex.com / Confer enc e & Semi nar : seminar @mygitex.com Buyer -Seller Meeting: meet@mygitex.com WEB: http://her balasia.com.my Exhibitor profile: Gr ower s and supplier s of botanical r aw mater ials, medicinal p lants, spices, coffee, tea leaf, essenc es, botanical extr acts, mar ine extr acts, natur al flavor s, natur al edible pigments, or ganic health ingr edients, bee pr oducts, supplier s of Ayur vedic medicines, natur opathic medicines, homoeopathic medicines, medicinal her bal teas, ar omather apy pr oducts, and mor e. November 5-9, 2007 14th CHINA YANGLING AGRICULTURAL HI-TECH FAIR (CAF) V enue: No.1 Wester n Zhanguan R oad, Yangli ng Demonstr ation Zone, Shaanxi, 712100 PR China Host: The Peop les Gover nment of Shaanxi Pr ovince E-MAIL: exhibit@yangli ng.gov.cn / melissalihua@yahoo.com.cn WEB: http://www.agr i-fair .com Exhibitor profile: Supplier s of medicinal her bs, planting technology, medicinal her b pr ocessing and equipment, medicinal her bal pr oducts. November 14-16, 2007 NATURAL / ORGANIC PRODUCTS ASIA 2007 ASIA HEALTH 2007 V enue: Singapor e Expo, Hall 4 Suppor ter s: Chinese Or ganic Agr ibusiness Association (COAA), Healt h Supplements Industr y Association Singapor e (HSIAS), Kor ea Healt h Supp lement Association (KHSA), Inter national A llianc e of Diet ar y / Food Supplement Associations E-MAIL: laur iechin@hqli nk.com WEB: http://www. npoasia.com Exhibitor Profile: Her bs and spices, plant extr acts, dietar y supplements, tr aditional r emedies and medicines, coffee and tea, ec ological pr oducts, or ganic foods and bever ages, r aw mater ials. November 21-24, 2007 3rd GLOBAL SUMMIT ON MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS V enue: Chiang Mai, Thailand Contact: Dr . Thaneeya Chetiyanukor nkul, Secr etar iat, Inter national Centr e, UNISERV , Chiang Mai Univer sity, 239 Huay K eaw R oad, Chiang Mai 50200 T hai land TEL: + (66-53) 94-2861 / FAX: + (66-53) 94-2890 E-MAIL: gosmap3@gmai l.com WEB: http://www.gosmap3-cmu.co.nr Summit topics inc lude: Cultivation and quality standar dization, Sustainab le r ole of medicinal and ar omatic plants i n health c ar e, Safety and efficacy of phytomedicines and phytocosmetics, Isolation and char acter ization of bioactive substances fr om medicinal and ar omatic plants, Nanot echnology in phar maceutical, phytocosmetics and natur al pr oducts


DEMAND AND SUPPLY NEW STUDY MAKES RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HOW TO INCREASE INDIAN HERBAL EXPORTS In a r epor t entitled Future of Herbal Exports , published by the Associated Chamber s of Commer ce & I ndustr y of India (ASSOCHAM), the estab lishi ng of Exc lusive Expor t Pr omotion Zones (EPZ) in six selected Indian States is a main r ecommendation as a way to i ncr ease expor ts of Indian her bs and medicinal her bal pr oducts fr om curr ent level of about Rs. 3,000 cr or e (= $734,600,729 USD) to a pr ojected figur e of Rs. 12,000 cr or e (= $2,938,402,918 USD) by 2012. This r ecommendation is based in part on data that tr aditional her bal medicine expor ts to countr ies like US, Spain, UK, Austr alia, Russia and Indonesia have been gr owing at an av er age r ate of over 25%. China and India ar e the lar gest pr oducer s of medicinal p lants but I ndias shar e in medicinal p lant expor ts in global tr ade is just about 2.5% agai nst 13% for China. The leading pr oducer s of medicinal plants in India ar e the Stat es of Gujar at, Rajasthan, Har yana, Tami l Nadu, Andhr a Pr adesh and t he Himalayan r ange, whic h together account for 75% of India's total her bal medicine expor ts. ASSOCHAM suggests that EPZs to acceler ate her bal expor ts ar e nec essar y for which gr ants and R&D suppor t must occur thr ough centr al allocations & r esour ces. Fur ther mor e, if EPZs ar e set up in these six States with a total centr al allocation of Rs. 30,000 cr or es (= $7,346,007,295 USD), having facilities for r esear ch & development, it would not be difficult for India to acceler ate its expor ts of her bs and her bal medicines, t o the pr ojected level of Rs. 12,000 cr or e within 5 year s time. The Indian medicinal her bs that have established expor t demand in economi es of scale and ar e alr eady pr oduced with inter national quality nor ms include psyllium husk & seed ( Plantago ovata), senna leaf & pod ( Cassia angustifolia), sandalwood chips & dust ( Santalum album ), jojoba seed ( Simmondsia chinensis ), pyr ethr um ( Tanacetum cinerariaefolium ), basil leaf ( Ocimum spp.), hyssop her b ( Hyssopus officinalis ), and galangal r hizome and r oot ( Alpinia spp.), among other s. The ASSOCHAM r epor t highlights the fact that India has 15 agr ocli matic zones wit h 15,000 medicinal plants of which the Indian Systems of Medicine (Ayur veda, Siddha and Unani) have identified 1,500 in their r espective mater ia medica. About 70% of Indias medicinal p lants ar e found in tr opical ar eas most ly in t he var ious for est types spr ead acr oss the West er n and East er n ghats, the V indhyas, Chotta Nagpur plateau, Ar avalis & Himalay as. Alt hough less than 30% of t he medicinal p lant s ar e found in t he t emper ate and alpine ar eas and higher altitudes t hey inc lude species of high medicinal value. Macr o studies show that a lar ger per centage of the known medicinal plant occur in the dr y and moist deciduous veget ation as c ompar ed to the ev er gr een or temper ate habitats. About 90% of medicinal plants used by industr y ar e collect ed fr om the wild. While over 800 species ar e used in pr oduction by industr y, less than 20 species of plants ar e under commer cial cultivation. Over 70% of the plant collections inv olv e destr uctive har vesting because of the use of par ts like r oots, bar k, wood, stem and the whole plant i n case of her bs. This poses a definite thr eat to the genetic stocks and to the diver sity of medicinal plants if biodiver sity is not sustainably used. The quality of medicinal plants depends on the geogr aphical or igin, time and stage of gr owth when collection has been done and post har vest handli ng. The collections in most cases ar e done by villager s or tribals r esiding in the vicinity of for est in their spar e time. The plant par t is collect ed without paying gr eat attention to the stage of matur ity, dr ied haphazardly and stor ed for long per iods under unsuitable conditions. The quality of collected mater ial, as such is often degr aded. The ASSOCHAM paper ther efor e suggests a multi-pr onged and multi-dimensional str ategy, in addition to the cr eation of EPZs, to impr ove quality contr ol. The r epor t seeks allocation of funds for conducting R&D on pr oduct and pr ocess development to impr ove post-har vesting of her bs and cr eate mar keting agencies for efficient mar keting of her bal pot ential thr ough scientific channels of communications. st nd The r epor t concludes that the US & UK wi ll continue to be 1 and 2 lar gest expor t mar kets for Indian her bal medicinal pr oducts. Since 2004 her bal expor ts, despite fluctuati ons for a var iety of factor s, have still shown an over 30% incr ease. The same tr end will likely be the case with other countr ies identified in the st udy inc luding Ger many, Fr ance, Pakistan & UAE.
SOURCE: Associated Chambers of Commer ce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Cr eate EPZs, Push Up Her bal Ex port To Rs. 12,000 Cr . By 2012- ASSOCHAM. ASSOCHAM Press Release. 07 June 2007.


USA REMAINS LEADING IMPORTER OF INDIAN PSYLLIUM AND GERMANY FOR SENNA IMPORTS Psylli um ( Plantago ovata) and senna ( Cassia angustifolia) ar e among Indias highest volume medicinal plant expor ts (ginger r hizome and tea leaf ar e higher volume). Dur ing the fir st half of the 2006-2007 agr icult ur al season (See Tab le 1), India expor ted 9,489,620 kg of psy llium husk (HS 12119032) valued at USD $26.12 mi llion (= $2.75/kg), and 645,650 kg of psylli um seed (HS 12119013) valued at USD $0.65 mi llion (= $1.01/kg). Main destinations for Psyllium husk wer e USA (4,613,510 kg), Pakistan (858,730 kg), Ger many (520,020 kg), Spain (349,000 kg), Austr alia (333,800 kg), Indonesia (290,000 kg), and Japan (238,000 kg), among ot her s. Main destinations for Psyllium seed wer e USA (340,300 kg), Pakistan (54,000 kg), Bangladesh (39,000 kg), Japan (24,500 kg), and Canada (24,200 kg), among ot her s. Dur ing same 6-month per iod, 5,288,720 kg of senna leaf and/or pod (HS 12119022) wer e expor ted valued at USD $2.98 mi llion (= $0.5635/kg). Main destinati ons for senna leaf & pod wer e Ger many (1,350,470 kg), Peoples Republic of China (524,800 kg), Japan (451,500 kg), Poland (370,990 kg), USA (319,900 kg), Thailand (223,000 kg), and V ietnam (209,600 kg), among other s. While Ger many is the lar gest impor ter of senna it should be not ed that muc h of the supply is value-added in Ger many and r e-expor ted. For sickle-pod senna seed (HS 09109915), the fir st 6-month expor t quantity of 2,799,900 kg (valued at $0.90 mi llion or $0.3214/kg) alr eady exceeds t he pr evious 12-mont h total of 2,083,280 kg. Main destinations wer e Taiwan (1,497,000 kg) and Japan (1,074,000 kg). TABLE 1: INDIA: SELECTED HIGH DEMAND MEDICINAL PLANT EXPORTS Herb Name / HS 8-Digit Code / Apr-Mar 2002-2007 / Quantities: kilograms (kg) HERB NAME Psylli um husk ( Plantago ovata) Psylli um seed ( Plantago ovata) Senna leaf / pod ( Cassia angustifolia) Sickle-pod senna seed ( Cassia tora) HS CODE 12119032* 12119013 12119022 09109915 Apr-Mar Apr-Mar Apr-Mar Apr-Mar Apr-Sep 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 kg kg kg kg kg 682,550 1,114,740 9,638,470 2,366,910 7,235,620 3,520,040 10,973,690 1,881,090 19,387,380 1,191,210 10,924,050 1,572,450 24,959,900 760,510 11,430,180 2,083,280 9,489,620 645,650 5,288,720 2,799,900

* NOTE: Impor ts of Psyllium Husk into the USA employ an HS Code [1211909020] differ ent from the code employed by India [12119032], w hich may explain some discr epancies. Also, the 2002/2003 ex port data for this item is obviously inaccurate. Pr esumably, most of the psyllium in that year was grouped under another HS Code. SOURCE: Gover nment of India Ministry of Commer ce & Industry, Department of Commer ce, Export Import Data Bank. Accessed 6 June 2007: http://commer ce.nic.in/eidb/default.asp.

INDIA AIMS TO REPLACE EXPORTS OF RAW MATERIALS WITH FINISHED HERBAL PRODUCTS In a Speec h given at the inaugur al cer emony of India Her bal Gar den at WHO Headquar ter s in Geneva on 16 May, Dr . Anbumani Ramadoss, Minister for Healt h & Fami ly Welfar e, stated that I ndia is one of t he 17-mega diver sity countr ies and is home to 7% of the wor ld biodiver sity. Ther e ar e 16 agr o climatic zones, 45,000 differ ent plants species of which about 7000 to 8000 speci es ar e used in var ious systems of medicine. On the topic of the potential for finished her bal pr oducts expor t, Dr. Ramadoss said t hat one of t he key issues r elating to standar dization, quality contr ol is t he issue r elating to medicinal p lants which ar e the mai n sour ce of r aw mater ial for the tr aditional systems of medicines. Realizing that the efficacy, quality and safety of Indias systems of medicine depend upon an assur ed supply of standar dized, quality r aw mater ial, Gover nment of India hav e set up a National Medicinal P lants Boar d (NMPB) to addr ess all the issues r elating to supply quality and standar dization of r aw mater ial for Ayur veda, Siddha and Unani (ASU) and her bal industr ies. Indias endeavor is to move away fr om being an expor ter of r aw mater ials of medicinal plants to expor ter s of finished pr oducts of defined quality standar ds. The aim is to not only pr omote expor t of valueadded her bal pr oducts but also t o ensur e supply of r aw mater ial for the domestic mar ket of Indias ASU and her bal pr oducts. A major challenge facing t he tr aditional syst ems of medicine wor ldwide


today, however , is the question of standar dization, quality and safety. A lthough tr aditional systems of medicine have their own science behind them, in or der to impr ove the outr each of these systems, ser ious attenti on is being paid to validate t he tr aditional knowledge and br ing that in confor mity with t he moder n sci entific par adigm. Effor ts ar e being made to str engthen quality contr ol and standar dization by evolving phar macopoeial standar ds and setting up State Dr ug Testing Labor atories. Indian Gover nment has also made compliance of Good Manufactur ing Pr actices (GMP) mandator y for ASU dr ug manufact ur ing units. Additionally, the GMP nor ms ar e being made mor e str ingent to ensur e compliance with t he evolving i nter national standar ds. In order to ensur e quality of ASU pr oducts that also use miner als in their pr epar ation, mandator y testing for heavy metals for expor t pur poses came into effect in 2006.
SOURCE: Gover nment of India Pr ess Information Bur eau (PIB). India: Pow er house of her bal medicines. PIB Press Release. 23 May 2007.

PROPOSED NATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR HERBAL PRODUCT EXPORTS The pr oposed intr oduction of an Expor t Inspection Cer tification Scheme for enhanci ng the expor t of Indian ASU (Ayur vedic, Siddha and Unani) her bal pr oducts is to be published in the Gazette of India, Par t II, Section 3, Sub-Section (ii). A special meeting or ganized by Phar mexcil (Phar maceuticals Expor t Pr omotion Counci l) took place 06 June 2007 to discuss the bar r ier s/constr aints in the expor ts of ASU pr oducts, Indian Gover nment expectations of the her bal industr y, and t he pr oposed testing and cer tification scheme. The notification for publication in the Gazette inc ludes 4 pr oposals: (1) To notify that Ayur vedic, Siddha and Unani pr oducts shall be subject to quality contr ol and inspection pr ior to expor t; (2) To specify the type of quality contr ol and inspection in accor dance with the dr aft Expor t of ASU (Quality Contr ol, Inspection and Monitor ing) Rules; (3) To r ecognize the specifications as set out in the Schedule as the Standar d Specification for ASU pr oducts; and (4) To pr ohibit the expor t of ASU pr oducts in the cour se of int er national tr ade unless they confor m to the Standar d Specifications applicable and ar e accompanied by a Cer tificate of Inspection. The pr oposed specifications of ASU pr oducts intended for expor ts ar e shown in T able 2. TABLE 2: SPECIFICATIONS OF AYURVEDIC, SIDDHA & UNANI PRODUCTS INTENDED FOR EXPORTS Heavy Metals Proposed Permissible Limits Lead (Pb) 10 ppm Cadmium (Cd) 0.30 ppm Ar senic (As) 10 ppm Mer cur y (Hg) 1 ppm Pesticides Residues Proposed Permissible Limits Or ganochlor o Gr oup Test 1.00 ppm Quinolphos* 0.01 ppm DDF* 1.00 ppm Aldr in* 0.05 ppm Dieldr in* 0.05 ppm DDT* 1.00 ppm DDD* 1.00 ppm HCH (Hexa Chlor o Cyclohexane)* 0.30 ppm Note: Pesticides mar ked * shall be t ested only when sample fails i n Or ganochlor o Gr oup Test Aflatoxins Proposed Permissible Limits B1 0.5 ppb G1 0.5 ppb B2 0.1 ppb G2 0.1 ppb Microbial Contamination Parameters Proposed Permissible Limits Staphylococcus aureus / 1 g Absent Salmonella spp. / 10 g Absent Pseudomonas aeruginosa Absent Escherichia coli / 10 g Absent Total P lat e Count (TPC) 105 / g Total Yeast & Mould 103 / g


SOURCE: Phar maceuticals Ex port Pr omotion Council (Pharmex cil). Roadmap for promotion of ex ports of her bal/Ayurvedic products. Hyderabad, India: Pharmex cil. 23 May 2007.

SENNA FARMERS IN TUTICORIN TRAINED ON METHODS TO IMPROVE SENNOSIDES CONTENT On 24 May 2007, an int er face involving her b far mer s and scientists was joint ly or ganized by the Agr icultur al Resear ch Station (ARS), Kovilpatti, and the Agricultur al Tec hnology Management Agency (ATMA) to discuss issues per taining t o t he cultivation of senna ( Cassia angustifolia) at Kovilpatti, Municipality of Tutic or in, State of Tami l Nadu. In his addr ess, P. Chandr asekar an, the Deputy Dir ector of Agr icultur e, explained the expor t potenti al of senna as a medicinal p lant. V . Subr amanian, pr ofessor and head of ARS, Kovi lpatti, spoke on char acter istics of senna cr op including its active constituent content (sennosides) and ways to impr ove the cont ent thr ough application of or ganic manur e.
SOURCE: Anon. Kovilpatti farmers tr ained in cultivation of `senna'. The Hin du. 25 May 2007.

SENNA EXPORTERS IN TUTICORIN WANT TO VALUE-ADD BUT REGULATIONS TOO RESTRICTIVE Medicinal plant expor ts is a tr aditional business in T uticor in (Tamil Nadu) t hat has been tr ying to evolve fr om mer ely r aw mat er ial expor ts to value-added pr oduct expor ts. Accor ding to Mr. P.S.S. Ganesan (http://www.her belixir s.com), a leading expor ter of senna ( Cassia angustifolia) and other medicinal p lants, Tuticor in is the base for over 10 expor ter s with an estimat ed total annual expor t value of about Rs 40 cr or e (= USD $9,848,153). Also, Kar nataka-based medicinal plant expor ter s r oute their expor ts thr ough the por t of Tuticor in. Senna although native to Tami l Nadu is being cultivat ed widely in the State of Rajasthan whi le its gr owth in Tami l Nadu has been r elatively slow. Tinneveli Senna has a str ong mar ket in Eur ope and fetc hes about Rs 25/kg (= USD $0.62/kg). Tuticor in-based expor ter s sell about 10,000 tons of senna r aw mat er ials a year . Accor ding to Mr. Ganesan, expor ter s based in Tuticor in ar e not able to expor t value-added senna extr acts because of the str ingent r egulations on the use of ethanol and met hanol. The licensing r egulati ons ar e so complicat ed that t hey pr efer to expor t r aw mater ial. The policy is a stumb ling b lock for investment in extr action technologies.
SOURCE: Balaji R. A r oute to medicinal plant pr oduct ex ports. Bus in ess Lin e. 17 May 2007.

NEW DRYING FACILITIES AND TESTING LABORATORY FOR HERBS & SPICES IN UMRANALA Agr icultur al & Pr ocessed Food Pr oducts Expor t Development Aut hor ity (APEDA) and Spices Board under the Ministr y of Commer ce and Industr y, is initiating sever al pr ojects in Chhindwar a, including setting up of Pack Houses, C ollection Centr es and Spices Par k. The Spices Boar d will set up a Spices Par k in an ar ea of 9 acr es at Umr anala of which, 6 acr es has alr eady been acquir ed. The Par k will pr ovide facilities for dehydr ation of cor iander ( Coriandrum sativum ), gar lic ( Allium sativum ), gr een chilli ( Capsicum spp.) extr acts, and tur mer ic ( Curcuma longa) as well as for medicinal her bs. Funding of Rs. 9.95 cr or e (= USD $2,449,728) for the Spices Par k has been sought under the ASIDE Scheme (Assistance to Stat es for Infr astr uctur e Development of Expor ts). The pr oject will inc lude setting up of a wor ld-class t esting labor ator y to be set up joint ly by State Tr ading Corpor ation of India (STC) and Spices Boar d. Fur ther, National Agr icultur al Cooper ative Mar keting Feder ation (NAFED) is also setting up a Seed Pr ocessing Unit at Kusmali at a total cost of Rs.1.25 cr or e (= USD $307,754).
SOURCE: Government of India Ministry of Commer ce & Industry. APEDA and Spices Boar d projects in Chhindw ara to boost agri sector . Governmen t of In dia Press In formation Bureau Press Releas e. 7 June 2007.

CARDAMOM OUTPUT LIKELY TO DROP 30-40% DUE TO UNFAVORABLE WEATHER An err atic southwest monsoon this year is likely to delay the next cr op of car damom ( Elettaria cardamomum) in addition to r educing yields. The plantati ons i n Ker ala's Idukki distr ict wher e much of the I ndian car damom cr op is cultivated ar e i n a bad shape due to pr otr acted dr y spell. Insufficient r ains have exasper ated the situation making a r ecover y of affected cardamom plants almost unlikely mainly in the non-irr igated ar eas. Ther e wer e only a few shower s in April and the monsoon in lat e Mate lasted for bar ely two days, which was


insufficient for car damom cultivation. Si nce 28 May, ther e has been no r ain whic h has negatively affected flower ing and polli nation. The Union Agr icultur e Minister has advised a delegation of car damom gr ower s to take up measur es to har vest r ainwater in the car damom hi ll ar eas with suppor t fr om Spices Boar d India. Due to t he pr esent unfavor able weather conditions, har vesting the next season wi ll be delay ed and the fir st cr op might not arrive until the 3rd week of August. Additionally, the total output next season in the States of Ker ala and Tamil Nadu is likely to fall by 30-40%. T he total pr oduction dur ing the cur r ent season, which has come to an end, is estimated at about 11,000 tons compar ed to 12,540 tons for last season. Accor ding to the Spices Boar d, the total ar ea of car damom cultivati on i n India in 2003-04 was 73,237 hectar es, of which t he yield ar ea was at 55,221 hectar es. Ker ala topped with 41,332 ha (with 30,991 ha yielding ar ea) followed by Kar nataka with 26,838 ha (20,510 ha) and Tami l Nadu 5,067 ha (3,720 ha). The yield per ha in t he t hr ee States was ver y low with 286 kg, 85 kg and 259 kg r espectively.
SOURCE: Nair GK. Car damom crop may be hit. Bus iness Line. 7 June 2007.

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS (Indicative prices: Product Ajowan (seed) fr uit (Trachyspermum ammi) Amla fr uit ( Phyllanthus emblica)* Beller ic myr obalan fr uit ( Terminalia bellerica)* Betelnut ( Areca catechu ) Black pepper fr uit ( Piper nigrum ) Car damom ( Elettaria cardamomum ) (small) Car damom, Indian ( Amomum subulatum ) Cassia bar k ( Cinnamomum aromaticum ) Chebulic myr obalan fr uit ( Terminalia chebula)* Chir ata her b ( Swertia chirayita)* Cinnamon bar k ( Cinnamomum verum ) Clov e flower bud ( Syzygium aromaticum ) Cor iander fr uit ( Coriandrum sativum) Fennel fr uit ( Foeniculum vulgare) Fenugr eek seed ( Trigonella foenum-graecum) Gar lic bulb ( Allium sativum) Ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale) Guar gum ( Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) Indian cassia bar k ( Cinnamomum tamala)* Indian cassia leaf ( Cinnamomum tamala)* Psylli um husk ( Plantago ov ata) Unc leaned, conventi onal USP-gr ade, 95% pur e, or ganic ** PhEur -gr ade, 95% pur e Safed musli tuber ( Chlorophytum borivillianum ) Senna leaf ( Cassia angustifolia) Shatavar i r oot (Asparagus racemosus) Tur mer ic r hizome ( Curcuma longa) V anilla fr uit ( Vanilla planifolia), cur ed beans * Wild Collect ed ** Cer tified Or ganic

US $ / kg) Source Gujar at India Nepal India Cochin V andan-Mettu Nepal Chennai Nepal Nepal India India India India India India Cochin Nepal India Nepal Nepal India: Gujar at Rajasthan Rajasthan India Tamil Nadu Nepal India India

Price 0.75-1.38 0.49 0.17 1.5-1.8 3.65 9.12 2.67 1.61 0.31 3.17 1.71 6.2-6.7 0.80-0.93 2.02 0.59 0.71 1.08-1.21 1.13 1.35-1.45 0.65 0.35 0.62-1.11 5.3 6.25 16-17 0.62 4.08 0.57-1.37 18.53

Destination Jamnagar Mar ket Delhi Mar ket Nepalgunj Mar ket Mangalor e Mar ket Cochin Mar ket Auction pr ice Kathmandu Mar ket Chennai Mar ket Kathmandu Mar ket Kathmandu Mar ket Delhi Mar ket Cochin Mar ket Mumbai Mar ket Mumbai Mar ket Mumbai Mar ket Mumbai Mar ket Cochin Mar ket Kathmandu Mar ket FOB Kandla Nepalgunj Mar ket Nepalgunj Mar ket Gujar at Mar ket FOB India Ger many USA FOB Tuticor in Nepalgunj Mar ket Mumbai Mar ket India

Quality Standar ds: Monogr aphs pr oviding quality standar ds and tests for most all of the above list ed her bs can be found eit her in t he Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (V olume I, Par ts I-V), the Unani Pharmacopoeia of India, and/or the Indian Herbal Pharmacopoeia Revised Edition 2002. EXTRACTS & OILS (Indicative wholesale prices: USD $ / kg) Product Standardization Ajowan essential oi l N/A Amla fr uit Tannins % N/A 40 Price 12.2 17-32


Asafoetida oleor esin Bacopa her b Capsicum fr uit oleor esin Clov e flower bud oil Clov e oleor esin Gar cina cambogia fr uit Olibanum oi l Pomegr anate fr uit Tr ibulus ter r estris

N/A Bacosides Capsaicinoids N/A N/A Hydr oxycitr ic Acid (HCA) N/A Polyphenols Total saponins

N/A 3 6.6 N/A N/A 50 N/A 40 70

46 32 12 55.3 53 10-12 76 36 45

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL Product of INDIA Pr oduct: Botanical name: Phar macopoeial name: Plant par t used: Extr action method: Packaging: Labeli ng: DESCRIPTION Appear ance: Colour : Odour : Taste: Clov e Essential Oi l Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr . And L.M. Perr y [Fam. Myr taceae] Car yophylli f lor is aether oleum PhEur Dr ied flower buds The essential oil is obtained by steam disti llation of the dr ied flower buds Stor e in well-filled, air tight container , pr otected fr om light and heat. The label stat es the Latin binomial name and, following t he official name, the par t of the plant sour ce fr om which the ar ticle was der ived. Liquid Clear yellow liquid which becomes br own when exposed to air Str ongly ar omatic Pungent and bur ning

PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Identification: Thin-lay er chr omatogr aphy Clove Oi l (PhEur 2.2.27) Relativ e density: Between 1.030 and 1.063 (PhEur 2.2.5) Refr active index: Between 1.528 and 1.537 (PhEur 2.2.6) Angular r otation: 0 to 2 (PhEur 2.2.7) Fatty oi ls and r esinified essenti al oi ls: Comp lies wit h the test (PhEur 2.8.7) Miscibility: Miscible wit h met hy lene chlor ide, ether , toluene and fatty oils Solubility: One volume dissolves i n 2 volumes of 70 per cent alcohol (PhEur 2.8.10) Beta-car yophyllene: 5.0 to 14.0 per cent as deter mined by gas chr omatogr aphy (PhEur 2.2.28) Eugenol: 75.0 to 88.0 per cent as det er mined by gas chr omatogr aphy (PhEur 2.2.28) Acetyleugenol: 4.0 to 15.0 per cent as deter mined by gas chr omatogr aphy (PhEur 2.2.28) Applications: For symptomatic r elief of toothac he, applied dir ectly on t he car ious tooth with cotton; in dentistr y for topical anesthesia and as a component of dental cements and fillings; component of toothpastes and mouth washes.

June 18-23, 2007 INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COURSE: CULTIVATION AND UTILIZATION OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS V enue: G.B. Pant Univer sity of Agr icultur e and Technology (GBPUA&T), Pantnagar , India Contact: Education Division, Indian Counci l of Agr icultur al R esear ch (ICAR), Kr ishi Anusandhan Bhavan-II, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110 012, India WEB: http://www.icar .or g.in/miscel/inttr g07.pdf August 6-9, 2007 IMPROVED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY FOR MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS


V enue: Contact: WEB:

Centr al Instit ute of Medicinal and Ar omatic Plant s (CIMAP), Lucknow, India Dr . JR Bahl / E-MAIL: jr .bahl@cimap.r es.in http://www.cimap.r es.in

November 21-24, 2007 W ORLD NEEM CONFERENCE V enue: Coimbator e, India Contact: NEEM FOUNDATION, 67- A, V ithalnagar Society, Road # 12, JV PD Scheme, Mumbai 400 049 India TEL: + 91 22 26206367 / 26207867 / 26231709 / FAX: + 91 22 26207508 E-MAIL: office@neemfoundation.or g WEB: http://www. neemfoundation.or g/neem2006.htm January 28-30, 2008 9th W ORLD SPICE CONGRESS & EXHIBITION V enue: Taj Exotica, Calwaddo, Benauli m, Salc ete, Goa 403 716, India Sponsor s: All India Spices Expor ter s For um and Spices Boar d India Contact: Or ganising Secr etar y, Wor ld spice congr ess 2006, P.B No. 2277, Spices Boar d, Palar ivattom. P.O, Cochin 682025, Ker ala, India Tel: +91 484 2333610 to 616 / Fax: +91 484 2331429, 2334429 E-MAIL: wor ldspicecongr ess@gmail.com or spicesboar d@vsnl.com WEB: http://www. wor ldspicecongr ess.com Exhibitor profile: A well designed inter national exhibition will be par t of this Congr ess. On display will be spices, spice r elated pr oducts, ser vices and pr ocessing equipments. Pr e- or post- Congr ess visits to major spice gr owing centr es in India. Since the Congr ess coincides with t he har vesting season, ther e wi ll be an oppor tunity to view har vesting and post-har vest oper ations. January 2008 (dates to be determined) ASIA PHARMA EXPO 2008 V enue: Bangladesh C hina Fr iendship Conf er ence Center (BCFCC), Dhaka. Bangladesh Suppor ter s: Ministr y of Health & Family Welfar e, Govt. of Republic of Bangladesh and Expor t Pr omotion Bur eau, Bangladesh. Endor sed by Bulk Dr ug Manufactur er s Association (India) (BDMA) and The Phar maceutical Expor t Pr omotion Council, India (PHARMEXCIL) Contact: BANGLADESH ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES, BANGLADESH AUSHAD SHILPA SAMITY, House # F-31, Road # 4, Banani, DHAKA 1213. BANGLADES H E-MAIL: bdass@bol-online.com WEB: http://www.asiap har ma.or g Exhibitor profile includes suppli er s of bulk her bal dr ugs used in Ayur vedic and Unani medicines. JANUARY 30 February 1 2008 PANACEA 2008 NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO INDIA V enue: Wor ld Tr ade Centr e (WTC) Mumbai, India Contact: Ms. Tanushr ee, Head, Cor por ate Communications. Seishido Communicati ons, -102 Divyastuti Apts, Divyalok Township, Gen. A.K. V aidya Mar g, Film City Rd., Gor egaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063, INDIA TEL: +91.22.28410164, 28403651 / FAX: + 91.22 .28496372 E-MAIL: info@seishidocommunications.com WEB: www.panaceafor all.com Exhibitor profile: Supplier s of natur al r aw mater ials & ingr edients (plant extr acts, her bs, spices, natur al ingr edients, functional food ingr edients, cosmec euticals, oilseeds and oi lseed extr acts, r aw and encapsulated her bs, natur al essences, etc.), natur al medicinal pr oducts (Ayur vedic, Chinese, Homoeopat hic, Natur opathic, Siddha, Unani), healt h foods & bever ages (nat ur al & or ganic foods, dietar y supplements, nutr itional dr inks, soya pr oducts, etc).


EXPORT TOTALS FOR SELECTED AFRICAN COUNTRIES As of June 2007, out of a total of 54 Afr ican countr ies 9 hav e r epor ted their total 2006 expor t data thus far ; Cape V erde, Gabon, Malawi, Maur itius, Mor occo, Senegal, South Afr ica, Tanzania, and Uganda. The below tab le summar izes the total 2006 expor t quantities (kg) for the main categor ies of medicinal and ar omatic plants (MAPs), their extr actives and oils. Total expor ts for 2 of the 9 countr ies, Cape V er de and Gabon, wer e insignificant so these hav e been left out. In t er ms of quantity of r aw mater ials expor ted, for these select ed countr ies Malawi r anks #1 at 46,127,398 kg, but this is due almost entir ely to tea leaf expor ts. Tanzania r anks #2 at 38,587,713 kg, Uganda #3 at 27,436,474, Mor occo #4 at 25,384,583 kg, and South Afr ica #5 at 17,671,366 kg. Howev er , if you r emove tea leaf q uantities, t he leading MAP expor ter is Mor occo. Keep in mi nd that this t able does not yet inc lude data fr om some of Afr icas other leading expor ter s of MAPs such as Egypt, Nigeria, and Sudan. Mor occos main MAP expor t categor y is HS 1211 most of which was expor ted to Fr ance (2,422,813 kg), Belgium (1,559,655 kg), Ger many (1,151,837 kg), Spain (850,132 kg), Tur key (760,062 kg), Nether lands (739,179 kg), USA (690,727 kg), and Canada (318,161 kg). Another main expor t categor y for Mor occo is HS 0909, which includes medicinal fr uits of the Apiaceae family. Mor occos HS 0909 expor ts wer e mainly to Japan (1,123,145 kg), Nether lands (481,750 kg), Fr ance (112,293 kg), Tunisia (81,280 kg), Niger ia (69,000 kg), UK (67,000 kg), and Kor ea (60,000 kg). TOTAL 2006 EXPORTS OF SELECTED AFRICAN COUNTRIES / Quantities in Kilograms (kg) HS CODE Malawi Mauritius Morocco Senegal So Africa Tanzania Uganda 0902: Tea leaf 43,990,456 40,810 292,961 12,758 3,505,471 24,825,004 26,975,909 0903: Mat leaf 0904: Piper and Capsicum genera 0905: Vanilla 0906: Cinnamon 0907: Clove 0908: Cardamom, Mace, Nutmeg 0909: Anise, Caraway, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel 0910: Ginger, Saffron, Thyme Turmeric 1210: Hops 1211: Medicinal plants 121220: Seaweed 1301: Gum-resins & oleoresins 1302: Extracts, Saps 3301: Essential oils 3302: Mixtures of odoriferous substances 87,361 2,016,959 0 0 50 0 2,000 10,541 0 4 0 0 0 1,294 18,733 30 117,791 3,111 25 10,056 4 1,079 28,259 0 3 45 0 791 770 4,035 0 753,767 0 829 0 100 2,106,577 1,516,929 0 10,364,650 6,972,693 51,271 2,483,346 798,301 43,159 0 57,609 200 0 50 28 0 2,957 0 504,303 11,000 1,504,404 101 11,871 560,347 26,709 3,294,493 14,010 15,692 3,047 9,188 30,725 2,231,069 169,975 721,922 426,697 668,106 1,992,242 1,345,481 3,216,539 0 500,338 0 100 3,032,843 246,100 61,900 113,103 0 1,118,213 7,495,600 965,046 94,783 98,972 35,711 0 217,428 191,485 0 0 0 98 32,341 0 1,484 0 395 3,241 115 13,978

SOURCE: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database.


MAY-JUNE EGYPTIAN HARVESTS OF APIACEAE FRUITS: SURPLUS OF ORGANIC ANISE AVAILABLE Dur ing May and June, medicinal and ar omatic p lants (MAP) of the Apiaceae fami ly ar e har vested in the El Fayoum Gover nor ate, Ar ab Republic of Egypt, one the main gr owing r egions for Apiaceae fr uits including anise fr uit ( Pimpinella anisum ), car away fr uit ( Carum carvi), cor iander fr uit ( Coriandrum sativum), cumin fr uit ( Cuminum cyminum), and fennel fr uit ( Foeniculum vulgare). In addition to the lar ge-scale c ultivation of Apiaceae MAPs, other main her bal cr ops in Fayoum inc lude chamomile ( M atricaria recutita), pepper mint (M entha piperita), spear mint (M entha spicata), and sweet mar jor am ( Origanum majorana). One company, Egyptian Bio Aloe V er a & Or ganic Her bs Co., pr esent ly has a 7 metr ic ton (MT) sur plus avai lable of c er tified or ganic anise fr uit (Anisi fr uctus) being offer ed at 4700 EUR / MT (= $6,319 USD / MT), on basis FOP Hambur g, Ger many. The Egyptian Bio Aloe V er a & Or ganic Her bs Co. is also able to supply up to 40 t ons annually of cer tified or ganic aloe ver a gel. Contact det ails below.
CONTA CT: Eng. Mohamed El-Kholy, Egyptian Bio Aloe Vera & Organic Her bs Co. 35 Basateen Str . Agamieen, Fayoum, Egypt. TEL: +2(0)2 388 1391, FAX: +2(0)2 528 2208, MOB: +2 (0)10 612 3080, E-MAIL: melkholy@mailer .eun.eg, or Prof. Dr . M.S.A. Safw at, E-MAIL: said.safw at@gmail

BOTANICAL RAW MATERIALS (Indicative prices: US $ / kg) Product Source Anise fr uit ( Pimpinella anisum ) ** Car away fr uit ( Carum carvi) Chamomile f lower (M atricaria recutita) Cinnamon bar k ( Cinnamomum verum ) Clov e flower bud ( Syzygium aromaticum ) Fennel fr uit ( Foeniculum vulgare) Ginger r hizome ( Zingiber officinale) Gum ar abic (Acacia senegal) Hibiscus flower ( Hibiscus sabdariffa) Pepper mint leaf ( M entha piperita) Spear mint leaf ( M entha spicata) Spear mint leaf ( M entha spicata) ** Tea leaf ( Camellia sinensis) V anilla fr uit ( Vanilla planifolia) ** Cer tified Or ganic * Wild Collected Fayoum, Egypt Beni Suef, Egypt Beni Suef, Egypt Madagascar Madagascar Madagascar Egypt Egypt Niger ia Niger ia Sudan Beni Suef, Egypt Sudan Beni Suef, Egypt Beni Suef, Egypt Egypt Kenya Madagascar

Price 6.32 0.76 2.65 1.4 4.52 2.7 0.76 1.61 1.37-1.54 2.8 2.6 1.43 4.0 2.13 1.6-1.64 6.3-6.5 1.9-2.6 18.9-20.5

Destination FOP Hambur g FOB Alexandr ia FOB Alexandr ia CIF Spot New Yor k CIF EU Por ts FOB Alexandr ia Spot New Yor k CIF CIF EU Por ts FOB Kordofan FOB Alexandr ia FOD Sudan FOB Alexandr ia FOB Alexandr ia FOB Egypt Kenya Auction CIF USA

Quality Standards: Official monogr aphs pr oviding quality st andar ds and tests for most the above listed botanical r aw mater ials c an be found in either the Egyptian Phar macopoeia (3rd edition, 1984; avai lab le i n Ar abic and English editions), the Ghana Her bal Phar macopoeia (1992), and/or the Eur opean Phar macopoeia (PhEur 5th edition 2005). BOTANICAL EXTRACTS & OILS (Indicative prices: USD $ / kg) Product Standardization Car away fr uit ( Carum carvi) Clov e leaf ( Syzygium aromaticum ) Hoodia dr y extr act (Hoodia gordonii) Pygeum bar k extr act ( Prunus africana) Pygeum bar k extr act ( Prunus africana) Yohimbe bar k extr act ( Pausinystalia johimbe) Essential oi l Essential oi l 20 : 1 (w/w) Total st er ols Total st er ols Yohimbine % N/A N/A N/A 12 20 8 Price 95 6.85 250-285 45-49 104.5 65-75



Pr oduct: Botanical name: Phar macopoeial name: Plant par t used: Extr action solv ent: Dr ug-to-extr act r atio: Stor age: Labeli ng: Myrr h Tinctur e 1:5 Commiphora molmol Engler and other r elated species of Commiphora other than C ommiphora mukul (Fam. Bur ser aceae) Myrr hae tinctur ae USP Oleo-gum r esin obtained fr om stems and br anches Mixtur e of alcohol and wat er (85:15) 1 : 5 (w/v) Stor e in tight, light-r esistant contai ner s, and avoid exposur e to dir ect sunlight and excessive heat. P lastic cont ainer s ar e not r ecommended. (1) Label it to indicate t hat it is intended for topical and or ophar yngeal use only; (2) Label it to indicate the name of the plant par t used for pr epar ation; the name of the solvent or solvent mixtur e used for extr action; the content of alcohol as a per centage (v/v) of C2 H5OH; and the content of t he constit uents of i nter est and the r atio of star ting mater ial to final pr oduct. Liquid Clear yellowish-br own or or ange-br own Char acter istic and ar omatic Bitter and acr id As deter mined by Myrr h TLC Identification Test (USP <201>) Between 90.0% and 110.0% of the labeled amount (USP <611> Method II) Accor ding to the Eur opean Scientific Cooper ative On Phytother apy (ESCOP): As a gar gle or mouthwash, 1-5 ml of myrr h tinctur e in a glass of water sev er al times dai ly for topical tr eatment of gingivitis, stomatitis (aphthous ulcer s), suppor tive tr eatment for phar yngitis, and tonsi llitis.

Physical Analysis Appear ance: Color : Odor: Taste: Chemical Analysis Identification: Alcohol content: Applications:


August 8-10, 2007 THE FIRST REGIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON ARABIC AND ISLAMIC MEDICINE V enue: Amman, Jor dan Or ganizer s: Antaki Center for Her bal Medicine Ltd (http://www.al-antaki.com), The Gali lee Society (http://www.gal-soc.or g/ar ) Contact: Ms. Razan A. Zuayter , APN, P.O. Box 811815, Amman 11181, Jor dan, TEL: +962 6 5673331 FAX:+962 6 5699777 E-MAIL: agpnatur e@go.com.jo or medplantamman@gmai l.com W EB: http://www.arabic-islamic-medicine.com Conference topics: Cultivation of Ar abic medicinal plants and extr action of bioactive ingr edients, intellectual pr oper ty r ights, among other s.


Exhibition: Par allel t o the confer ence an exhibition wi ll take plac e wher e companies and or ganizations wi ll pr esent their pr oducts, ser vices and technical publications in an int er national context. December 4-6, 2007 ARAB NATURALS 2007 V enue: Gr and Thur aya Ballr oom, Beac h Rotana Hotel & Tower s, Abu Dhabi, United Ar ab Emir ates Pr esenter : Emir ate of Abu Dhabi Health Author ity, The Zayed Complex for Her bal Resear ch & Tr aditional Medicine (UAE Ministr y of Health), in collabor ation with Wor ld Health Or ganization E-MAIL: info@ar abnatur alsexpo.com WEB: http://www.ar abnatur alsexpo.com Exhibitor profile: Botanical r aw mater ials, essential oi ls, tr aditional medicine pr oducts (Ayur veda, Homeopathic, Natur opathic), dietar y supplements, or ganic foods, natur al j uice, ar omather apy pr oducts, and mor e. December 10-14, 2007 TRAINING COURSE: SUPPORT TO AFRICAN COUNTRIES W ITHIN THE GEF PROJECT ON CONSERVATION, DOMESTICATION AND MAINSTREAMING OF MEDICINAL, OIL-BEARING, AROMATIC AND PESTICIDAL PLANTS (MOAPPs) IN WEST AFRICA V enue: Guinea Or ganizer : Inter national Centr e for Science and High Technology (ICS) United Nations Industr ial Development Or ganization ( UNIDO), Industr ial Uti lization of Medicinal and Ar omatic Plants Contact: elisa.r oa@ics.tr ieste.it WEB: http://www.ics.tr ieste.it/ActivityDetails.aspx?pcode=2.3&idx=15&activity_id=501 December 16-18, 2007 MIDDLE EAST NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS EXPO 2007 V enue: Dubai Inter national C onvention and Exhibition Centr e (DICEC), Dubai, United Ar ab Emir ates Suppor t: The UAE Ministr y of Health, UAE Ministr y of Agr icultur e & Fisher ies, Inter national Feder ation of Or ganic Agricultur e Movements (IFOAM), Gr eentr ade.net (Fr ance), and the Kor ean Healt h Supplement Association (KHSA). Contact: Global Links, PO Box, 86882, Dubai, United Ar ab Emir ates TEL: 971-4-268-6010 FAX: 971-4-268-6026 E-MAIL: info@globallinksdubai.com WEB: http://www.globallinksdubai.com Exhibitor profile: Herbs & spices, her bal extr acts, her bal teas & coffees, phytophar maceutical pr oducts, tr aditional medicines (Ayur veda, Homeopathic, Natur opathic), dietar y supplements, or ganic foods, natur al juice, ar omather apy pr oducts. 2008 [dates to be determined) W ORLD CONGRESS ON MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS FOR HUMAN W ELFARE (W OCMAP IV) V enue: Cape Town, South Afr ica Or ganizer : Inter national Counci l for Medicinal and Ar omatic Plants (ICMAP) WEB: http://www.icmap.or g



HERB OR EXTRACT Amer ican ginseng r oot PE Amla fr uit PE Andr ogr aphis her b PE Ar nica flower SE Ar temisia Essential Oil Ar tichoke leaf PE Ashwagandha r oot PE Asian ginseng r oot PE Bacopa her b PE Benzoin tinct ur e, compound Bilberr y fr uit Bir ch leaf Bitter or ange fr uit PE Black cohosh r hizome PE Black cur r ant dr y extr act Bladder wr ack thallus Boswellia ser r ata PE Calendula ti nctur e Califor nia poppy her b Car alluma extr act Ch-de-bugr e dr y extr act Chaste tr ee fr uit Chaste tr ee fr uit Chaste tr ee fr uit extr act Chinese cinnamon bar k Chinese hawthor n fr uit PE Cinnamon bar k PE Clov e bud tinctur e Cola nut Cola nut dr y extr act Cor iander fr uit Essential Oi l Cor ydalis Yanhusuo Tuber Cr anberr y fr uit dr y conc Damask Rose Essential Oi l Danggui r oot PE Devils c law r oot PE Echinac ea her b & r oot PE Echinac ea r oot PE Eleut her o r oot PE Epimedium her b PE Eur opean ver vain Fennel fr uit Fenugr eek seed Fenugr eek seed PE Fever few leaf PE Flax seed Gar cinia fr uit extr act Gar lic bulb gr anules Gar lic bulb PE Gar lic oil mac er ate Ginger r hizome PE Ginkgo leaf PE Goldenseal r hizome REGION Nor th Amer ica India India Wester n Eur ope India / Nepal Wester n Eur ope India Japan India Nor th Amer ica Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope China Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope Canada India Easter n Eur ope USA India South Amer ica Easter n Eur ope Afr ica Wester n Eur ope China China China India Afr ica Wester n Eur ope Nor th Amer ica China Nor th Amer ica Easter n Eur ope China Wester n Eur ope Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope China China Afr ica Afr ica Afr ica India Wester n Eur ope Nor th Amer ica India Nor th Amer ica China Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope China Japan Nor th Amer ica MNS EDITION MNS 5 December 2002 MNS 16 September 2005 MNS 3 June 2002 MNS 1 September 2001 MNS 14 Mar ch 2005 MNS 6 Mar ch 2003 MNS 5 December 2002 MNS 4 September 2002 MNS 11 June 2004 MNS 23 - June 2007 MNS 16 September 2005 MNS 21 December 2006 MNS 21 December 2006 MNS 4 September 2002 MNS 17 December 2005 MNS 20 September 2006 MNS 9 December 2003 MNS 23 June 2007 MNS 18 Mar ch 2006 MNS 21 December 2006 MNS 21 December 2006 MNS 9 December 2003 MNS 16 September 2005 MNS 16 September 2005 MNS 19 June 2006 MNS 1: Sept 2001 / MNS 16: Sept 2005 MNS 13 December 2004 MNS 23 June 2007 MNS 7 June 2003 MNS 21 December 2006 MNS 12 September 2004 MNS 18 Mar ch 2006 MNS 16 September 2005 MNS 17 December 2005 MNS 12 September 2004 MNS 3 June 2002 MNS 8 September 2003 MNS 12 September 2004 MNS 11 June 2004 MNS 15 June 2005 MNS 15 June 2005 MNS 9 December 2003 MNS 12 September 2004 MNS 12 September 2004 MNS 2 Mar ch 2002 MNS 9 December 2003 MNS 15 June 2005 MNS 15 June 2005 MNS 9 December 2003 MNS 22 Mar ch 2007 MNS 22 Mar ch 2007 MNS 4 September 2002 MNS 5 December 2002 MNS 2 Mar ch 2002 42

Gotu kola her b PE Gr ape fr uit PE Gr eater celandine her b Gr een tea leaf PE Gr iffonia seed Guar ana seed PE Guggul r esin PE Gynostemma her b PE Henna leaf Hibiscus flower Holar r hena bar k / r oot Hoodia gor donii extr act Hop str obile PE Iceland moss Ivy leaf PE Juniper fr uit Essential Oil Kohki leaf Lavender flower Essen Oi l Lemon balm leaf PE Licor ice r oot PE Licor ice r oot PE Long-stamen onion bulb Maca hypocotyl PE Mar itime pine bar k Mat leaf PE Meadowsweet her b Milk thistle fr uit PE Myrr h tinctur e Neem leaf PE Nett le r oot PE Olive leaf PE Onion essential oi l Onion juice c oncentr ate, pwd Onion oleor esin Opium poppy latex Par melia lic hen extr act Peony r oot Pepper fr uit PE Pepper mint leaf Essent Oil Pomegr anate fr uit PE Psylli um husk Pygeum bar k Red clover her b PE Red poppy extr act Red poppy petals Reishi mushr oom PE Rhatany r oot FE Rhatany tinct ur e Rooibos leaf PE Rosemar y leaf Essent Oil Rosemar y leaf PE Safed musli r oot Sage leaf Sandalwood hear t wood Sar gassum thallus Saw palmetto fr uit SE

India Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope China China Afr ica Wester n Eur ope India China Afr ica Afr ica Afr ica Afr ica Nor th Amer ica Easter n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Japan Easter n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope China Japan China Per u Wester n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Afr ica India Wester n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Afr ica Easter n Eur ope India India India / Nepal Japan India Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope India Afr ica Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope Afr ica China Nor th Amer ica Wester n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Afr ica Nor th Amer ica India Easter n Eur ope India China Nor th Amer ica


4 September 2002 5 December 2002 18 Mar ch 2006 2 Mar ch 2002 23 June 2007 8 September 2003 9 December 2003 1: Sept 2001 / MNS 6: Mar ch 2003 10 Mar ch 2004 13 December 2004 17 December 2005 14 Mar ch 2005 21 December 2006 10 Mar ch 2004 20 September 2006 13 December 2004 10 Mar ch 2004 3 June 2002 12 September 2004 7 June 2003 3 June 2002 1 September 2001 22 Mar ch 2007 17 December 2005 19- June 2006 8 September 2003 13 December 2004 1: September 2001 / MNS 7: June 2003 23 June 2007 7 June 2003 4 September 2002 11 June 2004 22 - Mar ch 2007 22 Mar ch 2007 22 Mar ch 2007 18 Mar ch 2006 20 September 2006 2 Mar ch 2002 13 December 2004 11 June 2004 14 Mar ch 2005 10 Mar ch 2004 19 June 2006 6 Mar ch 2003 18 Mar ch 2006 18 Mar ch 2006 5 December 2002 14 Mar ch 2005 23 June 2007 15 June 2005 10 Mar ch 2004 1 - September 2001 17 December 2005 8 September 2003 19 June 2006 20 September 2006 3 June 2002 43

Schisandr a fr uit PE Sea buckthor n fr uit PE Senna pod Senna pod & leaf PE Slipper y elm bar k Spear mint leaf St. Johns Wor t herb PE Stinging nett le r oot Sweet wor mwood her b EO Sweet wor mwood leaf PE Tr ibulus fr uit PE Tr ibulus r oot PE Usnea lichen extr act Uva ur si leaf PE V aler ian r oot V aler ian r oot PE White tea leaf PE Wild cher ry bar k FE Wild yam r oot PE Willow bar k Willow bar k PE Yar r ow her b Essential Oi l

China China Afr ica India Nor th Amer ica Afr ica Wester n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope China China India Easter n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope China Nor th Amer ica Nor th Amer ica Easter n Eur ope Wester n Eur ope Easter n Eur ope


6 Mar ch 2003 7 June 2003 6 Mar ch 2003 8 September 2003 19 June 2006 11 June 2004 10 Mar ch 2004 15 June 2005 14 Mar ch 2005 14 Mar ch 2005 17 - December 2005 2 Mar ch 2002 6 Mar ch 2003 20 September 2006 2 Mar ch 2002 3 June 2002 4 September 2002 8 September 2003 13 December 2004 7 June 2003 19 June 2006 5 December 2002 11 June 2004



MNS pr ovides a global dir ector y of her b tr ade associations, collectives, counci ls, and expor t pr omotion or ganizations t hat r epr esent the gr ower s, wild c ollector s, pr oducer s, and tr ader s of botanical r aw mat er ials, extr acts and oi ls, and other her bal pr oducts. To add your association contact detai ls, or to update or corr ect the below-listed detai ls, please contact ITC Consultant, Josef Br inckmann at: br ink@sonic.net

Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products (ASNAPP), GHANA - M.B. (18) Kanda, Accr a H/NO C 205/29, Mempeasem, East Legon, Accr a, Mr . Dan Acquaye, TEL: +233 21 505-617, FAX: +233 21505-617, E-MAIL: asnappwest@yahoo.com / WEB: http://www.asnapp.or g/ Assila Medicinal and Aromatic Plant AL AMAL Association, MOROCCO - Mlle. EL BOUAANANI Malika, CELL: 072 69 84 26 Association fminine des herbes mdicinales et aromatiques de Beni yider, MOROCCO Commune r ur ale beni yider , Ben Kerrich, Ttouan, Mor occo, TEL: Association for African Medicinal Plants Standards (AAMPS), SOUTH AFRICA - Pr of Kobus Eloff, Phytomedicine Pr ogr amme, Univer sity of Pr etor ia, E-MAIL: kobus.eloff@up.ac.za or Denzil Phillips, CDE Associate Exper t Her bals and Phar maceuticals. E-MAIL: denzil@denzil.com WEB: http://www.aamps.net / Association Marocaine des Plantes Aromatiques et Mdicinales (AMAPAM) , MOROCCO - Mr . Mohamed Mar zouk / cell: (+212)63 48 45 40 / E-MAIL: contact@nohafleur .com; Mr . Dr issi Hassan/ cell: (+212)67637176 E-MAIL: fidanatur e@menar a.ma . Association Marocaine pour le Dveloppement des Plantes Aromatiques et Mdicinales (ADEPAM), MOROCCO - ABOULKACEM Hassan or Mr s. ZRIRA Saadia / TEL: (+212)37.77.1745 / EMAIL: s.zr ir a@iav.ac.ma, IAV Hassan II, DIA, BP. 6202, Rabat-Instituts. Association pour les Plantes Aromatiques et Medicinales de la Reunion (APLAMEDOM), REUNION 1, r ue Emile Hugot, Batiment B, Par c Technologique de Sai nt-Denis 97490 Sai nte C loti lde, TEL: 0262.90.7194 / E-MAIL: contact@aplamedom.com / WEB: http://www.ap lamedom.com Association Tunisienne des Plantes Mdicinales, TUNISIA, Hammam Sousse, FAX: 71.783.928 Botanical Products Association of Ghana (BOTPAG), GHANA WEB: http://www.asnapp.or g/par tner s/ghana.html Devils Claw W orking Group, NAMIBIA - PO Box 23778, Windhoek, TEL: +061220117, FAX: +061 232293, E-MAIL: cr iaawhk@iafr ica.com.na / WEB: http://www.cr iaasadc.or g/devilsclaw.htm Egyptian Society for the Producers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ESMAP), EGYPT - Dr . Far ouk Elshobaki, 1 Elhef nawy St., Fatma Roshdi St., Elhar am, Elgiza, TEL: +202 38 69 898, FAX: +202 38 41 120, Mobile: 012 / 3101839, E-MAIL dr far ouk@elshobaki.com / WEB: http://www.esmap.or g.eg/ Egyptian Spices and Herb Export Development Association (ESHEDA), EGYPT Ethiopian Pulses, Oil Seeds and Spices Processors Exporters Association (EPOSPEA), ETHIOPIA Elias Genet e, P.O. Box 8686 Addis Ababa, TEL: +251-0911(670040), E-mai l: agr opr om@ethionet.et, WEB: http://www.epospea.com Herb Sellers Association of Nigeria, NIGERIA - Mr s. Quincy Ayodele


Hoodia Grow ers Association of Namibia (HOGRAN). NAMIBIA, Windhoek - Dougal Bassingwaight e (Chair per son), Char lie Har tung (vice Chair per son), Phyto Trade Africa The Southern African Natural Products Trade Association (SANPTA), ZIMBABWE - PO Box BE 385, Belveder e, Har ar e, TEL: +263-91-264-107, FAX: +263-4-723-037 E-MAIL: info@phytotr adeafr ica.com / WEB: http://www.sanpr ota.com/ Regional Medicinal & Herbal Plants Network (MHPN) of the Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa (AARINENA), EGYPT - Dr . M.S.A. Safwat, Tel: 02/5250310, Fax: 02/6329253, Mobile: 012/3236751 E-MAIL: Focalpoint_mhpaar inena@yahoo.com Socit Marocaine des Plantes Aromatiques et Mdicinales (SOMAPAM): Pr . Ismaili Alaoui My Mustapha/ TEL: (+212)37776859/ E-MAIL: m.ismaili@iav.ac.ma or Pr . EL Ghafar i Houssin/ E-MAIL: elr haffar i@yahoo.fr Uganda Commercial Aloe Vera Farmers Association, UGANDA Mr. Ali Ssesanga, Plot 6 Rashid Khamisi Road, P.O. Box 6179 Kampala, Uganda, TEL: 041 345737 / 077 2 696702, E-MAIL: ssesangaali@yahoo.com Union of Producers and Exporters of Horticultural Crops (UPEHC), EGYPT - Ministr y of Agricultur e Building, Dokky, Giza, TEL: +20 (2) 337-2402 760-0986, FAX: +20 (2) 749-3471 E-MAIL: mail@upehc.or g.eg / WEB: http://www.upehc.or g.eg/

Aromatic-Medicinal Plants Growers Association of India (APGAI), INDIA - Pr esident Thakur Randhir Singh Asian Medicinal Plants & Health Care Trust (AMPHCT), INDIA - Sonamukhi Nagar , Sangar ia Fanta, Salawas Road, Jodhpur 342 005 Rajasthan, India, TEL: 0091.291.2748488, FAX: 0091.291.5120509 E-MAIL: amptr ust@yahoo.com Business Promotion Council for Herbal Sector of the Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau, BANGLADESH - Dhaka, 1215, Bangladesh, TEL: 880-2-9144821-3, FAX: 880-2-9119531 WEB: http://www.epb.gov.bd/herbal_plants.htm China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters (MHPIE) CHINA - W EB: http://www.mhpie.com China Essential oils, Aroma & Spice Trade Association (CHINAEASA) CHINA - under China Chamber of Commer ce for Impor t / Expor t of Foodstuffs, Native Pr oduce and Animal By-pr oducts (CFNA), No.21 XiTangZi Lane, DongCheng Distr ict, Beijing, P.R. China 100006, TEL: +86-10-65132567, +8610-65132390, FAX: +86-10-65227911, +86-10-65139064, Email: w@cccfna.or g.cn Federation of Indian Herbal Industry (FIHI), INDIA - New No 41, Cir cular Road, United India Colony, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600 024. Tamil Nadu, INDIA, TEL: 91-44-24803291 / 24818877 / FAX: 91-44-24724427 / E-MAIL: fihi@fihionline.com / bkur up@fihionli ne.com WEB: http://www.fihionline.com/aboutus. htm Herbal Farmers Association, Guntakal, INDIA - Hanumesh Nagar , 20/1483, Guntakal, Andhr a Pr adesh, India, 515 801 Herbs & Herbal Export Promotion Association of India (HEPAI) INDIA - 207, Silver Ar ch plaza 20/1 New Palasia, Indor e - 452001 - (MP) INDIA, TEL: 91-731-3018833-34-35; FAX: 91-731-2435003; MOB: +91-94250-59407, +91-9302121830; E-MAIL: contact@hepai.or g / WEB: http://www.hepai.or g Herbs & NTFP Coordination Committee of the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources (ANSAB), NEPAL - Mr . Bhishma P. Subedi, P.O. Box 11035, Kathmandu, Nepal, TEL: (977-01)-4497547/4478412, FAX:(977-01)-4476586 / E-MAIL: ansab@ansab.or g 46

WEB: http://www.ansab.or g/index.htm Indian Society for Spices ( IISR) INDIA - Kozhikode 673 012, Ker ala, India / WEB: http://www.spicesoci ety.or g/ International Seabuckthorn Association, CHINA - Mr. Lu Shunguang, E-MAIL: henr y@icr ts.or g WEB: http://www.icr ts.or g/index.htm Lauhal & Spiti Seabuckthorn Society, INDIA - Lauhal & Spiti Distr ict, Himachal Pr adesh, India Malabar Herbs & Musli Growers Society (Regd), INDIA - Abr aham Kur ian, Tr easur er , T.C.4/1082, Kripa Bhavan, R.P.Lane, A-7, Kawadiar .P.O, Tr ivandr um Dist; Ker ala. Pincode: 695003, TEL: +91.471.5538863, +91.471.2437185, MOBILE: +91.989.5187185, FAX: +91.471.2316314 E-MAIL: abr _bincy@hotmail.com / WEB: http://www.mhmgs.com/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program in Asia (MAPPA), INDIA - Madhav Kar ki, Ph.D., IDRC/SARO, 208 Jor Bagh Rd, New Delhi, 110 003, India, TEL. (91-11) 24619411 ext. 104 / FAX. (91-11) 24622707 E-MAIL: mappa@idrc.or g.in / WEB: http://web.idr c.ca/en/ev-19908-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association, CHINA - Hong Kong G.P.O. Box 5301, TEL: 2492-2713, FAX: 2906-9330, E-MAIL: mcmia@mcmia.or g / WEB: http://www.mcmia.or g/ National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), INDIA - Gover nment of India Depar tment of AYUS H (Ayur veda, Yoga & Natur opathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopat hy / WEB: http://nmpb.nic.in/index.htm Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA), NEPAL - Bhaweshwor Das, gener al secr etar y, GPO Box No 8941, Dhumbar ahi, Kathmandu, Nepal, TEL: 977-1-428773, 4437827, FAX: 977-1-4437827, E-MAIL: info@nepalher bs.or g / WEB: http://www.nepalher bs.or g/ Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (Phar mexcil) INDIA - H.O.: 101, Aditya Tr ade Centr e, Ameer pr et, Hyder abad 500038, India, TEL: 040-23735462 / 23735466 / FAX: 91.40.23735464 / EMAIL: info@phar mexcil.com / WEB: http://www.phar mexci l.com Samagra Adivasi Medicinal Plants Development Association (SAMPDA) INDIA - D.N.K. Colony Kondagaon 494226, Baster (Chhattisgar h), India, TEL: (07786) 242506, FAX: (07786) 242980 E-MAIL: info@sampda.or g / WEB: http://www.sampda.or g/ Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL) INDIA - Inter national Tr ade Facilitati on Centr e, 1/1 Wood Str eet, 2nd Floor , Kolkata - 700 016, India, WEB: http://www.shellac epc.com Spice & Food Stuff Exporters Association of India (SFEAI) INDIA - 106, Swasti House, 1st Floor , 70 Kazi Sayed Str eet, Mumbai 400 003, India, E-MAIL: sfea@mtnl.net.in or kkcdipak@bom3.vsnl.net.in WEB: http://www.sfeaindia.net / Spices Board of India (SBI), INDIA - Gover nment of India Ministr y of Commer ce WEB: http://www.indianspices.com/ Tuticorin Senna Exporters Association (TSEA), INDIA - P.S.S. Ramachandr an, Pr esident. Tuticor in, Tamil Nadu, India. Vietnamese Association of Medicinal Materials, V IETNAM - TEL: (04) 9262554, Fax: (04) 9262550, Emai l: nctq02@yahoo.com / hopthu@caythuocquy.info.vn, WEB: http://caythuocquy.info.vn.


Australian Ginseng Grow ers Association (AGGA), P.O. Box 250, GEMBROOK, V IC 3783 AUSTRALIA, TEL +61 3 5968 1321, FAX +61 3 5968 1119, E-MAIL: info@ginseng.or g.au WEB: http://www.ginseng.or g.au/ Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA), PO Box 20, Tweed Heads NSW 2485, Austr alia, TEL : +61 (02) 66742925, FAX : +61 (02) 66742475, E- mail: enquir ies@teatr ee.or g.au WEB: http://www.teatr ee.or g.au/index.html The Australian Lavender Grow ers' Association Inc (TALGA), The Secr etar y TALGA Inc, PO Box 1296, Richmond Nor th V ictor ia, 3121 Austr alia, E-MAIL: secr etar y@talga.com.au WEB: http://www.talga.com/

Associated Ginseng Grow ers of British Columbia (AGGBC), Box 241, V er non, B.C. V 1T 6M2 Canada, TEL: (250) 545-4737, FAX: (250) 545-0479, E-MAIL: info@bcginsenggr ower s.com WEB: http://www.bcginsenggr ower s.com/ British Columbia Herb Grow ers Association (BCHGA), C/O 33511 Kinsale Place, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V 2S 8B2, Tel/Fax: 604.504.5990, E-mai l: info@bcher bgr ower s.com WEB: http://www.bcher bgr ower s.com/ British Columbia Sea Buckthorn Grow ers Association, Box 471, V er non, Br itish Columbia V 1T 6M4 Canada TEL: 250.542.1816, E-MAIL: panaxqas@junction.net WEB: http://www.hippophae.com/memb er ship.htm Canadian Herb, Spice and Natural Health Products Coalition, c/o Saskatchewan Her b and Spice Association (SHSA), Box 19 Phippen, Saskatchewan, TEL: 306.694.4622, FAX: 306.694.2182 E-MAIL: shsa@imagewir eless.ca Canadian Spice Association (CSA), 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 301, Don Mills, Ontar io M3C 1V 9, EMAIL: info@canadianspiceassociation.com / WEB: http://www.canadianspiceassociati on.com/ Filire des plantes mdicinales biologiques du Qubec, C.P. 43, Magog (Qubec) J1X 3W7 Canada, TEL: 819.847.2676, FAX: 819.847.1862, E-MAIL: fpmq@plantesmedicinales.qc.ca WEB: http://www.plantesmedicinales.qc.ca/index.html Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Association of Manitoba, PO Box 20024, Selkir k, Manitoba R1A 1S0 Canada, TEL: (204) 766-2669, FAX: (204) 482-8667 National Herb and Spice Coalition (NHSC), c/o SHSA, Box 18 Phippen, Saskatchewan. S0k 3E0 Canada TEL: 306-694-4622, FAX: 306-694-2182, E-MAIL: shsa@imagewir eless.ca WEB: http://www.nationalher bspice.com/ Northern Alberta Herb Grow ers, 8716 - 112 Str eet, For t Sask., AB T8L 2S8 Canada TEL: (780) 9974372) / FAX : (780) 998-0078 / WEB: http://www.nabher b.com/cont ent/home.shtml Ontario Ginseng Grow ers Association (OGGA), 1283 Blueline Road, Simcoe, Ontar io N3Y 2N5 Canada, TEL: (519) 426-7046 / FAX: (519) 426-9087 / E-MAIL: admin@ginsenggr ower s.com WEB: http://www.ginsengont ar io.com Ontario Herb Grow ers and Marketers Initiative, E-mail info@Ontar ioHer bs.com WEB: http://www.ontar ioher bs.com/ Saskatchew an Herb and Spice Association (SHSA), Box 19 Phippen, Sask. S0K 3E0 Canada E-MAIL: lonewolf@sasktel.net / WEB: http://www.saskher bspice.or g/


Quebec Seabuckthorn Grow ers Association (APAQ), 30, r ue Sainte-Mar guer ite, Beaupr (Qc) G0A 1E0, CANADA, E-MAIL: info@ar gousier .qc.ca / TEL: 418.827.1659 WEB: http://www.ar gousier .qc.ca/eng W estern Canadian Organic Herb and Spice Association, PO Box 16, Opal, Alber ta T0A 2R0 Canada, TEL: (780) 909-1634, FAX: (780) 942-3992 / E-mai l: wcdnher b@telusp lanet.net


Caribbean Herbal Business Association (CHBA), 3 Herber t Str eet, St. Clair , Por t of Spain, Tr inidad, West Indies, TEL: (868) 628-4403 / FAX: (868) 628-4562 / WEB: http://www.car ibbeanher bs.or g/ Jamaican Herbal Business Association (JHBA), a local c hapter of the Car ibbean Her bal Business Association, Dr . Diane Rober tson, Pr esident / E-MAIL: docdee_@hotmai l.com

Albanian Spice and Herbal Trade Association (ASHTA), ALBANIA - Contact details not av ailable Arctic Flavours Association (AFA), FINLAND - Kauppakatu 20, 89600 SUOMUSSALMI, Finland, TEL: +358-8-61 555 590, +358-8-61 555 591 / FAX: +358-8-61 555 592 / E-MAIL: info@ar ctic-flavour s.fi or simo.moisio@ar ctic-flavour s.fi / WEB: http://www.ar ctic-flavour s.fi Asociacin Catalana de Productores de Plantas Aromticas y Medicinales (ACPPAM), SPAIN Catalua / E-MAIL: acppam@ctfc.udl.es Asociacin Espaola de Fabricantes de Preparados Alimenticios Especiales, Dietticos y Plantas Medicinales (AFEPADI), SPAIN - C/ Ar agn, 208-210 Atico 4 08011 Bar celona, TEL: 93.454.87.25, FAX: 93.451.31.55, E-MAIL: afepadi@afepadi.or g / WEB: http://www.afepadi.or g/ Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (AMAPSEEC), SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO - Tadeua Kouka 1, 11000 Belgr ade TEL: (+38111) 3031-653, FAX: (+38111) 3031-649, E-MAIL: office@amapseec.or g / WEB: http://www.amapseec.or g/ Association of Delegates of the Professional Organizations of Producers and Collectors of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the EEC, FRANCE - 6 bd Mar echal-Joffr e, F-91490 Milly- la-For et Association of Medicinal Plants and W ild Forest Products of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOV INA - For eign Tr ade Chamber of Bosnia and Her zegovina, Depar tment of Br anch Associations, Br anislava ur eva 10, BIH-71000 Sar ajevo / T EL: +387.33.202.968, FAX: +387.33.214.292 British Herb Trade Association (BHTA), UNITED KINGDOM - 133 Eastgate, Louth, Linc olnshir e, LN11 9QG / TEL: 01507 602427, E-MAIL: tim.mudge@pvga.co.uk / WEB: http://www.bhta.or g.uk/ Bulgarian Association of Herb and Mushroom Gatherers, BULGARIA - Dobr oslavtzi, Contact: Biopr gamme Ltd: http://biopr ogr amme.net/web/ Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery & Cosmetics (BNAEOPC), BULGARIA - 93 Mar itza Blvd., Plovdiv 4003 / TEL/FAX: +359 32 96 78 35; +359 32 96 78 34 / E-MAIL: office@bnaeopc.com / WEB: http://www.bnaeopc.com/ Deutscher Fachausschuss fr Arznei-, Gew rz- und Aromapflanzen (DFAGA), GERMANY Erzeugerring fr Heil- & Gew rzpflanzen in Bayern e.V., GERMANY - Tal 35, 80331 Mnchen / Contact: Her r Hans Mser , TEL: +49 089-29006316 / FAX: +49 089-29006320 / E-MAIL: hans.moeser @lkp.bayer n.de / WEB: http://www.kr aeuter anbau.de/


European Confederation of Distributors, Producers and Importers of Medicinal Plants, FRANCE 23 Rue du Pei ntr e Lebr un, F-78000 V er sailles European Herb Growers Association (EHGA), THE NETHERLANDS - C lakenweg 132, 8081 LZ Elbur g / FAX: +31 (0)525 680 851 / E-MAIL: ottens.bar t@hetnet.nl / WEB: http://www. eur opam.net/index. htm European Herbal Infusions Association (EHIA), GERMANY - Gotenstr . 21, 20097 Hambur g / TEL: ++49-40-23 60 16 14 / E-MAIL: info@ehia-online.or g / WEB: www.ehia-online.or g European Spice Association (ESA), GERMANY Reuter str asse 151 53113 Bonn / TEL: +49 228 216 162 / FAX: +49 228 229 460 / E-MAIL: esa@verbaendebuer o.de / WEB: http://www.esa-spices.or g/ Federazione Italiana dei Produttori di Piante Officinali (FIPPO), ITALY - c/o Istitut o Sper imentale per l'Assestamento For estale e per l'Alpicoltur a (ISAFA), Piazza Nicolini, 6, 38050 V illazzano di Tr ento / TEL: 0461.381141 / FAX: 0461.381131 / E-MAIL: fippo@isafa.it / WEB: http://www.piant eofficinali.or g/main/fippo.htm Gesellschaft der Freunde und Frderer des Sanddorns, GERMANY - Sanddor n e.V ., Hasenheide 56, D 10967 Ber lin / TEL: +49-33438-14724, FAX: +49-33438-14720, E-MAIL: r alf.godeck@ber lin.de / WEB: http://www.sanddor n.net/ Herba M Macadonian Association of Collectors, Producers and Processors of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Forest Products and Mushrooms, MACEDONIA Mr . Viktor Kolovski, Skopje, Macedonia, E-MAIL: vkolovski@konimex.com.mk International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP), E-MAIL: info@icmap.or g / WEB: http://www.icmap.or g/ International Federation of Essential oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT), UNITED KINGDOM - Gafta House, 6 Chapel Plac e, Rivington Str eet, London EC 2A 3SH / TEL: +44 20 7729 5904, FAX: +44 20 7814 8383, E-MAIL: secr etar iat@ifeat.or g / WEB: http://www.ifeat.or g/ International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC), SLOV ENIA - P.O. Box 51, SI-3310 Zalec / TEL: + 386.3712.1618, E-MAIL: mar tin.pavlovic@guest.ar nes.si / WEB: http://www.hmelj-giz.si/ihgc/ Italian branch organisation of herbal traders (FEI), ITALY - F.E.I. Feder azione Erbor isti Italiani 00153 Roma - P.zza G.G. Belli, 2 / TEL: 0655280704 065866409, E-mai l: mai lto:feir oma@tin.it WEB: http://www.feier boristi.or g/associazione.htm Italian association of farmers, harvesters, transformers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and agents of medicinal and aromatic plants and spices (Assoerbe), ITALY - Unione del C ommer cio, del Tur ismo e dei Servizi della Pr ovincia di Mila, Cor so V enezia, 47/49 2021 Milano (MM1 Palestr o) / TEL: +39.02.7750575 / FAX: +39.02.76005543 / WEB: http://www.assoer be.it/eng/ Latvian Herb Grow ers Association, LATVIA - Raina Str .6-49 Kr aslava LV -5601 / E-MAIL ivar s@kr aslava.apollo. lv MAP Association of ZLATNICA, Biha, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOV INA - Pokoj bb, 77101 Biha / TEL/FAX: +387.37.300.887 / E-MAIL: alma012@bih.net.ba Medicinal Plant Association and Product Council, HUNGARY - Akos Mathe, Secr etar y, H-1118 Budapest, Menesi ut 44 / TEL: 361-185-1155; FAX: 361-237-1388 Office National Interprofessionnel de Plantes a Parfum Aromatiques et Medicinales (ONIPPAM) , FRANCE - BP 8 - 04130 V OLX / TEL: 04 9279 3446 / FAX: 04 9279 3322 / E-MAIL: onippam@onippam.fr / WEB: http://www.onippam.fr /


Polski Komitet Zielarski (Polish Herbal Committee), POLAND - BIURO ZARZ DU GWNEGO PKZ 61-707 Pozna , ul. Libelt a 27 / T EL. 61/665 95 40 Ext. #55, WEB: http://www.pkz.pl Romanian Association of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Grow ers & Manufacturers (RAMAPGM), ROMANIA - 176, Bd. G. Mor oianu, Sacele, Br asov 2212 / TEL/FAX: +40 68 273 766 / E-MAIL: dlazur ca@deltanet.r o The Association and Product Board for Herbs http://www.ker tnet.hu/Hungar ianHor ticult ur e/gb/110fr .htm (GYSZT), HUNGARY WEB:

The Association For the International Promotion of Gums (AIPG), GERMANY - Secr etar iat at WGA Hambur g e.V . (HARZV EREIN), Gotenstr ae 21 D-20097 Hambur g City Sd, TEL: +49 (0)40 23 60 16 13/15, FAX : +49 (0) 40 23 60 16 10, E-MAIL: aipg@wga-hh.de / WEB: http://www.tr eegums.or g/ The Management Association and Product Board for Herbs, HUNGARY - Dr . Mikls GYARMATI (Pr esident), H-1118 Budapest, Mnesi t 44 / TEL / FAX: (+36-1) 372-6200/6477 / WEB: http://www.ker tnet.hu/Hungar ianHor ticult ur e/gb/111fr .htm Verein fr Arznei- und Gew rzpflanzen, GERMANY - SALUPLANTA e.V ., Pr of.-Ober dor f-Siedlung 16 D-06406 Ber nbur g / FAX: +49 03471 640 332, E-MAIL: saluplanta@t-onli ne.de / WEB: http://www.saluplanta.de/ W KF W irtschaftsvereinigung Kruter- und Frchtetee e.V., GERMANY - Gotenstr asse 21 D-20097 Hambur g City Sd / TEL: + / E-MAIL: info@wkf.de / WEB: http://www. wkf.de/

Asociacin de Agroindustriales de Maca y Productos Andinos del Altiplano de Junn, Per Asociacin Agroartesanal de Productores de plantas secas medicinales del Ecuador (AAPPSME), Contact: Ing. Or lando Cadme or Srta. Oliva Chunc ho, Ramon Pinto entr e Diez de Agosto y Jose Antonio Eguigur en / TEL/FAX: ++593 7 2 583 173 / E-MAIL: or landocadme@latinmail.com Asociacin de Productores de Maca, Javier Pablo Casti llo Ger e, Pr esidente, Km. 243 C arr eter a Centr al, Shacay n, Jun n, Per , TEL: +51.64.9679002 / E-MAIL: macajpcg@yahoo.com Asociacin de Productores de Maca Ecolgica de la Provincia de Junn (APROMACA-E-JUNIN), Luis Oswaldo Casti llo Huer ta, Pr esidente, Jr . San Mar tin N 588, Junn, Per , TEL: +51-64-344060 / E-MAIL: infor mes@apr omacae.com / notar iope@yahoo.com / WEB: http://www.apr omacae.com Asociacin de Productores de Plantas Medicinales del Chimborazo Jambi Kiw a, Km 1 V ia Santa Cr uz, Parr oquia y Ar uquies, Riobamba-Ecuador, TEL: ++593.9.902645 / FAX: ++593.2.951026 / EMAIL: jambikiwa@ch.pr o.ec / WEB: http://www.jambikiwa.or g/ Asociacin de Productores de Plantas Medicinales Ecolgicas de La Unin - PER (APROPLAME), / WEB: Contact: Rgulo C hir inos, E-MAIL: apr oplame@aedes.com.pe http://www.cot ahuasiar equipa.com/apr oplame Carabotija Association of Producers of Medicinal Plants, Ms. Mar a Resfa Guatemal, No. 1 Barr io Car abotija, Olmedo, Cayambe-Ecuador , TEL: ++593.2.2115064/2362240 / E-MAIL: jenchala@yahoo.com Nativa Trade Association ingr edientesnat ur ales@gmai l.com for Natural Ingredients, COLUMBIA, Contact:

Peruvian Institute of Natural Products (Instituto Per uano de Pr oductos Natur ales), TEL: (511) 4359377 EXT: 281, E-Mail: infor mes@ippn.or g.pe / WEB: http://www.ippn.or g.pe/ingles/main.ht m



American Botanical Council (ABC), PO Box 144345, Austi n, Texas 78714-4345 USA, TEL: 512.926.4900 / FAX: 512.926.2345 / E-MAIL: abc@her balgr am.or g / WEB: http://www. her balgr am.or g/ American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), 8484 Geor gia Ave., Suite 370, Si lver Spring, Mar yland 20910 USA, TEL: 301.588.1171, FAX: 301.588.1174, E-MAIL: ahpa@ahpa.or g WEB: http://www.ahpa.or g/ American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), 2025 M Str eet, NW, Suite 800, Washingt on, DC 20036 USA, TEL: 202-367-1127, E-MAIL: info@astaspice.or g / WEB: http://www.astaspice.or g/ Aw a (Kava) Development Council, PO Box 26344, Honolulu, HI 96825, TEL: 808.256.5605, FAX: 808.395.3772 / WEB: http://awadevelopment.or g/ Carolina Agri-Solutions Growers Association (CASGA), Conway, Sout h Car oli na, USA, Pr esident Gr eg Hyman, TEL: 843-397-1502; E-MAIL: ghyman@sccoast.net Great Plains Herb Grow ers Association (GPHGA), 908 W. 20th Ter r ace, PO Box 4422, Lawr ence, Kansas 66046 USA, TEL: 785-841-9241, FAX: 785-841-4975, E-MAIL: her bgr ower s@sunflower .com WEB: http://www.kansasr ur alcenter .or g/gr eatplains.htm Herbalists W ithout Borders (HW B), 153 South A llen Str eet, State College, Pennsy lvania 16801, EMAIL: info@her balistswithoutbor der s.or g / WEB: http://www.her balistswithoutbor der s.or g Hop Grow ers of America (HGA), PO Box 9218 Yakima, Washington 98909: http://www.usahops.or g Hop Grow ers of W ashington (HGW ), P.O. Box 1207, Moxee, WA 98936 USA, TEL: 609.453-4749 / FAX: 509.457.8581 / E-MAIL: ann@wahops.or g International Aloe Science Council (IASC), 415 East Air por t Fr eeway Suit e 365, Ir ving, Texas 75062 USA, TEL: (972) 258-8772, E-Mail: iasc@air mail.net / WEB: http://www.iasc.or g/iasc.html New Mexico Herb Grow ers Association (NMHGA), Albuquer que, New Mexico, USA, Contact: Char les Mar tin, 505.852.4241, E-MAIL cmar tin@nmsu.edu North Carolina Herb Association (NCHA), 455 Resear ch Dr ive, Fletc her , Nor th Car olina 28732 USA. TEL: 828-684-3562, E-MAIL: jeanine_davis@ncsu.edu / WEB: http://www.nc her bs.net/ncha/ Northw est Ginseng Grow ers Association (NGGA), 4820 NE 306th Cir cle, La C ent er , Washington 98629 USA / WEB: http://www.nwginseng.or g/home.html Roots of Appalachia Growers Association (RAGA), 33560 Beech Gr ove Road, Rutland, Ohio 45775, E-MAIL: elise@r ur alaction.or g / WEB: http://www.r ootsofappalac hia.or g/index.htm Sequim Lavender Growers Association (SLGA), 55 Parr ish Road, Sequim, Washington 98382 USA, WEB: http://www.lavender gr ower s.or g/ W est Virginia Herb Association (WVHA), 1289 Smoke Camp Road, Weston, West V ir ginia 26452 USA, TEL: 304.269.6416 WEB: http://www.wv her b.or g/


MNS Reports
Monthly Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants
Market Trends in Europe, Events, Price Review, Regular features 65 varieties in 4 Asian markets (Cut Flowers) 94 varieties in 11 European markets (Cut Flowers) 45 varieties in 5 European markets (Ornamental Plants)

Fresh Tropical and Off-season Fruit and Vegetables Pharmaceutical Starting Materials/Essential Drugs
300 Most used substances in the production of essential drugs (generics) traded in major markets

Some 85 tropical and off-season products in 11 European markets


Products alternating between selected European Markets and the United States market

Fruit Juices

A report covering various products in North America, Europe,India, China and Africa

Medicinal Plants & Extracts

Precious and Semi Precious Stone

Covers African supply situation to importing countries, primarily in the EU, the US, Japan, India and China.

Essential Oils & Oleoresins

Spices oils (inc luding c love, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom); Spices seeds oils (coriander and others); herb oils (basil, thyme. sage); Citrus oils: perfumery oils (geranium, patchouli, vetiver and others )


Quoting 30 Products in selected markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States



Covers fruits and vegetables, fruit juice, coffee, tea, honey, essential oil & oleoresins, and spices.
Market New s Service Inter national Tr ade Centr e 54-56 Rue de Montbr illant Geneva, Switzer land Tel : (+41) 22 7300 111 Fax: (+41) 22 7300 578 E-mail: mns@intr acen.or g