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25, 2013 Dear Iranian friends, My name is Anahita Aminian, sending you my greetings with heartfelt wishes for your health and prosperity. Along with my husband Hesam, I have been a resident of Winnipeg for the last 27 years. We began our life in this very cold land, together with many warmhearted people, and our son Parsa was born in Winnipeg, as well. I truly believe that we have been one of the lucky couples to persuade our parents to join us in Winnipeg after enduring many years of separation from them. This family reunion after many years, eased my homesickness to a great extend. The reality we faced during the first few years of our lives in Winnipeg was quite different from today. I remember I would perform a happy dance by the sight of sumac and barberry in Halal store on Maryland Street! There were perhaps 500 Iranians in Manitoba. For many years I would eagerly await the occasional arrival of the packages from our parents containing Iranian treats. Gradually, more and more Iranians arrived in Winnipeg and even though we were still a small group, we would celebrate Nowruz together every spring. Many Iranians arrived and many lefthowever some of us decided to unpack our suitcases and make Winnipeg, or other communities in Manitoba our second, third, home. Many years passed and many of us who stayed, became used to the extreme cold and mosquitoes and began to notice many beautiful aspects of Manitoba, such as: sunny days, the endless sky, the lakes, green summers and white winters. Therefore, a number of us decided to get together and create our own community association. We began by writing the constitution to build a bridge between the host country and our community, and a number of very important goals were identified. One of the most significant goals of our association was and is to have our own Khaaneye Iran which would mean House of Iran. Without a doubt, this is a very massive task and requires many dedicated individuals to pursue working towards achieving our goal. I am certain that with your skills, talents and creativity, accomplishing this goal is quite possible. Like some other ethnic groups, we can have our own site to call home, to host our own cultural events. Within the last few years many parents have joined their children in Winnipeg. By having our Khaaneye Iran, we will be able to take care of our grandparents and engage them in a variety of activities, such as: socialization (in particular in winter months), drinking tea, playing backgammon, reading Iranian books (having a library), and of course, a place for poetry and movie nights.

Iranian Community of Manitoba (ICM) -1055WilkesAvenue,Suite#128,Winnipeg,MB,R3P2L7 Phone: (204) 318-1000 www.icmb.ca Email: icmbmail@gmail.com

Furthermore, our precious children will have a place to take Farsi lessons, or other ethnic languages. In addition to providing services for families who already live here, having our own Khaanye Iran will enable us to assist new families and university students who arrive in Winnipeg and other smaller communities in Manitoba. Khaaneye Iran will be a great incentive for volunteers to help with a variety of cultural events. Khaane ye Iran will be a place of hope and warm interactions among Iranians. Khaaneye Iran will be recognized by other diverse groups in Manitoba and will bring us closer. Dear friends, Khaaneye Iran needs members! Members of our Association! I am inviting you to become a member of Iranian Association of Manitoba (ICM) and also, encourage your family members and friends to join. The more members we have, the more presence we will have in our province. Considering how busy everyone is with life, work, school, family, etc. I am offering three (3) times and locations to meet with you and provide you with a membership application. The membership is $20.00. 1. Sunday September 8, 2013 from 10 am to 12 noon

at ICMs new office, Room# 128, 1055 Wilkes (Caboto Centre) 2. Thursday September 12, 2013 from 4 to 6 pm

at University of Manitoba University Centre (Fort Garry Campus), Tim Hortons (2nd floor) 3. Saturday September 14, 2013 from 2 to 4 pm

at Cottage Bakery at 1382 Pembina Hwy

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that with your support, and as your community liaison through ICM, I will be able to contact Manitoba Government, successful businesses and entrepreneurs for financial aid. Luckily, we live in a province that there are ample opportunities to fulfill our goal. With gratitude for your patience and kindness for reading this letter. I hope to see you soon. Respectfully, on behalf of the ICM 3rd Board of Directors, Community Liaison, __________________ Anahita Aminian

Iranian Community of Manitoba (ICM) -1055WilkesAvenue,Suite#128,Winnipeg,MB,R3P2L7 Phone: (204) 318-1000 www.icmb.ca Email: icmbmail@gmail.com

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