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Edward Primeaus report on Nithyananda Tape farfetched | forensicinternational.org


Edward Primeaus report on Nithyananda Tape farfetched

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Dr P. Chandrasekaran

EdwardJPrimeausReportonNithyanandatapeisfarfetched ThenotedIndianForensicExpertPadmaBhushanProfDrPChandraSekharanhascommentedthatthe expertopinionoftheAmericanAudioForensicExpertEdwardJPrimeauonNithyanandatapeisfarfetched inasmuchashecouldnothavehadaccesstotheoriginaltape.Theoriginalvideointapewasmadeby NithyanandasdriverLeninKaruppanakaDharmananda.Thistapeonlycantechnicallybecalledoriginalor genuine.Alltheothercopiesmadeoutincompactdiscs(CD)areonlyduplicatesandmanymultigenerated CDswerepreparedfromthefirstgenerationCD.TheelectronicgadgetstheexpertsusetoexaminetheseCDs willcertainlyshowsignsofeditingandotherinherentdefectsofreproductionsaysProfSekharan. Edwardwasrightinsayingthatthevideohehadexamined(obviouslyinCDs)arenotgenuineandauthentic. Buthehasexceededhislimitandpassedjudgementbysayingthatthevideotobeexcludedfromanyfactual relevancetotheeventsthatappeartobehappening.Wherefromthentheeventsappear?Fromwilderness!An expertcannotmakeinferences.InfactaccordingtoEdwardsveryownwords,IquoteManytimesthevideo evidencebeingsubmittedinlitigationisgoodasastandaloneexhibitandavideoforensicexpertisnot needed.Itismostlythedefensethatisguiltyofwastingmoneyandcomplicatingacase.Itisindeedverysure thattheAmericanExpertaswellasourCFSLhaveexaminedtwodifferentevidencematerialsandnotthe sameoneinthiscaseassertsProfSekharan
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Credentials of Dr. Prof. Chandra Sekharan

Prof Dr P. Chandra Sekharan quoted as the legendary Forensic Science Expert by Mr B Raman, of Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi and Head of the Counter-Terrorism Division of R&AW Prof. Chandra Sekharan is the first and only Forensic Scientist thus far to receive second higher civilian award "Padma Bhushan" from the President of India during the millennium year [2000]. He is the only forensic scientist who was awarded 'Emeritus Fellowship' by the University Grant Commission (UGC), Government of India. He is also the Fellow of American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. Professor P Chandra Sekharan is world renowned Forensic Scientist on whom one of the nations top civilian honours the Padma Bhushan has been conferred upon. During his long and chequered career heading some of the top research institutions that deal with his subject, Professor Sekharan helped solve several major crimes and provided vital leads indicating the nationality of the killers of Indias former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi Fifty five years of experience as the foremost forensic expert in India. His experience includes Consultacy, Teaching, Research and Training in the field of Forensic sciences. Appeared as Expert Witness for Prosecution, Defence as well as Court witness in India, UK, Singapore and Colombo. Conducted several short term courses to law practitioners, scientists and judges. Delivered lectures, key note addresses and presented papers in several national and international seminars, conferences and workshops. Appeared in several TV interviews in Tamil and English. Given several interviews and reports to newspapers and magazines. Specialties Can furnish forensic opinion and analysis in all types of criminal, civil, regulatory and even nonlitigeous matters President Forensics International January 2003 Present (10 years 7 months) Pro Vice Chancellor & Professor-Director, School of Sciences and Foresic Sciences National Law University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan June 2001 April 2004 (2 years 11 months) Professor of forensic sciences National Law School of India University, Bangalore

April 1994 March 2001 (7 years) UGC Emeritus Fellow University of Madras March 1994 March 1996 (2 years 1 month) UGC Professor in Forensic Engineering Anna University March 1993 March 1994 (1 year 1 month) Professor- Director Forensic Sciences Dept, Chennai August 1959 March 1993 (33 years 8 months) Author of The Firt Human Bomb - In the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, I was handling the entire crime scene examination from the beginning. I reconstructed the scene of the blast with all the minute details and submitted a 100-page report with nearly 100 illustrations and photographs to CBI and the Verma Commission. I had to identify the design of the bomb, the nature and quantity of explosives and steel pellets used, the number of detonators etc. His Contact No. are 094483 63406 and 093677 36822. Professor P Chandra Sekharan can also be contacted by Email at pcsekharan2000@yahoo.com.