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PROSPECTUS 2009 - 2010


a Registered Public Charitable Trust

Head Ahead Foundation crystallizes an urge and a quest - the urge to

combine creative and critical thinking, and the quest for the infinite
wonders of life. The importance of cerebration in perceiving and
conceiving the live cosmos and the aheadness involved in this
realization are the cornerstones of this initiative.

board of advisors
Officer in Charge, Govt Teacher Training
College; Council Member, Gour Banga SRI TAPAN JOARDAR
University, Malda Senior Advocate, Malda


SRI PRABAL DATTA Deputy General Manager (Manf. &
Secretary, Nehru Children's Museum, Project), MRO-TEK Ltd. Bangalore
Kolkata; Executive Committee Member,
Indian Council for Child Welfare
Zonal Convenor, National Bal Bhavan SRI ACHINTYA KARMAKAR
Editior, Shishu Bhavan Patrika Asstt Head Master, Malda Umesh
Chandra Bastuhara Bidyalay (H.S.)


Artist Inventor Railway Employee

the units of the foundation

a unit that seeks to preserve and promote
folk culture, art forms and artists a unit that intends to raise awareness of
the basic & burning issues facing us

an initiative in response the joint call by the UN and the IAU,
with a view to promoting the common man’s inquisitiveness
about space and his/her place within that ‘space’ K - IV educational unit
To teach the three R’s has never been the main object of Sabuj Abujh Shishu Angan. Under
and amidst the vast sky, the open air and the bright rays of the sun a child is like a young
sapling eager to grow. Our Joie de vivre lies in the making of a free and fearless
atmosphere in which the fresh feelings and keen instinct may be tapped and enhanced.
We shall head ahead with this goal in mind.

While we take pride in having a child-centric environment we would like to

offer an education that fosters a creative zeal, encourages an enquiring
spirit, and helps develop an emotionally intelligent mind.

we provide
A caring environment, conducive to cultural
Individual care current stress
Low Teacher: Student Ratio Logical Thinking
Open space to run around and shady tree to sit Interpersonal Skills
under Language Skills
Observance of significant National and Activity Based Curriculum
International Days and the Birth Anniversaries of
the eminent personalities Communicative approaches
Annual Cultural Program, in 2nd Language learning
Annual Craft Exhibition, Book fair and Majaar
Asor -a 3 day inclusive joy-meet
Annual Sports Meet
Inclusion of ICT in the curriculum
Result neutral Annual Gift for each child
Alternative Power Supply during power cuts
Half or full free studentship for children from
financially weak background medium of instruction
Medium of Instruction is Bangla, though the
use of English as the medium of instruction
in case of a few subjects is on the cards.

On the 4th day of February 1975 Sabuj Abujh Shishu Angan started its
journey from two little rented rooms in a bye lane opposite to Malda Zilla
School. Founder Headmistress Smt. Swapna Ray and Founder Director Dr
Pushpajit Ray had to go door to door requesting parents to send their wards
to this new pre-school. Twelve kids turned up, two classes were
commenced and Sabuj Abujh Shishu Angan - the third institution of its kind in
the then Malda was on its way. By the end of the first academic year the student strength increased from
12 to 25 and the school relocated to its own and present address. A new beginning lent new hopes, new
goals, new potentialities and newer challenges.
THE FIRST 20 YEARS saw at once a grim struggle for survival and a brave bid
for progress. The resource was scant but the dream was big. Persistent
financial problems, and doubts about means and end often threatened
failure; but the vision of the director, the leadership of the headmistress, the
dedicatio n of the team and the cooperation from the parents
meant that the mission was not aborted midway through and the roll strength
grew to about 400 learners.
IN 1995 Unman Ray joined the school as the Administrator. For the institution,
this change was characterized by innovative ideas and newer direction in both
academic and administrative spheres. The stress on the holistic development
of the learners began to bear rich fruits; for the shishuangan products went on proving their mettle in
academic, cultural and social events, activities and achievements. Of course, the root cause for this was
the school's unwavering allegiance to its vision statement that had sought to project the institution as an
emotionally intelligent school and foreground EQ (emotional quotient) in preference to IQ (intelligent
quotients). The introduction of ICT for and among both teachers and students brought both better
vibrancy and efficiency to the school's workings.
2008 WAS TO PROVE another annus mirabilis for the school. Thanks to an ever
increasing roll strength and the ever changing demands of a fast moving
academic institution it was realized that the school need a structural overhaul.
Consequently, an approach was made to HEAD AHEAD FOUNDATION and the
school was taken over as one of its unit w.e.f. October 1, 2008.
The Shishuangan Team

We pride ourselves for having a team that is loving, efficient,

innovative, daring and ever-eager to embody the vision of
Shishuangan and Head Ahead Foundation under the stewardship of


The poet and retired Reader of Bangla Language and Literature, Dr. Ray is the author of HEAD AHEAD
FOUNDATION. He is advisor to and State Committee member of various bodies like Nikhil Bharat Shishu
Sahitya Sammilan etc. His poem was included in Alor Fulki, the collection of children literature published by
Govt of West Bengal in 1979, the International Year of the Child. A grass root level activist, collector and
researcher of Folk Literature & Folk Culture he is currently a member of the Centre for Studies in Culture and
Languages of North Bengal, under the University of North Bengal. Dr. Ray was felicitated by Bangla Academy,
Govt of West Bengal in the year 2000 for his editorship of Joar, the reputed Bangla literary journal published
from Malda since 1970. The founder director of Shishuangan, Dr. Ray designed the school logo and
composed the Shishuangan oath. Currently he is a guest lecturer in the Dept of Bangla, University of Gour

SMT. SWAPNA RAY, Headmistress

Smt. Ray is the founder headmistress of Sabuj Abujh Shishu Angan. A much loved writer of child literature
Smt. Ray is at the present chairperson of Nikhil Bharat Shishu Sahitya Sammilani (Malda District
Committee). Currently she is working on framing a child centric curriculum commensurate with the vision
statements of both Sabuj Abujh Shishu Angan and Head Ahead Foundation.

SRI UNMAN RAY, Administrator

Sri Unman Ray has been working in the field of education since early 90s. His innovative ideas encompass
the domains of mentoring, class room management, use of ICT in teaching – learning, print publication and
electronic media presentation. Ray's translation and interpretation of Percieval Wilde's play Refund at
once encapsulate the banalities of the present career oriented education system and the need to devise its
alternative imaginary. His present concerns include the importance of parenting, place of emotional
intelligence, nature and process of cognition and the building collaborative communities in education.


Smt Purkayastha who holds a P. G. Degree in Sociology & Social Anthropology and Bachelor's Degree in
Education has active experience in teaching under-graduate students. Currently she is doing her Master's in
Education from Indira Gandhi National Open University and applying her knowledge and ideas of parenting
and human development.

Head Ahead Foundation plans to introduce

secondary level classes from 2010 - 2011 academic session

The proposed secondary unit will carry on with the original vision in mind.
Head Ahead Foundation firmly believes that this will liberate the learners
from the constrictive environment of cut-throat competition and mindless
mugging, and help promote the creative zeal, the enquiring spirit and an
emotionally intelligent mind.

other projects
As a unit of Head Ahead Foundation, Shishuangan undertakes and participates in various
topically and thematically relevant projects that centre round the teaching learning eneavour.

On Thursday 12 February, we celebrated 200 years

since Charles Darwin, one of the world's most
Languages Matter creative and influential thinkers, was born.
a NBT initiative


(K - IV educational Institution of HEAD AHEAD FOUNDATION)
Vivekananda Pally, Post & Dist: Malda, West Bengal, India. PIN 732 101.
Telephone: +91 3512 266067, e-mail: shishuangan@gmail.com