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Test Name: Body Mass Index (BMI-for-age) Purpose: Assess body composition Stage: Pupils in Year 4 to Form 5 Gender:

Male and Female Equipment and facilities: 1. Altimeter 2. Weighing scale 3. Score form

Management and organization: This measurement should be taken and recorded before starting the fitness test. Procedure: 1. Students must be weighed in kilograms and their height must be measured in meters. 2. Calculate body mass index based on the following formula:

Body Mass Index =Body Weight (kg) Height (m) xHeight (m)

1. Refer to the table below to identify the body composition.

Test Name: Partial Drill Curl Up (partial curl-up) 1 minute Purpose: Test the resilience and strength of the abdominal muscles Stage: Pupils in Year4 to Form5 Gender: Male and Female Equipment and facilities: 1. Adhesive tape sized 2.5cm 2. Measuring tape 3. Stopwatch Management and organization: 1. Stick the tape parallel to the floor at the left and right. The distance between the tapes must be 10cm. Procedure: 1. The test is conducted with students wearing appropriate shoes. 2. Student must lie down with your knees bent 90 degrees and heels are always touching the floor. 3. Align your leg appropriately with your shoulders. 4. Both arms straight at the sides and fingertips touching the outside of the first sticker. 5. At each partial curl up, shoulder should be lifted so that the middle finger of both hands will be touching the outside of the second sticker. 6. The bottom/back of the body should be flat and the middle finger in the original position (repeat procedure 4) before doing the next repetition. 7. Students perform movement recording or metronome rhythm with a rate of 50 seconds per minute for 1 minute. 8. Pupil B will be counting as the pupil A repeats the procedure. 9. The test will be terminated if a student: 10. Feel uncomfortable. 11. Finger does not touch the outside of the second marker lines. 12.The heel is lifted.

Teacher Guide Improper behaviour of Partial curl up: 1. The bottom/back of the body not touching the floor. 2. Heel lifted. 3. Body/shoulder askew. 4. Buttocks lifted. 5. Knee angle of 90 degrees (vertical).

Directions /reprimand for improper behaviour for Partial curl up. 1. The back of the body must not touch the floor. 2. Shoulders touch the floor. 3. Placing both the heels on the floor. 4. Adjust the shoulder/body. 5. Buttocks lifted. 6. Knee angle of 90 degrees (vertical).


Curl up Pattern for one complete Partial Curl Up

Initial Position