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Using an FVM318 Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

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Using an FVM318 Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

This shows how a NETGEAR wireless router can work as a wireless access point, bridging wireless clients to a wired LAN. (This technique is only tested with an FVM318, however it is believed to work with other routers adapting the configuration, slightly.) For WPN824, WGR614, or WGT624 instructions click here. This example assumes that another router is the main router on your network providing Internet access for your computers. It also assumes that another device is your network's DHCP server that's usually the other router or a process on a local server. These instructions work for all NETGEAR wireless routers. (For an FVM318 using IPSec-over-wireless, additional steps configure the IPSec connection.) This is provided as a courtesy for advanced users. Use at your own risk! This configuration is not supported by NETGEAR, however Premium Support would be able to help with problems. Problems may include: Stopping access point roaming. No guarantee of DHCP passthrough. NETGEAR's cost-effective
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Using an FVM318 Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

ProSupport: This support for advanced features is available by phone, or with an on-site NETGEAR representative.

To Configure the Wireless Router Do not connect the wireless router to your network yet, as it may have the same IP address as your other router. Connect to the wireless router, turn off its DHCP server, and give the wireless router an assigned IP address on your LAN: 1. Connect a PC directly to the wireless router. 2. Reboot the PC. 3. Log in to the wireless router (usually at, with User Name = admin and Password = password). 4. Go to the LAN IP menu and disable DHCP by unchecking Use router as DHCP server. 5. Select LAN IP, and change the IP address to 6. Click Apply to save the settings. (You lose the connection to the router since its IP address changed.) 7. Connect one of the wireless router's Local (LAN) ports to your existing network. Do not make any connection to the wireless router's Internet (WAN) port. This completes the access point configuration (except for FVM318). You can now log in to the wireless router at its new IP address of and configure features such as WEP and Access Control List. Some customers have reported needing to turn off RIP. Additional Configuration for the FVM318 Wireless Router The FVM318 can function as an IPSec-secured wireless access point. (These steps are not needed unless using an FVM318.)
kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1080 2/4


Using an FVM318 Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

1. In addition to the steps described in the preceding section, go to the FVM318's Advanced > Static Routes menu and define a new static route to the other router: Route Name = main_router Active = checked Private = checked Destination IP Address = IP Subnet Mask = Gateway IP Address = (Or the IP address of the other router, if it's not, as shown in the above diagram for "Other Router".) Metric = 2 2. Click Apply . If the FVM318 does not allow, upgrade to later software. To Configure the SafeNet SoftRemote Basic VPN Client Software on an FVM318 These steps are not needed, except for FVM318. In other applications the FVM318 would probably be your main router, and your Internet gateway and IPSec gateway. For this application however, the FVM318 is your computers IPSec gateway, and another router is your Internet gateway. The Internet gateway address is obtained by DHCP from the other router, but the IPSec gateway is configured manually: 1. Run the SafeNet SoftRemote Basic VPN Client configuration utility on your PC. 2. In the client configuration, change IPSec gateway from LAN Gateway to IP Address. 3. In the IP address box, enter the LAN IP address of the FVM318 (
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Using an FVM318 Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

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