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Instructions for Downloading, Installing, and Authorizing Design of Machinery Programs written by Robert L. Norton. (rev.

Downloading: 1. Go to www.designofmachinery.com and download the demonstration version of the program you want onto the computer that you want to install it on. This will download a zip file containing the install code. Create a folder on your hard drive with the name of the downloaded program. Place the zip file within this folder and unzip its contents into that folder.

2. 3. Installing: 1

Installation Procedure: a. In any OS except Vista just run the setup.exe or Programname_Install.exe file to install the program. b. In the Vista operating system you MUST run the installation program as administrator in order for it to properly install all files. To do this, do NOT just double-click the installation program file, instead RIGHT CLICK on the file icon and select Run as Administrator under the dropdown menu that appears. c. Administrators take note: If the program is to be run by nonadministrator users in any OS, then you will need to enable write access for all users on the folder that contains the Programname.exe file. The program must write text files to this folder to run properly.

Accept all default choices. If it says that it is trying to install an older version of a file than is already on your computer, take the default choice which will be to NOT overwrite a later version of the same file. After the install is complete the program will appear in your START menu under Design of Machinery. a. For the programs DYNACAM and LINKAGES, just run them from the Start menu. b. For the programs ENGINE and MATRIX in any OS except Vista, just run them from the start menu. In Vista, you first must go to the Program Files\Program_Name folder, open it, right click on the Program_Name.exe file and check the boxes from the dropdown menu Run as windows XP

SP2 and Run as Administrator to make it run in Vista.

Running the demo version: Select the program from the start menu and it will run in Demo mode. When the program runs, it will display a dialog box with the number of runs and days left in your demonstration license. You will have 10 demo runs that can be used any time within a 30 day period that begins when you first install the program. After either of these limits is exceeded, any further attempt to run the program will bring up a screen (shown below) that requires an authorization code for further use. Pricing Information: Information on the price and ordering procedure can be seen from within the program by clicking on the Print Ordering Information button in the center of the home screen when the program is still running in demo mode. Combination packages at discounted prices can be found at www.designofmachinery.com.

Purchasing and activating the program: If you decide that you wish to purchase the program, arrange payment via Paypal,

company purchase order, or wire transfer as appropriate. Click on the License it Now button to get the Authorization Screen as shown below. Note that the license is limited to the particular computer on which it is installed, so be sure to install it on the machine you want to use for the program. You can later transfer the license to any other computer at any time. When you click on License it Now, or after the demos have been used up, an authorization screen will appear that looks like the one shown below. Generating and Filling Out a License File: Use the button at the lower left of the Authorization Screen (shown below), labeled Create License File to generate a Word compatible text file that will contain the License Code number and places for you to fill out your company or personal identification information. This file will be named Programname.txt (e.g., Dynacam.txt for the Dynacam program).

Open this file in any word processor and FILL OUT your name, company name, and address information. Email this file to norton@designofmachinery.com. Once this FILLED OUT file and your payment or valid purchase order is received, we will email you an Unlock Code to paste into the above screen to enable the program.

NOTE: It is essential (AND REQUIRED) that you send the License Code to us in the manner detailed above (i.e., encapsulated into the Programname.doc license file) because we will then copy and paste the code number into our software to generate the Unlock Code. NOTE ALSO that it is essential that you, in turn, copy and paste the Unlock code that we will send you into the Authorization Screen in order to avoid typos. It is too easy to confuse ones and Is and also zeros and Os. Please copy and paste to avoid having to do this entire exercise more than once. Be warned that if you mistype the authorization code 3 times, it will assume that you are trying to break in and will then generate an entirely new License Code. This will require that we start the registration process over from scratch. This can lose days, even weeks in getting you up and running. In Summary: DO NOT type the License code from your screen into an email to us. Instead generate AND FILL OUT the Program_name.doc file that encapsulates the code numbers. Then, when we send you the unlock code, please copy and paste it into the authorization screen to avoid typos. Backing Up the License Files: It is important that you back up (copy) the four license files as instructed by the installation program. As stated in those instructions the four files noted must be copied to a safe location ONLY AFTER SHUTTING DOWN THE PROGRAM! If the program is running when you copy the files, they will not work. The files locations are shown in the instructions. Copy them and save them to a folder on another computer or on removable media such as a memory stick. They are small text files and so not require much memory. If the computer crashes and must be reformatted, you can revive the license by pasting these files back into the folder with the program when the program is NOT RUNNING. As long as no hardware such as a disk drive was changed after the crash, they will revive the license. It is also a good idea to also place copies of these files in a separate folder on the hard drive of the computer where the program resides. If the license locks up and the computer does not need reformatting, you can replace them from this archive as well. Terminal Server Installations: If you install the program to a terminal server, you must notify us at the time of licensing, as the license configuration will need to be different. Also be aware that if any users terminate their remote desktop session WITHOUT FIRST DOING A NORMAL EXIT from the program, it will leave them logged into the license files as a user. When the number of logged users exceeds the licensed number of users, the program will refuse to run, as it will think there are still users logged in. In this case, the cure is to replace the license files from the backup copies as they will have zero users logged in (provided that

you saved them with the program not running!) Thank you, Robert L. Norton, President, Norton Associates Engineering