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Maddie Evangelista, Sofia Sandoval, and Anna Hukill

Flappers Script
Host: And now lets head on over to three lovely dames who always have something to say: Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet extraordinaire, Dorothy Parker, short story writer and critic, and Zelda Fitzgerald, the very definition of a true flapper. Edna: Hello ladies and gents! Youre here with Edna St. Vincent Millay. Dottie: Dorothy Parker Zelda: And Zelda Fitzgerald. So ladies, since the last time we chatted, I think the skirts have gone up another quarter inch. Dottie: They certainly have. Soon it will be bare knees all around! [all laugh] Edna: Well, on to our news for the day. Did you hear? William Jennings Bryan is basically condemning all flappers. He says that if we want to walk around flaunting ourselves and having fun, then we must be willing to bear the contempt of all the truly good, while we roll in our bit of scandal- Zelda: Uh, stop! What does that old bird know about the new morality? This is exactly the misconception everyone seems to have about flappers. They say were wasting our lives away, being rebellious for the sake of being rebellious, but theres so much more to it than that. Dottie: Says you. The flapper morality is rather anti-intellectual, if I do say so myself. Sure the lifestyle and fashion are fun, but all thats worthless without ambition to do something other than spend time at petting parties. Edna: Well, look at me! Im a poet and have great ambition, but I still go to parties and smoke and do all those silly things. Zelda: Thank you, Edna. Having fun is hardly worthless, and what better way to show the world what were made of than raising a little hell? Edna: Yes! I mean you have to raise hell in one way or another in order to get change! Dottie: Change is good. My life definitely needs a little change. Edna: And what we are doing will make the lives of the youth even better! We are fighting the norm now so the younger generations will be able to enjoy life without all of this controversy! People say they will just be wrecks, ruining everything we have built in this world, but come on, a little fun never hurt anyone. Zelda: And its not as if Im going to want my daughter to be getting drunk all the time. Thats my job. [all laugh] Dottie: And the young are very intelligent. I mean, think of all the technological advances nowadays! These young women are just reinventing themselves along with their country. Edna: Exactly! In the past women were always inferior to men and had no voice in this world and now we are finally being recognized, which is just how it should be. Zelda: Absolutely! Flappers get all this criticism just because the idea of such modern, independent women tends to scare the men. Edna: I mean I always hear people talking about how we have no moral values, but thats not true! We definitely have morals, but that doesnt mean always we use them. What would be the fun in that? [all laugh]

Dottie: (jokingly) Im sure life would be just as fun if you have moral values all the time. Youre welcome to to test out that theory, Edna, because Im certainly not going to! Edna: Ouch! Im going to have to pass on that one. So whats next on the agenda, ladies? Zelda: Is there an agenda? (jokingly) Well, I certainly came into this unprepared. Dottie: Didnt we all? Edna: Yes indeed, but I suppose we should talk about something else. How about the new dating thing all the flappers are doing? Its quite a shock to the older generations! Zelda: It really is a contrast to the traditional courting, but it gives women the freedom to be with who they want. Im not sure I ever could have married Scott if I didnt have a say in it. Edna: Speaking of dating, Dottie, didnt you go on a date recently? Dottie: (nervously) Um... It wasnt exactly a date, we.... met at a party. We simply chatted. Edna: How lovely! Who was the gent, might I ask? Dottie: (still nervous) I dont believe you know him... Zelda: Come on, were friends! Is there something you need to tell us? Is he... married!? Imagine such a thing. I know my Scott would never do such a thing. Right Dottie? Dottie: Well, well what about all those rumors about you and that frenchman? [awkward pause] Edna: Well speaking of dating, flappers seem to be getting a reputation for being promiscuous. Dont get me wrong;I love not being tied down to one man, but I would hardly call myself a tramp. Dottie: Of course not! Some people are just so traditional that they cant possibly grasp the idea of a woman flitting from man to man. Zelda: (jokingly) Because its not like men ever do that, either. Edna: My point exactly! I mean us women still need a man to take us out. We cant afford that all the time! After all, they are the ones making all the money. Zelda: Well, there you have it. Its not fair. We shouldnt need m en to take us out all the time, but we do. Can you really blame us for taking advantage of their generosity? Dottie: We work just as hard as them at the same job and still get paid less than them. Edna: And this whole Prohibition thing... whats all the fuss about? Are people scared of women drinking now too? Dottie: Its all in good spirit! You know, lighten the mood, enjoy the night! Zelda: You would know all about that... Dottie: I most certainly would. Edna: Its the twenties! Its a decade of excitement and we might as go out and revel in our youth while we can! Zelda: Couldnt have said it better myself, but what are the odds of the Prohibition ever being repealed! Dottie: Id say theres a good one in a billion chance! [laughter] But no ones going to stop me from having a good time! Edna: Or me! Zelda: Or me! Well ladies, on that note, I say we wrap it up and let our listeners get back to the all the corny jokes of mister H.L. Mencken! Thats it for tonight! Weve got a party to attend. Back to you, Mencken!

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