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Linear Algebra

Credit Hrs: 3 Pre-requisite: None

Instructor: Mussarat Mansha Semester: Fall 2013

Capsule Statement:
This course provides an introduction to vector spaces. Its focus is on the abstract algebra i.e. group. ring and field. In this course we learn how to find orthonormal basis using orthogonal basis. It gives solution to linear equations graphically as well as algebraically. Consistency criteria of linear equations is also discussed in detail in this chapter.

Objectives of the course:

Its objective is to provide fundamentals of solution for system of linear equations, operations on system of equations, matrix properties and their solutions. It gives Eigen vectors corresponding to different Eigen values in 2 & 3 dimensional space.

Course Contents and Schedule:


Solution of System of Linear Equations Linear equations having 2&3 variables Quadratic equation Vectors on , coordinated vectors, operations on vectors Angle between two vectors , argument, Multiplicative Properties Dot product of two vectors, vectors of ,vector products, product operations on vectors of Equation of a plane and a line in ,Scalar triple product of vectors of Vector triple product of vectors in Concept of matrices, kinds of matrices Operation on matrices Further definitions in matrices, Rank Determinants Cofactors, Ad joint of 3*3 matrices Gaussian & Gauss-Josdem Method Linear Independence

Singular value Decomposition Linear Transformations Structure of a grouped, semi group, abelian group Sub group criterion Ring, Field as a ring, examples Vector space over a field Important concepts of vector space over F Some useful examples, sub spaces Matrices representations of vector space Inner product space Orthogonality , orthonormalization Gram Schmidt Process Eigen-values & Eigen vectors Positive Definite Matrices






Teaching Learning Strategies:

The following strategies would be adopted to encourage an interactive classroom experience: - Intensive use of discussion - Punctuating the lecture with questions - Asking students to interpret basis of vector spaces - Staging a debate on practical application of math concepts

Course Assessment:
- Mid Term - Final Exam - Assignments / Quizes - Attendance 30% 40% 25% 5%

Text Books: Required: 1. Howard Anton , Chris Rorres, Elementary Linear Algebra and its Applications.
2. Elementary Linear Algebra by Dr. Karamat Hussain Dar.

Experiences of Teaching the Course

Number of times course taught:

2 (at Lahore Leads University)

Self Assessment of the course:

I have taught this course twice at Lahore Leads University. Being a large application in our practical life, students enjoyed that application. Because it is an abstract algebra we try to visualize the 4 dimensional space. Issues relating to students / Resolutions:

The anticipated problem we will face for this course at Lahore Leads University is the lack of mathematical exhibition and workshop. Through workshop and exhibition students learn more practical work.