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Gerd Keiser, Optical Fiber Communications, McGraw-Hill, 4th ed.

, 2008 URLs for Further Reading or Exploration of Various Topics

This is a small sampling of the many resources available on the Web for consulting, general information, modeling tools, fibers, components, transmission systems, and test equipment. The URLs listed under "General information" for Chapter 1 have a great deal more information and listings of further Web links. A. Consulting in photonic communications PhotonicsComm Solutions, Inc. provides technical consultation, business planning, and education related to photonic communications. http://www.photonicscomm.com B. Standards Organizations 1. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), http://www.nist.gov (creates basic measurement standards) 2. International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications, http://www.itu.int/ITU-T (creates and publishes standards in all areas of telecommunications; Series G for telecommunications; Series L for outside plant elements) 3. Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, http://www.ieee.org (establishes and publishes measurement procedures for links and networks) 4. Telcordia, http://www.telcordia.com (provides generic requirements for network elements) 5. TIA/EIA, www.tiaonline.org and www.ea.org (created and published over 120 test specifications under the designation Fiber Optic Test Procedures or FOTP)

C. Modeling and Simulation Tools 1. Optiwave (http://www.optical.com) 2. RSoft Design Group (http://www.rsoftdesign.com) 3. VPIsystems (http://www.vpisystems.com)

D. General information, photonics resources, and industry news http://www.photonics.com http://fibers.org http://optics.org 1

http://www.lightreading.com http://www.pennwell.com

E. Technical Journals 1. IEEE, http://www.ieee.org (e.g., Journal Lightwave Technology, Photonic Technology Letters, Proceeding of the IEEE) 2. Elsevier, http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journal_browse.cws_home (e.g., Optical Fiber Technology, Optics and Laser Technology) 3. Optical Society of America, http://www.osa.org/journals/osajournals/default.aspx (e.g., Optics Express, J. Optical Networking, Chinese Optics Letters) 4. SPIE, http://www.spie.org (e.g., Optical Engineering, J. of Nanophotonics)

F. Educational Equipment and Training 1. OptoSci, Ltd, http://www.optosci.com (optoelectronic systems, components and instrumentation for the international education, research, industrial and environmental markets) 2. Senko, http://www.senko.com/fiberoptic/feature/feature_1.html (a rugged, reusable and flexible training tool consisting of 10 self-enclosed component modules) 3. The Light Brigade, http://www.lightbrigade.com (training courses for a wide variety of field applications using fiber optics technology) 4. Blue Road Research Fiber, http://www.bluerr.com/products/edkits.php (Optic Sensor Education and Product Development Kits include supplies that provide the user with exposure to fiber optic sensing using Bragg grating sensors)

G. Optical Fibers and Cables 1. Corning Optical Fiber, http://www.corning.com/opticalfiber (manufacturer of a wide variety of optical fibers and cables) 2. OFS, http://www.ofsoptics.com (designer, manufacturer, and supplier of optical fibers, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity components, and specialty photonics products)

3. Listing of some optical cable and component companies in India, http://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/optical-fiber-cable.html 4. Listing of some optical cable and component companies in China, http://www.chinasuppliers.globalsources.com/china-suppliers/Fiber-Cable.htm 5. Hitachi Cable, http://www.hitachi-cable.co.jp/en/products/optical/index.html 6. Sumitomo, www.sumitomoelectric.com/products/opticalfibercable 7. Verrillon, www.verrillon.com (supplier of specialty optical fibers and components to the oil and gas, military, industrial and communications markets)

H. Test Equipment 1. EXFO, www.exfo.com 2. JDSU, www.jdsu.com/test_and_measurement 3. Agilent, www.agilent.com 4. Circadiant, www.circadiant.com 5. SyntheSys Research http://www.synthesysresearch.com 6. Anritsu, www.anritsu.com

I. Transport and Network-Access Equipment 1. Alcatel-Lucent, http://www.alcatel-lucent.com 2. Nortel Networks, http://www.nortel.com 3. Pirelli Broadband Solutions, http://www.pirellibroadband.com 4. Fujitsu, http://www.fujitsu.com 5. Huawei, http://www.huawei.com