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Dr. V.K. SUSIL KUMAR Faculty and Placement Manager Faculty and Placement Manager Institute for Technology and Management 9380502425 susil.kumar@itm.edu

1. Tell me about the results you have achieved at your last two positions. How did you achieve them? What was the effect to the business? For the last three years, I have been successful in 100% placements and this has resulted in the average CTC increasing every year by 10%. 2. When was the last time you took a risk? What did you learn from it? (Cause & Effect learn from mistakes; learn from successes). I started Software Training and Development business in 1995 risking my Central Government job. This has embarrassed my entire family member and invited ire from them. Success factor is that the business reached heights of success wherein we had more than 150 students per month as trainees. Trained more than 5000 students in both hardware and software, developed and implemented more than40 software project both in India and abroad. Developed more than 100 web sites and launched both government and private parties. 3. Show me how you are committed to your customers, associates, peers? Whatever job has been assigned had been completed much to the satisfaction of the customers. 4. Tell me about a time when you communicated effectively (up-down-across effective, clear, convincing). This was in the year 2008, when I was associated with a Finishing School in Chennai as a Business Consultant. I had presented the organizations training proposal before the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, (Late) Mr. Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy and won the Government of Andhra Pradesh assignment.

5. Give me an example when you pushed back, made some noise, offered constructive dissent 6. From where do you manage (Desk, email, phone, floor, in-person)? When do you make your BEST decisions? I prefer to work through email and phone for getting connected and then fix appointments, if necessary, to meet the concerned. 7. What are you currently working on (personally)? What are your people working on? How do you grow them? I had just finished PhD and am working on writing more papers on journals, both national and international. 8. What actions do you take to deliver on time? How do you connect yourself to priorities? Prioritize the activities, plan and execute the work / actions. 9. Show me how you solve problems (I give them a typical scenario they would face in that position). It is difficult to describe in words. 10.How do you ensure that the unique potential of each of your direct reports is being realized in the workplace? Provide a recent example.

11.There can be many inequities (perceived and real) that exist at work (e.g., workloads, compensation, expectations, etc.). Describe some inequities youve observed and how you have dealt with them. 12.Describe how you have encouraged divergent perspectives in a group setting. Give a recent example of when you used this approach.

13.Often it is easy to blur the distinction between confidential information and public knowledge. Can you give me an example of when you were faced with this dilemma? 14.Tell me about a time at work when <candidates name> objectively considered others ideas, even when they conflicted with his/her own. 15.WHEN DO YOU EXPECT THE COMPANY TO BE PROFITABLE (IF IT IS NOT)? HAS THE REVENUE AND PROFITABILITY COURSE YOU'VE TAKEN MET YOUR EXPECTATIONS? 16.What "EUREKA" MOMENTS HAVE TAKEN PLACE WITH THE EVOLUTION OF The company?

17.DESCRIBE CORPORATE CULTURE AND PERSONALITY. Describe it at work? Matching your personality to a companys culture and role may just yield a better fit. Its an interesting, challenging, and fun process, one that will teach you a lot about yourself, help you build a personal brand, and help you figure out where you want to go with your career. 18.WHAT MAKES AN OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE OUTSTANDING AT work? IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT BEHAVIORS AND PERFORMANCES DO YOUR BEST EMPLOYEES DEMONSTRATE? Honesty and Integrity 19.What was your biggest mistake at your work place? Believing people blindly. 20.WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF AT WORK?

Working environment, infrastructure, etc. 21.How did you learn from failure? If you travel back to time of the day and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you've acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heart ache, what would you tell yourself?