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The Art. (?).

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Babu P George

What is Critical Thinking?

What is Critical Thinking? Another View

What is NOT Critical Thinking?

Why Critical Thinking?

The Rational-Logical Method of Problem Solving

Present speed of an object = u How do you know the future speed v after t seconds, if the speed changes by an amount of a units after each second?

Speed at the end of 1 second = u+a Speed at the end of 2 seconds = u+a+a = u+2a

Speed at the end of 3 seconds = u+a+a+a = u+3a

Speed at the end of t seconds = u+a+a+a+ .+a = u+ta The general formula is: v=u+at

How would a creative thinker tackle this same problem?

Inductive Vs Deductive Types of Critical Thinking

Dialectical Reasoning as a Critical Thinking Style

Thesis: Individuals are self-centered isolated animals Antithesis: Individuals are other-centered social animals Synthesis: Other-centeredness and Self-centeredness are not opposite concepts, at a higher level.

The Scientific Method

Watch http://www.gamesandbrains.com/flipbooks/scmethod/index.html

Critical Thinking in Human Action

How to engage critically with someone without losing their friendship?

How to attack and idea, while protecting the person attacked?

Errors in Thought to Avoid!

Source: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com

His mom said him: Your sister, dad-n-mom, grand parents, actually our entire family believes in Zeus; you have to believe or be cursed!

Our holy book is true, because it is holy and it says so.

Finally, the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking is:

You can know how much your girlfriend weighs, by:

Asking her to stand on a weighing balance Carrying her by your arms and holding

And, this is a gross oversimplification!!