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San Jose, Iriga City

Parents’ Bulletin
AY 2009-2010 VOL 4 No. 01 JUNE 19, 2009



AY 2009-2010: A Response to a Greater Challenge

As HCEC starts the new academic year, let me v Diverse learners
welcome you to the School of Your Choice, the
v Fast rising information technology
second home for your beloved children, the
place for those who pursue their quest for
academic excellence. With open hands and v Family- related problems
warm hearts, we give you our sincere v Socio-economic problems
acceptance to the learning community of v Media that corrupts the value system
HCEC, to all the pupils- old, new, returnees; to
v Loose and wobbly moral fibers
all the parents and guardians; friends and
supporters of the school, WELCOME TO TEAM In the presence of these challenges, the school
GRADE SCHOOL! must be firm with its conviction to be the agent of
change, to be the instrument of revolutionizing the
The Grade School TEAM has its propelling battle society, to be the light that will ignite the
cry of QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE. The TEAM aims transformation of the morals and codes in
not for perfection but the TEAM is WORKING accordance to what is right and virtuous. What an
TOWARDS ITS BEST. enormous task! But let’s start with our children, if
This year’s academic theme: Strengthening we can’t change the present, make a difference for
Academic and Character Excellence by Enhancing the future.
Enduring Learning will be the academic thrust of HCEC is committed to educate the hearts,
all learning experiences that will be provided by the heads and the hands of the children that
the school to its pupils. will make a difference in the future. HCEC is
Working at this premise, HCEC renews and committed to shape and mold the future in
rekindles its commitment and passion to respond the hearts, heads and hands of every
to a greater challenge in providing quality and HCECian.
excellent educational service to all HCECians. The We will strengthen the cognitive and
curricular programs set for this year is the school’s affective skills (academic and character) by
response to a growing and demanding needs of enhancing the essential skills and
the pupils in these ultra-modern and globalized competencies that will give enduring
learners that we have right now. understanding and learning of the lessons
Expect innovations, new and novelty activities that called LIFE.
will satisfy the kind of learners we have this time. Once again, we seek the usual and unending
The school acknowledges the best practices given support and cooperation from our PARTNERS in
by the traditional system of teachings but as we this great task-- YOU, OUR DEAR PARENTS AND
look into the kind of learners today, progressive GUARDIANS. We always acknowledge your
system will answer more the needs of our global significant role for the school in attaining its goal,
learners. vision and mission.
Expect changes of rules, policies and some Our deep gratitude to all of you who continually
systems for they need to be designed according to believe in us; it will always be a great honor to be
the mandate of the regulatory, statutory and social your PARTNER in this enormous task of educating
requirements. your children. Thank you for making the best
All of these are in congruence to our desired choice you have, thank you for choosing HCEC.
results according to our visions and missions for All for the greater glory of God!
the attainment of excellence both in academics
and character formation.
The challenges that need to be hurdled by the
teachers and academic persona are realities that
need to be taken with an aim for a bull’s eye.
“Strengthening ACE (Academic and Innovations on the different school
Character Excellence) by Enhancing programs are made this year to answer
Enduring Learning”: A Reflection the need in strengthening the learning
by Dominico T. Bagacina and understanding of our learners.
Head of Discipline
Intensified and values integrated
There are a lot of institutions these days academic activities are designed to
that are aiming to serve their learners enhance our learners’ intellect that
with sufficient and valuable education. make the learning more enduring for
Schools are giving all their best to them. Non – academic activities are
provide a safe and clean environment also plotted to further the development
which will help them make learning of their other talents and leadership
more beneficial. skills that still need to be awakened
within them. The holistic approach
Last academic year 2008 – 2009, employed in the curricular program will
HCEC’s theme was “Building a Strong help the pupils maximize the use of
and Educational Foundation through their skills and be actively involved in
Academic and Character different fields which they know they
Excellence”. Building this foundation can perform both in academic and
had been a challenging task for us as academic – related activities.
educators in piling up the strongest
blocks of learning that are suited for our Let us make these things happen.
learners. We had carefully chosen the Ite ad Excelentia !!! Go for
quality program for our learners to Excellence!!!!!
inculcate to them the 5 C’s and prepare
them to become functionally literate and ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS
nationally or internationally competent. Academic Theme for AY 2008-2009:
School leaders had also formulated “Strengthening Academic and
other non – academic programs to Character Excellence by Enhancing
develop and maximize other potentials Enduring Learning”.
of our learners which would support in
building them as good leaders in the Formal education plays a vital role in educating the intellect
future. and the will. Basic education, particularly, is the keystone in
achieving competence, skills and character necessary to be
fully functional individual. In these formative years, the school
Just like in making an establishment, must capture the learning readiness of the children and must
we need to think for more possible provide meaningful learning experiences that will inspire the
children to grow and learn eventually.
projects that would make it stronger and
tougher. HCEC will never stop in This year, HCEC gives emphasis on the formation and
searching for the best and quality education not only of the intellect but also of the will and
programs that will help our learners to character. The school firmly believes that COMPETENCE and
become competent in the future. CRITERIA in preparing our children for life, for them to
become fully human, better citizen and God fearing individual.
The academic team believes that we Excerpt from PB no.1,Vol.3
had built intellectual and values oriented
learners with our theme last year, and a As the formation and strengthening of the
call to make it stronger is a must. This intellect and the will continue, HCEC will use
year’s theme: “Strengthening ACE the learning experiences as avenues and
(Academic and Character concrete path to help every pupil excel both
Excellence) by Enhancing Enduring in academics and in character. The academic
Learning” will serve as our guide in programs are designed to focus on things
developing programs that will support in that are essential, vital, and enduring to
enriching the learning experiences of become lifelong learners and self-actualized
our learners. individual.
Enhanced Curriculum across all subjects ACT-Hi-Pro- Action towards High
 An updated curriculum and increased Proficiency – on its 4th year, this program
contact time for the core subjects; gave a tremendous decrease in the
number of pupils who did not meet the
 Math Lab/SRA – this will be the venue standard proficiency grade of 80. At the
for the students to practice the end of the previous year, there was only
calculation and solving word problem 1% of pupils who did not meet. the
skills proficiency level. Act-HiPro is a Friday
 Speech Class- pupils will have the class where pupils are grouped according
opportunity to practice the oral skills in to the level of their proficiency (Strata 1-
communication 3) and given the enrichment or remedial
 Structured Library Time – to expose the instructions on the skills that need to be
pupils in the basic rudiments of mastered. Pupils who belong to Strata 1,
research; also for them to practice and which is the highest are given the
enhance the reading skills through the advance activities to hone and sharpen
SRA Program. the skills in English, Math and Science.
 Core Subjects (grade 6) on-line – a pilot
project by the English, Math and Pull-out Program – this program will
Science Department where lessons, provide assistance to pupils who need a
assignments, activities and other one-on-one instruction on some skills;
related references are posted on line pupils will be pulled-out from the class to
thru Class Notes on Line at help him understand and learn the skill.
www.classnotesonline.com An assigned teacher shall conduct the
 Applied Music Class – Musical individualized instruction. If the pupil
Instrument Classes are offered for progresses, he/she will be sent back to
pupils who are musically intelligent and the mainstream. Pupils who will not
for those who want to hone this display any improvement after several
intelligence. Classes in violin, guitar, pull-out sessions will be recommended
piano and this year FLUTE are for an Intensive Tutorial Program.
conducted on specific days. Pupils
enrolled in this class are exempted in Enhancement Class- given to new
the regular music class. Music time can pupils with lower achievement level and
be used to practice the instrument at for old pupils with grades below 80 in the
the Multi-purpose Hall. previous level. The EC is the extension
 Penmanship Course – to provide class to be done after class hours every
structured class in developing the Monday and Tuesday which will focus on
technical and creative skills in writing. the pupils’ subjects that need
 Computer Aided Instruction in Science, improvement. A Letter to the Parent
Math and English regarding this matter will be sent before
 Values integration across all subjects the start of the program.
 Religion Classes
Interdisciplinary Approach Curriculum After Class Program – An extension of
(IAC) – to increase the leverage of the the curricular program to provide more
skills and competencies, the IAC will be avenues to explore and discover, to
used. Example: In English, the reading enrich and enhance the skills and talents.
selection to be discussed can be lifted ☺ Enhancement Class for pupils with DMS
from Social Living and Education or in ☺ Pre-Secondary Program for Grade 6
☺ Expanded Academic Class (EAC) for
Science. A news report or new Science
Honors’ Circle Fellows
findings can be the source or point of ☺ Scouting
discussion in English or in any subject. ☺ Dance Academy
☺ Bamboo Band
o School Uniforms- all HCEC pupils
must come to school in complete school
uniform. It includes the prescribed cut
and colors of the uniforms with
patches, prescribed shoes [leather black
¯ New Site for the School Clinic shoes both for boys and girls; no high-
– now with bigger space with 3 cut shoes for the girls], white socks and
bed capacity area for better ID (once it is available). ONLY WHITE
health services for all members of UNDERSHIRT IS ALLOWED.
the HCEC community. o Other Uniforms- PE uniform and
Scouting uniform are to be worn on the
¯ Practical Life Laboratory
assigned day. Pupils must bring extra-
(Home Economics Area) – A white shirt for the soiled PE shirt.
specially designed place for Rubber shoes are only allowed during
learning the practical home living PE day. Old pupils should start wearing
for grades 4 to 6 and for the PE uniform next week.
preschoolers who will be having The violet PE uniform is the official PE
uniform however the pink uniform can
their practical life activities.
still be worn. Pupils not in PE uniform
¯ Presence of the Buddy will not be allowed to join the outdoor
Teachers during Homeroom activities and will have corresponding
period and special activities that demerits to be reflected in their PE
will assist the teachers in manning grades.
the class. o Appointment with Teachers – If
there is a need to have a conference
with the teachers, appointments can be
SCHOOL GUIDELINES made thru the Business Office or thru
the Secretary to the Principal. Teachers
o Punctuality - Monitoring officially can entertain parents after the school
starts on June 22, 2008. Grade school hours only. The pupils are the
pupils must be in school on or before teachers' priority during class hours.
7:15 am after which, the gate will be Urgent matters can be discussed with
closed and the pupils who came this the Principal. The conference will be
time are considered tardy. held in the conference room at the
o Attendance- Report to school Principal's Office. No individual Parent-
regularly. In case of absence, parents teacher conference is to be held in the
must submit a letter of excuse. If with classroom.
medical reason, pupils are excused o Bringing of Cell phones and other
from any test or assessment given and electronic gadgets are discouraged in
maybe given special test, but such the school. Cell phones and other e-
absence will be reflected in the child’s gadgets are not to be used inside the
record. classroom, when seen, the unit will be
o PTC Notebook – each pupil must have confiscated and will be turned over to
a notebook intended to be the Parent- the Discipline Head. Only the parents/
Teacher conference notebook. This is legal guardian can claim the confiscated
the avenue that connects the home and item. Losses of these items are not
the school. Parents must read and under the custody and responsibility of
sign the PTC notebook regularly. the school. Bring these items at your
child’s own risks.
o Books –All books must be labeled o Use of Gate Pass- all parents or any
accordingly. ( For specific guidelines in one who will transact business in the
bringing of books, please see other school will be given a gate pass in
page.) exchange of an identification card
o Notebooks- Please refer to your before entering the campus. This is a
child’s class program for the schedule policy to ensure safety. Gate pass must
of subjects. Only the notebooks for the be worn while inside the campus.
subjects for the day should be brought
to school.
o For fetchers and yayas- there are All books except the following are to be
designated waiting areas outside the brought to school as per instruction by the
campus for them to stay and wait for subject teachers.
their ward. Unless it is raining heavily,
fetchers are not allowed to go to the Development Reading Power
classroom to fetch their wards. Please SRA Book
wait for them by the gate and give your Writing Book
special instructions to them.
o Dress Code in the campus – to If no words from the teachers, books
promote and maintain the academic shall remain at home for home reading
atmosphere in the campus, the school assignments, advance reading, Book
encourages everyone to be in their Task Assignment (BTA) and research
modest attire in going inside the works. Classroom instructions have a lot
campus. Please refrain from wearing of activities and working on books is just
shorts and sleeveless. one of the arrays of learning activities
o Parents’ presence in the campus- prepared by the teachers. Book works
as part of our quest to train our pupils are scheduled on a particular day. Pupils
self-reliance and independence, will be kept posted on when to bring
presence of the parents are no longer their books in a particular subject.
allowed effective June 22, 2009 unless
with urgent and important matter to PARENTS’ INVOLVEMENT KIT
deal with the Office of the Principal (PIK) WITH VALUE ADDED TASK
during class hours and break time. Only
those parents of the pupils with special This year’s PIK will give more useful
health cases will be allowed in the information to the parents, an
campus. A special ID card will be issued
opportunity to have more active
to them.
o Materials/ Supplies/ Baon to be involvement in their child’s academic
brought to school by an errand tasks. The PIK given per term will
should be coursed through to the guard provide the lists of the instructional
which in turn will ask the assigned Kuya content to be covered for the term.
to deliver the item to classroom. All Another value added task is the provision
items to be left by the guard should be of the space for recording the written test
properly labeled with name and section. results per week. This will help both the
The yaya or anyone else will not be
pupils and the parents see the academic
allowed to enter the campus for this
written performance of the child. The
o Dismissal Time- Parents, yayas or data will help the parents design their
fetchers are advised to wait for their home strategy to increase or enrich their
child/ ward by the gate. Pupils will stay child’s class achievements. PIK will be
at the designated area while waiting for kept by the parents at home, they will be
their fetchers. Kindly pick-up your kids the one to record and monitor their
ON TIME. child’s quiz and long tests’ results.
o School Curfew Time is at 5:30 pm.
All pupils unless with special activities
PIK for first term given today.
must be off-the campus by this time.
There will be no more teachers who will
Guidelines for the
attend to the pupils beyond 5:30 pm.
Supervised Lunch Time

Book Issue: To bring or not to 1. Primary pupils have the options to go home
bring during lunch break. Intermediate pupils must
take their lunch in school due to the limited
Books belong to pupils, so these learning break time.
resource materials should be with the pupils
2. Primary Pupils will be identified in these
at home. They will only be brought to school
when needed, if not, they will be left at categories:
home. A. Pupils who will go home for lunch
B. Pupils who will take lunch in school
C. Pupils who will take lunch in school Academic Council
WITH ADULT ASSISTANCE Science Subject Area Head
2. Pupils under category B will be under the
* Cecil Sadang
supervised lunch with the assigned teachers
Math Subject Area Head
and will take their lunch at the Cafeteria (if
without baon), and at the Pupils’ Activity
*Elena Oafallas
Area( if with baon ). English Subject Area Head
3. Pupils under category C will eat with their *Christine Radan
adult assistant at the Pupils’ Activity Area. Filipino / SLE Subject Area Head
If there is no enough space, the HCEC * Florence Caparanga
Pavilion or waiting area are alternative MAPE/ HELE Point Person
venues. *Cecil Sadang
4. All intermediate pupils will have the Academic Support Group
supervised lunch and will take their lunch at Registrar – Joanne C. Papa
the Pupils’ Activity Area or at the Cafeteria. Head of Students Affairs
5. Parents are advised to bring the food just * Melvin C. Federis
on time for lunch break.
Head of Discipline
6. Parents/yayas are requested to maintain
* Dominic Bagacina
the cleanliness of the eagting area specially
after using the place.
Librarian- Marites Regalado
School Nurse – Ma. Soledad Ensano
School Dentist – Dr. Manci Relatores
Secretary to the Principal
*Jeffrey Ramos

Ite ad excelentia School Principal – Helen R. Andalis

School Directress – Teresita P. Nadal

Key Result Area

THE GRADE SCHOOL TEAM FOR AY 2009- - targets to meet
2010 - standards to do
Class Advisers - criteria to work with
Gr. 1 Obedience – Christine Radan
Gr. 1 Honesty – Cathy Lagyap
What I perceive, determines what I
Gr. 1 Loyalty – Virgie Dimabayao
Gr. 2 Piety – Marife Sarto receive, which will determine
Gr. 2 Wisdom - Sheila Martinez what I achieve.
Gr. 3 Charity - Cecil Sadang -John C. Maxwell
Gr. 3 Faith - Harvey Boaquina
Gr. 4 Unity - Ted Nacario The TEAM Grades School will work towards
Gr. 4 Peace - Jerickson Getizo the attainment of the identified Key Result
Gr. 5 Fidelity - Sandra Carable Areas with determination and commitment to
Gr. 5 Perseverance - Arnel Asis achieve. Let’s help our kids meet their KRAs.
Gr. 6 Prudence - Florence Caparanga KRA in
Gr. 6 Humility - Elena Oafallas
Other Teachers Attendance 100%
Melvin C. Federis Punctuality 100%
Dominico Bagacina Uniform 100%
Chrissa Igne Reply Slips 100%
Arjay Dimanarig PTC Ntbks 100%
Cris Libranda Academic Grades 90% and above
Albert Talagtag
Lina Ramboyong
Analyn Belen
Parents’ Orientation for Grade Parents’ Bulletin now on its 4th
1 and New Pupils set on June Volume
20 As we re-open the gates of HCEC to its pupils
and beloved parents, we are excited as ever to
To formally welcome the Grade 1 parents and the come-up with the maiden issue of the Parents’
parents of the new pupils and returnees to the Grade Bulletin, Volume 4. Yes, excited and grateful
School Division, an Orientation Meeting is set on as ever for the blessings of wisdom , passion
Saturday, June 20 at 9:00 am to 11:00 am. and perseverance in working on this mighty
gizmo that links and tightens the bond
The meeting aims to facilitate the parents’ queries on between the school and the home, between
the information pertinent to the school tasks and the teachers, management and parents of
accountabilities. Awareness on the school rules and HCEC.
policies will help the parents become active in their
child’s schooling. On its 4th year, The HCEC Parents’ Bulletin is
passionately driven to provide the information
As our partner, we want you to be equipped with the that are essentials and will contribute to the
necessary and important information so we can enduring understanding about what and how
maximize our roles in educating our children. HCEC leads its life for the children.
The brains behind the Parents’ Bulletin will be
Make your presence be counted. Attend, listen and forever thankful to all the parents who
understand better the HCEC system. believed, trusted, and supported the cause of
this mighty gizmo. Without them, The PB won’t
Grade 2-6 Parents to attend the have this 4th volume and will leave the people
General Parents’ Assembly on June of HCEC be forever in question and in doubt.
20 With the PB, you are updated, informed,
educated and refreshed with the things
Let’s convene, talk and meet our heads happening in the place where your child gets
and hearts as we start this academic the intellectual nourishment, spiritual formation
year. As significant people in the lives of and social awakening.
our children, it is deemed necessary to
pause for a while and focus to what is PB Volume 4 will have several writers and
essential this time. All loyal parents contributors that will give different dimensions
(other term for the old parents) are compared with the previous volume. We
cordially invited to attend the General adhere to excellence in what we do, better is
Assembly of Parents on June 20, 2009 at not enough, and best is not too much.
2:00 PM at the school’s MPH. Please be Happy reading.
counted and help your child’s class meet
the 100% KRA target on Parents’
Thank you for making yourself well-
Attendance. See you all there.
informed on school matters by reading
Notes Parents’ Bulletin.
In a glimpse Ms. Helen R. Andalis
School Principal
1. June 22- Start of the KRA in attendance and
Punctuality monitoring. Ms. Teresita P. Nadal
2. June 26- Academic Related Activity enlistment School Directress
day for Grade 1 and election of officers for
vacant posts
3. June 29-30 – First Monthly Test REPLY SLIP
4. July 3 – Mass of the Holy Spirit and Oath Taking I have received and read the
of Class Council Officers, Parents HR Officers, Parents' Bulletin
Level Reps and New Executive Board Members Vol 4, No. 01 dated June 19, 2009
5. All books and notebooks must be properly _________________________
labeled Student's name/ Level & Section
6. Grooming Kit is a must for every kid _________________________
Parents' Signature over
Printed Name
For Grades 1-3 pupils only:
Survey on Who goes
home during lunch break

Pupil's name

A. ______ My child will go


B. ______ My child will take Reply Slip

lunch in school without adult o I have received and read the Parents’ Bulletin
No. 26 dated February 9, 2007.
assistance. _______________________
Student’s Name/Level
C. ______ My child will take Parents’ Signature over printed Name /Date

lunch in school with adult


Parent's signature over printed