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Since 1934, CEGASA has been a premier world-class manufacturer of commercial, industrial and consumer batteries for special applications requiring high performance and reliability.

Traffic density in motorways and normal roads is continuosly increasing in modern countries. To improve safety, the CEGASA AIR-ALKALINES batteries have the following advantages giving reliable energy to hazard warning lights: MAXIMUM SAFETY TROUGH HIGH CONSTANT LIGHT REDUCE SUPERVISION AND MAINTENANCE LONG OPERATING TIME: UP TO 7.000 HOURS ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNALLING AIR-ALKALINE BATTERIES PROGRAM The main CEGASA AIR-ALKALINE batteries presently used for road traffic signalling devices are the following: Our design and Development Department is open to study other battery configurations according to your requirements

Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Energy (Wh) Weight (lb) Dimensions (inches) Price (USD)

6 25 130 1.12 2.59 x 2.59 x4.33

6 50 260 1.54 2.59 x 2.59 x4.33

6 140 728 5.05 6.29x2.95x5.11

6 100 520 4.41 9.44x 1.77x4.92

12 120 1250 8.82 5.78x5.35x4.8

ADVANTAGE OF ALKALINE BATTERIES The CEGASA AIR-ALKALINE BATTERIES discharge at a high and constant output voltage of 1.35V per cell compared to a saline battery voltage decreasing with an average of 1 V per cell. The most obvious consequence of this unique feature is that to obtain the same amount of battery power, the current of an AIR-Alkaline battery is much smaller than in the case of a saline. Therefore, with AIR-ALKALINE batteries -current is consumed up to 40% lower. This means that Air-Alkaline batteries last up to 60% more than saline batteries of the same capacity. OTHER APPLICATIONS: Railway signalling Navigation aids Telecommunications Electric fencers Parking meters and ticket machines

Saline Watt-hour/lb Watt-hour/gal 63.63 576.92

Cegasa Air-alk 171.36 2600