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MANGUM STAR-NEWS, Thursday, September 12, 2013, Page 8 World War III? Maybe not.

By: Alex Hawkins Alright, so anyone with ears, eyes, and a news outlet has heard about the situation in Syria. I have noticed that more than a few people have been sensationalizing this through paranoid talk. I'd like to clear up a few facts. If we do go into Syria, no one will take counter measures. I've heard talk that China or Russia or both would retaliate. Let's clear these fears up a bit. Let's start with China. China has always been a nation that doesn't really intervene with things. Another reason China won't risk stepping in is that it would be detrimental to their economic standing as a world super-power, as they would have to close off trade with America and probably our allies. As for Russia, there are too many things going on in Russia for them to be even close to stepping in. Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin, has put forth new policies that have sparked protests in his country. Also, Russia's power is nowhere near where it was during the "Cold War" period, and even then they wouldn't fight against us. The only real threat, should we choose to step into the Syrian Civil war, is a fundamentalist group turning into a terrorist group. New Things in Competitive Speech Angelica Willis Along with a new year in one of my favorite classes brings a new teacher, Mrs. Knapp. I learned a lot of things my first year with Mrs. Travis. I am so excited to use what I learned for the things we will be doing this year. We are currently working on a one act play. It's a play where we all participate. We will take this to our first competition. Before our first competition, we will get to go to a demo day to see what exactly we will be doing throughout the year. The demo day also allows us to see how each category is performed. This year will be exciting, fun, and take a lot of hard work! National Honor Society Members! By Gabby Aldaco Mrs. Alexander would like to announce the 2013-2014 National Honor Society members! Freshman members are Elizabeth Alexander and Madi Smith. Sophomore members are Molly Garton, Hannah Houck, Kylie Martin, and Kade Wendt. Junior members are Ethan Carpenter, Jordyn Clark, Haley Gilpatrick, and Maddie Norman. Senior members are Jordan Payne and Ty Rope Smith. The 2013-2014 National Honor Society president is Ty Rope Smith, vice president is Jordan Payne, and reporter is Molly Garton. The Crop Life.. By: Hailey York Most of you spend your summer going to the pool or out having fun with your friends, but those of us in Ag., spend this time picking crops and getting things dried and bundled or sorted through and cleaned. You may not think it's a very fun way to spend your summer, but for us who have done it for a while, it's a way of life. We take this very seriously with the stiff competition we have, especially with Granite. You never know how stressful it really is until you're a big part of it. We make it look easy, but take a walk in our shoes and then you'll be able to see really how much hard work it is.
Ohio Man Who Held Three Women Captive Found Dead By: Christian Ochoa

Syrian Conflict By Jonathan Henry

On August 21, an apparent chemical weapon attack on suburban Damascus killed around 1,500 people and injured others. The United States now believes the person behind this attack is the Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Congress is now debating about whether we should use a limited military strike against this country. I personally don't believe we should get involved unless the fighting spills past their borders.

By: Tayler Rolfson Now the football season begins! The Tiger Bash was an awesome and fun start to this football season. While I was walking around at the Tiger Bash, I saw the cheerleaders getting dunked and people enjoying fresh watermelon. There was human bowling and a soda pop ring toss. Even though it was hot outside, the heat didn't stop people from having fun and enjoying themselves. During the Tiger Bash, music was playing over the speakers. I found myself dancing and singing along to most of the songs they were playing. They started off the big and fun activities with the car bashing. The football players and coaches all gathered around the old beat up car and let the fun begin while everyone literally crowded around the gate. Everyone got loud and proud and showed how much spirit they own. Later on after the car bash, we had the pep rally. The pep rally was pretty cool and the cheerleaders even got the elementary kids who went to cheer camp to perform. The band did an awesome job. One of my favorite parts was the pie auction. Once it got to the seniors being up on stage, every senior got hit with a pie. I got hit with shaving cream by my friends, but it was all in all pretty fun. I even hit some of my friends with shaving cream so we were even. By the time I got to go home, my hair was covered in shaving cream along with my ear. The Tiger Bash was a successful way to start off the football season. It was a nice feeling to get to see this little town come out and celebrate one of the things this town never gives up on. We started this season off by playing Hollis.

A Heads Up!!
By: Brandon Chapmond

Mangum Tiger Football By Caleb Bull

Last Friday was a rough game for Mangum; we played a very talented Hollis club, who has had our number for the past few years. I expect them to go far in the postseason this year. There is never a valid excuse for games like that, our coaches worked extremely hard and that was definitely not a reflection of them or the players. But, we can't dwell on it. The only thing we can do is move on and prepare for the next game. Our district is wide open, and the Tigers have a legitimate shot at the postseason. Optimism must be maintained. Mangum is looking to bounce back this week in their home opener against Sayre. We appreciate everyone's support and look forward to seeing you on Friday. Its eagle season by the way!

7 Here is a
heads up to all parents or guardians. On September 19, 2013, there will be a Parent Teacher Conference from 3-9 p.m. If students and parents come, the high school students can be expecting an extended lunch. But in order for that to happen, the parent has to see up to four teachers and the teacher with their lowest grade. Teachers would love for all parents or guardians to come to PTC! Also, there will be no school on Friday September 20, 2013.

By: Eric Hill
Twenty nine people were injured recently when a freak tornado ripped through eastern Japan, tearing off roofs and ripping up trees. The Koshigaya Hall (city hall) said that 29 people were injured, three of them seriously. Most of the injuries were members of a volleyball team at a local school. Some electricity poles were snapped and a number of them hit houses as they fell. A warehouse was lifted off of its foundation and hurled into other buildings. A meteorologist at Japan's weather agency said the tornado was caused by warm, wet air coming inland over flat areas. This is just another example that this can happen anytime and anywhere and we need to be prepared.

Picture & Senior Information

By: Emily Smith

Pledge of Allegiance Under Attack??

By: Jonathan Pineda Picture retakes will be October 2nd Panel picture proofs will be here in about 3 weeks Fall sports pictures will be taken October 9th All of you know the Pledge of Allegiance. Most of us say it daily. But there is a family in Boston that doesn't like some of the words that are in the pledge. They are claiming that the words "under God" violate the states equal rights law. They are trying to get the pledge rephrased. Congress added "under God" to the pledge in 1954. I think the courts should leave the Pledge of Allegiance the same. I don't believe that one family can change something for a lot of other people. What do think about it? Should they change it or leave it the same?.

Teens Gone Wild

By: Kayle Moore

Please be sure to get all pictures and proofs back by the deadline. Also, September 11 th is when we will meet to discuss graduation products and orders will be taken on September 17th. Pictures of 2013 14

By: Cady Webb Mangum High School had picture day on September 4, 2013. All the students should get their pictures soon or you can go online and order the pictures! The web site is school.portraits.bluncks.com and the school code is MGMH33 -01. The seniors took their panel pictures and I thought they took good pictures because I was in the library as they were taking them. Please get your money, pictures, or proofs turned as soon as possible. It really helps the yearbook staff!

Texting and Driving

By: Dylan Muzzuco
When you are texting and driving, you can cause many accidents. When you take a short break from the road to look at your phone many things could go wrong. Is a text really more important than your or someone else's life? Recent released studies found that truck drivers who were texting were 23 times more at risk of a crash or near crash event than nondistracted driving. Texting while driving reduces the activity in your brain associated with driving by 37%. More than 100,000 crashes a year involve drivers who are texting, causing life-changing injuries and deaths. 97% of teens know that texting while driving is dangerous, but 43% of teens admit to texting while driving. Don't text and drive, it can wait!

Ariel Castro is the man who held three women captive in his house for a decade. Ariel Castro, who was 53, was sentenced to life in prison recently for his crimes. Castro was found dead last week. Castro apparently committed suicide with his bed sheet. He was in protective custody because of the notoriety of his case. He was checked on every 30 minutes. Some people are furious because they say that he didn't suffer enough like the three girls that he held captive.

FCCLA Officers!
By: Natalie Benivamonde This past Friday, we elected officers for FCCLA. Our new officers for this year are: President- Natalie Benivamonde Vice-President- Andrea Figueroa Secretary- Autumn Young Treasurer- Jerri Skinner Reporter- Jean-E Weaver Vice President of Membership- Alicia Bradford

Investigators have discovered fingerprints linking two teenagers to an 88-year-old World War II veteran who was beaten to death last month near Spokane, Washington. Police said in an affidavit that Demetruis Glenn and Kenan AdamsKinard, both 16, allegedly killed Delbert "Shorty" Belton on Aug. 22 while he sat in his car. Both teens will be arraigned this week. They face charges of first-degree murder and two charges of firstdegree robbery. They may be tried as adults. According to court documents, AdamsKinard claimed in a letter that he called Belton and arranged to buy crack cocaine from him Spokane police have said there is no evidence that Belton was a drug dealer. Belton survived being shot in the leg in 1945 at Okinawa, one of the fiercest battles of the war, and went on to spend 33 years working for Kaiser Aluminum before retiring in 1982.

Katie Cooper
By Roxann Martinez
Arizona artist Katie Cooper rode through Altus this past weekend to make a trip of a lifetime from Mississippi, back to her home in Tucson, Arizona, with her mule Walter. She has wanted to do this her whole life. On Tuesday, Sept. 3; she stopped to get Walter some water just off of highway 62 near Duke. Her biggest challenge to overcome was the fear of walking up to someone's driveway to ask if she and her mule might stay for the night, because she was raised not to impose on people or to invite herself in. She hopes to make it back to her home in Tucson, Arizona, by midNovember.

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That sounds like a great group of officers! This year's going to be great! :)

By: Aaron Leedy

In English IV we are comparing two movies or comparing old English text to the movies. The movies are called Beowulf and The 13 th Warrior. We are writing essays on the differences of the movies.

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