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Creating a Modern Business Card Layout

A step-by-step tutorial

This tutorial will show the user of Dosch Graphics products (e.g. Abstract Vol. 1) how to use this new Dosch Design product line together with Photoshop in order to quickly create business cards which will communicate to each recipient the high professionalism and commitment to quality of the person represented by the card.

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Step 1

Background Creation
In order to create the background for a business card using Dosch Graphics: Abstract Vol. 1 we start with an empty image with e.g. 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 dimension (3.5 x 2 after cutting). Then we open the image file called Abs121.jpg and drag & drop it into the new composition. Adjust the size as needed.

Modify Image
The image is of course too intense, too contoured which makes a text placed over it hard to read. So we have to give the image a smoother appearance. First we can apply a blur filter. In Photoshop choose filter/blur/gaussian blur and enter a value of 7. We also want a monochromatic appearance - so by choosing image/adjustments/hue/ saturation and using the function colorize, plus by playing with the hue slider, we will make the image blue.

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Step 2

Special effect
For a more original composition select randomly 5 to 7 horizontal stripes of different sizes, then copy them to a new layer (copy/ paste). Click on the layer/ layer style properties then select drop shadow. Also move the layer down or up a small distance. Repeat this operation two or three times starting each time from the base layer. The result will be a truly unique and more effective design.

Step 3

Adding a logo
Now we have to add the logo of the company. To have a nice effect on the software text add a text shadow by using the command layer/ layer style/drop shadow and add a text glow by using the command layer/layer style/ outer glow. This will make for a unique look of the text.

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Step 4

Finally add the text content. You can use the same text effect as used in software, just by copying the layer style for the other layer.

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Variations with other images from Dosch Graphics

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