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Primary Blog Posts/Readings for my fellow, Native (Malay/Indio) Filipinos-in-the-Philippines

" Fear history, for it respects no secrets" - Gregoria de Jesus (widow of Andres Bonifacio)

Hi All, Among the current 538 published posts in my blog, I consider the following listed postlinks and the RECTO READER as essential introduction about us native (indio)/ Malay Filipinos. The list is therefore always presented at the bottom of each newly issued post. Point-and-click at each item below to open and read. Comments, which may be entered at the bottom of the current and/or each issued post, are much welcomed and will be unedited. - Bert

OUR CULTURE: (our learned values, attitudinal & behavioral patterns) 1. WHAT WE FILIPINOS SHOULD KNOW: 2. WHAT IS NATIONALISM [Filipino Nationalism] ? 3. Impediments to Filipino Nationalism: 4. Our Colonial Mentality and Its Roots 5. The Miseducation of the Filipino (Formation of our Americanized Mind) 6. Understanding Our Filipino Value System 7. The Ambivalence of Filipino Traits and Values 8. Our Kind of Filipino Politics 9. The Filipino Elite - Our Kind of so-called Leaders in the Homeland 10. The Vanishing Native Filipinos

OUR RELIGION: (Belief Systems) 1. Our Filipino Kind of Religion 2. Our Filipino Christianity and Our God-concept 3. When Our Religion Becomes Evil 4. Split-level Christianity, Part 1 of 2 5. Split-level Christianity, Part 2 of 2 6. Our Filipino Norm of Morality

OUR HISTORY: ( Nationalist point-of-view) 1. The Purpose of Our Past, Why Study (Our) History? 2. Studying and Rethinking Our Philippine History 3. General Macario Sakay - An Authentic Native Filipino Hero, A "Bandit" According to the U.S. Colonizers 4. Jose Rizal - Reformist or Revolutionary? 5. About Our Heroes: Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and Jose Rizal 6. Our Unrecognized Native Filipino Heroes 7. The Philippine-American War (The First Vietnam) 8. The Filipino Martyrs - An Eyewitness Report (Published 1900), Part 1 of 5 9. The Chinese in Philippine Society (1955-1965) 10. The Chinese in the Philippines: Power & Prejudice

OUR (UNKNOWN-HIDDEN) HISTORY WITH THE UNITED STATES: (U.S. Intervention to Colonization ) 1. The Purpose of Our Past, Why Study (Our) History? 2. The Philippine-American War (The First Vietnam) 3. The "Water Cure" - From the Annals of U.S. History We Never Learned in School 4. "Manifest Destiny" - The Rationale for U.S. Expansion, Military Intervention and Imperialism 5. "Kill Everyone Over 10" - General Jacob H. Smith 6. The Mock Battle of Manila Bay - The Beginning of A New War 7. To Serve The Devil - The Unknown History of the U.S. And Why It Is Kept Hidden 8. Mark Twain and the Philippines - The Mark Twain They Did Not Teach Us in School 9. The United States' "Hidden War" (Philippine-American War, 1898-1913) 10. America's Skeleton In The Closet

OUR ECONOMY: (Post-WW2 Agreements) 1. President Roxas Railroaded the Approval of Bell Trade Act (aka Philippine Trade Act),1946 & Military Bases Agreements 2. Bell Trade Act - 1946 (Parity Rights) 3. The Fallacy of "Philippines First" 4. The Friar Lands Scandal - How Filipinos Were Being Robbed of The Soil 5. Agrarian Reform - Conflicts During Implementation 6. The Farce of Land Reform: Exemplified at the Hacienda Luisita 7. 16 Years of Agrarian Reform: The Lands Are Back in the Hands of the Lords, (Part 1 of 2) 8. 16 Years of Agrarian Reform: Are Filipino Peasants Better Off Now? (Part 2 of 2)

9. Globalization (Neoliberalism) The Road to Perdition in Our Homeland 10. Globalization Corporate Greed, Corporate Evil Exposed 11. Five(5) Years of Reasons To Resist WTO's Globalization & Learn WTO's Multilateral Punishments to the Philippines 12. Resisting Globalization (WTO Agreements) 13. The Filipino OCW/OFWs As Domestic Workers - A Case Study 14. Virtues of De-Globalization 15. What is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Why We Should Oppose It? 16. The Philippines, The World Bank (WB) and Race to the Bottom, Part 1 of 4

OUR MILITARY: (Post-WW2 Agreements) 1. President Roxas Railroaded the Approval of Bell Trade Act (aka Philippine Trade Act),1946 & Military Bases Agreements 2. US Military Bases & Military Assistance Agreements (1947) 3. US Bilateral Immunity Agreement (BIA) aka Article 98 Agreement 4. Status-Of-Forces-Agreement (SOFA): Template for Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) 5. Corruption in the AFP/Military, Suicide of General Angelo Reyes and Need for Military Reform

THE RECTO READER (Book) is presented in several postings. Click each to open/read: 1. THE RECTO READER: Nationalism,Internationalism,Ultra-Nationalism,Part 1A of 6 2. THE RECTO READER: Mission of Nationalism, Part 1B of 6 3. THE RECTO READER: Economic Independence, Economic Nationalism, Part 2A of 6 4. THE RECTO READER: Economic Nationalism Means Industrialization, Part 2B of 6 5. THE RECTO READER: Industrialization: The Alternative to Poverty, Part 2C of 6 6. THE RECTO READER: The Fallacy of "Philippines First," Part 2D of 6 7. THE RECTO READER: Parity Rights, Currency Dependence, Foreign Loans versus Foreign Investments, Part 2E of 6 (MORE TO FOLLOW)

NOTE: Recto's cited cases, examples or issues were of his time, of course; but realities in our homeland in the present and the foreseeable future are expected to be much, much worse. Though I am tempted to update them with current issues, it's best to leave them as they are since Recto's paradigms about our much deepened national predicament still ring relevant, valid and true. In short, Recto saw the forest and never got lost in the trees. We native Filipinos have not learned from or not heeded his advice - Bert


PLEASE DONATE CORE/FUNDAMENTAL SUBJECT BOOKS TO OUR HOMELAND (i.e. your hometown public schools, Alma Mater, etc.). Those books that you and/or your children do not need or want; or buy books from your local library during its cheap Book Sales. Also, cargo/door-to-door shipment is best. It is a small sacrifice. [clean up your closets or garage - donate books.THANKS!]

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