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About eSewa What is eSewa? eSewa is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal.

With new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Mobile Wallet, Payout Agent (Cash in & Cash out), Internet Wa llet and many other facilities eSewa guarantees you optimum customer satisfactio n. Is eSewa Free? Yes, eSewa is absolutely free for everyone. Any Nepalese citizen above 16 years of age can register for eSewa account via mobile or internet. Will I be charged for using eSewa services? Merchant payment through eSewa does not incur additional charges in part of the customers. But using other services like fund-transfer, cash out, withdrawal may incur charges depending on the policies adopted by eSewa. Registration Process How can I register for an eSewa account? For Internet Wallet Account Users can register by visiting www.esewa.com.np and filling the registration form and completing the activation procedure as instruc ted. For Mobile Wallet Account Ncell and NTC mobile users can request registration by sending "REG" to 2121 I tried to register for eSewa but I did not receive any confirmation mail? In this case, we suggest you to please check the spam/junk folder; sometimes, yo ur mailing account might forward the mails to those folders. My Account status shows "UNVERIFIED". What does this mean? According to the existing regulatory requirements, any person willing to utilize financial services needs to complete his/her KYC (Know your Customer). Hence, c ustomers who haven't completed the verification process by fulfilling the KYC re quirement are considered UNVERIFIED Customers. What is the difference between services accessed by VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED cust omers? Unverified Customers have access to only limited services and their spending amo unt/wallet balances will be capped. While verified customers have access to all services such as eSewa VISA Card, ability to withdraw the amount from eSewa to a ny bank account provided by eSewa or to customers, and more relaxed spending/wal let balance limit. How do I complete the verification process? You need to visit your profile page in your wallet account at https://www.esewa. com.np and fill the details, provide the valid documents required and request fo r verification. Your details will be validated and approved by the administrator to ensure the completion of your verification process. Or, you can call eSewa l ive support for completing the verification process. Can I have my mobile wallet and internet wallet linked to the same account? Yes, you can register for mobile wallet account or internet wallet account and t hen go to "My Account > Profile > Add More Details" Section where you can add yo ur different e-mail address and mobile numbers linking to the given account. Through which mobile operators can I access the eSewa Services. You can access your eSewa Services through GSM Post-paid and Pre-paid numbers of NTC and Ncell. How can I access eSewa services through mobile devices? You can access eSewa Services through either a Plain SMS or Mobile Applications for more secured transaction. Mobile applications for eSewa can be downloaded at https://www.esewa.com.np/mobileapps. TOP UP Why do I need to prefund my eSewa account? eSewa is an online payment gateway; through eSewa you can shop online at various ecommerce sites along with paying utility bills online. Hence, you have to pref und your eSewa account, so that you can indulge yourself with easy online transa ctions. How can I prefund/Recharge my eSewa Account? There are various ways to prefund/recharge your eSewa account -You can use mobil

e banking and/or Internet Banking of member banks and/or; Counter Deposit in mem ber banks; You can also ask your friends who are using eSewa to transfer funds i nto your eSewa account. I transferred some amount from my internet banking and/or mobile banking to eSew a account, but I cannot see the update in eSewa? The update in balance is seen immediately after having it transferred from any b ank. However, if you can't see it then there might be some error due to any of t hese reasons: Failure of the communication link between member bank and eSewa, or You may have provided a wrong e-mail address We suggest you to please call eSew a live support for further assistance. Making Payments I am shopping through an eCommerce (online Shopping) Site. Can I make the paymen t through eSewa? Yes, you can make payments to different eCommerce websites through eSewa. Please verify the eSewa Logo as payment partner for the purpose. You can verify the li st of eCommerce websites associated with eSewa at the following link. Can I make payments for the purchased goods/services at different places? Yes, you can make payments to the merchants having "fonepay accepted" sign throu gh your eSewa account using your mobile. Fund Transfer Can I transfer fund to another eSewa User? Yes, you can transfer fund to another registered eSewa user. You can also add th ose eSewa users to your contact list. Can I transfer fund to my friend who does not have eSewa account? Yes, you can transfer fund to your friend who is not registered with eSewa by se nding money to his/her email address and/or his/her NTC/NCELL GSM mobile number. He/She will be notified about the fund transfer and registration process throug h e-mail or SMS. I received fund from my friend in my mobile number or email address through eSew a but I am not registered. What should I do? Please follow the registration procedure as indicated in Registration Process us ing the same mobile number or the same email address in which you have received the money. How can I withdraw money from my eSewa account? You can withdraw money from your eSewa account to your bank account or use Cash out Service if you have completed the verification process with eSewa.