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SECTION 37 SUPPORT SERVICES FOR THE AGRARIAN REFORM BENEFICIARIES Section 37 states the following conditions of Support Services

es for Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries: 1. The State shall adopt the integrated policy of support services delivery to ARBs 2. The DAR, Dept. of Finance and the BSP shall institute reforms to liberalize access to credit by ARBs, such social terms or agricultural credit facilities 3. 30% of the 40% support services allocation shall be immediately set aside and made available for agricultural credit facilities: a. 1/3 for subsidies to support initial capitalization of new ARBs upon awarding of their EP or CLOA b. 2/3 allocation to provide access to socialized credit for ARBs and leaseholders 4. LBP and other concerned government financial institutions, accredited savings and credit cooperatives, financial service cooperatives and accredited cooperative banks shall provide the delivery system for disbursement of said financial assistance 5. All financial institutions may accept as collateral for loans the purchase orders, marketing agreements or expected harvests 6. Remaining 70% of the 40% support services allocation, 15% shall be earmarked for farm inputs and 5% for seminars, trainings and the like; 7. Direct and active DAR assistance in the education and organization of actual and potential ARBs 8. PARC to adopt, implement and monitor policies and programs to ensure fundamental equality of women and men in the implementation of the program The said support services are

a) Land surveys and titling; b) Socialized terms on agricultural credit facilities; c) Extension services by way of planting, cropping, production and postharvest technology transfer, as well as marketing and management assistance and support to cooperatives and farmers' organizations; d) Infrastructure such as, but not limited to, access trails, mini-dams, public utilities, marketing and storage facilities; e) Research, production and use of organic fertilizers and other local substances necessary in farming and cultivation; and f) Direct and active DAR assistance in the education and organization of actual and potential agrarian reform beneficiaries, at the barangay, municipal, city, provincial, and national levels, towards helping them understand their rights and responsibilities as owner-cultivators developing farm- related trust relationships among themselves and their neighbors, and increasing farm production and profitability with the

ultimate end of empowering them to chart their own destiny. The representatives of the agrarian reform beneficiaries to the PARC shall be chosen from the 'nominees of the duly accredited agrarian reform beneficiaries' organizations, or in its absence, from organizations of actual and potential agrarian reform beneficiaries as forwarded to and processed by the PARC EXCOM. SECTION 37-A EQUAL SUPPORT FOR RURAL WOMEN Support services shall be extended equally to women and men agrarian reform beneficiaries. PARC shall ensure that these support services integrate the specific needs and well-being of women farmer- beneficiaries taking into account the specific requirements of female family members of farmer- beneficiaries PARC shall also ensure that rural women will be able to participate in all community activities. Rural women are entitled to self-organization in order to obtain equal access to economic opportunities and to have access to agricultural credit and loans, marketing facilities and technology, and other support services, and equal treatment in land reform and resettlement schemes. DAR shall establish and maintain a women's desk, which will be primarily responsible for formulating and implementing programs and activities related to the protection and promotion of women's rights, as well as providing an avenue where women can register their complaints and grievances principally related t o their rural activities

SETION 38 SUPPORT SERVICES TO LANDOWNERS PARC with the assistance of the concerned government agencies shall provide landowners affected by the CARP and prior agrarian reforms the following support services: 1. Investment assistance to affected Los shall include access to: a. Investment formation b. Financial and counseling assistance (GOCCs) c. Disposable assets of the government (related to National Industrialization and economic independence) 2. LBP shall redeem an LOs agrarian reform bonds at face value as incentive, provided that:

a. At least 50% of the proceeds shall be invested in a BOI-registered company or in any agri-business or agro-industrial enterprise where the CARP covered landholding is located 3. Additional 2% incentive in cash shall be paid to an LO who maintains his/her enterprise as a going concern for 5 years or keeps his/her investment in a BOI-registered firm for the same period. Provided, further, that the rights of the ARBs are not prejudiced or impaired. 4. The DAR, LBP, and the Dept. of Trade and Industry shall jointly formulate the program to carry out these provisions under the supervision of the PARC: Provided, That in no case shall the LOs sex, economic, religion, social, cultural and political attributes exclude them from accessing these support services. SECTION 39 LAND CONSOLIDATION The DAR shall carry out land consolidation projects to promote equal distribution of landholdings, to provide the needed infrastructures in agriculture, and to conserve soil fertility and prevent erosion