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12 theSun | THURSDAY JULY 2 2009


A quiet revolution
Yes, there are structural in- If one member is afflicted
equalities in place but isn’t that with pain,
the case all around the world? Other members uneasy
What we need to realise is that will remain.
it’s structural issues and cultural If you have no sympathy
problems that are at the core – not for human pain,
race. Sometimes it’s not a quota The name of human
system that stops us from being you cannot retain.
WE’VE come to the middle – political, social, cultural, immune to it that we don’t the best, it’s our lack of determi-
of the year. July 2 means technological, intellectual and realise that we ourselves might nation. We’ve given up before Maybe the resolution for the
that we’re right smack at the philosophical change that be the culprits of spreading we even tried. If you’ve been next half of the year would be for
midpoint of 2009. It’s been have served as markers in our racism and be closet fascists. discriminated against because of us to turn around our prejudices,
an interesting six months. human history. It’s easy to see and speak in the colour of your skin, the best look at ourselves and make a
We’ve got a new leader, a new In Latin, the word revolu- vivid colour when every time thing you could do is to succeed, change instead of waiting for
cabinet, lots of new by-election tion means “a turnaround” one picks up the newspaper because that would be the biggest policies, politicians and slogans
candidates, new court cases, which is really a turnaround there is talk about race which, slap in the face for the people that to change our circumstances. It
interesting bills and even a in the way we think. So I’m though meant for good, ends tried to oppress you. will take a while before our policy
brand new slogan. We’ve also wondering since it’s the up offending and pushes So perhaps we could start makers realise that being one
had quite a few revolutions in middle of the year, maybe we people further away from the a quiet revolution – one that means not dividing unity by race.
the form of colours – yellow, need a turnaround regarding bridge of unity, hence my call OnPointe decides to check our thoughts, So in the meantime, we can start
orange and even black. our fetish with race. for a quiet revolution. by Natalie Shobana Ambrose and stop ourselves from indulg- by being part of a quiet revolution
Revolutions have been We in Malaysia speak Throughout history, ing in stereotypes and prejudices that values life more than race.
going on for a very long time. about race in subterfuge. revolution has started with as we look kindly at one another We have to start with ourselves
If you believe in Adam and We’re so concerned about a resolution. I think it’s high because that is the essence of and if we stopped our own preju-
Eve, perhaps you’d agree that colour even within our own time we decided for ourselves being human. dices and consciously decided to
their behaviour in the Garden races that we are doubly how we want to see “others”. A couple of weeks ago, I get to know people who are dif-
of Eden was the beginning of wrapped in prejudice within After all it’s our legacy that we attended a race relations forum ferent from us, then we could be
a revolution which sparked our own communities and don’t leave behind the policies with two good friends. Halfway part of a quiet revolution towards
an extensive list of changes against other races. We’re so and slogans of our country. through the forum we realised the unity of humanity that values
we were all ethnically different. one another based on the sanctity
To us it didn’t matter what race of life and not colour.
we were, it mattered that we There is no room to be passive
enjoyed each other’s company victims of racism … we should
and believed more in humanity really be the change because
than race. there is too much to lose if we
I recently came across this remain silent.
poem by Saadi, an Iraqi poet, who
aptly says:
Natalie is echoing an MJ song and
Human beings are members resolves not to live her life being a
of a whole, colour and hopes that you might
In creation of one essence too. Comments: letters@ thesun-
and soul. daily.com


Why higher water rates

for condos?
I WRITE to highlight the water billing rates imposed on strata-titled
properties by the water authorities. Can someone clarify why the billing
charges for apartments and condos are higher than landed properties
on the same road? Strata-titled property residents are already charged
by management companies, monthly service charges/sinking fund, of
which the maintenance of the pumps are factored in. Most companies
also impose a mark-up for administrative costs. So, the question is, why
the higher rates as water is supplied by the meter and anything after the
meter is the responsibility of the consumer? Can we refund strata-titled
property residents for all the years they have been overcharged?

Kuala Lumpur

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