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Federal Register / Vol. 64, No.

227 / Friday, November 26, 1999 / Notices 66503

training following the NIC- indirect costs) and project activity must visual training aids, and related training
recommended numbering formula. be completed within 6 months of the materials.
• Obtain written permission from the date of the award. Funds may only be
publisher to duplicate any copyrighted Review Considerations
used for the activities that are linked to
materials. the desired outcomes of the project. Applications received under this
• Research, develop, procure and All products from this funding effort announcement will be subjected to an
provide strategies, multi-media and will be in the public domain and NIC three-to-five-member Peer Review
written materials to demonstrate recent available to interested agencies through Process.
developments in management and the National Institute of Corrections.
leadership theory and training. Number of Awards
• Acquire, review, and incorporate Deadline for Receipt of Applications One (1)
relevant and current leadership and Applications must be received by 4:00 NIC Application Number (00A12)
management materials. p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday,
• Submit preliminary draft for review This number should appear as a
December 16, 1999. They should be
by CPS project manager per the reference line in the cover letter and
addressed to: National Institute of
specified time line. Make revisions and also in box 11 of Standard Form 424.
Corrections, 320 First Street, NW, Room
submit second draft if requested. The Catalog of Federal Domestic
• Prepare all materials using 5007, Washington, DC 20534, Attention:
Director. Hand delivered applications Assistance number is: 16.601.
WordPerfect 7.0 or higher word Larry Solomon,
processing software and Corel can be brought to 500 First Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20534. The front desk Acting Director, National Institute of
Presentations (visuals) and submit final Corrections.
copies of all materials on 3.5′′ computer will call Bobbi Tinsley at (202) 307–
3106, extension 0 for pickup. [FR Doc. 99–30769 Filed 11–24–99; 8:45 am]
disks (or zip drive disks) and in ‘‘camera
ready’’ hard copy format (2 paper Addresses and Further Information
• Submit the curriculum package to The application kit consists of a copy
the CPS project manager for final of this announcement, copies of the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
approval. required forms, and a copy of the
‘‘National Juvenile Justice Training Employment Standards
B. Curriculum Requirements Needs Assessment Proceedings, Administration; Wage and Hour
• All material must be submitted in November, 1998’’, a document entitled Division
hard copy that is ‘‘camera ready’’ and on ‘‘Designing Training for the National
3.5′′ computer disk (or zip drive disks). Institute of Corrections Academy: Minimum Wages for Federal and
• WordPerfect 7.0 or higher must be Instructional Theory Into Practice’’, and Federally Assisted Construction;
the software used in an IBM compatible samples of the required curriculum General Wage Determination Decisions
computer with Windows operating format. General wage determination decisions
system. All visuals must be created A hard copy of this application kit of the Secretary of Labor are issued in
using Corel Presentation software. may be obtained from Judy Evens, accordance with applicable law and are
• All lesson plans shall conform to Cooperative Agreement Control Office, based on the information obtained by
the Instructional Theory Into Practice National Institute of Corrections, 320 the Department of Labor from its study
(ITIP) standards. They must be in the First Street, NW, Room 5007, of local wage conditions and data made
NIC Academy Lesson Plan Format, Washington, DC 20534 or by calling available from other sources. They
using a narrative script and trainer (800) 995–6423, extension 159 or (202) specify the basic hourly wage rates and
notes, and incorporate the critical 307–3106, extension 159. She can be fringe benefits which are determined to
elements of ITIP lesson design. Lesson contacted by E-mail via jevens@bop.gov. be prevailing for the described classes of
plans, handouts and view graphs are to A copy of this announcement, laborers and mechanics employed on
be in a consistent format throughout the required forms and referenced construction projects of a similar
curriculum. Each module should follow documents may also be obtained character and in the localities specified
the Module Framework, with through the NIC website: http:// therein.
appropriate and accurate identification, www.nicic.org. (Click on ‘‘What’s New’’ The determinations in these decisions
numbering and sequencing. See and ‘‘cooperative agreements’’.) of prevailing rates and fringe benefits
‘‘Addresses and Further Information’’ have been made in accordance with 29
All technical and/or programmatic
for information on how to obtain these CFR Part 1, by authority of the Secretary
questions concerning this
announcement should be directed to of Labor pursuant to the provisions of
• Each module should be a complete
Steve Swisher, Correctional Program the Davis-Bacon Act of March 3, 1931,
package; that is, it should include all
materials necessary to teach that Specialist at the National Institute of as amended (46 Stat. 1494, as amended,
module, including a separate and Corrections, 1960 Industrial Circle, 40 U.S.C. 276a) and of other Federal
independent delivery based on a special Suite A, Longmont, Colorado 80501, or statutes referred to in 29 CFR Part 1,
or unique request for that specific by calling (800) 995–6429, extension Appendix, as well as such additional
module. 126, or by E-mail via sswisher@bop.gov. statutes as may from time to time be
• All material produced shall become enacted containing provisions for the
Eligible Applicants
the property of the U.S. Government payment of wages determined to be
and shall be delivered to NIC upon An eligible applicant is any state or prevailing by the Secretary of Labor in
completion of this project. general unit of local government, public accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act.
Authority: Pub. L. 93–415. or private agency, educational The prevailing rates and fringe benefits
institution, private or non-profit determined in these decisions shall, in
Funds Available organization, individual, or team with accordance with the provisions of the
The award will be limited to a expertise in the instructional design or foregoing statutes, constitute the
maximum total of $30,000 (direct and training, computer-generated audio- minimum wages payable on Federal and

VerDate 29-OCT-99 13:54 Nov 24, 1999 Jkt 190000 PO 00000 Frm 00053 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\26NON1.XXX pfrm03 PsN: 26NON1
66504 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 227 / Friday, November 26, 1999 / Notices

federally assisted construction projects in parentheses following the decisions Government Depository Libraries across
to laborers and mechanics of the being modified. the country.
specified classes engaged on contract The general wage determinations
Volume I
work of the character and in the issued under the Davis-Bacon and
Massachusetts related Acts are available electronically
localities described therein. MA990001 (Mar. 12, 1999)
Good cause is hereby found for not MA990002 (Mar. 12, 1999)
by subscription to the FedWorld
utilizing notice and public comment MA990003 (Mar. 12, 1999) Bulletin Board System of the National
procedure thereon prior to the issuance MA990005 (Mar. 12, 1999) Technical Information Service (NTIS) of
of these determinations as prescribed in MA990007 (Mar. 12, 1999) the U.S. Department of Commerce at 1–
5 U.S.C. 553 and not providing for delay MA990010 (Mar. 12, 1999) 800–363–2068.
in the effective date as prescribed in that MA990013 (Mar. 12, 1999) Hard-copy subscriptions may be
MA990015 (Mar. 12, 1999) purchased from: Superintendent of
section, because the necessity to issue MA990017 (Mar. 12, 1999)
current construction industry wage Documents, U.S. Government Printing
MA990018 (Mar. 12, 1999) Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, (202)
determinations frequently and in large MA990019 (Mar. 12, 1999)
volume causes procedures to be MA990020 (Mar. 12, 1999) 512–1800.
impractical and contrary to the public MA990021 (Mar. 12, 1999) When ordering hard-copy
interest. subscription(s), be sure to specify the
Volume II State(s) of interest, since subscriptions
General wage determination Pennsylvania may be ordered for any or all of the
decisions, and modifications and PA990009 (Mar. 12, 1999) seven separate volumes, arranged by
supersedes decisions thereto, contain no
Volume III State. Subscriptions include an annual
expiration dates and are effective from
South Carolina edition (issued in January or February)
their date of notice in the Federal
SC990033 (Mar. 12, 1999) which includes all current general wage
Register, or on the date written notice
SC990037 (Mar. 12, 1999) determinations for the States covered by
is received by the agency, whichever is
Tennessee each volume. Throughout the remainder
earlier. These decisions are to be used TN990062 (Mar. 12, 1999) of the year, regular weekly updates are
in accordance with the provisions of 29
Volume IV distributed to subscribers.
CFR parts 1 and 5. Accordingly, the
applicable decision, together with any Minnesota Signed at Washington, DC this 18th day of
modifications issued, must be made a MN990007 (Mar. 12, 1999) November 1999.
part of every contract for performance of MN990008 (Mar. 12, 1999) Carl J. Poleskey,
MN990039 (Mar. 12, 1999) Chief, Branch of Construction Wage
the described work within the
MN990058 (Mar. 12, 1999) Determinations.
geographic area indicated as required by MN990059 (Mar. 12, 1999)
an applicable Federal prevailing wage [FR Doc. 99–30594 Filed 11–25–99; 8:45 am]
MN990061 (Mar. 12, 1999)
law and 29 CFR Part 5. The wage rates BILLING CODE 4510–27–M
and fringe benefits, notice of which is Volume V
published herein, and which are Missouri
contained in the Government Printing MO990005 (Mar. 12, 1999) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS
Office (GPO) document entitled Volume VI ADMINISTRATION
‘‘General Wage Determinations Issued South Dakota
Under The Davis-Bacon And Related SD990002 (Mar. 12, 1999)
Records Schedules; Availability and
Acts,’’ shall be the minimum paid by SD990024 (Mar. 12, 1999) Request for Comments
contractors and subcontractors to AGENCY: National Archives and Records
Volume VII
laborers and mechanics. Administration, Office of Records
Any person, organization, or Services—Washington, DC.
CA990001 (Mar. 12, 1999)
governmental agency having an interest CA990009 (Mar. 12, 1999) ACTION: Notice of availability of
in the rates determined as prevailing is CA990028 (Mar. 12, 1999) proposed records schedules; request for
encouraged to submit wage rate and CA990029 (Mar. 12, 1999) comments.
fringe benefit information for CA990032 (Mar. 12, 1999)
consideration by the Department. CA990033 (Mar. 12, 1999) SUMMARY: The National Archives and
Further information and self- CA990035 (Mar. 12, 1999) Records Administration (NARA)
explanatory forms for the purpose of CA990036 (Mar. 12, 1999) publishes notice at least once monthly
submitting this data may be obtained by CA990038 (Mar. 12, 1999) of certain Federal agency requests for
CA990039 (Mar. 12, 1999)
writing to the U.S. Department of Labor, CA990040 (Mar. 12, 1999)
records disposition authority (records
Employment Standards Administration, Hawaii schedules). Once approved by NARA,
Wage and Hour Division, Division of HI990001 (Mar. 12, 1999) records schedules provide mandatory
Wage Determinations, 200 Constitution instructions on what happens to records
Avenue, NW., Room S–3014, General Wage Determination when no longer needed for current
Washington, DC 20210. Publication Government business. They authorize
General wage determinations issued the preservation of records of
Modifications to General Wage
under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts, continuing value in the National
Determination Decisions
including those noted above, may be Archives of the United States and the
The number of decisions listed in the found in the Government Printing Office destruction, after a specified period, of
Government Printing Office document (GPO) document entitled ‘‘General Wage records lacking administrative, legal,
entitled ‘‘General Wage Determinations Determinations Issued Under The Davis- research, or other value. Notice is
Issued Under the Davis-Bacon and Bacon and Related Acts.’’ This published for records schedules in
Related Acts’’ being modified are listed publication is available at each of the 50 which agencies propose to destroy
by Volume and State. Dates of Regional Government Depository records not previously authorized for
publication in the Federal Register are Libraries and many of the 1,400 disposal or reduce the retention period

VerDate 29-OCT-99 13:54 Nov 24, 1999 Jkt 190000 PO 00000 Frm 00054 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\26NON1.XXX pfrm03 PsN: 26NON1

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