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Automatic number announcement circuit

Automatic number announcement circuit

An automatic number announcement circuit (ANAC) is a special telephone number that is meant to be used by phone company technicians and other telecommunications technicians to determine the phone number of a particular line. Calling this special number gives a pre-recorded announcement indicating the caller's own number. The ANAC number is useful primarily during the installation of landline telephones to quickly identify one of multiple lines.

A technician will call a local ANAC's phone number. This number connects to a computer at a local central office, which uses a voice synthesizer or digital samples to "speak" the phone number of the line calling in. The main purpose of this system is to allow phone company technicians to identify which telephone line they are connected to. Because this system is based on automatic number identification (not caller ID) and meant for phone company technicians, the ANAC system works with unlisted numbers, numbers with caller ID blocking, and numbers with no outgoing calls allowed. Installers of multi-line business services where outgoing calls from all lines display the company's main number on call display can use ANAC to identify a specific line in the system, even if CID displays every line as "line one". Some ANACs are very regional or local in scope, while others are state-/province- or area-code-wide: there appears to be no consistent national system for them. Every telephone company, whether large or small, determines its own ANAC for each individual central office, which tends to perpetuate the current situation of a mess of overlapping and/or spotty areas of coverage.[1] No official lists of ANAC numbers are published as telephone companies believe overuse of these numbers could make them more likely to be busy when needed by installers.[2]

958 local test exchanges

Under the North American Numbering Plan, almost all North American area codes reserve telephone numbers beginning with 958 and 959 for internal local and long distance testing (respectively), sometimes called plant testing. (One exception is Winnipeg, which reserves 959 only). Numbers within this block are used for various test utilities such as a ringback number (to test the ringer when installing telephone sets), milliwatt tone (a number simply answers with a continuous test tone) and a loop around (which connects a call to another inbound call to the same or another test number). ANAC numbers can also appear in the 958 range, but there is no requirement that they reside there. In some area codes, multiple additional prefixes had been reserved for test purposes, in addition to the standard 958 and 959. Many area codes reserved 999; 320 was also formerly reserved in Bell Canada territory. As widespread inefficiencies in numbering (such as the assignment of entire blocks of 10000 numbers to every competing carrier in every small village to support local number portability schemes) have created shortages of available numbers, these prefixes are often "reclaimed" and issued as standard exchanges, moving the handful of numbers in them to one standard test exchange (usually 958). Some carriers have been known to disable payphone calls to 958 or 959 test lines, such as Bell Canada's system-wide ANAC line at 958-2580 or (area code) 958-6111. Conversely, a standard line on which voice service has been unsubscribed (such as an ADSL dry loop) may still accept calls to the 958 test exchange but not allow calls to standard numbers. This "soft disconnect" condition is intended to allow calls to 9-1-1 emergency services and to the telco business office to order telephone service, but to no other numbers.

Automatic number announcement circuit

Tollfree numbers
Some large telephone companies have toll-free numbers set up. In most cases, these numbers remain undisclosed to prevent abuse, but MCI maintains this widely-published, toll-free ANAC: 1-800-437-7950. This is distinct from technical support and other lines which use ANI so that a computer can automatically display the customer's account on a "screen pop" for the next available customer service representative: the MCI number is intended specifically for ANAC use. Formerly, some companies changed their ANAC number every month for secrecy; this is still the case with a few numbers. In one example of this concern, most payphones in the United States are assigned a telephone number and can ring if the number is called. The phone can then be used to make and receive calls by anyone, making it a potential tool in anonymous criminal activity such as narcotics trafficking. Where a payphone does not have any number listed on the unit, the number can be discovered by calling an ANAC service. Late in the 20th century, caller ID and prepaid cellphone service became commonplace. These services being more easily exploited for criminal purposes, this type of abuse of payphones faded from concern. In Canada, this behaviour has always been more difficult. As a matter of course, incoming calls to payphones are disabled; furthermore, the Bell ANAC number is also disabled (although the telephone number is marked on the payphone itself as it is needed to report a non-working coin 'phone to 6-1-1 repair service). There are some private national toll-free numbers that use ANI and then have a computer read back the number that is calling, but these are not intended for use in identifying the customer's own phone number. They are used in order for the agent in the call center to confirm the phone the customer is calling from, so that a computer can automatically display the customer's account on a "screen pop" for the next available customer service representative; they are distinct from purpose-made toll-free ANAC numbers. Regardless, if one were to call one of these numbers, listen for the number confirmation and hang up, they would in effect be using this system as if it were an ANAC. One such toll-free service is one owned by MCI - 1-800-444-4444. This number is easy to remember and, when called, will read back your number after a very short message.[3] It is noteworthy that a suspended or out of service line or an incoming only line would not be able to reach any toll-free numbers.

ANAC numbers
For easier reference, the list is presented by area code. In some regions, there are several numbers, depending on the telephone company and/or the area you are calling from as there can be several central offices serving some areas. All are local numbers. Information is presented in the following form: Area code: ANAC approximate geographic region

United States
In some cases. if a prefix outside the 958 or 959 range is listed as a test exchange, these may be reclaimed and issued as standard numbers at a later date. NANPA's utilised codes report will indicate 'UA' (unassignable) for valid test prefixes;[4] if a formerly 'UA' code newly appears on the available list or becomes an active exchange,[5] any former test numbers from its time as a reserved prefix are presumable as invalid and deprecated. N11 prefixes such as 211, 311 and 511 are also often disappearing as test numbers as these codes are reassigned to local services such as community information, 206: 411 WA (Not US West) 207: 958 ME 209: 959-1122 Stockton, CA 210: 830 Brownsville/Laredo/San Antonio, TX

Automatic number announcement circuit 210: 951 Brownsville/Laredo/San Antonio, TX (GTE) (deprecated, 951 is available for reassignment as of 2012.) 212: 958 Manhattan, NY 213: 959-1122 Los Angeles, CA (English Response) 214: 570 Dallas, TX (deprecated, now a standard exchange) 214: 790 Dallas, TX (GTE) (deprecated, now a standard exchange) 214: 970-222-2222 Dallas, TX 214: 970-611-1111 Dallas, TX (Southwestern Bell) 215: 511 Philadelphia, PA was deprecated by state-wide use of 511 as road info in 2009; PA is the 36th state to adopt the system. 215: 958 Philadelphia, PA 216: 331 Akron/Canton/Cleveland/Lorain/Youngstown, OH (deprecated, 331 is available for assignment as a new CO code as of 2012.) 216: 959-9892 Akron/Canton/Cleveland/Lorain/Youngstown, OH 219: 550 Gary/Hammond/Michigan City/Southbend, IN (deprecated, 550 is available for reassignment as of 2012.) 219: 559 Gary/Hammond/Michigan City/Southbend, IN (deprecated, 559 is available for reassignment as of 2012.) 276: 959-1114 Verizon 301: 2002006969 Hagerstown/Rockville, MD 301: 958-9968 Hagerstown/Rockville, MD 305: 200-555-1212 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL 305: 200200200200200 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL 305: 780-2411 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL 309: 959-1114 Central IL (Frontier, Ex-Verizon) 309: 959-9833 Quad City IA/IL Area (AT&T) 310: 958-1114 Los Angeles, CA (GTE) 310: 959-1114 West Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA (Verizon) <Current for all GTE> 310: 959-1122 Compton/Gardena, Beverly Hills etc., CA (Current for all PB switches) 310: 959-1122 San Pedro/Wilmington, CA (AT&T) 312: 200 Chicago, IL 312: 290 Chicago, IL 312: 1-200-8825 Chicago, IL (Last Four Change Rapidly) 312: 1-200-555-1212 Chicago, IL 313: 200-200-2002 Ann Arbor/Dearborn/Detroit, MI 313: 200-222-2222 Ann Arbor/Dearborn/Detroit, MI 313: 200200200200200 Ann Arbor/Dearborn/Detroit, MI 315: 953 Syracuse/Utica, NY (deprected, 953 is now a standard exchange in Vernon) 315: 958 Syracuse/Utica, NY 315: 998 Syracuse/Utica, NY 317: 310-222-2222 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN 317: 559-222-2222 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN 317: 743-1218 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN 334: 557-2411 Montgomery, AL 334: 557-2311 Montgomery, AL 337: 370 New Iberia, LA

337: 720 Lafayette Vermillion, LA 337: 350 Lafayette Main, LA

Automatic number announcement circuit 352: 200-2002 Gainesville, FL 401: 200-200-4444 RI 402: 311 Lincoln, NE <Verified 05/09/2006> 404: 311 Atlanta, GA 404: 990 Atlanta, GA 405: 890-7777777 Enid/Oklahoma City, OK 405: 897 Enid/Oklahoma City, OK 407: 200-222-2222 Orlando/West Palm Beach, FL (Bell South) 407: 520-3111 Orlando/West Palm Beach, FL (United) 408: 959-1122 San Jose, CA 409: 951 Beaumont/Galveston, TX 410: 200-200-6969 Annapolis/Baltimore, MD 410: 200-555-1212 Annapolis/Baltimore, MD 410: 811 Annapolis/Baltimore, MD 412: 211 Pittsburgh, PA (DTMF Response) 412: 975 Pittsburgh, PA 413: 958 Pittsfield/Springfield, MA 413: 200-555-5555 Pittsfield/Springfield, MA 414: 330-2234 Fond du Lac/Green Bay/Milwaukee/Racine, WI 415: 959-1122 San Francisco, CA <Current PB for all switches> 417: 959-1122 Joplin, MO 419: 311 Toledo, OH 423: 200-200-200 Chattanooga, Johnson City, Knoxville, TN 434: 118 Charlottesville, VA <Verified 08/06/2013> 434: 311 Danville, VA (Verizon) 478: 990 Dublin, GA. (BELLSOUTH & AT&T) 478: 3336 Metter, GA. (PINELAND TELEPHONE) 480: 958-7847 Phoenix Metro Area (QWEST) 501: 511 AR 502: 2002222222 Frankfort/Louisville/Paducah/Shelbyville, KY 502: 997-555-1212 Frankfort/Louisville/Paducah/Shelbyville, KY 503: 266-1021 Canby, OR 503: 697-0053 Lake Oswego, OR 503: 611 Portland, OR 503: 999 Portland, OR (GTE) 503: 958 Portland, OR (CLEC, MCIMetro ATS) 504: 997-1111 New Orleans/Metairie/Kenner/River Ridge, LA (Bell South) <Verified 02/04/2006> 504: 99882233 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA 504: 201-269-1111 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA 504: 998 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA 504: 99851-0000000000 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA 505: 243-0049 Albuquerque Metro, NM 508: 958 Fall River/New Bedford/Worchester, MA 508: 200-222-1234 Fall River/New Bedford/Worcester, MA 508: 200-222-2222 Fall River/New Bedford/Worcester, MA

508: 26011 Fall River/New Bedford/Worcester, MA 509: 560 Spokane/Walla Walla/Yakima, WA

Automatic number announcement circuit 510: 959-1122 Oakland, CA 512: 830 Austin/Corpus Christi, TX 513: 380-55555555 Cincinnati/Dayton, OH 515: 280-1241 Des Moines Metro Area (RBOC), IA 515: 552# Des Moines Metro Area (CLEC), IA 515: 5463 Des Moines, IA 515: 811 Des Moines, IA 516: 958 Hempstead/Long Island, NY 516: 968 Hempstead/Long Island, NY 517: 200-222-2222 Bay City/Jackson/Lansing, MI 517: 200200200200200 Bay City/Jackson/Lansing, MI 518: 511 Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY 518: 997 Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY 518: 998 Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY 530: 959-1122 Davis, CA <Current for all PB switches in CA> 540: 211 Roanoke, VA (GTE) 540: 311 Roanoke, VA (GTE) 541: 200 Bend, OR 541: 330-0024 Bend, OR 561: 364-1781 West Palm Beach/Jupiter/Juno Beach, FL 602: 958-7847 Phoenix Metro Area (QWEST) 602: 253-0227 Phoenix Metro Area (QWEST) 603: 200-222-2222 New Hampshire (NH) 603: 958 New Hampshire (NH) 606: 997-555-1212 Ashland/Winchester, KY 606: 711 Ashland/Winchester, KY 607: 993 Binghamton/Elmira, NY 608: 884-1206 Edgerton, WI 609: 958 Trenton/Atlantic City, NJ 610: 958 Allentown/Reading, PA 610: 958-4100 Allentown/Reading, PA 615: 200200200200200 Chattanooga/Knoxville/Nashville, TN 615: 2002222222 Chattanooga/Knoxville/Nashville, TN 615: 830 Nashville, TN 616: 200-222-2222 Battle Creek/Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI 617: 200-222-1234 Boston, MA 617: 200-222-2222 Boston, MA 617: 200-444-4444 Boston, MA (Woburn, MA) 617: 220 Boston, MA 617: 220-2622 Boston, MA 617: 958 Boston, MA 618: 930 Alton/Cairo/Mt. Vernon, IL 619: 959-1122 San Diego, CA 620: 959-1122 Southern KS 623: 958-7847 Phoenix Metro Area (QWEST)

650: 959-1122 Palo Alto/Mountain View, CA 659: 220-2622 Newmarket, NH

Automatic number announcement circuit 682: 959-1122 Ft. Worth, TX (AT&T / SBC) 682: 970-1234 Ft. Worth, TX (AT&T / SBC) 702: 889-4579 Las Vegas, NV (Embarq) 703: 211 VA 703: 511-3636 Culpeper/Orange/Fredericksburg, VA 703: 811 Alexandria/Arlington/Roanoke, VA 707: 211-2222 Eureka, CA 708: 1-200-555-1212 Chicago/Elgin, IL 708: 1-200-8825 Chicago/Elgin, IL (Last Four Change Rapidly) 708: 200-6153 Chicago/Elgin, IL 712: 580-9999 Council Bluffs, IA 713: 380 Houston, TX 713: 811 Humble, TX 713: 380-5555-5555 Houston, TX 714: 959-1114 Huntington Beach, CA (GTE) 714: 959-1122 Anaheim, CA (PacBell) 716: 511 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY 716: 990 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY 717: 711 Coaldale/Lansford/Summit Hill, PA (Alltel) 717: 958 Harrisburg/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA 718: 958 Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island, NY 732: 958 For Verizon land lines. 732: *99 For Optimum Phone Service 760: 959-1114 Palm Springs/Palm Desert, CA (Current for all GTE CA switches) 760: 959-1122 Oceanside/Escondido/Fallbrook, CA (Current for all AT&T/PB switches) 781: 200-2222222 Boston 781: 511 RCN Phone Service Users, at Least in Dedham, MA 787: 787-959-1240 PRTC 787: 787-959-1250 PRTC 770: 780-2311 Atlanta/Marietta/Norcross, GA (is not active 5/2013) 802: 222-2222-2222 Vermont 802: 200-222-2222 Vermont 802: 1-700-222-2222 Vermont 802: 111-2222 Vermont 802: 200-1111 Vermont 804: 990 Virginia Beach/Richmond, VA 805: 959-1114 Santa Barbara/Thousand Oaks, CA 805: 959-1122 Bakersfield/San Luis Obispo, CA 805: 959-1123 Bakersfield/San Luis Obispo, CA (?) (Returns DTMF Tones) 810: 200200200200200 Flint/Pontiac/Southfield/Troy, MI 810: 311 Pontiac/Southfield/Troy, MI 812: 410-555-1212 Evansville, IN 812: 462-1218 Terre Haute, IN <Verified 10/09/12> 812: 959-1114 Farmersburg/North Terre Haute/South Terre Haute/Riley, Indiana 813: 311 St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL

814: 958-2111 Cresson, PA 815: 270-3374 Crystal Lake, IL

Automatic number announcement circuit 815: 770-3374 Crystal Lake, IL 815: 290 La Salle/Rockford, IL 816: 959-1122 Kansas City Metro Area (Missouri Side) 817: 211 Ft. Worth/Waco, TX 817: 970-611-1111 Ft. Worth/Waco, TX (Southwestern Bell) 817: 970-1234 Ft. Worth, TX (AT&T / SBC) 817: 959-1122 Ft. Worth, TX (AT&T / SBC) 831: 959-1122 Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties, CA <Current for all PB switches> 845: 990 Hudson Valley Region, NY 850: 959-3111 Tallahassee, FL 856: 958 Camden/Vineland, NJ 860: 959-9822 CT 903: 970-611-1111 Tyler, TX 904: 200-222-222 Jackonsville/Pensacola/Tallahassee, FL 906: 1-200-222-2222 Marquette/Sault Ste. Marie, MI 907: 811 AK 908: 958 New Brunswick, NJ 908: 311-MMYY Embarq (formerly Sprint United of NJ) (MMYY is current Month/Year) 909: 111 Riverside/San Bernardino Counties, CA (GTE) <This is the GT Ringback/TT code, no ID here> 909: 959-1122 Colton/Fontana/Highland, CA (Current for all PB switches) 909: 114 and 959-1114 Ontario/Pomona/San Bernardino, CA (Current for all GTE switches in CA) 912: 940 Vidalia, GA. (BELLSOUTH & AT&T) 913: 959-1122 Kansas City Metro Area (Kansas side) 914: 990-1111 Peekskill/Poughkeepsie/White Plains/Yonkers, NY 914: *99 for Cablevision/Optimum Voice 916: 959-1122 Sacramento, CA (Pac Bell) 916: 461 Sacramento, CA (Roseville Telephone) 919: 200 Durham, NC 919: 711 Durham, NC 919: 958-1114 Durham, NC 925: 959-1122 Contra Costa County, CA 928: 666-1111 Northern Arizona 954: 200-555-1212 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954: 200200200200200 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954: 780-2411 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 970: 958-(any 4 digits) Greeley, CO (Qwest) 972: 959-1122 Plano, TX (AT&T / SBC) 972: 970-1234 Plano, TX (AT&T / SBC) 973: 973-959-3111 Centurylink Northern NJ 985: 998-222-2222 Houma, LA 270: 559 AT&T, Fishskill NY. 880: 739 Verizon, Yuka Flats Wa.

Automatic number announcement circuit

The current use of exchange prefixes for each area code is listed by CNAC; if an exchange changes from "plant test" to reclaimed or active, any former test numbers with the associated prefix are invalidated. Commonly-used test numbers for major carriers include: 555-0311 Rogers (403 Alberta, 519 613 Ontario) 958-2580 Bell Canada (519 613 705 905 Ontario) 958-6111 Telus landline (403 780 Alberta, 250 BC) 959-4444 Manitoba Telephone System (204 MB) (959 is used as 958 is a regular Winnipeg exchange, not a test prefix)

Additional plant test codes may be in use locally in some areas: 403: 555-0311 Alberta (GroupTel - may work in other parts of Canada - untested) 416: 958-ANAC (958-2622) Toronto 514: 514-958-2580 Montral, Qubec (verified August 1, 2013) 604: 1116 British Columbia 604: 1211 British Columbia 709: 958-9999 Newfoundland and Labrador (verified June 19, 2006)

902: 958-9999 Nova Scotia (verified July 16, 2013) 819: 959-1135 Most of Outaouais region Occasionally, a number in an existing, standard local exchange in the area is used. These will incur a toll (and might not work) outside their home area. As standard local calls, they are not accessible from ADSL "dry loop", inbound-only or unsubscribed lines: 403: 705-0311 Calgary, Alberta (Allstream - may work in other parts of Canada - untested) 416: 477-0034 Toronto, Ontario (Fibernetics - verified August 1, 2012) 416: 477-0035 Toronto, Ontario (Fibernetics - verified August 1, 2012) 416: 981-0001 Toronto, Ontario (verified July 1, 2010) 867: 873-0000 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Northwestel - verified October 9, 2012) 905: 310-3789 Mississauga, Ontario (Now no longer includes loop line or ringback. In NPAs where Bell Canada is incumbent, 310-xxxx is assigned as a pseudo-tollfree exchange which may be called at local call rates from an entire area code.)

In Bell Canada territory, +1-areacode-320 was formerly reserved for 320-xxxx test numbers; in all known instances, these numbers were moved to the 958-xxxx range and 320-xxxx reclaimed for use as a standard exchange. The use of N11 prefixes (such as 3-1-1) for test numbers is also deprecated as in many communities 3-1-1 now reaches city hall or municipal services while 2-1-1 is local community information. Some lists also mention 1-555-1313 as ANAC (506 New Brunswick). The purpose of +1-areacode-555-1313, a pay-per-use "name that number" reverse lookup information service introduced in the mid-1990s, differs from ANAC. ANAC announces the caller's own number; the reverse lookup gives the directory name for a listed telephone number input by the user.

Automatic number announcement circuit

Toll-free ANACs
Please note that it is always preferable to call the local ANAC; only if the local ANAC number can not be called is it advisable to call a toll-free ANAC number. It is also preferable to call an open ANAC rather than the password-protected one given below. 800-437-7950 MCI ANAC (no input needed) 800-223-1104 PASSWORD-PROTECTED [dial 195632, 490456, 910777, or 911306] The below numbers are not true ANAC numbers; however, they do read back one's phone number. These numbers provide valuable services to the customers they serve; it is, therefore, inadvisable to misuse them. 800-225-5313 BANK OF SOUTH SIDE VIRGINIA, FRAUD DEPT (press 1) 800-225-5214 NATIONAL CAPITAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, FRAUD DEPT (press 1) 800-314-4258 MCI CUST SERV LINE 800-333-3232 MCI CUST SERV LINE 800-444-0800 MCI CUST SERV LINE 800-444-2222 MCI CUST SERV LINE 800-444-3333 MCI CUST SERV LINE 800-444-4444 MCI CUST SERV LINE


United Kingdom
17070, BT Linetest Facilities 08081707788, it does have a long introductory message, but it is useful on COCOTs which have 17070 barred. 18866, Same recording as 08081707788 but a shorter number to remember. 020 81 803 803, Same recording as 08081707788. These numbers are set up by a company offering low charge calls in the UK, these numbers are meant to be used as a sort of operator that you go through in order to qualify for these cheap calls. However, if the phone you are dialling these numbers from is already registered with this company it will not announce your number.

19 9000 This service will read back your line number on all Eircom lines, including lines where calls are carried by another provider using carrier preselect. The same number also works for Smart Telecom lines provided by local-loop unbundling. Your number will be called out without the lead 0. For example, 021 XXX XXXX will be read back as "21 XXX XXXX". There is also an extended ANAC service for identifying which carrier handles your calls. Dialling these numbers will cause the local switch to announce which carrier your calls are being routed through for a specific category of calls. 19 800 - International calls 19 822 - Local calls 19 801 - Calls to other parts of the Republic of Ireland, Irish mobile numbers and to landlines in Northern Ireland.

Automatic number announcement circuit



127 22 123 1800 801 920

New Zealand
1956 or 0(8)320-1231 area code & number 1957 or 0(8)320-1234 local number You can also dial from overseas to test if your (CPN) Caller ID number is being passed on to New Zealand. Dial +64(8)320-1231, from USA/Canada and rest of NANP dial 011-64-8-320-1231 to hear your 3 digit area code & 7 digit local number read back to you from N.Z. {Dion Wood "NewZealandAmerican" Tel: +1(800)808-KIWI (Illinois)}

South Africa
+27 21 405 9111 Cape Town ANAC +27 21 405 9116 Cape Town ANAC with callback

[1] artofhacking.com List of local ANAC phone numbers (http:/ / www. artofhacking. com/ tucops/ phreak/ callerid/ live/ aoh_anac. htm) in United States, Canada, Australia and Britain [2] DSLreports: Identifying the telephone number of an ADSL dry loop (Canada) (http:/ / www. dslreports. com/ forum/ r25283784-Internet-What-is-the-number-to-dial-to-get-the-phone-line-) [3] http:/ / aplawrence. com/ Unixart/ dhanacsnumbers. html [4] NANPA utilised CO codes, report for one selected area code (http:/ / nanpa. com/ nas/ public/ assigned_code_query_step1. do?method=resetCodeQueryModel), NeuStar Inc. [5] NANPA list of available CO codes (per area code) (http:/ / nanpa. com/ nas/ public/ available_code_query_display. do?method=displayAvailableCodeQueryData)

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