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Troy Rawlings Sim Gill (Sgill@slco.org) Can you please call me re Swallow, Shurtleff and Others Wednesday, July 17, 2013 5:01:00 PM

Gentlemen [In complete confidence at this time], I will get right to the point. We have a unique situation to address. If my memory is correct, each of you supported the candidacy of John Swallow for Utah AG. If so, Sim Gill and I request your assistance. In the near future, there will be a need to screen potential state charges and decide if grand jury indictments should be sought or not. The screening process will concern multiple persons, based on investigations conducted primarily by the FBI and the Utah Department of Public Safety. There will be interviews, documents and other evidence to review. We hope the totality of evidence leads to the conclusion that there are no state crimes / indictments to seek. Sim and I are confident we (he and I) can and will be fair and objective. However, we also want public confidence (to the degree that is possible) in both the decision making process as well as any result (moving forward, standing down, or whatever the appropriate consensus determination is from fact and law). We are keenly aware that any decisions we make about this matter will be attacked and questioned. We are not afraid of the evidence, politics or any decision in any direction. However, obviously we want the process and decisions be fair, objective and impartial. The general public must see that both process and outcome, no matter what direction the case goes, were not motivated by a skewed agenda. Therefore, it is appropriate and desirable that a supporter (preferably multiple supporters) of current Utah AG John Swallow's former campaign have fully vested and participating seats at this prosecution vetting table. You will have confidential access to the complete investigation files. Letters of appointment will be executed. Your suggestions for follow-up will be solicited. There is a lot of material. It will take time. Neither investigation is complete as of today. There is still much to be done. At this point, there are around 10 sections of the Utah Code to contemplate in light of developing facts. We hope the legislative process will supplement the investigations significantly. We look forward to obtaining access to that material prior to making decisions (although there are some statute of limitations issues to discuss in this context). Frankly, the legislative investigation process by the Utah House of Representatives may yield potentially dispositive evidence one way or the other relate to at least one of the subjects. We are soliciting your integrity, experience and judgment. The citizens of Utah deserve the individual and collective impartiality that this solicitation demonstrates and that a committee of elected prosecutors, including political supports of elected AG John Swallow can bring. We look forward to a detailed dialogue with each of you about this call for help. We know you

are very busy. We are not immune. The hours we have been keeping are insane. Please keep this request in confidence at this time until a determination has been made concerning who will participate on this team. This initial request for cooperation is going to multiple elected County Attorneys. Very Best,

Troy S. Rawlings Davis County Attorney 800 W. State Street P. O. Box 618 Farmington, Utah 84025 801-451-4355 troy@daviscountyutah.gov

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