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Food Pantry Needs &Thank You

The Colo Community Food Pantry has been serving an average of 20 families a week! Supplies are running low and getting difficult to keep up! As we near the end of year, finances are also running low. If you feel led to help out in any way, whether food, paper products or finances, now would be a good time to do so! Needed items are: Boxed meals, meat (canned and wrapped) canned fruit, canned vegetables, cereal. As we get near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays items needed would be, pumpkin pie mix, stuffing, evaporated milk, cranberries, etc. Thank you to ALL for your help with this important ministry. Your donations are always very much appreciated!

News from United Methodist Women

Scripture for October: Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them. (NRSV) I hope all the Circles had good meetings and great discussions as we gathered in his name in September. October 3 - Unit Guest Night 7:00 P.M . Please try to attend this special evening. October 12 - Chicken/Biscuit Dinner at the Church - 5-7:00 P.M. Ruth Wilson and Edy Meller are the Chairpersons. Please contact them if you can help in any way. (See info elsewhere in this newsletter.) October 14 - Demolition of Downstairs Kitchen Begins. We are hoping the project will be completed in 6-8 weeks. We have cleaned, sorted, and disposed of unneeded items. Check out the basement for treasures. Thank you to Pastor Lewis for sharing his office and to all who helped with the cleaning. It is exciting to see this project moving forward. November 2 - Ingathering (Webster City) November 7 - Unit Meeting 9:30 A.M. (rolls, fruit, and coffee) Program: Dorothy Dadisman & Celeste Goemer Hostesses: Dorothy D., Celeste, Elaine S. & Pam F. November 24 - UMW Sunday and LoveFeast (More information will follow) All offices have been filled and sent to the District for the 2014 UMW year. Thank you to each of you who agreed to serve. We have cookbooks for sale in the Fellowship Hall and the Colo State Bank. They will make great Christmas presents! Joan Hanson has Equal Exchange items for sale in the Fellowship Hall. Remember to save you coupons and stamps! In Christ's Name, Susan McKinney, UMW President

Ingathering Needs
Layette KLitsdiapers, receiving blankets (30" x 30" or 32" X 32"), sleepers, onesies and baby wash cloths. Health Kitshand towels, wash clothes, tooth brushes, money to buy tooth paste, wrapped bath size soap. Money for postage to ship kits to those who need them. -Outreach

A big Thank You from the Outreach Leaders

for all who have furnished refreshments and helped with Fellowship. We still have October, November and December to finish out 2013.

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"To Dream or Hot to 'Dream"

Recently, I was asked what I would do, if money wasn't a factor and I was assured of success. I said something to the effect that I wouldn't do anything of which I was guaranteed success. That is setting our sights too low. Why dream of what you know you can do? Why not dream of that which is beyond reach? You ail know that I'm an incurable Cubs fan. Next year never seems to come, but I dream of what can be. And, someday, someday, it just might happen; although there are those who would tell me it is "to dream the impossible dream". So, is there a middle ground somewhere? Somewhere between dreaming of that which seems beyond our reach and dreaming that which is 'impossible'? When I get there, I will let you know. Truth is - I've always believed that there is very little that is impossible. Either we just haven't dared to dream it, or we haven't dared to try it. Jesus said, "With God, all things are possible." We can limit that, or we can dare to believe it. Of course, I believe that the key is that we are to listen to God, and to dream God-dreams. As we prepare for Charge Conference (October 1^*, 7 p.m. in Collins), we have taken a look back (at what has been done), at what is currently being done, and what we hope to happen in the future. We are building toward that future, but it will not happen simply because we dream, or because we even work toward it. What is the future we are dreaming? Glad you asked. For Collins, our goals for the coming year are: to have at least 1 local outreach project in Collins to meet needs in our community; to find at least 1 way to move our worship beyond the walls of our church; and to have at least 2 short-terms studies to aid in following Jesus. For Colo, our goals for the coming year are: Continue to work with the Dream, Prayer, and Implementation teams; to have the HCI Consultation and to work toward implementation disclosed there; and, continue to attract and grow with younger families, sharing God's love for all - by trying to move them through the Simple Church process of making disciples. What all this means is that we believe we are on the right track, but we haven't arrived yet. We believe God is at work in us, but we aren't sure what God is really going to do in and through us. We just want to keep following. Join us in working toward the dreams God is giving us. Dare to dream for yourself, and then ask God what you can do to make that dream a reality.

Tastor Lewis
The CoCo 3{arvest J\.uction wiCC6e Sunday, !Novem.6er lo*''. TCan now what you can give, how you can heCj), and then come to heCp us raise funds for the operating budget of the church.

Chicken/Biscuit Supper October 12

The following items are needed for the supper coming Saturday, October 12.

Healthy Church Initiative Communicating For A Change By Andy Stanley and Lane Jones
"How's my preaching?" Another way to say that is to ask, "Am I communicating a message that will help change the lives of my congregation?" Every message should take the congregation on a journey where they discover a truth that will change their lives. The authors outlined seven "imperatives" that are critical to the process of engaging and inspiring members with one solitary idea. First you need to determine your goal or what you are trying to accomplish. Second, pick a point of what you are trying to say. Third, create a map for the best route to make your point. Fourth, internalize you message or your story so you can tell it without referencing your notes. Fifth, engage your audience to capture and keep their attention. Sixth, find your voice or be yourself when delivering your message. Seventh, i f you get stuck, start all over again. Cut out what isn't necessary. At the end of the day, it is God who empowers people to change. The Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the heart and Jesus Christ gives men and women the courage to love and forgive. -Elaine E. Stucky

TO lbs. Flour
3 lbs. Crisco


BK ^^^S^^

6 lbs. Coffee (decaf) |^B|^2^^@ 3 larger Cool Whip 1 Angel Food Loaf Cake 45 pies Also Needed: Cabbage, carrots, peppers, and money for purchasing chickens. If you can help with the Chicken/Biscuit in any way please contact: Ruth Wilson 377-2358.

Carry-Outs for Chicken/Biscuit

For local carry-outs please call: Myma Johnson 641-377-2758.

Small Containers Needed

Small containers are needed for Chicken & Biscuit Dirmer carry-outs. Such as dip, sour cream, yogurt containers. Please bring to the church. Thanks!

UM Men's Group
AH men are welcome to join us at Niland's Cafe at 6:30 A.M. the second Thursday each month. The next gathering will be October 10,2013. (Each person pays for their own breakfast.)

Adult Sunday School Class

Join the Sunday School Aduh Class for a study on the "Simple Church'. This study is to help people to understand and be aware of the process our church and the broader Methodist Church are taking to help churches follow and grow both spiritually and missionally minded. You have been hearing about the H C I - Healthy Church for all churches to be more missional minded not just mission minded. Many of these ideas are being discussed in this class, so come on Sunday Morning to the Family Room downstairs at 9:15 A.M . and have a cup of coffee, fellowship and learn. Hope to see you there!! -Wayne Hanson, Facilitator

Before scheduling your meeting/activity please contact the church office to get that date on the calendar. cDlounic@yahoo.coni or 641-377-2534.


October 2013
Tue Wed 2 7:30 pm Joyful Noise Choir Practice 3 Thu

For Jesus doesn't change-yesterday, today, tomorrow, he's always totally himself. Hebrews 13:8 (The Message Bible) _~ ^

Sun 9 am Collins Worship & Children's S.S. 9:15 am Colo S.S. 10:30 am Colo Worship 11:30 am Colo Fellowship 6 World Communion 7

Mon 1

Fn 4 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry Open 5


5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry Open 7 pm Colo/Collins Charge Conference (Collins U M C ) 8 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry Open

7 pm Colo U M W Guest Night

9 6 pm Colo Joy Circle 7:30 pm Joyful Noise Choir Practice

10 6:30 am U M Men's Group (Niland's)

11 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry Open

12 5-7 pm Colo Chicken/ Biscuit Dinner (At the church)

7 pm Scouts

13 6-7 pm Youth Group

14 7 pm Scouts

15 1:30 pm Collins U N I Circle 6-7 pm Maxwell Food Pantry 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry Open

16 7:30 pm Jo}'flil Noise Choir Practice

17 9 am Miriam Circle 1:30 pm Rebecca Circle 7 pm Rachel Circle

18 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry Open


20 Noon-Messenger Articles due! Blanket Sunday

21 7 pm Scouts

22 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry Open

23 6 pm Colo Church Council 7:30 pm Joyful Noise Choir Practice


25 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry Open


27 6-7 pm Youth Group Blanket Sunday

28 7 pm Scouts

29 9:30 am Assemble Messenger Colo Food Pantry Closed (5th Tuesday")

30 7:30 pra Joyful Noise Choir Practice