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Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) - Special Coverage - Family - OnIslam.net
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Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) Folder

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By Family Editorial Board

W e dne sday, 25 Se pte m be r 2013 00:00

A bdul Lateef al-Kurdi on I s lam C ondemns E very Fac et of T erroris m

Muhammed A l Shareef on J ourney of H earts

Suhaib Hasan on P res ervation of T he Sunnah

Marriage is not a game, nor it is an end in itself to be accomplished and then set aside. It is a means for two people to become better, through their love for one another and for their Creator. Islam puts a lot of emphasis on marriage as the cornerstone of a thriving community and nearly all Muslims who qualify for marriage are encouraged to seek out spouses in order to fulfill half of their deen.

Going to Hajj: What You Need to Know (InDepth) This folder contains a wealth of information that hopefully will help those going to Hajj to get prepared adequately. We implore Almighty Allah to make their Hajj easy, enjoyable, and accepted! OnIslam Africa.. Hajj Mabroor The Most Controversial Questions About Muhammad Freedom of Non-Muslims: Fiction or Reality? Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special)

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This folder is meant to highlight some of the major issues to consider before marriage, and useful tips during a marriage in order to reach right decisions and for husband and wife to live a happy married life.
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Check out our special folder, share it, and cast your feedback and view.

Choosing the Right Spouse Advice to New Muslimahs Considering Marriage Marriage is a very serious affair, and by no means should be taken lightly. Allah mentions marriage in the Quran as being a firm and strong covenant (4:21).

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Dos and Donts During Engagement

Have You Fulfilled Half of Your Religion? 1, 2, 3's Of Marital Life Do You Really Want to Get Married? Marriage Priorities, What Are They?
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The Way to a Successful Engagement

Women and Men In Islamic Marriage Are You a Marital Scorekeeper? A Personal Education Program C alled Life Sex Education from an Islamic Perspective The Relationship between the Engaged C ouple




Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) - Special Coverage - Family - OnIslam.net

Building Trust and Love Happily (N)Ever After A marriage is built on trust. If either spouse loses that trust in the other, hell awaits. Its that simple. A loving marriage cannot exist unless trust is its bedrock.

I Doubt That She Loves Me Sustaining Spousal Love Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love I No Longer Trust My Husband (Share Your Advice) "But Baby, C an You Stand the Rain?"

Trying to Repair a Broken Trust

Good Communication Makes a Happy Marriage Men and Women: Made to be Different It is a duty upon every man and woman to understand their spouse. Life is not what you see in movies or what you read in romantic books. It is far better than any of the movies made on earth for it is not based on mere enjoyment but the trust, love and belief.

On Saving the Institution of Marriage

C ommunicating Effectively With Your Spouse Fundamentals Of A Happy Marriage Modernity of Marriage: C ommunications in a Twist

Do You Listen to Me?

C ommunication, Forgiveness, and Understanding Between C ouples Put On Smiles: Funny Quotes About Marriage Myths and Facts About Muslim Marriage

Healthy Tips Marriage As a Roller Coaster: Special Tips Before marriage, many young persons have an incomplete idea that a happily marriage is just all about falling in love. Later on, they are shocked to know that life is not all roses. These tips help you to have a happy marriage and full of understanding and love.
Are You a Dear Loving Spouse? Treating Your Wife: Which Example Do You Follow? For Spouses: Bring On Romance to Your Life Be Intimate to Your Spouse (Ways to Discover) Tips for Muslim Newlyweds Marriage: Evaluating Your Experience

How to Keep a Relationship Alive

How to Overcome Marital Obstacles




Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) - Special Coverage - Family - OnIslam.net
Between Men and Women, What is Midlife Crisis? Marital love requires extraordinary effort from both parties if it is to last and remain vital. The difficulty of marital love does not lie in those small disagreements that are a normal part of everyday life and that all couples have to work out. Indeed, such problems sometimes revitalize the relationship, like spice in a savory dish.

What Do Men Really Want? What Do Men Really Want? (Part Two) Happily Ever After: Gone with the Wind? Discretion In Weddings: Dont Show and Tell Marriage for Young Muslims: Making a Place of Love Marrying When Mature The Process of Marrying When Mature Are You an Enmeshed Spouse? Silent Spouses: Misunderstanding Patience Marital Woes for Muslims in the West Married to the Mobile Gadget When Sex C an Kill Marriage Nurturing Marital Love The Secret to C hanging Your Life Around Me & My In-laws (Special C overage) One Question that C ould Save Your Marriage

Divorce and Its Solution After Break-up: Check an Emergency First-Aid Kit Sad but shocking reality: the divorce rate amongst Muslims in North America is one of the highest in the world. Many assume divorce means problems began in the course of the marriage, whether it was communication breakdown or irreconcilable differences. But there are many difficulties that lead to divorce which could have been avoided right from the beginning.
Save Family, Save Society I Would Never Go Back to Him C elebrating Divorce? Break up to Make Up Maybe Its Divorce Were Taking Lightly US Muslims and Divorce: A C loser Look (Part 2) US Muslims and Divorce: A C loser Look (Part 1) About Break-ups & Fear of C loseness with Others Defending One's Marriage By C heating, or Divorcing! On the Verge of a Divorce Evaluate! Deaf Ears on 8-Year Olds Divorce Plea New Family Laws the Pathway to Divorce Divorce SMS Divorce Affects C hildren for Years

Why Is Divorce on the Rise Among US Muslims?

Counseling & Frequent Questions Need to Heal from My Husband's Betrayal I had been married for seven years. My ex-husband left me for another woman. It has now been two years. I still do struggle with the pain but Im generally fine. I have been




Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) - Special Coverage - Family - OnIslam.net
approached by about four eligible Muslim brothers for marriage but my heart always seems heavy to accept.

How to Regain My Husbands Trust?

How I Left My Pious Wife... Inspiring Story Deathly Afraid My Future Wife Will Have an Affair Minus Everything I Asked For

Pleasing Parents vs. Saving Marriage

Protecting Wife Against Physical Abuse Marriage to a Non-Muslim: Nullify Islam? Marriage Through a Matrimonial Website Husband-Beating Fatwas: Shaking the Family Unit? Abusing a Wife and Refusing to Divorce Her Any C ure for Women Who Hate Their Husbands? A Husbands Taking His Wifes Salary by Force C an a Wife Be Denied the Right to Have a C hild? Divorced Three Times in Anger: What to DO? How to Divorce Undesirable Husband? Should a Divorcee Stay with Parents? Dowry from the Girls Side: Permissible? Is It a Must to Disclose One's Sinful Past to a Prospective Spouse?

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Avoid Divorce, Live a Happy Marriage (Special) - Special Coverage - Family - OnIslam.net

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