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Lesson Plan

12/10/2012 Title (Unit): Climate Change Grade (Level): Grade 1 High School Intermediate -> Advanced Students 50 minutes Lesson Focus: Vocabulary, Listening for general understanding, Speaking, Writing (homework) Skills Practiced: Note taking New Language: climate change atmosphere extinction eco-system natural variation greenhouse effect rises global warming emissions

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to: - Recognize and use some common expressions related to climate change. - Understand the causes of climate change. - Ask and answer questions to find out about climate change. - Construct notes from both written and spoken sources.

Materials: PowerPoint Video (Authentic material from http://vimeo.com/11017386) Climate change questions and answers (Authentic material taken from http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climatechange/guide/what-is-it) Activity sheets

Procedure & Communication Direction


Warm Up Teacher Class Student(s)

Brainstorming (5 mins) Write on the board What are the most important problems the world is facing at the moment? Students work in pairs to think of as many issues as possible. Get class feedback; write students ideas on the board. Identify climate change. Tell students that today we are going to be discussing climate change.

Listening Practice via Video Work T Class

Pre-Task Activity (5 minutes) Show the students the birds eye view picture of the island. Ask the class to try and identify what the picture is of (it doesnt really look much like an island).

St - Class

Try and elicit from the students what problem the island might have (it is sinking due to rising sea levels caused by climate change). Listening for Gist Activity (5 minutes)

Tell the students they are going to watch a 3 minute video about this island, while they are watching the video they must take notes on what they hear and see. Give students the template that will help them structure their notes. Also, explain what the notes will be used for; the newspaper report they will make at the end of the lesson. Class Feedback (5 minutes)

Video Note Taking Practice

On the board get class feedback on notes they made under the headings. This is extremely important to support the low level students as the ideas shared here will help them piece together what they saw and heard in the video.

St - Class

Text Note Taking Practice T Class St -St

Vocabulary Identification Key Terms for next task (5 mins) Handout the vocabulary sheet to the students. Using the picture sheet they must work with a partner to figure out the correct meaning for the vocabulary. Do the first answer as a class to provide an example. Class feedback, drill the new language. Introduction to Written Note Taking (5 mins) Hand out the examples of notes to the students. Ask them to work in pairs and decide which notes they think are better and why. Get class feedback. Explain that example 2 is better as it doesnt just repeat sentences from the text; they use bullet points, shorthand and use key terms.

T Class

St St St

Mingling Activity (15 mins) Hand out mingling worksheet. Tell students they are going to make notes under the appropriate heading that they will then share with other students. Point students to the texts they should makes notes from (there are 5 different texts, each students has one). Tell students they MUST use the underlined key terms. When all students are finished ask them to stand up and find other students who have all the answers they need. Explain they will need the notes for their newspaper report. Give an example first to ensure students understand the task.

T - Class

St - St

Individual Work

Writing Activity (Post Task Activity/Homework) Once they have watched the video they will use the notes to write a short newspaper article raising awareness of the islands situation. In the article they must use at least 4 of the vocabulary items from the previous task. I will take this work in and correct the written work. For homework the following week they will rewrite with corrections.

Potential Problems & Solutions

Difficulty. In some classes there are students who are much lower level than average. To deal with this I have made paragraph students must make notes on much easier for questions 5 & 6 in activity 2. When distributing the worksheets I will make sure lower level students get those questions. I will also liaise closely with my co-teacher to identify students that will need extra support for efficient coteaching. Students not understanding the video. I will play the video at 85% speed to help students comprehension. I will also elicit the background of the video before they watch it to help with their understanding. Students are probably not used to taking notes for audio sources, if this is a problem I will play the video 2 or 3 times.