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Much has been transpiring, too much to consolidate into one e-mail; thus, comprehensiveness must be sacrificed to achieve

conciseness. The focus is upon Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick and the fact that a meeting will be held on Saturday-a.m. to compose a third Press Release regarding his posture regarding the effort to defund ObamaCare; the impact of the Federal shutdown/slowdown will be dutifully weighed. On the one hand, there is a desire to maintain linkage with an honest civil-servant; on the other hand, weightier issues cannot be sacrificed on the petard of blind loyalty to a mirage that has lost backbone. The conservatives have been loyal supporters, as reflected in comments [by this physician and others] following two articles by J.D. Mullane [appalled-by-the-tea-party and fitz-in-tough-spot-with-tea-party-base]. Yet, a spate of articles emerged that were suggesting he would be among Five area Republicans shifting votes in shutdown and, thereby, declaring support-for a clean-cr by voting with the Dems to end the shutdown; thus, although some were angered, there was a concerted effort to withhold judgment. Thursday, FITZPATRICK joined a BIPARTISAN EFFORT TO REOPEN GOVERNMENT which would entail funding the government at sequester levels for six months, repealing the unpopular 2.3% medical device tax, and extending the pension stabilization initiative that was approved as part of MAP-21 [the federal transportation funding bill]. The two problems that must be carefully confronted ASAP are [1]whether this approach is helpful, and [2]whether this initiative is inimical with a commitment to keep opposing the clean CR. Comments on the Dom Giordano 1210-AM Radio Show apparently failed to enlighten the host in either realm and, therefore, it is necessary to plumb the depths herein, preparatory to confrontational review; it cannot be denied that a sense of Armageddon has been created, and no amount of prognostication suffices [overthinking the type/degree of impact on Congressional elections more than a year distant]. [1] Because the POTUS has demonstrated tremendous [unconstitutional] discretion when administering the law [changing the tenets of ObamaCare, for example], he cannot be provided any leeway when interpreting what is legislated; for example, no one would be able to obtain standing to enjoin him from juggling-$ so as to accommodate initiation of supplemental funding [on 1/1/2014] if the beast were not unambiguously strangled. Therefore, because the funding-duration for the CR extends for a year, anything shorter would be inapposite to any intent to forestall the distribution of candy [and inevitably, the further redistribution of wealth]; this would apply for any CR of any duration and this explains why Conservatives have resisted short-term measures [e.g., six-weeks long] to allow a respite during which further discussions could be held. And thats why the efforts of the POTUS to claim he wont negotiate with a gun aimed at his head are not to be honored for, were the Constitution [Article I Section 7] to be violated and power to initiate spending-bills ceded to the Senate/POTUS, the Rs would lose all leverage. THEREFORE, OTHER THAN TELEGRAPHING AN ADMIRABLE DESIRE FOR BIPARTISANSHIP, THIS PARTICULAR PROPOSAL SHOULD BE VIEWED [QUOTING REID] AS D.O.A.! [2] An unnamed aide to Mike was quoted as claiming he supports a Clean-CR, but it is possible this was created by a liberal-journalist as akin to a push-poll; this postulate was confirmed when Rep. Nunes was also misquoted in this regard, as per his interview

on Thursday during Hannitys Radio Show [@ 3:35 p.m. e.d.t]. The primary data are contained within the Inqy article that claims Fitzpatrick, from Bucks County, issued a statement saying he has supported a spending bill at current funding levels. An aide said he would back that approach if it was presented for a vote. {The former was quoted at-length in this physicians commentary of a few days ago, but was nondescript; the latter prompted this physician to call Mikes offices [Langhorne & D.C.] and to send e-mails to his staff [Press Secretary, Chief-of-Staff, and Scheduling-Secretary], while also attempting to contact [via e-mail, twitter and phone] the author, Mr. Jonathan Tamari [whose beat appears to be split between the Eagles and the Jersey Senatorial race]. This latter effort necessitated following a trail through the City Desk (215=854-4500) to incorrect phone-#s (609=989-6019 belonged to Renee Gallick and 609=989-9016 belonged to Chris Mondick), after which time it was divulged he is now based in D.C.} Unknown data [Who is the aide, where was he/she located, what precisely was said, when was it said, why would it be concluded that the shutdown/showdown-related concerns be more important than defunding ObamaCare, and how would this posture be justified operationally?] remain disconcerting, for its still unclear whether he would break from leadership in this regard and want to vote with a unanimous Dem-caucus. THEREFORE, UNTIL/UNLESS HIS POSTURE IS CLARIFIED AFFIRMATIVELY, IT IS FELT THAT HE WILL BE SUBJECT TO CRITIQUE BY THE CONSERVATIVE GROUPS IN BUCKS COUNTY. Mike will be asked to answer a simple-question, namely, does he advocate passage of a clean-CR. Based on his answer to this question, the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement in Bucks County will determine the optimal theme of a 3rd Press Release [ranging from approbation to condemnation], taking into account the pivotal nature of this battle and the desire to maintain long-term linkages. Again, as detailed, it would be unlikely that any electoral challenge would arise [although one participant wrote a letter-to-the-editor proposing that outcome, a month ago]; more likely would be the desire to defer providing the intense support Mike has enjoyed during prior contests, regardless of his Dem-opponent .