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The Wings Consultant will provide service related to Wings eBiz Software. The following
are not within the scope of support:

Ø Hardware related Problems

Ø Re-training
Ø Commission of any act, which affects the Licensing Key
Ø Individual requirements which the software doesn't support
Ø Any other issue which violates the Principles of Accounting etc.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Customer to safeguard the Data and the Software

Handling Support Calls

➢ Any support issue from the Customer should be in writing either by Telephone, FAX or
Help Desk :
Email :

➢ Wings Support Consultant will acknowledge the request, giving date and probable time
when support shall be offered, through telephone or e-mail. The support will be
provided on the same day, as far as possible, provided the call is received before 11.00
am. Should the call be received after 11:00 am support will be provided either in the
evening or on the next day.

➢ Should the client desire change of date, Wings Support should be informed in advance.
The Customer should take a fresh date and time for visit. Else it shall be assumed that
the user is available on the date acknowledged and the visit shall be considered as a
single visit.

➢ Support Call Sheet (three copies) should be filled and signed by the visiting Consultant
and the Customer on every visit. The Customer should retain first copy, the Consultant
should retain second copy and the third copy should be sent to the H.O.

New Implementations

Ø On the date of start of Implementation a full time Operator and infrastructure (Ref:
Checklist for details) should be made available at the Customer's office.
Ø Wings Implementation and Training will be completed within 4 sessions and these
sessions would be scheduled in consultation with customer.
Ø During the first day of implementation, the Customer should provide information
relating to Business Flow.
Ø After successful implementation of the Software a letter (in the specified format) would
be provided by the Customer.


We make every effort to resolve the problem as our own. But, be sure to backup your data
prior to doing any significant processing. The ability to restore your database to a point prior to
the occurrence of any problem or error is critical to quickly resolving many problems. Backing
up your database only takes a couple of minutes, but it can save your hours of work in the
event of an error or problem.

If your problem is minor and does not significantly impact your operation of the system or if
you have a general question, suggestion, recommendation, or comment, please do write to us.
If you have a major problem or critical question that is prohibiting use of the system or if you
need an immediate answer, call or fax us as indicated below.

Support from Corporate Office, Hyderabad (in addition to Local Support)

Web and Telephone support is generally available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to
6:00 P.M IST (Holidays excluded).

All support calls must be made to Wings eBiz Support @ +91-40-6701 8122/23/24. When
seeking Wings support, you should not place calls to any other office extension or request to
speak to any individual by name. This will only delay your receipt of support. Because of the
volume of calls received, you may be asked to leave a message so that the Consultant can get
back to you.

To facilitate support, when you call, please be ready with the following:

Ø The release No and resources date of Wings eBiz on which you are working. (The
release No. appears in the About Window which can be opened by clicking on Help/
About Menu option and for resource date go to C:\Wings and check the date of
Ø Be at your Server computer with the Wings eBiz Software open during your call
Ø Have a pencil and paper handy.

If possible, write out a brief description of your problem and/or your list of questions prior to
calling. When describing your problem, make a note of what you were trying to do, what
happened, any error messages received, and any attempts you made to correct it, and the

Please make every effort to keep the call as brief as possible as others may be waiting for

FAX Support

Incoming Fax may be received 24 hours a day - 7 days a week at (040) 23237318. Please
address the fax to Wings eBiz support. Indicate a return fax number, your name and address,
a daytime phone number, a description of the problem and copies of any supporting material.

While faxes are received on a 24-hour basis, they are handled only during normal working

Mail Support

You may write to us, critical processing problems or questions should be handled through
telephone, fax, or email. We welcome all comments, suggestions and recommendations.

All letters are carefully reviewed and all ideas will be considered for future upgrades. Please
indicate on your letter if you do not require a response.

e-mail Support

You will get response for your issues reported within one working day if you mail us to
Wings eBizhelpdesk@wingsinfo.net But, depending on singularity and difficulty of your question
it may take a bit longer.

At times we may ask you send us a copy of your backup files in order to attempt to resolve
your system problem.

Please use MS-SQL backup utility to backup all files. Label the CD(s)/DVD(s) with your name,
address, phone number with area code, and date. Include in every case a brief note describing
the problem you are encountering. We will make every attempt to quickly analyze and correct
your problem, to correct or replace any files in error, and to return a corrected backup file to

We will take every possible step to resolve your problem in a timely and professional manner.