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ANSWERING Extension 343. Can I help you? Export Department. speaking. John INTRODUCING YOURSELF -Hello. This is _______from _______. -Good morning. Im _____ from _____. -Im (Mr. Oliveiras assistant) ASKING WHO IS ON THE LINE - Excuse me, who is this? - Who is calling, please?

ASKING IF SOMEONE IS IN -Id like to speak to Mr. Smith, please. -Is Mr. Smith in/around? -Can you connect me to Mr. Smith? put me through to Mr. Smith?

ASKING TO WAIT Hold on, please. - Wait a moment, please. Will you hold? - Will you care to hold? Hold the line, please. - Just a minute/ second. Im sorry but the line is busy. Will you hold? WHEN THE PERSON IS NOT IN Im afraid, he is not in/here/available at the moment. Im sorry - Hes away for a week. Hes in a meeting right now. - He is on vacations Hes on another call. - He is not at his desk - Hes in the Finance Department at the moment. - Hes walking round the company at the moment. - Hes somewhere around. OFFERING HELP Would you like to leave a message? Can I take a message? Can I help? Could you call back later? Is there anything I can do? LEAVING A MESSAGE Tell him/her Ive called. Ask him/her to give me a call. Tell him/her Ill call back.

TRYING TO CONTACT THE PERSON - What time could I reach him? - Will he be home this evening? - Can I contact him tomorrow morning? - Right, Ill call him back (later). - Right. Ill give him a call next week. - When do you expect him back?

HANGING UP Thanks a lot. Bye. Thanks, anyway. Thanks for calling Youre welcome. It was very kind of you. Dont mention it. Thanks. Ill get back to you soon. ASKING TO REPEAT Could you speak up, please? Could you speak slowly, please? Could you spell. you last name? Sorry I didnt catch(your name) BAD LINE We were cut off. This is a bad line We have a crossed line. Theres a lot of interference. Ill hang up and call you back. The line went dead WRONG NUMBER Sorry, you got the wrong number/ extension. There is no Mr. __________ at this number.

DIALOGUE I A- 515 3457. Mary Wilson. B- Good morning Mrs. Wilson. This is Richard Taylor from ABC. Id like to speak to Mr. George Richardson A- Im sorry, but hes in a meeting with the General Manager. Would you like to leave a message? B- Oh yes, please. Tell him Ill call him back in 2 hours. A- OK. Ill give him the message. B- Thanks a lot. A- You are welcome! DIALOGUE II A- 278- 0040. Can I help you? B- Yes, this is Mr. Carsons assistant from NTC, Brazil Id like to speak to Mr. Martin. Is he around? A- Yes, hes in, hold on, please. Ill put you through to him. B- Thanks. A- Dont mention it. COMPLETE THE DIALOGUE

Michelle: Hello, youve reached the marketing department. How can I help? John: ____________________________________________ Michelle: Whos calling, please? John: ______________________________ Michelle: Im sorry _______________________________________ John: Sure, please ___________________________________________ Michelle: Sorry, I didnt ______________________________________ John: Sure, S-P-A-R-K Michelle: Thank you. ___________________________

John: Thank you Michelle: _________________________________ PHRASAL VERBS AND PREPOSITIONS

I - Complete with the prepositions (to, around, from, for, in, on, at): (a) Im sorry hes ____ another call (b) Im sorry hes not _____his desk (c) Is Mr. Smith __________? (d) Shes not here ____ the moment (e) This is Rachel ____ SixcoFlex (f) Im sorry hes _____ a meeting (g) Shes _____ vacations (h)Thanks ________ calling (i)Can I speak ____ Mr. Smith? (j) Ill call back ____ 30 minutes

II - Replace the words in bold with Phrasal Verbs: speak up hold on call back be back put through hang up

(a) Just a moment. Ill connect you ____________________________ (b) Can you wait a moment, please? __________________________________ (c) This is a bad line. Can you disconnect and return your call? __________________________________________________________________ (d) Sorry, I didnt get it. Could you speak louder, please? __________________________________________________________________ (e) He isnt here right now, but hell return by three ____________________

III Now, complete the dialogue with expressions from exercises I and II A B A B A B Next Systems, can I help you? Yes, please. Is Ms. Silva ______________? Whos calling, please? This is Ann Taylor_______ Electra, Brazil Ms. Silva is in. Please _________. Ill _______________ to her. Thats OK. Thank you

A Im sorry Ms. Taylor, but Ms. Silva is not ______ her desk. In fact, shes ____vacations. B Sorry, the line is bad. Could you _____________ please? A Sure. I said she _______vacations. B When will she _____________ to the office? A She will be here next week. Would you like to leave a message? B No, thanks. Ill __________ next week. A Sure. Thanks _____________calling B Goodbye A Bye, bye

IV - TRANSFORM THIS DIALOGUE FROM INFORMAL TO FORMAL INFORMAL A - Yes B - I want to speak to Mr. Walton A - Hes out. What do you want? B - Tell him I called A - Who are you? B - Mr. Smith A - Repeat B - Mr. Smith A - Spell it B - S-M-I-T-H A - OK B - Bye FORMAL Hello. Mr. Waltons office

V - PUT INTO ENGLISH (a) Voc pode me passar para o sr. Benny? (b) Ele no est no momento (c) Desculpe, a linha caiu (d) Quem est falando? (e) (Telefonista) : Ningum atende (f) Posso falar com a sra Askor? ela (g) O ramal est ocupado (h) Desligue e eu retorno a ligao (i) Desculpe, foi engano (j) A linha est cruzada. Fale mais alto, por favor. (k) O senhor poderia soletrar seu sobrenome? (l) Quem est falando? (m)A senhora quer deixar um recado?

EXERCISE VI - COMPLETE WITH THE WORDS BELOW: / Up/you /to/message/wrong/answer/tone/please/through/ this/extension/speaking/after/calling//engaged/leave