As long as you lash out at the Enemy, you’re bound to win.

He’ll tell you, you have no chance, but listen not to him. As soon as he opens his mouth, a lie comes out. He may cunningly mix it with a bit of truth, so that you might believe him, and he comes across as the defender of the mistreated, the champion of the underdog, trying to get you to show weakness when you should not, and again, trying to get you to harden yourself when you should not. One thing you need to know about the nature of the Enemy is that he never plays fair. He’s the first to scream, ‘That’s not fair!’, and will be the first to break the rules. He’s a pathetic, cowardly, desperate punk who knows that his time is short, ready to tear down into the abyss as many with him as he can. I CAN make you happy! Who else knows all your heart’s desires? The Devil may be in on some of them, but he will only tempt you with counterfeits that may look like they’ll make you happy, but... I WILL! Those who cling to the old ways of the flesh are going to reap the destruction of the flesh. He that liveth by the sword shall also die by the sword. They’ll find out that they have been puppets in the hand of the god of this World, the god of war, of hate, of pride, and of all that is an abomination to Me. I want you to see right through him! He will have no power over those who will see right through him. Time will expose him for what he really is, and when he is gone, time shall be no more.

ambitions. Be freed from this lie, which has been binding you, tying your hands & stopping your mouth, keeping you from proclaiming My truth as you should. In this day & age, the Devil has greater power to exert over the masses the pressure to conform. His subtle message is: ‘Don’t dare to be different, or you’re going to be ridiculed, you’re going to be cast out, you’ll be one of the losers!’ And the sneers, snickers & shaking of heads by those around you will only confirm it. That’s why I have called My children out of the great society, which is ruled by fear! Let their fear have no power over you, but rise above it, full of faith. Many dare to be different in the beginning, but wind up with their tail between their legs & toeing the line, saying ‘Uncle’ to the System. With others it’s only an outward show, in that they pretend to be different. The Devil has to offer some kind of superficial option to appear different, to create the illusion of freedom. But once you get a closer look you find out that difference is only skin deep.

Everything’s going to be alright! Even if it seems that everything’s going all wrong, temporarily, for the Devil and his cohorts are given temporary control over this world, you will see: Everything’s going to be alright! Rejoice, for your redemption draweth nigh! Let Me restore unto you the joy of My salvation by looking at the wonderful things ahead, beyond the shadows that surround you & are so imminent. Look through the matrix of the Devil onto the greater goal behind it, My Kingdom, where nothing I am much more loving, patient, longsuffering & positively shall hurt or destroy. Where righteousness will cover the Earth inclined toward you, My children, than the Devil is trying to as the waters cover the seas. have you believe. Yes, troubles will come, and troubles are necessary, in order The devil is the epitome of a politician. And the way he for mankind to appreciate My blessings that I will bring over campaigns to gain ‘voters’ & supporters for his cause is by an them, even My rule, which they would resent otherwise. First ugly smear campaign against his Opponent: Me. So, he spreads they must see the righteousness of the Devil, before they will all those lies about Me, about how unjust I am, how unloving, be able to appreciate Mine. how unmerciful I am, and oh – what’s one of his favorite words?- Unfair! And subtle & sly as he is, he manages to convince quite a few with his propaganda. But don’t listen to, Your Enemy would love to accuse Me of the same sins he is a much less believe his rap about Me not loving you! You mean master of himself, and he tries, but blessed are those who have everything to Me! Don’t let the old punk tell you anything else! I the faith to see through his lies, who have the discernment not to trust him, but look past the apparent sense his accusations love you more than you’re able to fathom. may make temporarily, expose them as lies & find Me again on Don’t let the agents of darkness tell you you’re too the other side of the shady cloak the Devil would have tried to insignificant, you’re not worthy & blah blah. They only have a cast between us. chance the second you believe them. But if you know they are ‘Shady Cloaks of Lies’ is one of the Devil’s favorite games. As liars, and all you focus on is Me, My truth, and My promises, soon as he spins another one – and he spins many – he looks they know you are a greater threat to them than they have ever for an appropriate victim to present it to, to see whether he can known. For you bear the light that will destroy them. That’s hypnotize them with it, distract them with it from the truth, the only true Center of all, the only One Who could give meaning to why they hate & fear you. their lives. ‘Shady Cloaks of Lies’ – the Devil’s favorite game. Make people aware of that. The Enemy is the author of confusion, of self-righteousness, of contradictions, saying things but never really meaning them, It’s a fine balance to know when something becomes a much less keeping his word. The Devil is an artist of his own kind, and his art is to perfect distraction, or whether it’s something I want to use to draw you selfishness & disguise it in a cloak & veneer of self-righteously closer to Me, so, you’re just going to have to stay in tune with being convinced of the saintlihood & faultlessness of the selfish Me & make an effort to ask Me everything! person, only able to see the faults in others. THAT’S the Passive rebellion is a very poisonous spirit. It’s the ‘silent’ type perfection of the art of Lucifer, that’s his masterpiece: PRIDE! He easily finds entrance into the hearts of those who don’t of rebellion many young people use to ‘prove’ that they were constantly remind themselves of how frail their foundation is ‘right all along.’ They try stressing your patience to the limit until you finally give in & then they can point their finger & say, when they base their lives on their own goodness. Only those who truly cast themselves entirely upon Me & My ‘See? I knew it.’ mercy & fully realize that anything good about them is nothing of their own merit, only those who truly strive to prefer others Satan knows what a loss it is to Me when one of My brides is to themselves, & only those who are willing to put their own too entangled in their own matters to come to Me. desires on the backburner in order to put Me first, only those find in Me the power to overcome him, the great tempter, the Constantly focusing on the hole in the doughnut is a very great lover of self. dangerous trick of the Devil. It’s the opposite of the ‘glad He that loseth his life for My sake the same shall save it. But game’: Instead of seeing the good things in a bad situation, he Satan constantly reminds you of all you stand to lose: ‘No, you shows you the bad side of any good situation, makes you focus CAN’T give THAT much, are you CRAZY? Remember, everyone on that which keeps it from being perfect. has a RIGHT to demand their MINIMUM AMOUNT OF Show Me and the world a grateful smile! PRIVACY!!!’ The Devil is the advocate & promoter of privacy! But if you let the Enemy cheat you out of the joy of My blessings by failing to recognize or to acknowledge them, The Devil has become a master at subtly spreading his walking around under a cloud of doom all day because of message, camouflaging it in cloaks of ‘independence’ & whatever you think you’re missing out on, nobody will believe ‘individuality’, when all the while conniving to enslave them all you that you’ve got anything more than what they’ve got. to his demons, manifested in their own lusts, selfish pursuits &

The god of romance, of physical love, of wanting to be loved instead of giving love is the one that has threatened to take My place in My children’s lives more than any other god, and often he has succeeded, resulting in an empty, dissatisfied life of one who has missed My highest calling & will for their life. Beware of making an idol out of any human! Addiction to a human being can be one of the worst kind. It is an abomination in My sight for any of My children to make a god out of anything or anyone else but Me. I want to be the fulfillment of all your dreams. Your happiness is My goal, for that happiness will rub off on others. ‘That’s selfish!’ The Devil says. ‘He just wants everybody to love Him!’ Yeah, so what? Who doesn’t? At least they’re always going to get love in return, and more, much more than they could ever give, while he’s got nothing to give except for fleeting selfish pleasures & momentary delights; cheap counterfeits of My true happiness. The Devil is the greatest party pooper of all times. You have got so much more than he’s got to offer, because what you’ve got is real! It’s lasting! It’s alive, and grows & multiplies & never stops! His version is as temporal as the kicks you can buy with paper money, which will always be worth less tomorrow than it was today, and woe when the fire of testing comes! ‘Praise is the voice of faith’, and the opposite is also true: cursing is the voice of unbelief, it’s the ultimate statement that I am not in control, it’s the life-blood & breath of murmuring, the epitome & manifestation of thanklessness & ingratitude! Trust that I can satisfy you fully. Don’t let the Enemy get your focus on the hole in the doughnut & on all that you think you’re lacking & missing out on, when you’re so richly blessed! There is a great danger in not recognizing & appreciating My blessings, for usually the only way for Me to make you appreciate & acknowledge them if you’re unable to see them, is by withdrawing them & making you see them by the lack of them when they’re gone. Gratitude & thanking & praising Me is so important & such a positive force. Rebuke the Devil when he tempts you to stare at the vacuum, the emptiness, the deep black hole in the middle, that black hole of your desires. Look at Me instead, the great Giver & Filler of all things, & praise Me for all I have given you already – even if you can’t see it. But if you praise Me for it by faith, I will make it visible to you. I will let you see your blessings, which the Devil has been trying to hide from you with that shroud of self-pity, of comparing by making someone else’s blessings look so much bigger than yours...

And so, he tries to distract you with personal problems, makes them look much bigger, more important, more relevant, than this ‘unimportant little light’... But, hey! Don’t let him fool you! It’s exactly the other way around: Your personal problems are tiny, unimportant & insignificant in comparison to the monumental task of flooding the Devil’s territory of darkness in My light! Quit listening to the Devil & believing all the lies he tells you about yourself or others. This is a war you should be able to enjoy because you’re so far superior to your enemy! He’s bluffing & lying & trying to trick you with his magic of making everything he’s got look sooo big. But all you’ve gotta do is snip your fingers & the facade collapses & you see the wondrous glorious reality of how things really are, namely that I am truly in control, not he. When I return, it will be like somebody snipped their finger & the spell of the hypnotist is broken. His illusion is NOT reality. Even though there are a lot of hypnotized people out there who are convinced that what they are seeing right now is real, your magic is much stronger than the evil magician’s, & you can free people from Satan’s spell & wake them up out of their trance! Refuse to let fear – his greatest trick – have any grip or power over you whatsoever! Come & get soaked in My perfect love every hour of every day! Let us never be apart! Let’s stay connected! He may growl & try his scare tactics on you, or try to weave one of his hypnotic spells of doom & dismay, but you can zap him with the power of truth. I have given you power over Satan, and I want you to apply it! ‘In the name of the keys of the kingdom we’re gonna bring Satan to his knees!’ He’s going to cower before you & whine & beg you to stop. I’m right behind you, & there’s nothing the punk can ever do to harm you. He only will keep trying if he senses that there’s doubt in your heart. He only has power over you through any seeds he has sown in your heart that you’ve allowed to grow there. But if your garden is clean and strong, filled with My lifegiving Word, & you’re in tune with Me, he can do nothing! He only attacks when you’re weak. That’s why it’s so important that you stay faithful & really make Me your A No.1 responsibility & focal point in life, every day! How it pains Me when My children refuse to believe in Me, build a brick wall in the place where once there was a door to Me, a door to simple, childlike faith & simple belief & trust in Me. Brick by brick, lie by lie, blocking Me out. Break down that wall! You can’t do it with half-hearted efforts! You’ve got to put your heart & some umph into it! Break it down! It’s a sturdy, solid wall, held together with the mortar of many disappointments, frozen hard with the icy winds of disbelief; another spiritual plain, another dimension, one where I don’t exist, or where I am very far away, like a vague shadow of things long gone by – a fairy tale, like Santa Claus. And lo, there are many, countless in number, who live in that same world – one where My light never shines, but only the fake, artificial light of the usurper, Lucifer, keeps everything in a gray, hazy mist... so depressing! They don’t even have the hope of a better & brighter, more colourful world to come...! I could be the answer to all their problems, & yet, they reject Me because of the lies they’ve been told. Do you see how important your task is? For you are so few against so many! Oh, if only you had greater boldness to stand up for Me in a greater, not merely defensive way. Go on the attack!

The Enemy was dealing with Me & said, ‘Sure they’re all going to serve You with the fear in their necks that this world is going to pot soon. But give them a little more time & they’ll all fall for me, You’ll see!’ And so, I had to grant him more time, I had to grant him the ability to display even greater temptations than ever before, make his matrix look more appealing, more attractive than ever before with all its glittering & shiny toys & distractions & enticements. I had to let him make Me & My prophets look like fools to have been predicting an earlier doom, and now... It’s true, many have fallen by the wayside & have given in to the attraction & the lure. Many have been hypnotized by his sirens & have fallen asleep with the fumes of his opiates. But I will raise them up again, and you can be there to help them up. To show them you’ve been waiting for them. Yes, it may still look like the Devil is winning, but not for much longer. Those who discern the signs of the times can tell that his days The Enemy likes to operate incognito. If you would always are numbered. recognize his voice as being his, you wouldn’t fall for it nearly The Devil may stand in front of you & sneer, ‘What do you think as often... But often his sneers come camouflaged as the voice you’re going to accomplish with that tiny, ridiculous flashlight of ‘reason’ or as your own thoughts. He persuades you very of yours, in my all-surrounding darkness?’ But he only dares to subtly to adopt his opinion & view of things, like a very smooth try to bluff you because he knows you can’t see what he sees. & diplomatic talker, who manages to talk people into his own That torch you’re wielding is a searing hot weapon that makes view by making them think that his opinion is their own... ‘After his demons squeal & run, and he knows the only chance he has all, this is what you have always thought, too, isn’t it? And it’s of getting you to stop is to bluff you into thinking it doesn’t very reasonable indeed, when you think of it! You were right all along...’ Making something sound like your own idea, when it’s really amount to much after all, what you’re doing. actually just his perverted way of seeing things is one of his oldest & favorite tricks!

So, check your thoughts & bring them before Me: ‘Lord, is this will grow dimmer, for less people to see than if you would attitude really Yours that I’m having?’ Try the spirits, especially really get on fire for Me and burn! the ones that enter your own mind! The Enemy is trying to get each one of you so absorbed with their own personal little matters & affairs that you won’t So many hear the voices of the Enemy, the voices of self- manage to concentrate on the common foe, the common goal, justification, or listen to the debilitating voices of doubt. much less to really unite and attack him. The plenteous life-style has hardened the hearts of many, to The Selvegion are trying to make sure you will fight for your where it has become as the stony ground in the parable of the little comforts & commodities & rights. sower: they hear the Word, but then the Enemy comes and They’re only the infantry. Next come the archers, then the spear takes the seed away, the birds & evil spirits of the System fighters & finally the horsemen. Or in terms of modern warfare: snatch My golden Words right off of their minds & hearts again, next are the tanks, then the planes & finally the missiles. keeping them busy with other, trivial things to think about, and What the Punk isn’t realizing, is that with each battle, beloved, the sunshine & warmth of the comfortable lush life dries them you’re growing stronger. And with every new upgrade & up, sucks the life out of them & prevents them from growing weapon he tries on you, you grow stronger & develop ever roots in their hearts... greater resistance against him. They will finally realize that they Truly these lands are stony ground. And almost the whole won’t have a chance against you from the spirtual realm world is infested by this disease now in one way or another, for anymore, and will see their last resort in attacking you in the the Whore has made drunk all nations with the wine of her physical during the tribulation, and that’s right where I want fornication. them. He thinks you’re the mice & he’s the cat, when all along, you’re only the bait to trap him into the physical world, where You have to come with determination, boldness and we will be able to finally annihilate his whole system. desperation before My throne of grace to find mercy & help in He’s going to find out that in chasing you, he’s bitten off more time of need. And one important factor is not to let the Devil than he can chew. trick you into losing that desperation. Much is at stake here: the destiny of nations; of millions of souls either lost or won, your How easily everything a man has is lost by pride. It's a gamble. eternal reward or regret, according to whether you did your 'Who's gonna give in first?' part that was needed to save them or not. Some never found out. Only to discover in tears much later that the issue that had caused them to separate was so ridiculous, Break through that wall of deception; the Devil’s trickery & so shamefully ludicrous and downright idiotic... But thus is the illusion, which causes you to fail to see the truth behind the wisdom of Satan. facade! Seek Me and the truth, the real picture more His art & witchcraft consists in making mountains out of desperately, for you cannot rely on your own minds. You molehills, big monsters out of tiny little bagatelles. Small, tiny cannot rely on your eyes and on your physical senses, much seeds of dissention which grow into ugly big giants & demons less that which you deem to be your own knowledge. Your own of discord, hatred, disunity and jealousy, and what have you... knowledge can be worse than ignorance at times, because it whatever divides, whatever drives a wedge between My closes doors that I would open. You think you can tell by your people, My chosen ones, he knows that that's all he needs in experience that a certain thing is very unlikely to happen in a order to render a potentially powerful threat to his kingdom certain situation or with certain people, so you don’t expect useless, or so weakened by comparison, that he won't have to miracles anymore, you quit, you surrender, you give up. worry much anymore. Forget what you know! The Devil would like to sneak in & grab the glory for virtually Through sin, Satan is able to attack you with condemnation. everything that’s pleasant under the sun. But only until you get a hold of Me & pump down enough of My What matters is whether you give Me the glory! Refuse to give heavenly water to wash all that filth away. it to him! You should not to neglect to pray against evil worldly influences dragging in the Enemy’s vibes, trying to belittle you, I am a greater Lover than the god of this World. He only seeks to put you down. to enslave them, puts them into a trance & gets them hooked on selfish lust. The Enemy first makes you feel really bad about yourself, & so But I’m the only One Who renders all, Who gave to the blood – little in your own eyes, makes you hear all their sneers & to the death. No greater love hath any man than this. Therefore, criticisms of you – sometimes real & sometimes imagined – neither is there greater satisfaction, fulfilment & happiness in then he amplifies them in your mind to where you feel you any other... could hide under the carpet or plain ‘disappear’... and there, down there in your little hole & shelter, sometimes over years, The flesh is almost like the false identity the Enemy wants to you develop new confidence, but you harbor that resentment give you; the weak, sinful & despicable you. But you can look toward those people who used to ridicule you. You have found way past that at your higher anointing & you’ll know what I’ll out by now that you’re not as pitiful as they are, you know now make you capable of. That which you can be & are in the spirit: they’re deceived, but you can’t really come up with sufficient the creation of My omnipotent hand, not the fake identity the love for them to humble yourself & submit yourself into their Devil is trying to brainwash you to accept. hands, like I did, becoming their servant. Refuse to accept the lower identity which the Devil & the You’ve got to find your own personal ‘Mr. Smith’, who is System are trying to give you & that you render your services belittling & ridiculing you constantly in your own mind, renders completely to Me. Be a fully functioning agent for My cause & you ineffective in some ways. The demon who keeps asking don’t let them brainwash you any longer into believing & you, ‘Why do you still keep fighting when you should know by accepting the loser role he would like to put you in. now that it’s useless?’ You’ve got to pinpoint him, nail him down, knowing that I in you am far superior to him, and that I You must be watchful that those cares of life don’t choke the am going to give you the victory, & then look him in the eye, & effect of My Word on your heart. The Devil is trying hard! say defiantly, ‘Because I chose to! Because this is what I’m born to do: I am destined to fight & lick you bastard, I’m The Devil is always telling mankind that I’m cheating you, just destined to WIN! So, get out of my way, you little satanic because I don’t tell you everything there is to know all at once, nincompoop, in the name of the power of the keys!’ when he’s the biggest cheat & liar of all times – in fact, the father of lies. You have many enemies. And you’ve got to fight them one by He’s going to appear as the great ”savior” from all My one. They know they can’t stop you, so they seek to delay you supposed injustices; I am the culprit in his version of the story, by bluffing you, intimidating you or attacking you with fiery & you are all My victims... poor abused guinea pigs, who are darts of doubts. never being told the whole truth by Me. You are the light, and they hate you! They seek to obstruct you, I’m not telling you lies, he is. And in order to distract from the for they know they can’t put you out. So, they try to weaken fact that he’s such a blatant liar, as usual, he points his crooked you from within, trying to stop the flow of the fuel, so your light finger at Me, accusing Me of not telling you the whole truth.

Your sample will never be perfect enough to withstand the onslaught of the Devil’s lies. No matter how good you are, you could never be perfect enough for him to stop accusing you in the ears & minds of others. Look at Me: I was the most perfect sample there ever was, and yet he was able to turn the mob against Me. Hold the reins tight & not so loosely, as that is exactly the way the Enemy can get in: by giving all that leisure, & an idle mind is his workshop. It’s the Enemy, through his tares & weeds of the cares of this life, along with his evil birds, his evil spirits that whisper doubts & lies into your mind, that I don’t speak to you anymore for whatever reason, which are subtly trying to crowd out of your life your personal time for receiving My seeds. Tear out those thorns that won’t let the seeds of My love sprout in you. Tear them out & burn them, & follow Me into My chamber, completely forgetting about the Enemy & his old World. Let him have this whole World, but let Me have you, & let yourself be full of Me! It’s wake up time! It was only a dream of a World of bondage in which you were tied down by his rules, his laws, dependency on his kingdom & his system, when in reality I’ve set you completely free! You must shed the cloud of the influence & spirit & emotion that dream would have on you, the Devil’s dream world. Don’t let the Devil’s sleeping gas put you to sleep! The Devil is just scared out of his wits, because he knows what I'm capable of doing through you! So he tries to pull his cloak over you, his gray & gloomy veil of sadness, of loss, of defeat, when there's yet EVERYTHING to gain! The Devil is sooo busy distracting My children from focusing on Me.

who are a menace & a threat to his kingdom. He’s going to try to get you to lower the standard & compromise, using as an excuse the imperfections of the others. Your flame is vulnerable, which is why the Enemy is trying to use water from within our own ranks to put it out (a trick he very frequently uses, as nothing is as effective in dissuading a rebel for My cause, as criticism & lack of support from within our own ranks!). Don’t listen to the Enemy’s voice, nor look at his distractions & decoys he comes up with as soon as you start going in the right direction, just keep looking at Me and the power I have given you to blow the Devil’s nasty illusions to bits! But some of his software is still integrated in your concept of reality. Whatever he tries to present to you as reality or relevant is absolutely irrelevant, and doesn’t stand a chance as soon as you let Me move in with My reality, that what I consider relevant & important! The Devil goes: ”Oh, but the money, and all the bills...” I say, ”Seek ye first My Kingdom & the welfare of My sheep, seek My lost souls, and all these things will be added unto you, freely!” Ever since the Garden of Eden the Devil has managed to persuade people to rather believe in his voice than Mine, because his option is usually the one which sounds more attractive! There is apparently more in it for you, if you choose the Devil’s option of disobedience. But is it really so? There seemed to be more in it for Adam & Eve to choose to eat of the forbidden tree: more knowledge, a new taste, and the serpent even said, ”Ye shall be as gods”! Now, THAT sounded interesting! But what was the reality? Curses, pain, thorns & agony ever since, in trade for paradise. What is it that makes the Devil’s option of disobedience so attractive to you? He’s that very subtle voice, apparently coming from your very own mind. What the Devil is offering you in exchange for the eternal rewards of fulfilling My highest will for you are the lazy comfort of your Home and avoiding the ridicule you might suffer, the scorn some people might have for you. And for that you’re willing to let them go down the drain forever. No chance to hear from Me, no opportunity to make that choice...

If you don’t speak up about your desires & battles, & you don’t give them to Me, either, the one who always winds up ”running to your aid” is the Devil, in the form of one of his emissaries, who will be eager to tell you things like, ”They hate you, anyway” & ”they love everyone else more than you”: He’ll also give you the desire to leave. After all, ”everyone will be better The Devil always tries to find new ways to enslave people, to make them feel guilty or in some way indebted to him. off if you leave!” The Devil is a liar and a thief, & so are his followers. They're Just as My Spirit is manifested in fruits, like humility, love, trying to rob My servants & enslave them, bind them so they're patience, etc. (Gal.2:22,23), the spirit of the Devil has its not free to serve Me. manifestations of pride, self-righteousness, hatred, jealousy, The Devil wants to strip you of your rights & your freedoms to serve Me, but I want you to rise above all that. envy, bickering, strife... To look for details that “aren’t so” in My Word is one of the Devil’s oldest tricks. “Hath God said so? Ye shall not surely die!” And he was right: they didn’t. At least not right away. But the punishment was there, & I tell you, it was worse for them than death. When death finally came for Adam & Eve, it was like sweet relief from the pain & suffering they had brought upon themselves & the whole World by choosing to believe the Devil’s lie over My Word. So, the Devil will always find something I said he can point his finger at & gleefully say, “See? Not true!” to get you to discard the whole message, so you won’t believe & receive it, but rather believe his version. But you’ll be the one suffering the consequences. Whether you’ll die right away or later: you will know one day that your death – your spiritual death & decline – occurred the moment you chose to doubt My Word & disobey... you were just buried later. The Enemy’s subtle message always promotes the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. Whatever doesn’t promote Me & My truth, must be promoting something else... the World, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life... Even what they call love doesn’t have anything to do with the real thing. That worldly concept of love is one of the most dangerous illusions, robbing Me of more workers than any other of Satan’s tricks.

I have been raising a new army, a new generation of fighters out of the old. The Enemy has been mocking Me, saying about them, "Just give them to me for a while, let me tempt them with my distractions, my lures & the enticements of the world, and you'll see, they'll forget You, they'll all turn their backs on you! Let me twist their minds with worldly thoughts & doubts, and see what a 'mighty army' You will have left when I'm through with them. You'll see, they won't care about You!" But I have had faith in you, and though many have left indeed, whose hearts weren't fully with Me, I believe in you! And I'm calling you all back to life this day, as it were from the land of the dead. The testing period that the Enemy was given to try & tempt My brides is over! The time has come to attack! You don't have to take every temptation the Devil hands you.

The Devil is trying to come up with more & more perfect counterfeits & substitutes & distractions all the time: more & more perfect entertainment, shows, computer games, movies, System music & sounds, all available by remote control, so you don't even have to move or do anything to get instant satisfaction; more & more perfect tasting food with artificial flavours, made to even "top" My natural flavours I have put in foods naturally, more & more perfect drugs & narcotics... He's trying to literally spoil people stupid so they won't ever want to The Enemy knows who his most dangerous & potentially get off of their fannies to do anything else but indulge in his powerful contrahents are, so he’s not going to send out his "perfections". After all, who needs anything else, if you can troops to attack those who are spiritually asleep, but those have all these "perfect" pleasures & entertainments? Who

wants to deal with real people, when the faces & bodies on TV are so much more "perfect"? Who wants to deal with real life when the thrills & kicks he can give you are so much nicer, easier, better? Well, there's only one thing about it all & that's that it isn't real. It's all fake & phoney, & you're enjoying it all on borrowed time & money, while in reality he's cheating you out of your lives, your time, your energy and your touch with reality. He's even come up with his very own counterfeit love. But in the end, none of that will ever truly satisfy, & when all this artificial "perfection" will have left the World high & dry, he will come up with his ultimate counterfeit: his plastic one-World religion, the "perfect" System, without any more evil, without any more money, without anymore crime... "Welcome to Utopia!"

Life is the best school, and I am its Teacher. The problem is that too few students pay any attention to Me, and the Devil has lured them all away from Me and is keeping them all too busy learning & studying about his twistings of the truth, so that they don't even have time anymore to learn from life itself. Stress & pressure can be tricks of the Enemy to get you out of the gear of trusting in Me fully, and being led of Me.

The Devil is an artist at making a mountain out of a molehill, he amplifies bagatelles through his magnifying glasses of excessive emotions, fears, sensitivity & the spectrum of a subjective point of view. A subjective point of view often completely fails to see the overall picture & zooms in on a tiny little issue, magnifies & amplifies it completely out of proportion until you've got a Mt. The Enemy hates My predictions & visions of the future & tries Everest of a problem, artificially inflated out of what was to ensure that the opposite is going to happen. originally a tiny little lump or innocent blunder of the mind. His attitude is, "Oh, yeah, did God say so? Well we're going to Even the art of learning to love is part of the spiritual warfare, see about that!" And he tries all he can to foil My plans. The and your Enemy will always pose traps for you, in order to Enemy never foresees the benefits of the backsliding he stop you from accomplishing the goal of loving others, and causes. He's only concerned with the temporary defeat & delay causing you to hurt them unwillingly instead... Be on guard. The he causes. After all, he knows he can't stop Me; all he can do is Enemy will always look for an opportunity to attack & hinder, to try to delay Me & My plans by throwing a few monkey divide & conquer and destroy your unity. wrenches into My machinery, frantically trying to delay & Watch out for the Devil's traps! He knows where your weak postpone My future, because he knows the future will bring his spots are & when you're most vulnerable. doom. He knows the Endtime events will trigger a chain reaction that is going to wake up & bring back to life many of Baal seeks to tie you down in self-condemnation, and belittling those he has successfully lulled to sleep. & hurting those around you. Worship of Baal, in this day & age, is more widely spread than The Devil has conditioned people to such an extent, puffed up you would think, although men don't do it consciously or are their egos & blown up their pride & self-will thus, that it's a not aware of whom or what they are worshipping, just as they mental habit very hard to kick to be selfish, seek your own are not aware that they in effect worship the Devil by ends & put yourself in the first place. worshipping their own minds & intellects & yielding to their pride. The Devil is a cunning master of propaganda & twisting things You can see the worship of Baal in the way people are hurting around with his lies. He'll convince the masses that black is each other and hurting themselves. He makes them hate white & white is black, before long, so, stay snuggled up to Me themselves, & thus also show little or no respect to others, but in My camp, instead of listening to their distortions of the truth. only disdain & contempt instead. It is Baal who makes you look The Devil isn't pussyfooting around, & he'll use anyone who'll down on others, belittle them & causes you not to esteem them let him & who'll swallow his baloney. nor yourself. He is one of Satan's executives of the hatred & disdain he has for mankind. It's that attitude of resigning to Is their body, their mere physical existence & its pleasures negativity & worldliness, using bad language or hurtful words, really that important to them that they're willing to completely a disrespectful attitude, caused by his criticism of the way I neglect their souls & spirits for it? Are they so duped, so made you and those around you, or people in general, with all fascinated by all the pleasures the Devil has to offer, just like your flaws. Pinocchio on "Pleasure Island", that they don't realize that If you can tell where this attitude comes from, namely not from Satan is making a spiritual jack-ass out of them? yourself, but from him, this will help you stay on guard against him. He is one of the perpetrators of hatred & violence on the The Devil is trying hard to stop you from becoming a Earth, one of the Devil's vilest officers, instigating strife among completely yielded vessel. Anything that leads you back to the men, persecution and dicrimination & torture, opression by the comfortable path of compromise with the System & the old strong against the weak... path you've been trotting, is less likely to be from Me than from Beware of his evil inroads into your heart & mind by trying to him. I want you to have change. He wants you to stagnate. get you to despise & look down on others, or even despise yourself and your life, which is a precious gift I have given you. If the Devil tempts you with feelings of the comfort of the He is the one mainly responsible for your not enjoying the ride current situation "Oh, it's so nice where you are right now. You of your life, not enjoying the company of others, not enjoying don't have to keep walking...", don't listen to him! If he tempts yourself. He constanty points at the "flaws" with which I've you with his own fake imitations of the light & says, "Oh, look made you and others. over here: another light! Maybe that's the one you should follow!" - Don't listen to him. Don't let the Enemy trick you into believing that I don't love you He tempted Me not only with all the riches of the World, with or that you're too bad to deserve My attention! power, etc., if I would forsake the Father's way & go his way... He tries. If he can't get through to you with his old lies Going his way would have meant to become a winner in this anymore, he'll try to weaken you with new lies. That's his art: World, but a loser in the eternal task I was ordained to fulfil. weaving & spinning new lies all the time, so, don't you fall for Don't let the Enemy tempt you with anything less than My them! Stay close to My truth, & be also faithful to expose the highest & best! Enemy's lies he uses on your loved ones, but do so in love. Beware of the flesh & the pressure it would like to put you under! The rush & the fretting & fuming of thinking you must do it in your own strength! It's the Enemy trying to trick you into that, so, don't fall for it, but be assured that you won't stand a chance in the flesh! The Enemy can't stand it when one of My children clings to Me desperately and is crying for help and crying out to Me as to their only hope. That's like poison to him. At first the Enemy is attracted by it, because he sees you weakened, and he tries to get you even more down and deeper into despair. But what he didn't see was the poison underneath: Envy is one of the Devil's weapons to suck the joy out of life. the desperation, and the hook of My love and Salvation, which Instead of keeping you thankful for what you've got, it keeps unstoppably draws you closer to Me in such situations, and you staring at the hole in the doughnut: "But there's something while he took a few nibbles at you, and thought you were going missing!" to be his next meal, he'll find out that you're actually going to kill him, ha!

You're the Enemy's death, his downfall & nemesis. The deadly poison, that while it looked so attractive to him, and he joyfully was trying to gobble you up, you'll be that which kills him from the inside like Neo did with Mr. Smith. That's what you are to the Devil & his System. You have the weapons of heavenly thought power, amplified by the keys and full possession, AME, prayer & praise... imagine how powerful a threat you are to the Enemy's kingdom. His only chance lies in trying to dissuade you from ever beginning to use those weapons.

your body, every day right now, and you've got to fight to keep him out! Lock out the Enemy & don't let him usurp your temple!

The Devil is trying to cast you into the pit of negativity, which is where he keeps an awful lot of his captives. It's the supposedly "realistic" twist of things, or better the pessimistic twist, which always makes you see the downside, even in your blessings. The Enemy makes you see the flaws in others, or dwell on them, when you should be looking to Me and hear from Me That's the difference between the Enemy and Me: while I gave what you could do to help them or to remedy the situation, to My blood to be shed for the World, he only takes. I am the make a positive difference. It's also the Enemy that makes you Giver, he's the taker. He thinks the World is His for the taking, belittle the treasure and immense blessing of the Words from but the truth is that everything of value has its price, and I have Heaven and the weapons you were given. He makes people paid the true price. Yes, he will also leave his place in heaven, doubt the power of the keys, the effectiveness of prayer & not voluntarily, like Me, but because he will be cast out. But praise, and the veracity of prophecy. instead of laying down his life, he will be the greatest taker of Become My new creature permanently, by refusing to look at lives there will ever have been, like I said, a murderer from the the waves of the negative reality of the Devil, and staying fully beginning (Jn.8:44). in My positive Reality! So, you do have a dangerous enemy, which is why life isn't something to be taken lightly. It's dangerous to underestimate The Enemy is trying to stifle & smother communication that's your enemy or pretend he's not really there, to just avoid spiritually edifying in any way he can. Although the physical thinking about him or the threat he poses, or to wishfully think means of communication have improved & multiplied that he probably won't care too much about you, and if you tremendously during your life-time, you can also tell how the leave him in peace, he'll leave you in peace, too. quality of communication has been deteriorating, as he gets He hates you too much to leave you in peace, and he will either people into an ever increasingly superficial & materialistic try to lull you to sleep with all his lures, hypnotism and mindset. He tries to tie them up completely in the physical temptations, and cause you to let your guard down, or he will realm, so that they'll be too entangled to even start looking for ferociously attack you with all he's got. His goal is the same in an exit, a way to break through into the spiritual. either tactic: your destruction. It's up to you which way you will The Enemy rules the realm in which you live right now, and I allow him to combat you. The slow & subtle poisoning by want you to be aware of his devices, so that you can fight him posing as your "friend", bringing into your life all the tempting better & won't fall for his deceit. I'm exposing his lie with My things that will cause you to lower your guard & defence truth. Just as I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, so he's the against him, or the open confrontation. wrong way, the Lie and Death, and the more I expose him to There is no peace with the Devil. If there's one enemy it pays to you, the more power you will have to expose him to others as rather fight openly and not seek a moment of truce with, it's well, and show them what's keeping them captive. Satan. Otherwise you'll regret it. Any moment of compromise, His communication is all very one-sided, like someone who any moment you don't openly declare war on him and fight to only likes to talk about himself, and thus he's also getting the finish, will be a moment that will weaken you! You've got to people onto his same, selfish wavelength of only wanting to be constantly on guard against him, beware of his presence as talk about themselves & all boring each other to death, when the enemy of your soul constantly, and never let down your they could find so much life, so much fun & excitement by guard, never think, "oh, well, he's not really that bad... if I just focusing outward, first of all on Me, and then on others, helping close my eyes, he'll go away & perhaps he'll ignore me if I them to find true purpose in Me & truly deep & satisfying things ignore him!" to talk about. You can ignore him safely by focusing on Me for your For those that be wise in this world, the things of God are protection, that's alright. But never think that he's not there or foolishness to them, but for those who know better, all that that he's not out to destroy you. That's the mistake that some "wise" talk is just so much vain & empty blah. The more they have made. They underestimated him. They figured, "oh, well, glory in their own greatness, and the greatness of their realm, he's not really as evil or nearly as dangerous as he's always the greatness of their accomplishments, the more repulsive it hyped up to be..." becomes to My sheep, when they hear the stranger sing songs Or they figure that maybe the others were too weak, but they're of praises unto himself. strong enough to withstand his temptations. They won't give in They inwardly know that he doesn't cut the cake, that he's only to him. They're different... But little by little, one compromise interested in himself, when it comes down to it, that he doesn't will follow another, and he'll find your weak spot, and you can have the love of God in him, and that all the things he may want always count on him to be a real Judas & traitor & to stab you to talk about don't really satisfy that longing for everlasting in the back when you least expect it, when you're weakest and values, and so, he just bores them. On the other hand, those let down your guard. who are enticed by his lures, and those who short-sightedly It's not a vacation your on, this trip through life, but it's settle for the cheap thrills & instant satisfaction of this world warfare! I have sent you out as sheep among wolves, therefore will easily become bored by talk about spirituality. It's because be wise as serpents - don't let him outsmart you - and harmless they can't relate to it because their fields of interest lie as doves, knowing that he may be able to destroy your body, elsewhere. They want what they can see & touch & consume but you will be the true conqueror in the end. right now, they couldn't care less about eternity. All that interests them is right here & right now, no matter how. Heaven just won't happen as long as the Devil is still in charge of this place! You can enjoy glimpses of it, but in order to do The Devil is such a liar, such a swindler, a real boogie man, that, you're going to have to get rid of the Devil's garbage first, trying to scare you out of the things I would have you do, that he's piled up in your life! You need to have daily clean-ups, before you even get started, in hopes that you never will. get rid of the Enemy's dirt first, be washed clean with My Words, before you're going to be able to enjoy that heavenly Every little progress you make, every step you take that brings happiness. you closer to Me, is a bit of new ground gained for the And you can feel the difference: "Now you are clean through Kingdom, and another victory over the Enemy! Don't let him the Words which I have spoken unto you!" Now that you've make you feel like a loser, when you're actually winning. listened to My Words, which have straightened things out, It's one of his ugliest characteristics to constantly belittle made things clearer, & washed away the garbage & filth the everything & anything good you're doing or accomplishing, to Devil would have liked to dump in your temple of the Holy belittle the miracles I'm doing, "Ahhh, that doesn't amount to Ghost, which he will try over & over & over again to usurp. much! That's only a drop in a bucket..." And thus preventing Just like he will usurp the temple in Jerusalem in the End, so he you from praising Me for what I've already done for you, already tries to usurp the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is

attempting to keep your eye on the hole, instead of the doughnut, the need, instead of My bountiful supply. It's pretty hard to create new habits & a modus operandi that revolves around others when you've been spending so many years revolving basically around you & how you feel & making yourself feel good... That's what intoxication is all about, and any addiction that Bacchus tries to pull you away from Me with: numbing the pain, making yourself feel better. You're not willing to face whatever pain & strain life is handing you & so you take the Devil's easy way out: "Oh, you don't have to go through all this pain! Here, take this, it'll make you feel better!" And instead of handing your pain over to Me, for Me to deal with it, you cheat Me out of an opportunity to help you & manifest My power in your life, and you cheat yourself out of an opportunity to grow in faith and love for Me, because instead of allowing Me to do a miracle in your life, you rely on Satan's counterfeit solution, which isn't a solution at all. It just helps you forget or ignore the problem. What kind of a solution is that?

When you feel the Enemy attacking you in your mind, go on the offensive! Refuse to let him play his dirty games with you! One of the Enemy's favorite tricks is to blow your problems way out of proportion, just like Don Quixote's wind mills, that you hardly see anything else. You don't see the progress you've already made, you only see the huge mountain & obstacle blocking your way. The Enemy tricked you into thinking that you weren't good enough for Me. He does it very subtly, and it's not even consciously in your mind that you think these things when you're depressed, otherwise it would be too obviously the Enemy. It's more like an underlying feeling. Demonic influences & oppressions not only manifest themselves through thoughts in your mind, but also emotions, feelings, moods... the whole spectrum of your inner being. Endurance means, you don't have to swallow the Devil's lies telling you that I'm giving you more than you can bear. And vigilance means you can recognize the Devil's tricks & attempts to trap you so that you won't fall for them.

The Enemy is pretty subtle & very quick in building new Egypts, strengthening hidden & formerly unknown parts of your "old man," & sometimes it takes time to even recognize If I had to go out into the wilderness, in order to resist the them, which is expedient, though, in order to be able to fight temptations of the Enemy and overcome him once and for all, them. how much more so will you have to do it. Fighting and resisting the Devil instead of giving in to his Relying entirely on Me and My sustenance for your living, you temptations and nudges is what it's all about; not missing the will come much closer to full possession & being guided by Me mark (the essence of "sin") because you've allowed the Enemy non-stop! Beware of the Enemy's attempts to divert you from to distract you. this! He will tempt you to get back into your old rut, but you You've got to deal with the Devil & make it clear between him must not allow him, but stay true to this vision I'm giving you, and you on whose side you stand, and that he won't have a because My sheep truly need you to be the shepherd I have chance anymore trying to get you over to his side. Otherwise ordained you to be. he'll keep trying and trying. He tempted Me. "You don't have to go through all this suffering! Any area of your life you're trying to hide from Me will be used You can stop it all right now! Make an end of all this nonsense! by the Devil somehow as an area that My light isn't shining on Life is to be enjoyed..." Life was meant to be enjoyed, but never yet, so that's where he can play his game of "Shady cloaks of on his terms! lies & deceit." One of Satan's greatest and most successful weapons against They who rule now will wallow in dust and ruin and lament mankind is that feeling, "It feels right, so it must be right!" Or, later, while you will possess a peace and riches that remain. "This feels familiar, it feels okay, it doesn't feel strange, so it The Devil hates you for that, but there's nothing he can do. must be the right way!" They become so familiar with the Keep looking at Me! Pay no mind to him! He's bluffing, cheating wrong way, the Devil's way, that they actually think it's the right & lying! Zap his evil bubble of deceit! Expose him & laugh at way. After all, it "feels right!" him & ridicule him for his ludicrous attempt to stop you! I in The Devil's first appearance in the Garden of Eden was with the you am so much greater than he is... he's like a tiny little dwarf intention to get Eve to doubt My Word. "Hath God said...? in comparison. You shall see it one day, and all the world will Surely NOT! Surely it is NOT so!" And he has been following wonder, "What? This little nincompoop has terrorized this that same scheme ever since, and your test in this is to either world for so long? That ugly little dwarf? That's the one we stay faithful to My voice, or believe your "own intuitions," worshiped and by whom we were awed, thinking he was so which, sad to say are often tainted by the input of popular great?" It will fall like scales from their eyes, & some will laugh opinions, which often come straight from the Devil. at this atrocity, others will cry. The Enemy of your soul is very sly and knows how to make his lies extremely attractive. People tend to think that they would Satan has been given certain power to change things in order never be as dumb as Adam and Eve to allow themselves to fall to influence your perception of things. You see the truth in a for the Devil's lies, but that's already the first lie they certain way, and he says, "Oh, yeah, really? Let's see if those swallowed right there: "Oh, I'm never gonna be that dumb!" things be so!" And he makes certain changes in order to shake Well, you might have another surprise coming on that one, your foundation, that what you perceive as the basis of your when you'll find out one day how often and how easily you fell concept of everything. for the Devil's fairy-tales! Hasn't this been his concept from the beginning? "Hath not God said?..." And he is very persuasive & powerful in deceiving The Devil has invented many devices and inhibitions to stop you & trying to get you to doubt & "forget what you know" in humans from reaching out to each other. The fear of "what the his own way. It is good, because like this, anything you built other might think of me," pride, false mental pictures and your faith on that was not the true foundation will be eroded, perceptions of each other, also called prejudice, even laziness, and all that's left is the solid rock truth of My Word. because it takes a certain amount of effort to get to know someone... The Enemy's influences in your life at times seem more real to you than I. They achieve this just by stopping you from The Enemy is trying to subvert & divert your attention from the praying! They do it subtly, and over a long time. They make you spiritual to the physical, to where you become so enwrapped too lazy, or undermine your faith in prayer somehow, or they and enticed by the physical blessing, that you neglect the tell you there's no need, or make you feel condemned so you spiritual. won't consider yourself worthy of asking Me anything... many different tricks & schemes... Attacks of doubt, discouragement, The Devil always sees the negative and the bad in people, he's delusion, depression... Once you finally do call out to Me in the constant accuser of the saints. That which I have called holy desperation, & ask Me to save you, I come through for you & and sanctified, he has the audacity to call unclean, accusing will be the sunshine after a rainy day for you, and more. you of ulterior motives, when love is the perfect motivation. He hates love, because love is what I am, and he hates everything that goes along with it, and tries to besmirch it with

his ugly way of looking at things, be it sex or the need to give, the need to be needed, the need for sympathy, or plain unselfish giving. He teaches his followers that it's "idiotic" to give, when they could keep it for themselves. But only those who look beyond and have greater wisdom than those who fall for Satan's lies, see the greater blessing & the greater, hidden reward beyond the apparent loss of the thing you gave away.

The Devil is like a terrorist who has unrightfully taken over the land as a usurper, just like the Jews have taken over Israel or former Palestine by acts of terrorism, having duped the people - just like the Devil - into thinking that their enemies are actually the terrorists. If the smartest thing he ever did was duping people into believing that he doesn't exist, the next smartest thing he did was tricking people into believing that his enemies are the If you doubt My Word in one aspect, the Enemy will soon offer culprits, terrorists or "bad guys," which he is perfecting right and suggest more compromises for you to make, more now through besmirching the image of My followers on a global disobediences he makes you think you can get away with... scale, by having infiltrated and deceived them, or having One of the easiest & smartest ways for him to get My children impostors pose as Christians, who are really working for his trapped in the cage of disobedience is by telling them that it's side, or by tempting them and afterwards accusing them to the actually freedom... after all, it's their own will that got them world. there, not the seeming, apparent confines that lie in keeping My It's the same diabolically clever plan he used since the commandments & performing My will, no, the apparent beginning of history, from Esther's time to Nero accusing the freedom of doing your own thing. Christians of burning Rome, and on down the line. The Devil will always try to get you to not "feel like it" when it comes to doing something good, something that counts for Me. The art is not to pay any attention to him, to ignore your feelings & do it anyway. The Devil will try to deceive you into believing the way things seem to be - the carnal reality, but not the way I see things! When you only look as man sees, at that which is before your eyes, instead of the heart, what's beneath, then it's easy to fall for the Devil's lies of, "Aah, they don't need you or what you've got to offer them, anyway! Look at them! They look better & happier than you ever did! What makes you think that they ever would have the faintest need of your religion, your God or anything from you?" Instead of giving them what you've got, & wanting to share your spiritual riches with them, you doubt, & you feel like they have something better than you, and the Enemy makes you want what they've got! You've been falling for the Devil's lies & false gospel of, "Blessed is the flesh! Blessed are the rich! Blessed are the proud & those who don't need any spirituality..." The Enemy is by no means a fair opponent who abides by the rules. He is ruled by hatred, and he wants to destroy you by any means, rules or no rules. He knows he'll be disqualified & barred from the game sooner or later, anyway, so his only objective is to cause as much harm and destroy as much as possible while he can, that's why he is called the Destroyer in My Word. (Jer.4:7, 1.Cor.10:10)

As you know from the story of Job, it's usually your Enemy who's responsible for, or involved with a lot of what happened. Like the evil old man, Mr. Potter, in "It's A Wonderful Life," who unbeknownst to the hero of the story found his money & kept it, and thus caused many problems & trials... that's the way the Devil works, too. He sees an opportunity to work his evil plan, to exploit others in order to spread out his power & convert innocent villages, homes and entire countries into one big "Pottersville." I don't want My children to be ignorant of his devices. You may know about how his people work in order to gain control over the world. But it's even more important for you to know what his tricks are that he uses to gain entrance into your lives every day, how he sows his evil seeds of division & tries to divide & Don't let the Devil cheat you out of the joy of your reward by conquer! his twistings & turnings! The twisting & wiggling snake! It gives Just like Potter stole the money in the movie, he sees where you peace & a feeling of victory & satisfaction to know you you're forgetting about the important detail of applying your have him exposed! You've got his number, you know where spiritual wealth & riches. he's at, you've got him down pat & he can't fool you anymore, Once you start withholding, the Enemy tries to get you to make pull no more wool over your eyes! See him wiggle & wind! a habit out of it. Clobber him good & hard, so he'll think twice before creeping into your door next time! You must dispel the lies of the Enemy about what others think All My truly greats of faith, although Satan had desired to have of you. That's one of his "Mr. Potter" schemes you're not them, in the end turned out to be way more than he could aware of, but you must be: he steals your faith, your unity and handle, and they all defeated him. your love for each other by sowing lies and having you swallow them, and you often don't even realize what happened! One of the smartest tricks the Devil ever pulled was convincing He stole the "money," the riches of My love that I gave you for the majority that he doesn't exist. But even fewer people each other, by using innocent little blunders & blowing them recognize the extent to which he is invading their own homes, way out of proportion, creating a major crisis out of them. lives & families. You must expose the Devil's workings! You have to expose the evil "Mr. Potter" at work & show him up for what he really is! Cloaking & hiding things is one of the Devil's games. He gives He uses innocent little blunders of the mind, little neglects & people that urge to hide things from each other, & to even try to shortcomings that everybody is prone to, and creates a huge hide from Me. He wants to exclude Me. His goal is to isolate crisis out of them that makes you feel and think that nobody everyone into their own little worlds full of their own little loves you and you're just a useless failure and the best thing secrets they think they can hide away, when in reality, it's all would be that you had never been born, etc., ready to jump off laying wide open before My eyes. the bridge. The Devil tries to scare you that you might lose something Thankfully, I've got My "Clarences," My angels, jumping into the through honesty, but you're only going to gain from it. situation to set things straight, to help you out, and to straighten out your misguided view & perception of things. That The Devil may pretend to be your friend, but only until he gets a movie is really a blueprint for what's happening in many chance to stab you in the back. Sooner or later his flag comes people's lives, of how the Devil manages to discourage and unfurled, & the masks of deception will be dropped, and you'll belittle them in their own eyes... find out that it all was a carefully concocted trap! That's why it's so important that you constantly encourage There is no peace with the Enemy. each other, let each other know how much you love and need each other, & don't give any place to the Devil and his dirty lies Beware of the flatteries of the Enemy! When he sees that he trying to destroy your faith, your unity & your positive outlook can't hold you down anymore with condemnation, he'll try the on life! opposite tactic where he'll flatter you & will try to get you so lifted up about yourself that you'll think there's no way you Satan totally twists things & turns them upside down, inside could possibly ever do anything wrong, until reality -or I - jerk out & makes things appear as the reverse & opposite of what that rug of wishful thinking away from under your feet. they really are!

Some things can be dangerous distractions from the Enemy to get you off the wall of the work that I want you to do, and he doesn't hesitate to pull the meanest tricks & plays real dirty! You need to learn to resist the emotional lies he's trying to hand you. The Devil will use anything to deceive you, and if he even uses My Word by twisting it and falsely re-interpreting it, as he tried when he tempted Me, how much more so will he be able to use your feelings to deceive you! You don't have to grope around blindly in the dark, clueless to the machinations of the Devil & what he's been up to in your life in order to sabotage My plans for you. You can find out. That's what prophecy is for. You don't have to be ignorant of the Devil's devices, plans & schemes, in fact you shouldn't and must not!

Exposing the tricks the Enemy pulls in order to sneakily rebuild your old man, shows that if you don't watch it, that old man is going to creep up again, and before you know it, you'll find yourself stuck in a new Egypt the Enemy helped you build in your life. The Devil fights to make you forget all that you're learning from Me, & it's a little bit like having to start all over again from scratch every morning. It's your choice whether you want to do what you can to help your brothers & sisters or whether you prefer to play the Devil's game & do it his way: "I take care of myself, and if that means I have to take something away from my 'brother,' I will not hesitate to do it!"

Chaos is what war pretty much amounts to, & that's what the Devil is trying to create all along! Victory is to be able to grab You can't afford to be indifferent nor self-satisfied! That's hold of My peace & heavenly big picture of My organized exactly what the Enemy will shoot for, to get you to not rely on structure of everything in spite of the temporary chaos the Me, but just float around on an elusive & deceptive cloud of Devil tries to create. He may show you that devastated false security that somehow you're gonna manage. But landscape he left you in in the spirit, but you've got to see My chances are you aren't gonna manage unless you call Me for heavenly landscape & beauty of what's going to be & what help! really is in the heavenly realm, beyond all that ugliness the Devil's trying to create! Deception is one of the Devil's big trips, and to be able to recognize his illusions is half the victory. The Devil gives strength to the rulers and champions of the darkness of this world. If you see the source of comparing as a trick & a deception of the Enemy to keep you from being content with what you have & what you are, so you won't even start finding out what it is that you can do to make things better, then you actually start living. What Satan has stolen from mankind is the trust that I knew exactly what I was doing by making each one what they are. One of the most dangerous tricks of the Devil, and one he uses most frequently and most successfully with My people is that of getting them to lean on that which My Spirit has brought forth, rather than the Spirit itself! To rely on the arm, strength and wisdom of the new creature I made out of you, leaning on your anointing, thus creating another "old man" that needs to be shed, let go and forsaken again. The Devil will tempt you with compromise. "Oh, but you can use both, the flesh and the Spirit!" But the more you fall back into the gear of the fleshly methods of support, the less emphasis you will put on My vision for you, of truly putting My Kingdom and My sheep first in your life! You've got to realize how ferociously the Enemy fights you! There's no way you can afford to be indifferent or half-hearted about it! I want you to be on guard & not ignorant of his devices. Don't let the Enemy distract you from the most important thing in life. If you leave a back door open for the Enemy through which he can enter, you have to count on the fact that it won't be necessarily you he's going to be attacking, but the victims are going to be the weaker ones. So, in order to protect the weaker members of your family, you need to keep all gates & doors & loopholes shut, through which the Enemy might find entrance! He's always going to attack the weakest member first, and then, by having attacked them, he's going to strike a blow from within that's also going to weaken you, and thus he has a chance to get at you, too. Keep your mind stayed and fixed on Me. The Devil will fight with all he's got to keep you from doing that, because he knows the minute you do, you become a powerhouse for Me, and he cannot cause any further delay, friction or disturbance on the inside - until he gets another chance to distract you from Me again, somehow. For many, worldly success has become a deadly distraction and a snare (1.Tim.6:10).