Picture yourself as an archer.

You skillfully hold the bow, focusing on the target, sharpening the better of your eyes, aim exactly as you pull the arrow, stretching the string to the point where you feel that this is what will give the arrow the momentum needed to hit the bull’s eye with the right impact. That's what good prayer is like. Your soul is the bow, the arrow is your prayer, & My heart is the bull’s eye. I am the True Goal, & if you hit Me, it’ll always have the desired effect. You only need to shoot short distance, as I’m always close. Just wrap your burden, your question or desire around the arrow & let it fly to Me.

I have to withhold My blessings, because you do not pray. How blessed are those who pour out their hearts to Me in prayer every day. Who not only pray for themselves, but dedicate their time, their most precious commodity to pour out their hearts in intercessory prayer for the benefit & concern of others. That is a love I will richly reward. That is a faith which will be most highly honored in My Kingdom: That of knowing that in praying for another, you’re doing the greatest work, the greatest service , the most valuable favor to that person you ever could, for you don’t only give of your own time & heart to them, but you rely on Me to do the work you cannot possibly do. They don’t spend their time in the Devil’s device of worry, which is fear & a lack of Pray for those around you, for your prayers can do & will do trust, but they wisely invest their time into the currency of faith mighty things, which, in turn will strengthen your faith, and & they turn in their heavenly checks one after another into My their faith, and result in more people praying, more prayers, heavenly bank, for Me to hand out the ‘cash’ of My blessings to more miracles, etc. those in need, the ones they pray for. Now, that is wise Pray down strength from Me, and that’s how I will be able to investment indeed. In fact, there is nothing wiser on this Earth shine through you. you can do. Invest every second you can into the biggest, booming market in the universe! Shoot the arrow of your vision, your destiny, your prayers into Be not like the rich evil doers of nothing, but stir yourself up the future which is as bright & golden as My promises. into action of prayer! And pull down My blessings upon your fellowman & thereby BE a blessing unto your fellowman! You Once you learn to pray in everything you do, you’ll get closer want to be free & set others free also? Pray! The power I have to the ultimate goal of ‘turning every thought into a prayer’. given you to release in prayer on the behalf of others can do As you show your love for Me by your obedience, and by loving more to change the course of history you see unfolding before the ‘least of these, My brethren’ through your prayers or your eyes right now than you think! Make history! – PRAY! bringing them My Word, you’re also loving Me. Change the course of coming events! The best thing you can do is pray! “Our Father, which art in Heaven, Thy will be done! Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven! Give us this day our You could accomplish so much more if you would use more the daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those underused weapon of prayer. Come to Me! Ask Me what you who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but will! I have granted you the desires of your heart, have deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power promised to move mountains at your request, & still you are not and the Glory forever, Amen!” moved to come before Me & pray as you should. Wanna change This prayer is based on the founding principle of the rules of the world? Pray! Wanna do things that count & make a the Spirit! You’re simply praying for that same law to apply in difference? Pray! Whichever way you do it, PRAY! your temporary, physical realm, which is ever permeating the I can show you great & mighty things thou knowest not of, IF atmosphere, the calmness, the tranquility, the timelessness, the you will call unto Me! eternal assurance of Heaven. You trust in Him for your daily NOTHING is impossible to you! You even have the power to bread & cease to struggle & toil for it, like the ant. And rather, change My mind. you concentrate on the truly essential, the learning of the Let My Spirit be your magic Carpet, rub the oil lamp of My Word spiritual lesson you were sent here to emphasize on: the & ask Me to perform any wonders & miracles for you that are forgiveness of others’ wrongs against you, and the recognition needed to obtain the victory! I’ll remove any obstacles in your & refusing to yield to the temptation of evil, recognizing that the path & help you defeat all your enemies... power & Kingdom are truly God’s & not the usurper’s. You should be shedding tears in desperate prayer for all the heartless injustices, cruelties & torturous crimes that are being committed by the wicked every second of every hour of every day, and pray like a house on fire that you won’t be found guilty of their sins, too, by participating in their delicacies they derive out of other people’s pain. Through prayer you have the power which created the universe at your disposal, at your service to do anything for you, so don’t let laziness keep you from making use of it! Make prayer, your most important task in life a habit! Use that power! You can really change things if you pray! ‘The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!’ And this is almost an understatement in these modern times and in relation to what you could accomplish! Change the world through prayer! Change your life & the lives of those around you! Just DO IT! Not many people have this direct wire to Me, the Creator & Master of all things, Who can even see to it that those who DON’T have those things WILL have them, if YOU would only pray & grant Me the attention I deserve. By praying you can relieve the suffering so much, and by neglecting to pray, you sin. For to him that knoweth to do good & doeth it not, it is a sin. ‘Pray without ceasing.’ Keep your channel open at all times. Be ready for anything! Especially when you have a needy situation. Be always prepared for the option that I might bring about some unexpected means of supply for you, even at a time or from a direction you might not expect it from. You must pray for every little thing, & not take’em for granted, or they might not come to pass. Pray for your children, and I’ll show you what to do. Ask Me what you can do to bring each one back to Me! Look for someone to help, too cheer up, to encourage, to pray for, to witness to. You’re not bound by time, tide nor space, you can just close your eyes anywhere you are & ask Me to guide your thoughts to someone who might need your prayers. You can even pray for those in the spirit world, or those you don’t know what happened to them, whether they are still in the physical realm or have passed on to the spiritual. Prayers, just like love, are not bound by time or tide or earthly spheres. As the wind bloweth where it listeth & thou knowest not from whence it cometh, nor wither it goeth, so is everything that is born of My Spirit. You cannot lock it up or confine it. So, whenever you feel like you’re trapped by the hopelessness & discouragement of this world, break out into My Spirit & know that I can use you

wherever you are to love someone else. (Spirit Helper:) Prayer – the great unrecognized action of faith – only & purely conceivable as effective by the eyes of faith – useless in the eyes of the unbeliever; one of the great mysteries of God. For who, in their carnal minds, would have ever begun to assume that in all the great & glorious efforts & works of man, which will all come to naught in the end – the most lasting & effective deed & effort should be the one which commits the task into the hands of the Lord, in obedience to His command, ‘Stand back & see Me fight!’? ‘Stand back & see Me work! – For hath not My hand made all this?’ He Who hath begun all this, should He not also complete it? – The Beginning & the End. It is man’s temptation to assume that he needs to finish what God has started. In reality, God is only in the process of choosing those who choose to let Him work through them, to help Him establish His true Kingdom. How finite are the works of man. In all their doings, in all their toil & striving, they accomplish not a fraction of what a believer can achieve on his knees, committing the matter which needs to be done to the Maker. God wants to work. He begs, ‘Command ye Me!’ He wants us to tell Him what He should do, like a Genie in a bottle, Who would be without a job without our prayers. So, let’s let Him work through us! Pray! Commit what you would have done, to Him, & He will do it. Command the Lord what He should do for you, instead of trying to get there by your own strength & efforts, & you’ll see how much further you will go on the wings of the spirit than your own two feet could ever carry you. Why walk when you can fly? A day in My courts is better than a thousand others. An hour spent in the halls of My courts, in prayer & praise & worshipping, seeking & trusting Me will accomplish a thousand times more than any hour spent trying to solve the problem in the flesh. In other words, prayer is a thousand times more effective than anything else you can do, because by praying, you’re leaving the matter in the hands of Him Who is really able to do something about it. Why don’t you just say, ‘Let’s pray!’? So much pain & suffering could be eased if you’d simply pray more. point others, who are having a problem, to the Answer Man, and what’s easier than offering to pray together? Take the problem to Me!

would like to if you’re literally in a state oblivious to Me & you fail to acknowledge Me. In all thy ways, acknowledge Me, & I will direct your paths. You can determine the positive or negative outcome of a situation by deciding whether you’re going to pray or not. Don’t let the Enemy & the power of habit cheat you out of this opportunity to make a golden opportunity out of each one. Every moment is a golden opportunity to do something wonderful, if you include Me in it. So few stir themselves up to call upon Me, to intercede for others. So few weep & feel & pain with those who are lost. If you shall seek Me with your whole heart I will let you find My grace, which is sufficient for thee. But you have to come with determination, boldness and desperation before My throne of grace to find mercy & help in time of need. And one important factor is not to let the Devil trick you into losing that desperation. Much is at stake here: the destiny of nations; of millions of souls either lost or won, your eternal reward or regret, according to whether you did your part that was needed to save them or not. Seek Me desperately and with your whole heart, even when things appear to go well. Don’t let the misery of the World just pass you by untouched, but implore Me to change things! If you would get desperate with Me everyday, you would find so much greater strength & grace for all the things you do and want to do. If you reach out to Me, I will reach out to you! Pray without ceasing, and come, lie here with Me on that promised meadow of meditation and reflection, committing all your cares to Me. Commit your family to Me, your needs & finances, your enemies! I can take better care of them all than you ever could, just give Me a chance! There are many who need your prayers. Come, and implore Me for them. I need you to pray for them.

One of the first steps to getting something done for Me is to pray for them to happen. It’s like you’re charging My angels to go before you & clear the way of any obstacles. You want to get something done for Me? Then start off by praying them through! Your own physical energy will never be enough. The Pray for Me to help you to be more efficient in your work & to power of prayer is the secret. really help you to accomplish something that lasts, fruit that If you would take the time, I could show you things about each remains & to become 'a workman that needeth not to be person you meet, and you should. You must pray more about ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. things... Even prayer is work – spiritual work, and I reward you for your This habit of making decisions without counsel & united prayer, effort of obedience to petition Me, by granting your requests. that’s one major NWO: eliminate that bad habit & replace it by 'Ask and you shall receive.' the way it’s supposed to be. Become a holy man by immersing yourself in prayer & You’ve just got to make it a rule: No more decisions without communion with Me. That way you can always be sure you'll be counseling & praying together about it, period! doing the right thing, if you follow Me step by step & let Me guide you by the hand. Pray without ceasing. It's like keeping Nothing comes from nothing. The same principle applies to your 2-way radio on all the time. Ready & on stand-by to receive your prayer life. Ye have not because ye ask not. new last minute instructions and to let Me know whenever you I’m bound to certain rules & can only give you what you actually need help. Just keep your battery recharged & stay tuned to My ask Me for. You believe in prayer as much as you pray! wavelength. You just might have to turn the knob a little every If you shall seek Me with all your heart, I will let you find Me. now & then to make sure we're still connected, and you might have to recharge your battery, then you won't have to worry Whatever troubles you, give it to Me, & don’t let it distract you about losing the connection. You can stay online with Me 24/7 from the job at hand! Prayer is the pump that sucks down My without wasting money or energy. sap from the heavenlies. It creates a vacuum for Me to fill. If you can't do anything else, you can always pray. Come to Me, come down to the depths of the core of your heart When you think of Me, it’s like the contact is made from your in desperation, & find Me there, waiting with open arms & eager side. I’m always there, but as long as you ignore Me, you don’t to answer you, eager to supply your needs! I have needed & profit as much from My presence, naturally, as you do when you longed for you to stir yourselves up. It’s the indifference that tune in to Me. And, of course, I can’t use you as much as I won't let Me cope, that won’t let Me work, that won’t let Me stir

Myself up, as long as you don’t stir up yourselves! I have to create a need, & at times have to withhold My blessings, for only in those times you really stir yourselves up wholeheartedly to come before Me as you should. I need your concern & your desperation! When there’s a need, it creates a vacuum. It’s like the darkness that cries for the light, the cold that longs for My warmth, the question that waits for My answer, the problem which yearns for My solution. I’m pleased when you earnestly cry out for My help, I need that! As the need grows, your desperation also needs to grow.

When you can’t do anything but pray, let Me remind you that praying is not the least you can do for someone, but the most. There’s not as much in it for you as when you comfort them with your natural presence, but – believe Me: prayer is MUCH more effective! You’ll SEE it one day! Anything that makes you pray more than you usually would, is a blessing in disguise. I’m trying to get you all to pray & praise ”without ceasing”, so that your channels will be occupied by Me all the time & thus you’ll ”give no place to the Devil”... In order to really hit home, you’ve got to focus the power not only onto yourself & pray or praise for your own benefit, but it’ll be lots more effective if you turn that power outward, toward those that surround you & have them benefit from it.

If you’d spend more time with Me about your issues, you’d find out that I’ll take care of them... If you go to a doctor with a problem, you have to sit in a waiting room for a few hours, then you have to tell him your troubles, & you have to listen to his advice or follow his treatment. If you can take the time to attend to your physical problems, how much more should you take You’ve got to want it. I’m bound by what you actually ask Me to time with Me to counsel about the affairs of your life! do, so, pray & ask Me. Consulting time with Dr. J.! You absorb the vibes of those around you, & if you pass them on to Me & commit them into My hands & ask Me to work in Too many times you let things, circumstances or incidents, their lives, you can change them & change your environment, pass you by indifferently, without getting stirred up to seek Me your surrounding – your world! I can give you the answers & about them, to counsel with Me or beseech Me about them. It’s solutions – the words & attitudes & actions those people need, that passive, fatalistic attitude, which makes people go around individually tailored to their data, which you first transmitted to in circles without ever getting anywhere, ever learning but Me. You transmit the data, & I send you the answer, the update, never coming to knowledge, as one that beateth the air. You the plug-in or fix-up, whatever they need. If you’re too tired to often accept things as from Me, but you don’t give them back to do anything else, there’s still sooo much you can accomplish Me, commit them unto Me or into My care, you don’t always through prayer! commend a situation into My hands, nor ”command Me You can be partakers of My sufferings & help Me carry My cross concerning the work of My hands”; you don’t tell Me what you by helping your brothers & sisters to make it, by praying for expect Me to do about a certain thing. them, supporting them, & doing whatever I show you & put You don’t do it because you’re too lazy, or distracted, or within you to help them, lift them up & encourage them. because you’re afraid to be disappointed in case I don’t answer according to your liking, & you fear this might hurt your faith. The moment you integrate Me & include Me in the equation, the But in any case, whether I answer a prayer specifically in the solution will be underway. As soon as you cast the burden on way you want Me to or not, it’s always better to have prayed for Me, it will leave your tiny shoulders & it will be on Mine, which a situation & to commit it into My hand, than not. The results are quite a lot more capable, and the matter is resolved; I don’t will always be better! want you to worry about it anymore. You can keep it in prayer, And there’s a lot of things for you to pray & get stirred up & but don’t worry! Worry isn’t good for you, so I want you to even desperate about! If you leave anything to itself, it won’t instantly convert every worry into a prayer, okay? just automatically improve by itself. Everything needs care, and If worry is a sickness or a poison, then prayer is the cure. Worry the best care you can give to things, people & situations, is to is the question mark, prayer brings the answer. Worry is the pray for them. That’s why sometimes I have to put you in black hole of the vast need that’s there to fill & prayer is the desperate situations where almost the only thing that’s left for switch that turns on the heavenly machinery that sets the filling you to do is pray & trust Me for the outcome! process in motion. Worry is the darkness, prayer turns on the Pray & cover everything there is to pray for, until you know, ”it light. So, pray, instead of worrying. is done” & you have done all you could! If you can’t handle the situation anymore, just say sincerely: ”Sorry, but I’ve got to get a hold of the Lord’s mind for this situation first right now, so, would you mind if I just take a break & pray for a few minutes?” Or, ”Come on, let’s pray together!” Praying is not only an essential part of love a parent should have for their child, but it’s actually the most important & effective thing you can and must do! I’m bringing you to the end of your wits. The only chance you have is to bring the matter before Me. I’m your only chance! – There will always be those brothers who go the way of Cain, the way of the flesh... These are the enemies I asked you to pray for in My Word, those personal enemies who just resist the voice of truth coming from their brethren whom they despise. Pray for them, that My Spirit might manage to come through to them. You never know which Saul, no matter how hard he has been kicking against the prick, might turn into a Paul, because of My miraculous intervention in answer to prayer.

Always remember that one of the greatest actions you can take & things you can accomplish is action through prayer, the You’ll see just how vast the difference is that prayer has underestimated weapon! Keep in tune with Me through prayer, commanding Me what I made in your life & in the course of your destiny. should do, & you’ll get so much more accomplished than you The greater the desperation, the greater the vacuum, the power could ever do yourself, even with an army of people serving with which you draw strength, energy, input & counsel from Me! you. Remember! It’s gotta be Me Who does it all. - The part that The greater the need, the more I can fill, for I can only fill the you can’t do! hungry with goods, but will have to send the rich, the full, the self-satisfied away empty. You've got the power of the universe at your disposal, you've Stir yourselves up & implore Me, seek Me & beg Me to fill the just got to apply it, make it work for you & use it by praying, need. Where there is no need, there is no space to fill... digging out My promises & memorizing them & claiming them. One of the most loving services you can render to people is to

listen to them. Listen to them prayerfully, so that if there's any dirt & mental pollution they're heaping on you from the bottom of their hurting hearts or the dark corners of their confused minds, you can bathe it in prayer & be cleansed from it right away, while they speak, and it won't get you upset. If they want you to look at them while they speak, just pray with your eyes open.

becomes ridiculous that you don't use that greatest of all powers available to man to a greater extent than you do doesn't it? Of course, it takes time and requires patience and faith to pray! It doesn't minister to your carnal sense and desire for accomplishment. You want to accomplish something with your own hands, and that doesn't happen when you pray. You're using a remote control for My hands to do something instead. But if you're wise, and you have the faith & insight it takes to Why do you still hunger & thirst, why do you still lack, when I really accomplish great things, you will actually realize that this could fill all your needs more than abundantly? Just come & get way - using My hands, instead of your own - you can get so it! If you would only spend the time with Me to get it... You think much more accomplished, it's like multiplying your own you need to spend time in order to fill your other needs, & you strength innumerable times over. spend time on doing this & doing that, but if you would spend With your own two hands you can maybe move a few bricks at a the time directly with Me, I would take care of so many things. time, but using My power, you can move a whole wall or as I The under-used weapon of prayer! Avail yourself of it. Don't have said in My Word - a whole mountain, with the same or neglect it! I could do & take care of so many things already even less physical effort. I appreciate your wanting to do things for Me. But there are so before you can even start worrying about them, if you let Me! many spiritual forces at work behind the scenes, that you Just a little prayer could have prevented the thing you got upset simply must forsake any attempt to do this with your own about. But prayer goes against your proud, wanting-to-be-self- natural means. You must operate in the spirit. That means you must give Me commands and put Me in charge of the things sufficient nature of "I can do it myself." you want Me to do! "Command ye Me!" - Especially concerning There is no spiritual life without prayer. Prayer is the A & O the work of My hands, and My sons & daughters. of it. If you want to live in the spirit, if you want to bring forth When you can't do something yourself, then you've got to ask fruit in the spirit, and accomplish anything in the spirit, it's Me to do it! going to have to begin with prayer. Souls and disciples are You've got to learn to let Me work! "Stand back and watch Me fight!" I'll say, "Just wait patiently, spiritual babies being born through prayer! Praying for others is one of the first steps of love. Through My son, and watch Me a while & see what you can learn from prayer, you become a practicer of what you believe in, it's one Me!" "What do you see?" "What have I already done in your of the first ways of putting your belief into action! You put My life?" "What can you learn out of it and what do you think I'm trying to tell you through this?" power & magic into effect through your prayers! Draw them in through your prayers. All the words in the World I'm telling you, relax! Take it easy! Stand back and watch Me won't do the trick, it's gotta be My Spirit working in their heart, fight! Enjoy life a little bit! Learn how to let Me do it, instead of and the only influence you have on this process is through your thinking you've got to do it all yourself! You can't do it yourself! I've got to do it for you! Stop trying to carry that heavy load prayers. Just because prayer sounds so familiar, simple & childlike, it's yourself! Let Me help you! Let Me carry your burden! Let Me not very appealing to the intellect. It doesn't come across as carry your load! anything glorious, mysterious or special you can do, since it's basically something every child can do. But how many really I have purposely limited Myself to give to you only what you ask for - usually, that is - and often "ye have not because ye ask use that power? It is your means to practice the greatest magic in existence, not," which is pretty sad, because I'm so much more willing to your usage of My power, and you should think twice about give than you are to receive. The only requirement is that you whether you should allow the Enemy to cheat you out of that ask. That's not asking too much is it? weapon, just by making it look as something simple & childlike and completely different in your eyes than it really is! "Deliver us from evil" is part of the prayer I taught you to pray, Just like praise, prayer is one of those weapons that sound so because it's very relevant to each of you. simple, so contrary to all that appeals to the human intellect & Each one of you is prone to become a target of evil, that's just ambition to accomplish something on your own, that it's pretty one of the facts of life, and that's why you've got to pray & stay easy for the Devil to trick you into neglecting them through in close communication with Me to help you overcome that evil, pride, which is lucky for him, because he knows that if you start to withstand it, to resist it, & that I might deliver you from it. using those weapons as you should, his days are numbered. Stay desperate with Me to deliver you from evil, just as I have If you're going to win disciples, you're going to have to win taught you to pray. them to the habit of using the power of prayer, too, and that It actually works, & is a system I have established in order for includes having them learn from your own sample of a prayerful you to learn to fight & care for each other, to remain in unity. attitude! They must see that you really believe in My power, and show them unconditional love & keep praying for them, "Deliver that means, you're going to be using and applying My power us from evil". through prayer. I didn't say, "deliver them", or "so-and-so," but I said "us", Before anything is going to work out in the physical, you're first because everyone of you is subject to it, and you're all going to going to have to establish it in the spiritual, by asking Me to have to be forgiven for trespasses as you will have to forgive make it work, through prayer. Make room for it to happen - others theirs, and all have to pray not to be led into temptation... through prayer. You're not only creating a vacuum inside of None is exempt from that. your own heart & spirit for Me to fill, but you actually create a Keep your focus on Me, and I will deliver you from evil! space for Me to fill with My miraculous answer within your realm of operation, your world, your environment, your The best thing you can do when someone is being attacked is surroundings & circumstances, your situation. Make room for to stop everything and pray until they've got the victory! miracles and new disciples - through prayer! Make it happen - The times to just ignore things & just let it pass are over! I want through prayer! Use My magic! - Pray! Draw in new disciples, you to take action, action through prayer & do something about sheep and supporters - through prayer! Get rid of obstacles, it in order to enable Me to do something about it! both, in the physical and the spiritual - through prayer! When someone in your midst is being attacked, it's a test for all When you start becoming aware of all that prayer is capable of of you! It's a test of love, whether their battle also becomes and what you're capable of through prayer, it just about your battle, or you just indifferently continue whatever you just

happen to be into! You've been through similar battles & have come out alive, & you can see things from the top of the mountain in some ways, & to you they don't look nearly as bad. But what does that help them unless you come down & descend from your high horse, & help them up & pray for them? Don't continue business as usual. Call on Me for help! I'm your emergency call & 24h hotline, always available & at your service, always ready & willing to send out a rescue squad to help you!

you commit the situation into Our hands, there is so much more we can do about it than you ever could. There's nothing you can do, and no talking in the World is ever going to help as much as prayer. When you have the choice which weapon you're going to apply, prayer is the wiser choice. We have the means to do things and set processes into motion that you can't. We can do what you can't. No matter what We might tell you to do, the circumstances could change and cancel the effect of our counsel, but if you commend the situation directly into Our omnipotent hands, We'll do One of the reasons I'm letting you get into these difficult, something about it against which Satan and circumstances are twisted & complicated, seemingly impossible situations, is to powerless. have you realize that there's nothing in the World you can do We will open the right doors, instead of just pointing you toward them. We will make things so obvious that there won't about it... except to pray! I and the Father, and all My heavenly realm of counselors are at be anymore doubt as to whether this is the right way you your disposal, waiting for your instructions, your should walk. communications, having you tell us what you would like us to If you could only see the need for more desperate & fervent do about all these situations, to commit them into Our hand. If prayer in your life! Satan would be powerless against you, and you commit the situation into Our hands, there is so much more he would just be forced to stand by in awe as you would clearly rise above any of his ludicrous attempts to try to do anything to we can do about it than you ever could. There's nothing you can do, and no talking in the World is ever stop, hinder or delay you! going to help as much as prayer. When you have the choice which weapon you're going to apply, prayer is the wiser choice. The Devil has put all his money and wit onto the tactic of having We have the means to do things and set processes into motion you do anything else put pray, to distract you from using this that you can't. We can do what you can't. No matter what We weapon, to keep you in a state where you're content enough in might tell you to do, the circumstances could change and order to keep you from praying desperately & really getting cancel the effect of our counsel, but if you commend the ahold of My power on your behalf! situation directly into Our omnipotent hands, We'll do Hearing from Me was an important step, because faith cometh something about it against which Satan and circumstances are by hearing. But now you're going to have to put that faith you acquired by hearing from Me into practice, and use it by powerless. We will open the right doors, instead of just pointing you applying the even more powerful weapon of prayer! toward them. We will make things so obvious that there won't Once you've got the faith that comes by hearing from Me be anymore doubt as to whether this is the right way you personally, the effect of your prayers is much greater than that of a Christian who only has a vague idea of Me being should walk. If you could only see the need for more desperate & fervent somewhere in heaven, and that I just might hear his prayer & prayer in your life! Satan would be powerless against you, and perhaps do something about it. You know that I'm right here, he would just be forced to stand by in awe as you would clearly and we're only waiting for your instructions to start working on rise above any of his ludicrous attempts to try to do anything to your behalf! Tell us what to do! Tell us what you want done, and if it's in line with the Father's will, you know you have the stop, hinder or delay you! The Devil has put all his money and wit onto the tactic of having petition you asked of Him! This is the confidence you should you do anything else put pray, to distract you from using this have in Him! (1.Jn.5:14,15) weapon, to keep you in a state where you're content enough in The amazingly & astonishingly simple answer to your complex order to keep you from praying desperately & really getting conglomeration of question marks & blanks in your mind is: just pray! It'll do more for you than you can ever think or say or ahold of My power on your behalf! Hearing from Me was an important step, because faith cometh know or come up with & do yourself... by hearing. But now you're going to have to put that faith you Just tell us what you need, what you want, and we'll do it, so acquired by hearing from Me into practice, and use it by that you can do it. applying the even more powerful weapon of prayer! Once you've got the faith that comes by hearing from Me Stir yourself up & search Me with your whole heart! For he that personally, the effect of your prayers is much greater than that calls unto Me wholeheartedly will also receive a wholehearted of a Christian who only has a vague idea of Me being reply! It's that half-heartedness that comes from people being somewhere in heaven, and that I just might hear his prayer & so self-satisfied, & complacent with the way things are, that perhaps do something about it. You know that I'm right here, stands in the way of them ever getting stirred up enough to and we're only waiting for your instructions to start working on really get something done for Me. In order to really do the your behalf! Tell us what to do! Tell us what you want done, and humanly impossible, one has to get desperate for the cause. It's if it's in line with the Father's will, you know you have the that desperation that makes things happen; the realization of petition you asked of Him! This is the confidence you should the urgency of the matters at hand. have in Him! (1.Jn.5:14,15) You’ve got to show by your attitude that you're real, not just The amazingly & astonishingly simple answer to your complex another fake & phony with half-hearted or selfish motives. conglomeration of question marks & blanks in your mind is: That's why you've got to pray desperately each day, with just pray! It'll do more for you than you can ever think or say or genuine concern for others - that's why I want you to start know or come up with & do yourself... showing more concern for others - that's what it's all about, concern for others, & that's why I want you to pray desperately One of the reasons I'm letting you get into these difficult, each day for Me to show you what is the right attitude to have, twisted & complicated, seemingly impossible situations, is to what kind of an aura you should bear, what kind of a mantle, have you realize that there's nothing in the World you can do and what kind of a spirit. about it... except to pray! I and the Father, and all My heavenly realm of counselors are at Where there's a need, there's a vacuum to fill. You just have to your disposal, waiting for your instructions, your assign that vacuum to the right address, namely Me, and not communications, having you tell us what you would like us to take it onto your own shoulders & try to carry the burden do about all these situations, to commit them into Our hand. If yourself!

Sometimes you have to be made aware of the need first, and you also have to go through experiences & dry spells that will help you appreciate those blessings more. You pray a lot harder for My supply during the lean times. Remember that I'm limited by your prayers, so, you actually get what you pray for, and if you stop praying, I can't keep pouring. That's another reason why it says, "Pray without ceasing." I keep supplying as long as you keep praying. Remember not to take My flow of supply for granted, & never to stop praying it in and thanking Me for it. So much is in your hands. So much power! Your destiny lies in your own hands, & you can determine so many things through prayer. I can do anything & there's nothing I won't do for you if you ask in faith! I might just change your way of looking at things & help you to see through My eyes, but whichever way, you'll notice the difference. There's incredible power in your hands, & you can apply the keys of change not only for yourself but also for others, especially those close to you, who are also yielded to Me & under My influence, being shaped by My hands... You're growing & progressing together, & you can help each other become that which you're supposed to become. Keep praying for changes to happen. You don't like the way things are? Pray for Me to change'em! Take Me with you! Don't let our communication go under in all the stress & the distractions! The more pleasure people derive from this world, the more successful they are at managing to lead satisfactory lives, the less they see the need for Me and intimate contact with Me, but if you pray for them, I can create that same vacuum & longing in their souls for Me that I have placed in you, because you have asked Me for it. If you pray for them, that they won't be truly satisfied by none of the Devil's materialistic counterfeits & by anything but the real thing, I can protect them from that deception, just as I have protected you, and I can consecrate & reserve them unto Me. You've got to claim them for Me! Pray for those changes to come to pass, which you can see now only in the distance, on the horizon. Don't fret or get impatient, but pray them through! I will make these things & changes come about in My perfect time, you can just focus on them in faith, patience and trust, and help bring them about by faithful prayer. Take time to pray, take time to meditate. Take time to absorb Me fully, and to become a part of Me - to let Me become a part of you, a conscious part of you that's always there, one that you cannot lose. Staying in My presence is more a matter of the heart than of the mind. If you lack, ask Me. You can pray for people's manners, their character, behavior, their attitudes... whatever it is you see, carry it before Me in prayer. Who is better equipped to deal with anything that is not the way it's supposed to be in My army than I? Pray for one another! Sometimes I leave you in situations where you are powerless to do anything in the flesh, so that you will have no other choice but to commit it into My hands, to bring it before Me in prayer, & trust that that's truly the best thing you can do. You've got to work toward your goal in prayer! I can get you there! But you've got to persistently and consistently walk and work toward it by faith & through the wings of prayer. I can get you places, but you've got to "rub the bottle" or say the magic

words that are going to make your carpet fly, so to speak! You can't just passively expect Me to do something about it. You've got to tell Me what you want done & how you want Me to take care of a situation! If you want My blessing, come & get it! Moses, King David & My prophets of old certainly prayed a lot! They didn't think they were all that smart as to be able to handle things themselves & they fell flat on their faces about the situations they found themselves in on a regular, daily basis! Nowadays you people think you're so smart, you're lacking the desperation & the humility to just surrender & realize there's no way on earth you can do it on your own. And so, instead of committing those issues into My care, you try to figure them out on your own. Not praying enough is really a dumb thing to do, because it could solve all your problems & prevent many of them from ever happening in the first place! If you walk more in prayer, My Spirit will show you how to properly handle people and situations. If you have a problem, you should make sure that you've done your part to commit it into My hands, so that you know it'll be taken care of and that I'm working on the solution. Without prayer you're not going to get very far. It's the A & O, the beginning & end of all things in this business! Changes of plan can happen because someone doesn't pray enough, doesn't apply himself enough in order to really make it happen! Self-satisfied indifference really does a lot of damage. Praying is something you have to learn to do by My Spirit; in other words, to let go & let My Spirit do it through you. It's another one of those things you just can't do in the flesh. The only way I can ensure My full protection is if you make sure your spiritual firewall is up, and the more vehemently you pray, the more vehemently My hedge of angels will protect you! Electricity is an illustration of the Power of God's Love. How do you avail yourself of that power, the great energy of God? Through prayer! Desperation is the ingredient that puts the magic into prayers that makes them get answered in spectacular ways! The problem is that you don't avail yourselves of My help! Is there an easier way to solve it than to just ask Me for help? In other words, to pray? The circumstances are not as relevant as the lesson they bring and the incentive they give you to pray. Things are just out of control as long as you leave them outside of the range of My control, as long as you neglect to commit them into My care in prayer. With increased intensity of stress, activity & pressure, you've got to increase the intensity with which you seek Me. If you need more love & patience, just ask Me! "Too easy," you say? Well, if it's that easy, then why is it so hard for you to do it? Why does the Devil always manage to find a way to keep you from doing it, from just asking Me? - From praying? If it's so easy, then why is it so hard for you to do it? It might be good for you to realize just how difficult your own mind, instigated by the Enemy, is making it on you to avail yourself of the simple solution of prayer! Whatever you do, you've got to make sure you're doing it for My glory by bathing it in prayer. If you don't, then it easily happens that you slip into the mode of operating in the flesh, and you'll reap the repercussions of that. You make mistakes.

Use the weapons of praise and prayer to a greater extent, and see how much further they will carry you than the talents & abilities I've given you in the flesh. Some things you can only handle through prayer. Some things you simply can't deal with in the flesh or solve with your own carnal mind. There is a reason for everything, even if it's just to teach you to pray desperately. I am able and I am willing to solve your problems! I'm more willing to solve them than you are willing to believe it or to accept My solutions or to even ask Me for them! The more you communicate to Me, the more I can help you. The more you're allowing Me to take part in your problems, the more solutions I can offer. The more you ask, the more I can help. The more you pray, the more I can make a way. Your enemy will try everything he can to stop you from succeeding. That's why you must pray vehemently against him, for he influences the weather, he influences his followers on earth to mean you harm, to turn the odds against you in any way he can, but if you stay close to Me and do what you can in order to defeat him, to get ahold of Me and My protection, you'll see that in spite of all his efforts, you will still win. Pray for new visions, new ideas, new methods & new territories to explore, for new souls, new people, new friends, new contacts. Pray for new faith for new things, new goals... pray for newness & change, a new outlook, a new horizon. Pray against fear of the new, against that feeling that makes you uncomfortable about the prospects of impending change. Help Me help them make it by praying for them. Prayer is like a sweet, spiritual perfume that changes the atmosphere of a room. A room in which one has prayed has a clean and bright spirit, it's as if someone has been in there with a sweet, heavenly perfume, and has left a trace of that scent there. Prayer is the gist of all that makes the difference! Wisdom is asking Me. Wisdom is availing yourself of My power instead of trying to do it on your own. The big mistake the majority is making is not coming to Me when something's wrong, they try to figure it out & fix it themselves. Prayer changes things. When you feel the Enemy is attacking, pray! When you feel like you're not prepared for something that's coming at you, pray. When you feel like you can't cope, and what life is handing you is a bit too much for you, then pray. Prayer is the magic that makes Me help you carry your load. If there's been any improvement, any progress, it's because of your combined prayers. You must continue to pray. When you pray, you show you care. you've got to invest more of your faith in prayer, pour more of your life out in prayer. You believe in prayer as much as you pray. Prepare yourself through prayer! Prayer is the magic I want you to practice! The magic witches practice is only an imitation of the power you release through prayer. Chase away the silly and stupid doubts & attacks of the Enemy through prayer, the way you get rid of flies with a fly swatter or insect spray! Use the insect spray of prayer to rid yourself of the (f)lies of the evil one! Spray some prayer magic in their direction & soon you'll hear their annoying buzzing no more! They will stop touching you, stop bothering you, they will cease

to exist. Rid yourself of all the pests of the evil one through that power-spray of prayer! It's pure energy, pure light, pure magic! It's a can that never runs empty of the very force that not only created the universe, but also holds it together. The forces of gravity, speed and light, etc., are all parts of one great force, namely Mine, and you can avail yourself through it through prayer! Wouldn't it be foolish not to do so? You can also prevent problems from ever even happening by applying yourself of that force in a preventative way. Breathing is a lot like prayer. You breathe in My life-giving oxygen, you spiritually inhale My Spirit, My love, My force, and you exhale it again, as you breathe out your influence of positiveness on the world. You shed light into the darkness through your prayers. Show them the magic of prayer! Share the magic! Pour it on them! Let them experience it, feel it, enjoy it! Let them notice the difference! Make a difference through prayer, My magic! You can only perform miracles if you start learning to truly avail yourself of My power through prayer! I give it to you freely. I want you to use it! I long for you to use it! Do you realize that it's absolutely the most foolish thing in the world you could possibly do, not to use it, to neglect it? If you invest more time & energy in prayer, the results are going to be a lot more favorable than whatever results you achieve by doing it in your own energy. If you accomplish nothing but to pray for those who need your prayers, then you're already accomplishing a lot more than some multi-billion dollar mogul who's raking in the millions by the minute! His millions are going to be absolutely worthless to him the minute he dies, whereas you will have saved your riches where they will truly count, for eternity! Making praise & prayer a habit is a key to success in life. The power of prayer is the main power I'd like you to avail yourself of. Otherwise, it's like running merely on the power of your own rechargeable 9 Volt battery, when you could avail yourself of My full and constant 230 Volt. Nothing's too unimportant for Me. The question is, how important are they to you? Important enough to stir yourself up about them to call Me up about them? I'm trying with all My might to convince you that prayer is more than just a last resort when all else has failed! Prayer isn't the last thing you should do, but the first, and if things aren't what they should be, then chances are that the main culprit is the fact that you haven't prayed! More often than not, it is true, the guilt and the blame lies with you, although the atrocity you committed may have been none other but that you didn't pray! Quit trying to do things better than I can. Just let Me do it for you! Make it your duty to pray over things. If there's one thing you should be truly prayerful about, it's your words. Pray before you say - or write. If you pray more in the things you do, you'll find that it's never going to be time wasted. In fact, "time spent in prayer, is time saved." So, if you want to save time, instead of wasting it, keep praying. Stop to pray and get ahold of My wavelength, instructions, boost of inspiration and Spirit power. The best thing you can do is pray. You want to change your life? Pray! Whatever you want and have the vision and the faith for: pray! If you want folks to get the point and the heart of the matter, the best thing you can do is pray for it! You can change the world through your prayers! In fact, it will be the first sign and proof

that you got the point yourself. Prayer is the most effective thing to bring about the truly needed changes. There’s no way to live in the Spirit without prayer. Prayer is the hand that moves the gigantic network of My Realm, the Spirit World, on your behalf. Commit your ways unto Me and put your trust in Me, that I will bring those things that concern you to pass. You’re going to have to trust in Me to do it for you, instead of vaguely hoping that it might work out alright, doubting whether I will do it for you or not, and looking around for ways your own arm of the flesh might get you out of this situation somehow if worse comes to worst... You can’t look to the physical realm for solutions. That’s not from whence your help cometh. Your help cometh from the Lord, which made Heaven and earth (Ps.121). Give it to Me in prayer, put Me in charge of it. And then stand back, relax & see what happens. Asking for prayer is something you should be doing on a regular basis, a lot like taking a bath, cleaning your house or your car. It's something you would look forward to, like the prospect of driving around in a shiny, clean car, or having sparkling clean windows again, etc. Ask for prayer whenever you suspect the culprits' dirty work in action in your lives. It will draw you closer together, will meld you together more strongly, and will help you to know that you've got nothing to hide from each other, but that you can trust each other, even with your problems, and that you can help each other and are there for each other. I can influence lives and hearts in ways that you can't by anything you do or say. This is where your prayers come in, and your faith in prayer, as the most powerful weapon at your disposal, and your most efficient tool, relying on Me doing what you can't in order to get their attention and interest. Isn't it wonderful when all you can do is pray? When all you can do is let go and let Me take care of it?

He knows you become practically invulnerable to his attacks if you pray for Me to keep and guard the flame of your heart. It's the best thing you can do to protect it. If you ask Me to keep it burning, what can he do? You can accomplish a lot for someone by caring enough to pray for them and commit their care into My hands! You can always keep fighting for the victory, even if all you do is pray! You've got to fight for the victory in prayer! Committing the day into My hands in prayer is like drawing a rough sketch & a general deal that says, "here, Lord, make out of it the best you know how." But if you want to go into the details and make a fine art out of it, you say, "Lord, I dedicate this next hour to You, and I want to put my whole being into it! Help me to make the utmost possible out of it." The amount you'll get out of it is determined by what you put into it. The more you give, the more I give back to you. The more you are determined not to settle for anything less than the very best you can make and get out of each single day, the more wholeheartedly you pray, the greater the results are going to be. I hand you some situations for you to hand them back to Me, the way a father rolls a ball toward his child, expecting him to roll it back. After you've rolled it back to Me by committing the problem to prayer, and I've done what I can to improve the situation, I'll roll it back to you, and have you do what you can. How much have you begged Me to do the part that you can't? Whenever you get the chance, pray! It will make all the difference in the world. It will show that you're relying on Me and on the Spirit to get it done, you're not just trying to pull it through in the flesh. You're giving Me a chance to work that way. You're saying "yes" to Heaven when you stop to pray and give Me a chance to work through you. You're making choices that allow the forces of Heaven to become active in your life.

Only once you call on Me and seek My face can you be sure that the option chosen will be My option and preference, and only In prayer, you can spread your soul out like a healing balm, and thus can you advance and move full steam ahead in My thus have it benefit many, simultaneously. If you don't pray, the direction and in My power. balm stays in the jar. But as soon as you pour out your soul to It's time to get stirred up, and really get some movement and Me in prayer for those whose lives concern you, and those I put action in the spirit going in order to get the desired results. on your heart to pray for, because their lives concern Me, it goes to work and soothes, heals, performs miracles, and you Let Me guide you in prayer and by My Spirit in the directions I become like a magician puppeteer, influencing many lives from want you to choose each day. behind the scenes: you're becoming My hands, pouring out the Through prayer and yieldedness you allow Me to put you into balm of My healing elixir over them. So much good can be done and accomplished through prayer. the places and situations where I can use you, and where you can do some good. There's virtually nothing better you can do! Prayer is the way through which you can become a partaker of My all-powerful nature and create little miracles everywhere, of Some things you've got to make happen, and one of the surest ways to make them happen is to start off by praying for them to new life, new hope, bring light and love where there was none. happen. Once you've prayed for something, I can then help you By praying for Me to keep your flame and fire burning, to to crystallize it and manifest that prayer, showing you what you protect it and not allow it to go out, you're wisely availing can most effectively do to put feet to your prayers. yourself of My power to do the job, but it's still you doing your job. Prayer is the easiest and most efficient way to get your job done, that's why the Enemy is fighting it so hard. The kind of prayer I'm talking about is a weapon that the Enemy is more scared of than anything else, because he knows he's powerless against it. It's the prayer of truth, the kind of prayer that goes right down to the core and heart of the matter. It's the kind of prayer, originated by the Holy Spirit that directs you to the very thing you've got to do. You know. It's that inner knowing. That kind of prayer is the kind the Devil is most afraid of, and of course he will do anything within his might to keep you from praying that way. When all you're interested in is Me and what I have to say, and what I want you to do, then you'll be fulfilling the prerequisite for really getting things done for Me. You've determined to forsake everything else and lay it on the altar before Me; what I really call "forsaking all." When you really put that thing on the altar and leave it there, without saying, "Okay, time is up, can I have it back now?" and all you care about is My will and if there's anything else I might have to say to you, then I can really use you. You don't pay any more attention to the supposed lack, but put your entire focus, your whole spectrum on the Filler. You don't

stare at the problem anymore, but only at the solution. You know the problem has become irrelevant, because all that matters is Me, the Solution, in Whose shadow any problems become ridiculous, anyway. That's when you realize that prayer is the most effective action you can take, and you finally value that weapon for what it's worth: more than anything you could ever muster up in your own strength. In order to keep problems from happening, you have to take certain measures in order to prevent them, and one of the basic measures you can take to avoid problems is to pray. You can ask Me to prevent them from happening. If you don't pray, I can't do anything except watch you go through it and hope that next time you'll be smarter! If it's love you're lacking, ask for it! You're experienced in praying down My blessings when it comes to supply or finances, but every now and then you reach this point where you're having to pray for more love, and you're finding out that that's even harder to have faith for, somehow. It's easier to believe somehow that God can fill empty pockets, than an empty heart... You ask Me for your daily bread and safety and all sorts of things, but why don't you just ask Me for more love, if that's what you need? "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." What is My will? That people love each other. So, ask Me to help you to love more! "Thy will be done" means, "let there be more love," for if the greatest commandment is to love, then it's obvious that that's what My will is. If you're asking for My will to be done, what do you think My will is? Peace and truth and righteousness and all those things, yes, but how do they come about? By love. So much is up for you to ask Me to do...