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Dumbbell bench 60x8,80x8,100x8,120x8,145x8,165x8 Incline bench 135x15,225x15,245x13,255x11,265x9,275x7 Reverse band bench 315x5,405x5,455x5,5,5,5,5 Wide grip dips BWx25,20,20 Dumbbell side laterals 35x12,12,12,12 Spider crawls (doubled mini band around wrists) up and down 3 times equals one set x 4 sets (this was supersetted with the laterals) Bent over dumbbell laterals 60x25,25,25 This was 33 total sets in all of which 27 were considered work sets. This actually took me over 2 hours to complete and I wasn't resting for long periods of time between sets either (well at least for me lol). On dbell bench I was just supposed to work up to a weight I could barely get 8 reps with. On inclines the goal was to get a good pump going. For reverse bands I was supposed to focus on explosiveness. By the time I hit this point I was already noticing the reduction in weight I could use due to fatigue. For the dips the target was to get a deep stretch in a fully pumped muscle. For shoulders the superset right off the bat was to get an immediate pump going right away which it did. For bent over laterals he wanted me to keep the pump going and hit the rear delts. All in all it was a good session with a ton of volume and lots of blood flow. Looking forward to back training tomorrow!
2 Dumbbell inclines 45x8,65x8,100x8,115x8,130x8,150x8 Barbell inclines 135x10,225x5,275x5,315x5,5,5,5,5 Machine bench presses (with 2 sec pause and squeeze at the top of each rep) 100x10,150x8,200(stack)x8,8,8,8 Stretch pushups (hands elevated 4" off floor-stretching deep as possible at bottom of each rep)BWx30,27,25 Seated lateral raises 35x12,12,12 Seated behind neck presses 135x10,185x5,225x5,5,5,5,5 Dumbbell bent over laterals (45 sec rest periods) 65x15,15,15 3 Machine bench press 105x8,145x8,175x8,190x8,205x8,230x8,245x8,270x8 Incline smith machine bench 135x15,225x15,245x13,265x11,275x9,295x7 Reverse band bench 315x5,405x5,495x5,5,5,5,5 Wide grip dips BWx30,25,20

Dumbbell side laterals 35x12,12,12,12 Spider crawls (doubled mini band around wrists) up and down 3 times equals one set x 4 sets (this was supersetted with the laterals) Bent over dumbbell laterals 60x25,25,25 4 Incline dumbell press 50x8,80x8,100x8,120x8,145x8,155x8,165x6 Banded bench press (doubled mini bands)done very explosively 135x6,225x6,6,6,6 Reverse band bench press 405x5,495x5,5,5,5,5 Stretch pushups BWx50,40,35 Bent over side laterals (1 minute break in between sets) 60x15,15,15 Kroc presses 125x10,165x5,5,5,5,5 Plate front raises 100x12,12,12 5 Bench 45x10,135x10,225x10,315x8,365x8,385x8,405x8 Reverse band inclines 225x10,315x5,365x5,405x5,5,5,5,5 Dumbbell bench 125x8,8,8,8 Stretch pushups BWx40,34 Seated dumbbell laterals 35x10,10,10,10 Ultra wide barbell military presses (hand all the way out to collars-touching chest at bottom and pressing to just overhead) 45x10,65x10,10,10,10 Band pull aparts light band x 40,40,40 6

Dumbbell hex press 30x12,50x12,70x12,12,12,12 Pec minor dips BWx20,20,20,20 Kroc presses 45x10,165x10,10,10,10,10,10 Band pull aparts light band x 30,30,30 6 ways 15x10,10,10 Again this is an extra session for the week and meant to promote recovery in addition to providing extra work for increased hypertrophy. It is not meant to be hard and heavy. My chest was feeling pretty burnt already so I even took the chest stuff a little lighter than normal.
7 Dumbbell bench twist presses 35x9,50x9,65x9,85x9,100x24,15 Incline presses with shoulder saver bar 155x8,205x8,245x8,295x8,335x6+bunch of forced reps Up the ladder pushups with chains- 2-chains x25,15,10 8-chains x15,15,12 Seated chain lateral raises 2-chains(~45lbs)x15+10 sec at top of last rep,x15+10 sec at top of last rep,x15+30 sec at top of last rep

Bent laterals with pronated grip 35x25,25,25 supersetted with Spider crawls x 3 sets of 2 up and down trips + last set of band pull aparts x 20 Pushdowns with special grenade attachment with two different grip placements (each set was ten reps with full extension and pushing out to sides followed by 10 more reps focusing on top half of movement only and maximum stretch Lying extensions with D-handles and chains- 2 chains per handles x 25,25,25 8

Incline dumbbell presses 60x10,80x8,100x8,125x8,155x8 Chain bench press (150lbs of chains) 45+chains x 10, 135+chains x 10, 225+chains x 5, 275+chains x 5, 315+chains x 5,5,5,5,5 Incline barbell press 135x10,225x10,275x6,315x6,6,6 Ladder pushups BWx30-20-15, BWx35-21-16 Seated dumbbell laterals 25x10,40x12,12,12 Kroc presses 135x5,205x5,5,5,5,5 Rear delt destroyer on incline bench (drop set)40x60-20x30-10x10=100 total reps Pretty good training session tonight, especially considering I worked late tonight and had a few other things to take care of before hitting the weights. It is now 1:15am and I just finished this 2 hour training session (33 total sets) and I'm getting ready to wolf down a pound of ground turkey and 3 cups of white rice. Looks like I'll be getting about 3 hours of sleep before it's time to get up and get ready for work but this is what it takes.

Board bench press 135x10,225x8,315x5,365x5,405x5,5,5,5,5 Incline presses (just middle range of movement)135x15,225x15,15,15 Stretch pushups (feet on bench hands on platforms 8" off of ground) BWx30,25,25 Seated bent laterals 50x20,20,20 Band pull aparts (2 sec pause at full extension) light band x 12,12,12 Chain lateral raises 50lbs of chain x 15,15,15 My left shoulder that I messed up a month ago was really killing me tonight and as a result I had to modify my exercises to get the required work in without making my shoulder even worse. I lightened the weights and decreased the range of motion on my chest movements and swapped in the board presses for reverse band presses. I also didn't do any overhead pressing for shoulders and instead added the chain lateral raises.

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