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DELTA Booklist

CAMBRIDGE ESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) RECOMMENDED BOOKLIST
A good selection of these titles should be available to trainees for reference during the course. This list is not a definitive list and centres may wish to add relevant books themselves. Multiple copies of a few books selected by the centre may be needed. In addition to the titles below, a good selection of books should be available and a wide range of up-to-date course books at all levels, including students books, teachers books and cassettes. * Indicates that the book is out of print. Alexander, L G Longman English Grammar (Longman) 1988 0582558921 Anderson, A and Lynch, T Listening (OUP) 1988 0194371352 Arndt, V, Harvey, P and Nuttall, C Alive to Language (CUP) 2000 052156882X

Batstone, R Grammar (OUP) 1994 0194371328 Baxter, A Evaluating Your Students (Richmond) 1997 842945067X Brazil, D Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English (CUP) 1994 0521387981 Bradford, B Intonation in Context (CUP) 1998 0521319145 Brown, G and Yule, G Teaching the Spoken Language (CUP) 1983 0521273846 *Brumfit, C J and Johnson, K The Communicative Approach to Language Teaching (OUP) Bygate, M et al Grammar and the Language Teacher (Prentice Hall) 1994 013042532X Bygate, M Speaking (OUP) 1987 0194371344

Carter, R and McCarthy, M Exploring Spoken English (CUP) 1997 0521568609 Carter, R, Hughes, R and McCarthy, M Exploring Grammar in Context (CUP) 2000 0521568447 *Carter, R and Long, M Teaching Literature (Longman) Carter, R and Brumfit, C J Literature and Language Teaching (OUP) 1986 0194370828 *Chalker, S Current English Grammar (Macmillan) 1984 Collie, J and Slater, S Literature in the Language Classroom (CUP) 1987 0521312248 Collins Cobuild English Grammar (Harper Collins) 1990 000370257X Collins Cobuild English Usage (Harper Collins) 1990 0003702588

Cook, G Discourse (OUP) 1989 0194371409 Cook, G Language Play, Language Learning (OUP) 2000 0194421538 Coulthard, M An Introduction to Discourse Analysis (Longman) 1985 0582553792 Crystal, D Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language (CUP) 1995 0521596556 Crystal, D Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics (Blackwell) 1996 0631200975 Cunningsworth, A Choosing Your Coursebook (Heinemann/Macmillan ELT) 1995 0435240587

*Dakin, J The Language Laboratory and Language Learning (Longman) 1993 Dalton, C and Seidlhofer, B Pronunciation (OUP) 1995 0194371972 Davies, P and Pearse, E Success in English Language Teaching (OUP) 2000 0194421716 Dickinson, L Self-instruction in Language Learning (CUP) 1987 0521319676 Dubin, F and Olshtain, E Course Design (CUP) 1986 0521127642X Duff, A Translation (OUP) 1989 0194371042

*Edge, J Mistakes and Corrections (Longman) 1989 Ellis, G and Sinclair, B Learning to Learn English (CUP) 1989 0521338166 Ellis, R Understanding Second Language Acquisition (OUP) 1985 019437081X

*Fried Booth, D Project Work (OUP) *Grant, N Making the Most of your Textbook (Longman) 1989 Greenall, S and Swan, M Effective Reading (CUP) 1986 0521317592 Greenwood, J Class Readers (OUP) 0194371034)

*Hardisty, D and Winseat, S Computer Assisted Language Learning (OUP) 1989 Harris, M and McCann, P Assessment (Heinemann/Macmillan ELT) 1994 0435282522 *Heaton, B Writing English Language Tests (Longman) Hedge, T Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom (OUP) 2000 0194421724 Hedge, T and Whitney, N Power, Pedagogy and Practice (OUP) 1984 0194372057 Howatt, APRE A History of English Language Teaching (OUP) 1984 0194370755

Jenkins, J The Phonology of English as an International Language (OUP) 2000 0194421643 *Johnson, K Communicative Syllabus Design and Methodology (Pergaman)

Laroy, C Pronunciation (OUP) 1995 0194370879 Larsen-Freeman, D Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching (OUP) 2000 0194355748 Lazar, G Literature and Language Teaching (CUP) 1993 052140651X Leech, G and Startvik, J A Communicative Grammar of English (Longman) 1994 058208573X Leech, G Meaning and the English Verb (Longman) 1987 0582305314 Lewis, M The Lexical Approach (LTP) 1993 090671799X Lewis, M and Hill, J Implementing the Lexical Approach (LTP) 1997 1899396608 Lewis, M (ed) Teaching Collocation (LTP) 2000 189939611X Lightbown, P and Spada, N How Languages are Learned (OUP) 1999 0194370003 Littlewood, W Communicative Language Teaching (CUP) 1981 0521281547 Littlewood, W Foreign and Second Language Learning (CUP) 1984 0521274869 *Lonergan, J Video in Language Teaching (CUP) 1984 Lynch, T Communication in the Language Classroom (OUP) 1996 0194335224

McCarthy, M Vocabulary (OUP) 1990 0194371360 McCarthy, M Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers (CUP) 1991 0521367468 McNamara, T Language Testing (OUP) 2000 0194372227

*Norrish, J Language Learners and their Errors (Macmillan) 1982 Nunan, D Syllabus Design (OUP) 1988 0194371395 Nunan, D Language Teaching Methodology (Prentice Hall) 1991 0135214696 Nunan, D Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom (CUP) 1989 0521379156

Palmer, F The English Verb (Longman) 1988 0582297141

Palmer, F Grammar (Penguin) 1991 0140135766 Parrott, M Grammar for English Language Teachers (CUP) 2000 0521477972

*Quirk, R and Greenbaum, S A University Grammar of English (Longman)

Raimes, A Techniques in Teaching Writing (OUP) 1983 0194341313 Rea-Dickins, P and Germaine, K Evaluation (OUP) 1992 0194371387 Revell, J In Your Hands NLP in ELT (Saffire) 1997 1901564002 Richards, J (ed) Error Analysis (Longman) 1974 0582550440 Richards, J C and Rodgers, T S Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (CUP) 2001 0521008433 Richards, J and Platt, H Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics (Longman) 1992 0582072441 *Rixon, S Developing Listening Skills (MEP) 1986 Roach, P English Phonetics and Phonology (CUP) 2001 0521786134 Rogerson, P and Gilbert, J Speaking Clearly (CUP) 1990 0521312876 *Rossner, R and Bolitho, R Currents of Change in English Language Teaching (OUP) 1991 Rost, M Listening in Language Learning (Longman) 1990 0582016509

Sanderson, P Using Newspapers in the Classroom (CUP) 1999 0521645263 Schmitt, N and McCarthy, M Vocabulary (Description, Acquisition & Pedagogy) (CUP) 1998 0521585511 *Sheerin, S Self Access (OUP) Skehan, P Individual Differences in Second Language Learning (Arnold) 1989 0313166029 Stern, H H Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching (OUP) 1983 0194370658

Teeler, D and Gray, P How to Use the Internet in ELT (Longman) 2000 0582339316 Thornbury, S Uncovering Grammar (Heinemann/Macmillan ELT) 2001 Tribble, C Writing (OUP) 1997 0194371417 *Tribble, C and Jones, C Concordances in the Classroom (Longman) 1990

Underhill, N Testing Spoken Language (CUP) 1987 0521312760

Wallace, C Reading (OUP) 1992 0194371301 *Weir, C Understanding and Developing Language Tests (Prentice Hall) 1993 Wenden, A and Rubin, J Learner Strategies in Language Learning (Prentice Hall) 1987 013527110X *White, R and Arndt, V Process Writing (Longman) 1991 Willis, J A Framework for Task-based Learning (Longman) 1996 0582259738 Willis, D Collins Cobuild Students Grammar (Harper Collins) 1991 0003705633 Wideatt, S, Hardisty, D and Eastment, D The Internet (OUP) 2000 0194372235 *Wright, T Roles of Teachers and Learners (OUP) 1987

*Yalden, G Principles of Course Design for Language Teaching (CUP) Yule, G Explaining English Grammar (OUP) 1998 0194371727 With thanks to: Waterstones Booksellers Ltd, 82 Gower Street, London WC1E 6EQ