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Informative Essay

Climate Change

The problem of our mother earth is getting to rack up. One of this inevitable earth’s
problems is climate change. That some people might does not know that it can induce a
flood in some lower lands area. Climate change is the increase in the average of
temperature of the earths near surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected
continuation.. An increase in global temperatures can in turn cause other changes,
including sea level rise and changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation. There may
also be changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, though it is
difficult to connect specific events to global warming. Other effects may include changes
in agricultural yields, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increase in the ranges of
disease. The hottest year predicted in 2005. As the year goes on the temperature will also
goes up. Due to the earth’s population and overproduction of cars and appliances and
abuse of nature our earth cannot handle this human activities and by being materialistic.

Does climate change prevented. Moreover, there are some people trying to prevent global
warming. Like what I have seen on discovery channel, Dr. Jason Box, a glaciologist from
Ohio State University, wants to prevent glaciers from melting by covering them with
blankets that will reflect the powerful rays of the sun. Dr. Box is convinced that his
specially chosen material is resilient enough for arctic conditions, but just how
indestructible is it? The team goes airborne to reproduce some of the worst weather
experienced in the Arctic Circle, a hurricane force ice storm. After testing, they deploy a
10,000 square yard, reflective Geo-textile blanket on the Greenland ice sheet and they
leave it for few weeks to see the result. After coming back, they actually surprised to
what they saw it reflects the sun and blocks the wind that make the ice melts. Similarly,
to Fred Ferguson, a Canadian engineer specializing in airships has designed a
revolutionary wind turbine that will use the constant winds that exist 1,000 feet above sea
level to produce energy. Testing a 70-foot prototype for the first time, they will need to
prove that is can convert this untapped energy into electricity. Without well-qualified
scientist and professional biochemist, global warming is more likely to be a calamity to
us in future. Though helping on earth’s problem is not a civic responsibility but also an
interesting experience. However, helping our earth will lead us to a brighter and greener
future. Thus, global warming challenges us to be interested in helping our earth prevent
global warming.