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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

American Councils Moldova Celebrates US Independence Day
July 6th was a special day for American Councils in Moldova. Over 50 alumni from the Open World Program, the Professional Fellows Program (PFP), the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program, and the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) gathered to celebrate U.S. Independence Day, honor active alumni, share success stories, and thank American Councils Moldovas strategic partners. American Councils Moldova county director David Jesse kicked off the official ceremony, handing out Thank You awards to our most active alumni and strategic partners, such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, English Teaching Resource Center, Radio Moldova, State University of Moldova, and many others. Daniela Munca-Aftenev, Open World/PFP program officer, moderated a Jeopardy! inspired game on American culture, symbols, and lifestyle. Access coordinator Olga Morozan later presented Web 2.0 tools that can aid international education projects. Our guests participated in an Independence Day lottery, and won various prizes offered by American Councils Moldova strategic partners, including free English language courses and professional development opportunities. Running parallel to the alumni event, the American Language Center organized a free English Speaking Club session, also based on the Independence Day theme. Two special guests were the American participants in the Eurasia Regional Language Program, who organized traditional American games and contests for the young students. The two also spoke to participants using various English accents to reflect the way English is spoken in New York versus Texas. Also on July 6th, over 30 Access students and teachers involved in the annual EFL summer camp, joined by FLEX and eWinning participants, celebrated Independence Day with a special afternoon party where they sang American songs, organized team-building activities, created Independence Day posters and crafts, and assembled 3-D puzzles depicting the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate

Country Director David Jesse opening speech

Bridge, and Independence Hall. Party guests also discussed their interest in various aspects of American history and culture. Some Access students even dressed up as American presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson; delivering excerpts from the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence. To close out the celebration, Access students learned the lyrics to "God Bless America" and pulled confetti poppers!

Independence Day Photo Gallery

Inside this issue:
Calebrating Independence Day FLEX

ACCESS Microscholarship 4-5 Program OPEN WORLD Program Professional Fellows Program American Language Center

Best alumni of the month 10-11

American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

American Councils Moldova support Orhei Youth

On May 30th American Councils Moldova collaborated with Orhei Youth Council and two alumni : Vitalie Colun, Orhei City Mayor (Open World) and Alina Zestrea (FLEX) to implement a community development project to involve the newly formed regional youth council. The motto of the event was The BEST moment to take action is NOW" and its beneficiary Miorita" Summer Camp which hosts over 1000 children from various corners of Moldova every summer. The project aimed to encourage the spirit of volunteering among Orhei youth and to initiate partnerships with local public organisations in order to implement various community development projects targeting children and yound adults in the district. The special guests of the event were Mr Colun Vitalie, Orhei City Mayor, Open World alumnus and Alexandru Ivanov, Deputy Mayor. Over 100 total participants involved in the project were coordinated by FLEX alumna Alina Zestrea and Corina Erhan, Youth Center Orhei Director. The activities included in the project combined trainings on community development, workshops on civic engagement moderated by local experts from the Youth Center Orhei and practical activities, mainly redecoration of the Miorita" summer camp recreational areas. Over 1000 childre n will be hosted by the camp this summer, so the participants made sure the camp looks fresh and colorful! Orhei Youth Council Director Corina Erhan is also one of the participants of the Inspir-O National Mentorship Project initiated by Open World alumna Olga Melniciuc.

Online tools for international educational projects Workshop

July 7-8 the Academy of Science Lyceum hosted a two day workshop organized for 18 teachers from various regions of Moldova, all members of the eTwinning network, a free and safe platform for teachers to connect, develop collaborative projects and share ideas in Europe. Two American Councils Moldova experts in online tools in education: Morozan Olga and Daniela Munca-Aftenev moderated a series of sessions aiming to initiate Moldovan teachers who have recently joined the network in integrating Web 2.0 tools in educational projects. The participants had the opportunity to practice their newly acquired IT skills in the computer laball sessions integrated a practical component, so by the end of the workshop, the participants learned how to create a blog on Blogger and Wordpress, how to put together a movie using Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story 3, how to create online cartoons using DVolver, how to save video and audio comments in VoiceThread. Chemistry, biology, physics, French and IT teachers from all corners of Moldova worked in teams to learn from the most successful American Councils Moldova educational projects integrating web tools and engaging students in international collaboration.

American Councils in Moldova hosted the Eurasian Regional Language

This year the American Councils in Moldova hosted the Eurasian Regional Language Program, which gave Stephanie Russo, a student from the USA, a unique opportunity to enjoy learning the language and culture of Moldova. Intensive classes in Romanian had an excellent outcome they boosted our students language ability and even inspired her to apply for a prestigious research grant program which requires a good knowledge of the language. Learning a language successfully is guaranteed when you are immersed into the culture of the language. The program provides the ideal environment for enriching ones linguistic and cultural knowledge. Along with one-to-one Romanian language teaching Stephanie was actively involved in a number of events and summer projects organized by the American Councils where she practiced her language skills and exchanged cultural experiences with Moldovan students. Living in a host family, visiting museums and art-galleries, roaming around historical sites and spending lazy summer afternoons in a local library are some of the things our participant has experienced. This is what Stephanie said when she was leaving Moldova: If I win a scholarship to study Romanian, I would love to come back here!
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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

Faces of FLEX Contest Winners Announced: MOLDOVA III PLACE !

On June 19, 2013, American Councils and the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announced eight winners of the 12th annual Faces of FLEX photo and video contest. Natia Sirdadze 08 of Georgia and Olga Fisakova 09 of Russia took first place in the photo and video categories, the prize for which is an iPad2. The winning photo features FLEX alumni releasing into the air a paper lantern in memory of the 9/11 tragedy, one decade later. The first place video highlights the I volunteer FLEX Grants project, which involved orphans in a community service initiative for a St. Petersburg nursing home. Other winners included the photo Cancer Center, by Yrys Abdieva 12 of Kyrgyzstan and the video We Can Change the World, by Asylgul Kenzhebaeva 11 of Kyrgyzstan (second place); the photo Making Children Smile, by Nicu Gaibu 12 of Molodva (third place); the photo Dashoguz Children Learn New Things with Alisa Ilyasova, by Aknur Saparova 12 of Turkmenistan (Honorable Mention); and the photo The Victory Day, by Alexey Philippov 11 of Russia and the video We Can Make It Happen, by Asylgul Kenzhebaeva 11 of Kyrgyzstan (Alumni Choice Awards). These winners were selected from 190 submissions. Additional contests in celebration of the FLEX Programs 20th Anniversary will continue throughout the summer, including the Share Your FLEX Story audio and video clip competitions. FLEX alumni, FLEX participants, host families, Placement Organizations and other friends of the program are all welcome to participate!

Making Children Smile, by Nicu Gaibu , FLEX Alumnus 2012

FLEX alumna from Moldova attends Civic Education Workshop in DC

Three weeks ago I was honored to be one of the three representatives of 20,000-big Eurasia-wide FLEX alumni community at Civic Education Workshop 2013. I must say this was the first time when Moldova wasnt underrepresented neither from participants part me inclusive, nor from the US Department of State officials. From the very first day we made a good team with my fellow representatives: Anna Safronova from Russia and Yerassyl Toleugazinov from Kazakhstan, all three of us wisely guided by Mary Shea, FLEX Eurasia Alumni Manager. I personally was delighted to see so many bright minds among the around 100 participants amongst who I believe I spotted 6 Moldovans, some of them familiar from PDO. Vlad Ciuperca, current FLEX student, besides being a participant also had a position of Social Media Specialist with few other fellows. One of my duties was to make a presentation about projects I implemented upon my return back home and the advantages of being an active alum. I must say, however, this information just fortified the tons of ideas these spectacular teens already had in their heads. All of them developed group projects at the end of the week. Although for the most part we had a different schedule than FLEX students, we joined the participants at US Department of State meeting. We got a chance to listen to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Education& Cultural Affairs, Adam Ereli. One of his examples of successful alumna was Elena Milashina, FLEX94, one of the nine women who was recently recognized with the U.S. Secretary of State's International Women of Courage Award for her work as a journalist and

human rights activist. An example that would motivate anyone to strive for the better. This one week I had the chance to meet amazing people and experience unforgettable things.
Marina Buciuc, FLEX alumna

FLEX Moldova Alumni Activities

Theater Play Costume Sewing: On the 21st of August, Ruxanda Barba 08 organized a meeting with other 4 FLEX alumni and 1 nonalumna (Gabriela Cernalev 11, Maria Mocanu 13, Olga Gustiuc 13, Victoria Lungu 13, and Daniela Lungu) volunteers to sew costumes for The Vegetable Garden theater play. It was important to engage alumni in the process of sewing the costumes to emotionally involve them in the cause, which is: having a small celebration for children who do not have the means or privilege to see a theater play or have a celebration. team from the activEco organization and 09 alumnus Dorin Hamuraru opened a Bike Point in downtown Chisinau which is meant to provide free technical support for city bikers and parking space. This is an eco-friendly, sustainable project which is meant to benefit the biker community from the capital of Moldova.

Kite Sale at Cimislia: On August 30th, Maria Mocanu 13, organized together with Peace Corps volunteers a local Kite Sale Fundraiser. The money raised will go to organizing a Back to School celebration at the Educational Center for children diagnosed with cancer. Marias activity is viewed as one of leadership which Bike Point Opening in Chisinau: On the 21st sets a benchmark for her fellow alumni- friends and of August, Valeria Svart 07, together with her not only to make a difference in their communities.
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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

English Access Microscholarship Program Successfully Expands to New Areas

Since September 2012, the English Access Microscholarship (Access) Program in Moldova has extended to six new regions of the country: Soroca, Balti, Ungheni, Comrat, Varnita/ Bender, and Chisinau. With this expansion, the number of total enrolled students has increased from 80 to 120 in the program. Established in 2010, the English Access Microscholarship Program in Moldova aims to provide a foundation of English language skills to talented 14-18 year-olds from economically disadvantaged sectors through after-school classes and intensive sessions. Access students gain an appreciation for American culture and democratic values, increase their ability to participate in the socio-economic development of Moldova, and improve their chances to compete for, and participate in, future U.S. exchange and study programs. During the past six months, Access Prgram students have been involved in numerous community development projects across the country. From September 2012 to January, 2013 they participated in IEARNs Computer Chronicles Learning Circles, where they showcased their creative thoughts and ideas onsocial issues with projects such as, Words Govern the World, The History of Money: In God We Trust, and People Who Write The History. They joined the"Talking Kites Around the World" iEARN project in March where they created kites as a symbol of bridging the gap and understanding of the "other. And, in Ungheni, students or ganized a Horse Alert!!! flash mob in April to raise awareness about the poor treatment of horses at racing venues inside the country.One of the most successful collaborative activities included the Access Youth in Action flash mob, performed by current students and program alumni in the six regions. A total of 400 participants joined together to encourage Moldovan youth look for opportunities to participate in U.S. exchange and study programs through dance performances, posters, flags, and thematic songs. Aside from collaborative projects, Access programs students had the opportunity to receive several distinguished U.S. official guests, such as, Bay Fang, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and U.S. Ambassador to Moldova William H. Moser.

Access Summer Camp, 2013: 8 Weeks of Activism and Joy

From June, 25 to August 8, 2013 Access Micro-Scholarship Program organized Summer Camp for 75 teenagers from vulnerable families living in Ungheni, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Varnita/Bender, and15 Special Education Needs adolescents from Chisinau. During almost 8 weeks, children attended a intensive instructive-educational program where participants had the chance to: develop their group spirit during teambuilding sessions; enrich their lexicon during Vocabulary classes; develop their language skills at Integrated Skills lessons; collaborate in many classroom projects during Project Work; initiate themselves in Project Writing issues; implement successfully some community service projects; have fun while celebrating the Independence Day Picnic; enjoy watching a lot of authentic movies; illustrate their excellence in artistic crafts; learn how to play musical instruments; experience mount climbing; get surprisingly involved in City Quest; meet new friends from EFL program, and of course, receive highly honorable guests - Mr. Brent Israelsen, Assistant Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy Moldova, and Mr. Senator Mike Brubaker, Pennsylvania, USA with his wife, Mrs. Cindy Brubaker. Among excellent trainers who succeeded in teaching and training 5 groups of students were Olga Morozan, Diana Retcu, Corina Ceban, Aliona Bragaru, Nadejda Tucicova, Svetlana Lungu, Doina Morari, Lozinschi Alexandru, Valentina Cornescu, Nicoleta Gadarenco, Mihail Filipenco, Iana Basarab, Nicoleta Nichifor, Jesse Pluim, and 3 volunteers from Leadership Academy Program.

"Buy, Use, Recycle It!" Project within International Outreach Fund

"As a part of the International Outreach Fund, 20 students from Access Ungheni developed and implemented a community-service project "Buy, Use, Recycle It!", meant to arise the community spirit on saving the natural resources by rationally using daily life goods through recycling. The project impressed people from the central park of the town through informative posters and participants' activism. The most representative moment was the Recycle Cloth Parade, which offered original ideas for the ecologist cloth designers and got a real sense of happiness and humor among all project beneficiaries and curios passers-by from Ungheni." Olga Morozan, Access Microscholarship Program Coordinator American Councils Moldova
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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

Senator Brubaker Visits Access Students from Balti and Varnita/Bender

On July 25, 2013 Senator Mike Brubaker, Pennsylvania, and his wife, Mrs. Cindy Brubaker visited 20 Access students from Balti and Varnita/Bender at the Access Summer Camp. The guests enjoyed 3 hours of lively communication with Moldovan teens; learnt many interesting things about the Access Micro-Scholarship Program from Moldova; got impressed from many students online community-service projects; collaboratively built 3-D puzzles of famous American buildings; shared a lot of interesting facts about U.S. life and culture; and got actively involved in many teambuilding activities. During the whole meeting, the honorable guests together with students tried their skills in various games, obtaining perfect results. Additionally to this, Vlad Ciuperca, one of the ACCESS Alumni that has recently come back from the USA as a FLEX Alumna shared to everybody how the Access program contributed to his personal development and helped him to become a Flex student. Also, he illustrated many pictures on his life and study in the USA, and impressed everybody with beautiful traditions the Americans have. The cherry on the cake was the "Q & A" session that captivated all participants in an active discussion on topics related to impressions about Moldova, Access program, and of course, the life of a Senator of Pennsylvania, USA. The most impressive moment for Mr. Senator and his wife was the present they got from the Access students - hand-made US flags and "4th of July" cards, which they crafted for "4th of July" holiday.

Skype Conference between the Access group from Ungheni and Belleville West High School, Belleville, USA
On April, 26 , Vlad Ciuperca, Access Alumni 2012 and Flex Program student, 2012-2013, inititated a Skype Conference on cultural, social and educational topics between the Access group from Ungheni and Belleville West High School, Belleville, the USA. "Hey, my name is Vladislav Ciuperca. I am from Ungheni, Modova. I am a FLEX exchange student who currently is living in the USA for the period of the program. I also graduated the Ungheni ACCESS program coordinated by the US Embassy in Moldova. So, I organized a Skype conversation with the new ACCESS group from Ungheni. I did it with the support of the ACCESS program in Ungheni and my FLEX coordinator Cyndi OberleDahm . Mrs. Oberle-Dahm is a qualified professional with a masters degree as a teacher. She a Social Studies teacher at Belleville West High School in Belleville, Illinois where I go as well. She is a local coordinator for the World Link Placement Organization, the organization that placed me in the USA. I wanted to do this Skype conversation because of GYSD (Global Youth Service Day) which is widely encouraged among exchange students. GYSD projects are to improve or to inform the community you live in about a local issue they have to deal with. So, I looked up an interesting project "The Millenium Project", specifically "15 Global Challenges" that I really wanted to stress because they deal with the problems the humans are facing every day. I sent a picture of the project to the ACCESS group and told them to discuss the topics and to come with some info about the Moldova's situation on those issues like democratization or the gap between the rich and poor, and to talk to American members of NYG (Net Youth Generation) Ambassadors Club. This club is also led by Cyndi OberleDahm. The Skype conference took place on 26th of April, 2013. The purpose of it was to make both American youth and the students from Moldova to meet another culture and just to talk about stuff that matters for both sides. I think that mainly the language (accents and vocabulary), as well as different opinions on issues, was the main experience that they achieved from it. I was very excited about it as were Mrs. Oberle-Dahm and the American teenagers that came to talk with foreign people. I was really impressed by the high preparation on topics of the ACCESS group from Ung-

heni. I was pleased by the way they gathered information about Moldova on several issues. The American youth that participated in the conference were impressed as well. I think that the accent of the Moldovan teenagers was really attractive for them. I would hope that this was a good experience for the ACCESS group in Ungheni as well as for the American students, because even when we were discussing global topics and issues, I could make a difference between two different mentalities, points of view and opinions. Regardless of it, those thoughts led to one common idea of how we may improve the society - the aspect of living - in order to change our lives for good. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do a project like this. It really was amazing to work with the Ungheni ACCESS program. Those students have brilliant minds that can change the world.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

American host family from North Carolina visits Moldova

June 25-29 Sandy and David Campbell, who had been hosting Moldovan delegates travelling to North Carolina for several years, travelled to Moldova as part of a post program visit organized in collaboration with OW alumni and facilitators: Olesea Fortuna, Igor Mardari, Olga Melniciuc. The Campbells took a tour of the Cricova Winery, organized by OW 2013 delegate Ghenadie Lisii and attended Taostmaster's International Club, a meeting organized by OW 2011 alumna Olga Melniciuc. They also travelled to Balti and Soroca, in the north of Moldova, a trip organized by OW 2013 alumnus Alexandru and had the opportunity to visit the Roma community. OW 2012 alumnus Lilian Zaporojan, MP, took them to Glodeni City where they stayed in a traditional Moldovan home and met Mr Zaporojan's parents. OW 2013 alumna Lilia Turcan and OW 2011 alumna Olga Melniciuc organized a trip to several Moldovan monasteries, as well as to a traditional Ukrainian - Catsapi community. The trip ended up with a Farewell Party organised by Dinu Armau and Olga Melniciuc.

Stela Bucur is promoting volunteering in Bobeica village

OW 2012 alumna Sela Bucur won the Small Alumni Grants competition in spring 2013 and received financial support from US Embassy in Moldova to implement a five month long "Inspiring Youth: Learning Community Involvement through Action" project. Mrs Bucur's initiative aims to involve Bobeica youth in various community development projects and support the local Volunteers Club. Ten volunteers have been recruited from the local high school and trained on how to organise and implement a community development project. These volunteers have recruited other fifteen volunteers and worked together on a project to benefit the local kindergarden. "Always Together" NGO, whose President is Mrs Bucur, high school administration and local public authorities and business people have been involved in the project. Another activity organized by the volunteers was the "Fairy Day" at the local kindergarden - they read stories and organised games for the children. The final component of the project was the establishment of the Volunteer Corner in the local high school. This became a place where volunteers posted useful announcements, news blasts, pictures, reports, flyers, posters and informed the community of their activites. The participants also participated in a small grants competition, submitted project proposals on how to create a local playground. and received diplomas from project coordinators.

Ludmila Mitioglo launches the Gender development in Gagauzia project

OW 2011 alumna Ludmila Mitioglo has initiated the Gender development in Gagauzia Project ( ) aimed at raising womens awareness and understanding about their rights, as well as public awareness of the role and importance of women for an active and full participation in the community life. The project was launched in Comrat, in the Gagauzia region in the South of Moldova April 17 th May 17th 2013. Successful women from the region were invited to various events which discussed the importance of women's active involvement in various spheres of the community and shared examples from their own experience. Discussions on gender equality have been broadcasted through television programs, newspaper articles and informational videos. The information campaign "Gender development in Gagauzia" attracted womens attention and encouraged them to make the best of their skills and achievements. Special guests and succesful women who participated in the project: Valentina Todorova, Head of the CB FinComBank JSC branch in Comrat, Maria Parfionova, Director of the Gagauz Radio community, Svetlana Mironova, reporter of the Focus of the week ( ), Director of the Human Rights Centre in Gagauzia, Chairman of the Central Election Commission on Elections of Deputies of the National Assembly 2012, Liubovi Zaharia, Deputy Mayor of Ceadir-Lunga The purpose of the project: Promoting women rights, democracy and gender equality, the integration of the above values into the public consciousness by informing the public about the problems of gender inequality in the Gagauz community.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

OW alumna Iulia Buzenco launches the Online Network for Human Rights Expression Project
OW 2009 National media alumna Iulia Buzenco has just won the small alujmni grants offered by US Embassy in Moldova to implement her Online Network for Human Rights Expression Project.The purpose of the project is to instruct 30 young bloggers on how to create and publish professional blogs on human rights issues. One of Mrs Buzenco's partners is another OW alumna, Natalia Ghilascu, who will be actively involved in the project as an instructor. Project partner: CIDO (Resource Center for Human Rights). As a result of the project, participants will interview local politicians, NGO leaders, social activists, etc and create 30 blogs which will discuss various issues related to human rights in Moldova. Mrs Buzenco will also broadcast 5 radio shows on the national radio to report on the project successes. "In 2009, when I traveled to US as an open World delegate, there were no talk shows in Moldova, blogging was just at its starting stage and no national television had public ways to connect online to their audience and offer the opportunity to leave online comments, questions and feedback. While visiting media channels in US, I was impressed by how they used the digital world as a means to connect to citizens and involve them in the discussion of major social, economic and political issues. today, I am happy to see how Moldovan media evolved and I try to actively connect Web 2.0 tools to my projects, including my most recent initiative: "Online Network for Human Rights Expression".

OW alumna Stela Bucur partnerships with Peace Corps to organize Moldova Volunteering Tour 2013
In honor of Peace Corps Moldova's 20th anniversary, OW alumna Stela Bucur collaborated with Peace Corps volunteers as a regional partner to lead a tour across Moldova in June, 2013 addressing the Peace Corps mission to promote peace and friendship. The Tour involved stopping for overnights at communities along the way and organizing events with local NGOs, schools, or the city halls at each stop. There were 2 routes, both starting on the 15th of June and finishing on the 30th. One of the routes started in the North of Moldova, the other in a location in the South with both finishing in Chisinau. Project Goals: to promote volunteerism in Moldova, to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle and to provide opportunities to engage in community improvement and youth. "Always Together", the NGO I reprezent, would like to thank volunteers from Peace Corps Moldova: Romy Solomon, Elsa Leal and Sue Murphy for a successful collaboration as part of such a wonderful project. We registered as national partners, included our Volunteers Club in Bobeica (about 23 people), and organized this national event, each of us having defined roles. Our American volunteer came up with the idea and of course I accepted immediately. As a regional partner organization, we had a very special guest visiting our NGO: US Ambassador in Moldova Mr William Moser." Stela Bucur, Open World alumna, Always Together NGO President

OW alumna Olga Melniciuc hosts American Eurasia Regional Language Program fellow
"It is for the first time in my life that I became a host for an American guest. I was very nervous at first - my working schedule is very tight and I didn't know how much time I would need to spend with my guest, what kind of person she would be and if we would get along. Isabella was a wonderful surprise - a young 18 year old lady, who turned up at my doorsteps in July, a little shy and tired. We spent two wonderful months together! Every night, at dinner, we would share stories about what we did on that day, plans we had for the followig day and also funny stories. I tried to explain Isabella what I do as a program coordinator and invited her to attend the closing event for the LeaderSHE Project, where she met
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wonderful young Moldovan ladies sharing the same age and dreams. We attended a Toastamsters Club night, where Isabella met other Americans and observed how Moldovan invest in their professional development. I encouraged Isabella to travel, I guided her around Chisinau, and even suggested to visit Odesa, where she spent a couple of days by the seaside. I am sure Isabella loved Moldova and we will have a soft spot in her heart for us. I loved being a host and can recommend it to anyone!" Olga Melniciuc, Open World alumna JCI Chisinau President INVENTO President

American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

Moldova PFP alumna Veronica Vragaleva hosts US Senator Brubaker

ing the Deputy President of the Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova,top management of the hosting organization and the top management of the Ministry of Finance (Deputy Minister of Finance and Head of Taxes and Customs Policy and Legislation General Department), Academy of Sciences and National Institute of Economic Research. Also, they met local authorities in one of Moldovans Districts in the North part of the country at Soroca District Tax Office and to the Soroca Territorial House of Social Security. Also, they visited the Moldovan Historical Museum as well as Milestii Mici, the biggest wine cellar in the world according to Guinness Records Book.

22-28 July, 2013 LFP/PFP alumna Veronica Vragaleva organized a post program visit to Moldova for her US hosts, Senator Mike Brubaker and his wife Cindy, as part of her outbound project entitled Legal aspects of the state financial system: MoldovanAmerican intercultural exchange. The project aimed to introduce Senator Brubaker to the tax system of the Republic of Moldova and its connection to other financial and non-financial organizations. The project official host organization was The Main State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova. The Senator and his wife met various local high level authorities, includ-

To quote Senator Brubaker, This experience would not be possible without the US State Dept sponsored program and without them selecting young professionals that are ready and willing to grow in their knowledge of America as well as teach Americans about their Home Country. I can not compliment Veronica, and the program coordinators enough. The experience we both shared The visit also included meetings with repre- changed our view of Moldova forever, and for sentatives from US Embassy, American Re- the better. source Center, American Councils, Access Summer Camp Coordinators, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova. For a better understanding of Moldovans and Moldovan culture, Ms Vragaleva also organized a trip to the North of Moldova, where the Brubakers had the opportunity to visit some of our oldest monuments and monasteries, such as Soroca Fortress, Curchi Monastery Complex and Old Orhei archeological complex.

Moldova PFP alumna Veronica Natalia Vilcu-Bajurean invited her American hosts to Moldova for her outbound project
Natalia VLCU-BAJUREAN, PFP 2012 alumna implemented her outbound project Titentitled Enhancing capacities of the Ministry of Justice and other public authorities of the Republic of Moldova related to representing the State in national and international courts, through the experience of the United States Department of the Attorney General, May 5 19, 2013. The special guests of the project were Donna H.KALAMA, Supervising Deputy Attorney General, State of Hawaii, Department of the Attorney General, Land/Transportation Division and Wilma SUR, practicing attorney, member of California and Hawaii bars. Being an intern at the Department of the Attorney General in Hawaii as part of the LFP/PFP Program I had the chance and opportunity to study how this subdivision of the executive works, what are the duties and responsibilities of deputy Attorney General staff working in different divisions. I realized that in the Republic of Moldova we perform the same activities but in a different way. We do not have a separated body that will represent the states interests as in US adminisPage 8

trative system, still in Moldova the state is represented by prosecutors and other different bodies according to the field in which they work. The main goals of the Outbound Project were to familiarize US visitors with judicial system of the Republic of Moldova, to identify opportunities for cooperation and exchange programs, to promote the best practices of the US and initiate Moldovan colleagues into the US judicial system and to establish a bridge of cooperation between Department of the Attorney General of Hawaii and Ministry of Justice of RM. Donna H. Kalama: "I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to visit Moldova and learn about its history, its people, and its legal system. There is tremendous value in participating in this type of professional/cultural exchange. Natalia was a marvelous host. She obviously put a great deal of time and effort into arranging for our meetings, which is why we were able to do so much and learn from so many people in the short time we were in Moldova. Mahalo (thank you) to the State Department, American

Councils, our amazing host family Iurie and Olga, Natalia and Ruslan, and all those who helped make this experience one I will never forget." Wilma Sur: I had a wonderful time and now have a true interest in Eastern Europe and an appreciation of the legal and social problems that you are going through. I do want to follow through with setting up some kind of exchange program. Thank you again for your tremendous effort and hospitality.

American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

American Councils Moldova Launches English Teaching Certificate Course

American Councils Moldova recently debuted Moldovas very first English Teaching Certificate Course under the guidance of Dorina Calinovscaia, American Language Center Director of Studies. Based on the Cambridge Teaching Certification, this provides advanced, practical teacher training in the areas of methodology, techniques, and language awareness to English language instructors with different professional backgrounds from all over Moldova: Causeni, Comrat, Cimislia and Varnita. The course comprised 120 academic hours of class training and individual work combined with classroom observation, input hours and following feedback. Seven highly experienced instructors from American Councils Moldova led sessions, covering topics from classroom management and error correction strategies to adapting teaching methods for different levels. Participants also were able to attend classes taught at the American Language Center, one of American Councils Moldova subdivisions. The English Language Teaching Certificate course closely follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Teaching Languages.

American Councils Moldova Joins eTwinning Network

April 30, American Councils Moldova Country Director David Jesse met with Mihai Calalb, Organization for Reform and Development in Educational System (ORDSE) Chairman and eTwinning Project Coordinator in Moldova, to agree on an official partnership between American Councils Moldova and the eTwinning network. The eTwinning network is an exciting learning community that promotes school collaboration in Europe, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Launched in 2005 through the European Commissions eLearning Programme, eTwinning is available in twenty-five languages and has the involvement of nearly 170,000 members and over 5,324 projects between two or more schools across Europe. American Councils Moldova will provide logistical support to the eTwinning network, employing its most experienced educators and students in online projects as mentors, trainers, and curriculum developers. With this new partnership, eTwinning members will be connected to Access Microscholarship Program teachers and students from over 6 regions around Moldova, with whom they will have the opportunity to share resources, tools, and best educational practices. The most active eTwinning members will have the opportunity to travel to Chiinu to participate in American Councils summer projects, such as, the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and Access Microscholarship Program.

ALC Discussion Club

ALC Discussion Club launched its Fall session on 28 September 2013 which attracted 18 current, former and prospective ALC students. Amy Samuelson, Fulbright and ALC Instructor, together with the help of the students made an introduction and expressed the insight view of the Fall holidays in the USA and Moldova, made comparison between local and national celebrations and also covered the topic of the origin of the Fall holidays and its meaning in modern life, which arose interest and lively discussion. The sessions will take place every other Saturday, three of which will be dedicated to traditions of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What else is a student's feedback if not always rewarding...?

Wondering what would brighten up the routine and would be useful, captivating, entertaining, what would develop your way of thinking, of writing and speaking in a foreign language (English, for example)? Me too! Better said, I was, until I started attending English language courses at American Language Center with the American Councils Moldova. Ive got now a totally different idea of what studying is. When coming home, after the lesson, you realize that all those bunches of grammar rules and vocabulary words you used to learn by heart are already there, in your head, you know its the right way of teaching and studying. I enjoyed every single lesson, no kidding. I loved the atmosphere, it makes you feel free and comfortable, no pressure, everythings very liberal, but at the same time well-organized and thought thoroughly. I had my courses in the morning, so I was very pleased to be able to make a cup of tea and just drink it during the lesson; it creates a warm and lovely ambiance. Thanks to this course I got to know many awesome people and this is the thing Im intellectual freedom; it smells like friendship and has the sound of a childs laughter. Valeria Cernei
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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

Stela Bucur - Open World honorary alumna of the month of July

Stela Bucur, Open World alumna of 2012, has become an active promoter of gender equality and volunteering after her visit in US. NGO president, business woman, political activist and an active volunteer, Mrs Bucur is constantly engaged in various community development projects.

Her mosr recent project entitled "Inspiring Youth: Community Involvement through Action Learning" was financed by the US Embassy in Moldova and aims to promote volunteering and active participation of youth in the Bobeica community. In July 30, 2013, she became an official Peace Corps Moldova strategic partner and collaborated with American volunteers to organize its 20 anniversary together with Jennifer Solomon, Elsa Leal, Sue Murphy and other Peace Corps volunteers. The tour included 30 villages around Moldova and William Moser, US Ambassador to Moldova and Janet Utecht, Peace Corps Director visited Bobeica as project special guests. Mrs Bucur has collaborated with and has been financed by such organisations as Soros Foundation and East European Foundation.

Stela Bucur Always Together NGO President

Among her most recent projects can be mentioned: Your vote does count!, , Let's promote volunteering in Bobeica, "I am going to vote, and you?", "Involving women leaders in the local decision making process", "Building a playground in Bobeica community"

Natalia Vlcu-BajureanPFP honorary alumna of the month of May

Natalia Vilcu-Bajurean, PFP 2012 Alumni spent her 4 week internship in the Department of the Attorney General, State of Hawaii, where she studied the structure of this governmental body, duties of the attorneys within the Departments, and participated in official meetings and various court trials. Upon her return to Moldova, Mrs. Vilcu-Bajurean was eager to share the knowledge she acquired in the US with the students from the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, delivering a presentation on the US system of Attorneys General, their role in the judiciary, corresponding functions in our system of justice. Mrs. Vilcu-Bajurean organized the visit of two experts from the State of Hawaii within LFP/PFP outbound project, in the period May 5 May 19 which aimed to introduce American legislative experts to Moldovan judicial system and consisted of visits to important governmental institutions and meetings with legal professionals from Ministry of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Supreme Court, General Prosecutors Office, etc. During this visit together with the US experts there were identified several ways for further collaboration for the strengthening of the capacities of the Young Lawyers Association and the Council for Mediation of the Republic of Moldova. Upon her return Mrs. Vilcu-Bajurean was promoted to the position of Head of the Division within the Department of Legal Professions and Services, a newly created body within the Ministry of Justice. She is now responsible for the promotion of the policies in the field of legal professions, namely for the authorized translators and interpreters. Recently she has been involved with the drafting of the amendments to the Law regulating authorized translators and interpreters. She is also a member of the Committee for Authorization of Translators and Interpreters. She participated in the working group responsible for the elaboration of the draft laws On Normative Acts, On Mediation, On State Guaranteed Legal Aid.

Head of Division Department of Legal Professions and Services Ministry of Justice

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, September 2013

Vlad Ciuperca - Access and FLEX honorary alumnus

Vlad Ciuperca, Access Alumna, 2012 and Flex Alumna, 2013 is a good example of how active and continuously inspired might be a teenager who sensed the values of the Access MicroScholarship Program and the opportunities of being a Flex student. The experience he got in Access helped him to feel a continuous desire to discover new and new domains and to use all the chances the life offers to a teenager who wants to change something in his own world and in the world of the others. This way, having been selected in the FLEX Program, he lived unique moments in the USA as a volunteer, receiving a certificate from the US Department of State for more than 100 hours of volunteering in my community in US. He did that because he considers that volunteering is a good way to help the society and to learn new things about it or even to make new friends. He was also chosen to participate in Civic Education Week in Washington DC in March 2013 through an essay competition. This is a workshop that brings FLEX and other exchange programs' students in Washington DC for a week to study about the USA (government, history, society, etc.) and to visit some of the national and historical sites, monuments, museums, etc. One of his collaborative projects was the Millennium Project- 15 Global Challenges facing humanity; a Skype Conference between Access students from Ungheni and interested students from Belleville West High School, US, who virtually shared their opinions on cultural, social and educational topics, such as differences, similarities and situation today on some global problems like democratization or clean water. Returned back to Moldova, Vlad Ciuperca wanted to continue to help and share his competences acquired as a Access and Flex Alumna. Thus, he joined the new ACCESS group to work as a teacher-assistant to motivate new generation of Access Micro-Scholarship Program to improve their English level and to acquire social and civic attitudes through projects coming ahead. Only in such a way, together he and his students are developing the society, moving it to another level.

Tatiana Daniliuc - American Language Center Honorary Student

Tatiana is an an active and highly- motivated lady who decided to study English after visiting USA in 2011. She became an ALC student in November 2011 by enrolling into the elementary level for two months and then continued studies up to the advanced level in July 2013.Tatiana never ceased learning English and worked hard to practice her speaking and listening skills during the Conversation Club meetings organized by ALC, debate clubs at the American Resource Center and other events organized by American Councils in Moldova. Tatiana is very positive, tolerant, industrious, curious, creative, punctual and conscientious! I remember the day when my son got his visa to study in the USA. The counselor told him, "Remember this day, it will change all your life". I can say the same about my enrolling at ALC- that day surely changed my life as well. Thanks to English courses at ALC I got to know a lot of interesting and absolutely amazing people, I had an opportunity to meet and to communicate with the native speakers even at the low levels, I learned a lot of things about the United States and Britain which sometimes surprised and charmed me. I fell in love with this language, with the ALC and the skilled teachers who work hard because the learners have the best conditions, the best methods, the largest possibilities to use and to enrich their language skills through the Discussion Club, different other extra activities as a meeting with an American senator etc. Undoubtedly, I will continue my courses for progressing, for meeting again the team of ALC who definitely possess the secret of motivating the learners to study this charming language thanks to (not in the last place) a very likeable and friendly country director of American Councils, David Jesse.I am sure learning a language has only a beginning; you can never be bored with it and certainly find out more and more new exciting things about it even at advanced level. I wish good luck to everybody who is on their path of learning English!"

Tatiana Daniliuc

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter, October 2013 American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS is an international notfor-profit organization leading the development and exchange of knowledge between the US and Eastern Europe/Eurasia. Its mission is to foster independence and democratic development by advancing education and research, cultivating leadership, and empowering individuals and institutions through learning. Founded in 1974 as an association for area and language professionals, American Councils has focused its expertise on the design and implementation of academic exchange, professional training, distance learning, curriculum and test development, delivery of technical assistance and consulting services, research and evaluation, and institution building. The American Councils office in Moldova has been active since 1992, and is proud to work together with the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the administration of various exchange programs and programs for alumni development. Currently, Moldovan program participants have been to forty-six states in the United States of America. In addition, our American Language Center offers high-quality English instruction to groups of professionals and to the public in general, based upon a unique curriculum developed by American TEFL specialists.

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