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People View all The tes The tes ? @tes Schools-related news and views from the editorial team at the TES tes Primary tes Primary ? @tesPrimary Classroom resources, teaching ideas and news for the 5-11 primary/elemen tary teacher. Join in and let us know what you like too primary@tes.co.uk tes Resources TES TES FE Focus tes New Teachers Tes Potensi Akademik Brandy Huevot0t0te and more Anna Kennedy OBE ?@AnnaKennedy1 2m Awake at 3 am Angelo restless and so is our little dog zzzzzz off to TES exi bition today and tomorrow Expand katie. ?@KatieKaitlin3 3m Katie. where to start? you're beautiful! I love talking to you and idk why p eople ... Luuuuhhh you too Tes!?????? http://ask.fm/a/9nbh2pk4 Expand judy brito ?@_latina17 3m seriously not loooking forward to my tes in med term Expand f(laccid)reaky || 6 ?@preciadology 16m IF YOU DON'T SHIP TES YOU NEED TO GET AWAY FROM ME Expand The tes ?@tes 7h The top 10 maths jokes, as nominated by teachers on Twitter http://ow.ly/pHl aM Retweeted 26 times Expand Karen Yoder ?@readingyoder 32m Students take ownership over their writing journals at TES! Thanks for shari ng @JenReynolds310 pic.twitter.com/CgY4kP1qHL View photo Vanessa ?@thejeepdiva 1h Recycled Post: Review: Deliver Me from Darkness by Tes Hilaire http://tinyur l.com/ludy2vm Expand Jewell JaNette . ?@____JJH 1h I already know what's wrong with me . I just don't won't Tes & Shanice to kn ow they were right . Expand ?Elaine? ?@Simply_tes 2h My gosh this is too much. You can feel the real emotions in the cast. #glee Expand Greg Whitby ?@gregwhitby 3h Singapore's high performing education system shifts towards "holistic' appro ach. @wstewarttes @tes http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6358749 Expand Paul Charchian ?@PaulCharchian 3h

Both of tonight's starting TEs, Martellus Bennett and Brandon Myers, are act ive. Bears giving up 89 YPG to TEs. NYG has allowed 4 TE TDs. Expand Andy ?@TES_SoDak 4h Naughty flies... pic.twitter.com/3Oq4ZTfxtR View photo John O'Shea ?@politicalhackuk 5h Are the PISA figures fatally flawed? Quite possibly. #bbcqt http://www.tes.c o.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6344672 Expand ?ufaga sepua s ?@ss2gun 5h Reading sports section in the newspaper........ Nat, is that your muli? @nat alyne_tes Hehehe pic.twitter.com/aNpIJmtxDm View photo joanna grace ?@jo3grace 5h At @tes_sen #tessenshow I will be sharing FREE educational resources for stu dents with #specialneeds [saturday 2pm]. Expand tesMFL ?@tesMFL 6h Useful words and phrases in Polish - http://ow.ly/pywRz Expand Oasis Academy Oldham ?@OldhamOasis 6h Please follow our Teaching and Learning Coach & outstanding PE teacher @MrMa cPE TES top rated resource contributer #strivingforexcellence Expand Mr Barton ?@mrbartonmaths 7h Maths ROTD: Drawing in 2D and 3d is a huge, outstanding collection of activi ties http://dld.bz/cRQFs #mathchat Expand You ve reached the end of the Top Tweets for tes. View all Tweets.